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Kate’s Casual Athleisure Look

Hello-Hello, we are back with a quick look at what Kate wore when out doing some shopping last week. The Duchess spent some time at a London Lululemon store last Wednesday according to The Daily Mail. Many readers are no doubt familiar with the brand, but if not, here is how the company describes itself: “Lululemon makes technical athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, and most other sweaty pursuits.” The fashion industry refers to the look as athleisure, a segment of the industry experiencing explosive growth.

In the new picture, the Duchess wore her black Honeycomb sweater by Temperley London, notable because of the distinctive honeycomb pattern on the sleeves and neck; it is a piece first noted in March of 2013 (although it is tough to distinguish the sweater beneath Kate’s LK Bennett ‘Darwin’ jacket). Kate has the Honeycomb in black and ivory, it is a design she enjoys wearing. If interested in a little bit of the backstory on the Honeycomb motif at Temperley, click here.



Atop the sweater Kate wore another Temperley piece, the brand’s ‘Leather And Shearling Contrast Gilet’ (or vest), in suede and leather. This is also an older piece, originally worn in 2012. It is quite similar in design and materials to the Temperley Odele coat Kate was started wearing in the fall of 2012.


Temperley London

The Duchess is wearing a pair of leggings or track pants but it’s not possible to definitively discern from the photo precisely what brand that Ashley Marie suggests are by Gap and it looks like she is correct. Several WKW Facebook friends noted they are the same style worn by Kate when she was walking George in his pram in 2014 (photos here).  She is wearing Asics trainers/sneakers, a brand of running shoe she is fond of. And she carried a Lulumemon reusable tote, this style appears similar to the tote Kate was carrying.


Kate was wearing her Annoushka Pearls and Kiki McDonough Hoops as well.Kiki McDonough/Annoushka

The Duchess had her trusty Tod’s D-Style bag in grey, much like this bag at Farfetch, but Kate’s is lighter in color.



People did a story about the bag today.

The bag, which can retail for up to $1,665, is a reincarnation of a style favorited by another famous royal. Back in the ’90s, her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, frequently toted around an earlier version of the D-Bag.

The story also references Kate’s G-Bag from Tod’s, you see Kate carrying it below, at a 2010 polo match.Splash News

Many thanks to Anna at HRH Duchess Catherine and Carly at Kate Middleton Style for generously allowing me to borrow some of their information!



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Wednesday 2nd of March 2016

Tod’s D-Style, that's my kind of bag

The Way We Were

Thursday 25th of February 2016

I am not against sport tights but am surprised to see Kate appearing in public (not an event but in public location) in those. I thought the Queen would have never approved it. Just thinkin loud, not saying it's right or wrong, supposedly so don't bite me. LOL. I do love the vest. Looks cozy!


Wednesday 24th of February 2016

I love Lulu Lemon - yay! Why is she wearing such a dirty pair of sneakers (they need a good wash) when she has the clean ones that she wore to the tennis tournament in Scotland? Just looked unwashed and unhygienic.


Wednesday 24th of February 2016

Given how exaggerated some boho ideas looked last autumn, I’m impressed how approachable the latest McQueen offering is. The intricacy and delicacy of detailing and texture is exquisite, the embroidery and lace fabulous. I love the creativity.

There are ideas there which might be worked into more conventional daywear but at first glance it doesn’t look as if there’s much scope for Kate’s favoured clean lines and conservatism. Sheer fabrics with strategically-placed embellishments can safely be ruled out for royal use I think.

As for Kate’s shopping outfit, those are great ID’s, I hadn’t appreciated she had two versions of the honeycomb sweater. I’m surprised she can wear anything quite so bulky in town, especially with such a sturdy gilet on top. It makes more sense for countrywear in draughty East Anglia. As for combining the upper garments with leggings, I don’t think comment is relevant. This was a casual cover-up for a private excursion captured by an unofficial snapshot. Kate’s attire for a gym-date is her private business.

Thanks for a super post.


Wednesday 24th of February 2016

Sorry, earlier post has way too many typos. Try it again :)

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I really am supportive of royals/ celebrities being given “time-off” appearance-wise. But running in the light of day on a high street in tights and washed out trainers is even a big NO for regular people. If one is not just running from gym to car or vice versa for some 50 metres, one should put on say a jeans or at least clean flat shoes. Donning this look with expensive bags etc. makes it even more strange in my opinion. Yes, she can wear it because she is slim etc., but really it’s a messy outfit and she’s the future queen. Not appropriate. Sorry.


Wednesday 24th of February 2016

These aren't tights, they are leggings, a completely different garment. With a long top that comes right down to her thighs. The look may not be to your taste, but there's certainly nothing inappropriate about it.

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