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A New Engagement for the Duchess and Your Favorite Dress & Coat Revealed

We are back with a few quick updates and our poll results.

We begin with word of a new engagement for Kate on the 12th of February, when she visits the town of Portsmouth.  The Duchess will be acting in her role as Patron of the 1851 Trust, an organization working with young people (under the age of 25)  to engage them through the marine and sailing industries. The group is supported by Sir Ben Ainslie, who is heading up a British team racing in the 2017 America’s Cup.  Many will recall Kate’s visit to the Maritime Museum last June when Sir Ben officially announced plans for a major effort to win the Cup.

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Sir Ben & company already tested the waters off Bermuda, where the Cup’s World Series takes place this October. Kate will be visiting Ben Ainslie Racing headquarters in Portsmouth. Back to Kate’s role with the 1851 Trust, she will be touring the Trust’s new headquarters located at Ainslie Racing, where she will see a mural created by students working through the Trust.

Victoria Murphy has more in this Daily Mirror story:

She will meet people from the community involved with the trust… street artists and students from schools who created the mural… before adding her own detail to the picture.

The Trust also aims to “Offer skills and qualifications for young people, and create pathways into apprenticeships, skills-based training, and jobs in the wider sports and maritime industry”.

For those of us chattering about Kate’s attendance at a Trust function back in December at the Goring Hotel, it was at that meeting the organization’s Trustees and Patrons were able to meet the group’s new Chief Operating Office, Alasdair Akass. The year 1851 is significant because that is when the New York Yacht Club’s schooner America won the Royal Yacht Squadron’s 100 Pound Cup and the America’s Cup racing series was born.


Next, some quick links to stories that may be of interest to readers:

  • There is a look at “Super-chic style for the yummiest of mummies-to-be: Why Kate and the Hollywood A-list can’t get enough of maternity brand Séraphine” in a Daily Mail story that ran January 19th. The piece looks at the label’s background while also sharing quite a few photos of celebrities wearing the label, including Zoe Saldana, Zara Phillips, Gwen Stefani, Shakira and Alicia Keys.
  • People’s StyleWatch has a brief story showcasing Mirabelle Jewelry and its founder, Veronique Henry. Ms. Henry explains Kate’s earrings are ““….made in Indonesia by just one family…”


  • Madderson London, makers of the Naomi dress worn by the Duchess when opening an Art Room January 15th, have done a blog post about the frock. Titled “The Story of a Dress: The Naomi,” the post offers insight into the design process. It also explains the provenance of the fabric used for the piece; in this case the wool came from a British heritage brand, Hainsworth. A piece of trivia from the retailer’s post: “Coincidentally, Hainsworth purchased their Lupton mill in Yorkshire from the Duchess of Cambridge’s great grandparents over 50 years ago, and latterly provided the wool for Prince William and Harry’s uniforms at the Royal Wedding in 2011.” Our thanks to those who emailed/tweeted/commented to share the information about Hainsworth, that linkage between Kate’s past and present is remarkable.


Finally today, our poll results featuring more of your favorites from 2014. Imagine a muted drum roll here, although the winner is probably not a surprise: the favorite is the LK Bennett Lasa Poppy dress Kate wore in Australia during the April tour.

Photo Credits as Shown on Images

Photo Credits as Shown on Images

Here’s how the top three finishers looked.



The results from the coat poll surprised me a little, I expected the Seraphine coat that debuted in New York would take the top spot.PA Wire/

But that is not how things turned out. Instead, the dove grey Alexander McQueen worn on Easter Sunday in Sydney takes top honors for 2014.Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

A look at the top three finishers, there were more than 3000 votes cast.



May everyone enjoy a splendid weekend!


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Anne B.

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

These polls are really tough to answer as some outfits are remarkably well tailored but not in fancy fabrics or colors which makes them less attractive. And how to compare the Seraphine Marina coat which I really liked with the superb check mcqueen coat for the Singapore state visit?

I'm delighted that the grey funnel neck mcqueen won, I liked it a lot, I think that the matching hat might have helped the win as they worked together fabulously.

Not a fan of the top three dresses in particular the lk Bennett I'm in the minority obviously here as I've never found it particularly attractive I do not like the print and the cut seems to enhance the fact that Kate does not always stand straight. Loved the roksanda ilincic one and the jaeger ones however. I think that I got the coats in the good order and the dress in the reverse one!

I also hope that some day we will have a shoes poll with new exciting shoes and not just black suede shoes...

Thanks Susan for your fantastic work and blog, I've learned so much these past few years thanks to you. As a woman exactly the same age as the duchess, got married the same year as her, had my first baby a couple of months before Prince George was born and just had my second one, I can relate a bit and this blog has been really influential on the way I dress!


Sunday 1st of February 2015

Thank you, Susan! May I ask you when your series of articles on Kate's wardrobe (including your interviews with royal correspondents from your London trip?) will begin? At least that's what I inferred from your tweets and Facebook posts a few months ago!

Is this something that you'll debut on the site after Baby Cambridge #2 is born? Thanks again :)


Sunday 1st of February 2015

I'm completely satisfied with the top winners, as they were my choices, too!

Although, there is nothing wrong with the runners-up. I loved the pink two piece McQueen outfit from the Australian tour. And the Seraphine coat is very pretty.

To me, the Dove grey coat is understated perfection. And it perfectly suits Kate.

The snorkel blue poppy dress is a beautiful, a one-of-a-kind design. It speaks to another side of Kate's personality, her youthfulness and freshness.

I'm not surprised that Kate repeats outfits. She seems to be a practical, down to earth person. I think she wants to be more than a fashion plate, and is living according to her values and priorities.


Saturday 31st of January 2015

I love that McQueen coat but I was surprised it won because everyone who posted about it seem to dislike it. Just goes to show that not everybody bothers to write a post when they like something. The "negatives" always seem to be in the majority. It's a fabulous design. My personal favorite was the cerise coat worn in NY.


Saturday 31st of January 2015

An upset at the polls?? Well, that's popularity ratings for you! I'm delighted to see the uber-classy McQueen come out top as subdued colours don't always hit the populist button. I'm afraid I never thought the New York Seraphine was much other than a regular maternity coat, though the sparkle in the tweed was a nice touch for flashy New York.

Thanks for the Madderson illustration, I find it enlightening. The upper pocket flaps are shown lower down in the illustration than they appeared when on Kate which improves the overall look. I wonder if she has fallen a little foul of using an off-the-peg garment rather than being tailored to suit her long waist. I still love the dress, a refreshing change for maternity wear.

Glad to see Kate going back out on her rounds again, it's odd how she seems to choose to be away from home on or around Valentine's Day, though I'm sure it's just coincidence! Here's hoping there'll be another grouping of more than one outing.


Saturday 31st of January 2015

I'm sure she can make it from Portsmouth back to London in two days (it is a whole hour and a half). Heck, she'll even be able to make it from Portsmouth back to Anmer (three and a half hours) in time if that is where they are on Valentine's weekend.

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