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The Duchess Wears Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti in New Official Photos

We are back with a quick look at the new official photos of Kate.  In yesterday’s post we spoke about the new solo shot of the Duchess, something initially covered last Thursday. Then we saw another new official photo, this one of Kate and William together. That picture was shared on Twitter this morning by Paul Ratcliffe.

Mr. Ratcliffe received a ‘thank you’ from the Palace for his congratulatory correspondence to William and Kate on the occasion for their 5th anniversary.

Paul Ratcliffe Twitter (@PDRatcliffe)

Paul Ratcliffe Twitter (@PDRatcliffe)

The note on the card reads:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were so touched that you took the trouble to write as you did on the occasion of their 5th Wedding Anniversary. It really was most thoughtful of you and Their Royal Highnesses send you their warmest thanks and best wishes.

Mr. Ratcliffe is a photographer who has been following the royal family for years. He says he has been “fascinated by the pomp and pageantry associated with the monarchy” since he was young. His blog, Royal Family Photography, showcases some of his work over the years. There are some lovely photographs, including many of the late Diana, Princess of Wales; I think you will enjoy visiting the site.

Now to the solo portrait of Kate.  It was initially seen when posted on Twitter by Stephen Connor while he attended the International Children’s Palliative Care Conference. Mr. Connor is the Executive Director of the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance and he shared the news that the Duchess sent a message of support to the Conference.

Stephen Connor (@

Stephen Connor  (@SRConnor)

It turned out Kate and  Archbishop Desmond Tutu were listed as Ambassadors in the Conference program. Just yesterday we shared a photo of Kate’s letter of support, along with the new photo as published by E Hospice News

Both of the new official photographs are by Chris Jelf. You may recall Mr. Jelf took the family photo used for the Cambridge Christmas card.

©Chris Jelf

©Chris Jelf

 Below, a closer look at the solo portrait of Kate by Mr. Jelf, shared by the International Children’s Palliative Care Network on the organization’s Facebook page.

Kate wears a jacket that many of us thought bore resemblance to Rebecca Taylor styles. The tweedy, fringed look is something Ms. Taylor does very well, and Kate owns Rebecca Taylor pieces. But we were wrong, it turns out Kate is wearing a Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti piece. The ID was made by Melissa J on the What Kate Wore Facebook page. The jacket was also offered in a rich, deep blue.

Kate New Chris Jelf Official Photo May 25 2016 Alberta Ferretti Philosophy Jacket White and Navy Blue Montage


The fitted jacket has front patch pockets, concealed front closure, three-quarter length sleeves and applied ribbon detailing at the collar, sleeves, front placket and the pockets. A closer look at the trim.



The jackets came with matching skirts.



As best we know this is a new brand for the Duchess. Philosophy is the Alberta Ferretti diffusion line targeting a younger demo, featuring more contemporary designs and lower price points. The brand is carried online at YOOX, as well as Barney’s Warehouse, and the Philosophy portion of the Alberta Ferretti website.

The Duchess appears to be in the Whistles Lina Dobby Skirt first seen in Los Angeles during the North American tour in 2011, although it is difficult to be sure without a full-length view.©Polaris/Polaris/Whistles

If for any reason Kate is in a different skirt she might have opted for something like this Joseph skirt, suggested by the ever-savvy Michelle from Perth Fashion.



There is nothing to suggest Kate is wearing a new skirt, this is merely a contemporary piece by a brand she favors. The look reminds me of the separates worn to the Epsom Derby in 2011.

Many thanks to Paul Ratcliffe, Anna of the Kate & Sophie blogs, and Melissa on the Facebook page for their contributions to the post!


Also today, a quick retail note about a shoe many were fond of, the Agata by LK Bennett.

Kate William ARK June 2011 Jenny Packham Agata Polaris Splash May 25 2016

© Polaris/Splash

It was first worn to the ARK dinner in 2011, and now it has been reissued in new colors. Below left, the ‘pink mashmallow’ version ($395), and on the right, the new navy colorway ($425).

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

There are some differences between the new Agata and the style worn by Kate: the 2011 version is in the middle. On the left, you can see the new bow, which is wider than the 2011 version. On the right is the new black leather style ($395). With thanks to Lacey for her comment, the heel height is also significantly different: Kate’s style has a 4″ heel while the new Agata is listed at 2.7″.

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

It’s fun to see this shoe reissued, it is a favorite for many Kate fashion followers.

We leave you with this video released by Kensington Palace from last Friday when Kate went for a sail.

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Saturday 28th of May 2016

Interesting. Loved the Epsom Derby outfit. She looked stylish and sophisticated. The tailored jacket and the flirty skirt worked perfectly to undercut it. By contrast the new look is boring. The jacket is too pretty and the pencil pleated skirt is too busy. Where has her sense of style gone? I also take exception to the concern that she will look back and cringe at the shorter skirts. Why should she - she looks great in them. She's got decades of frumpery ahead of her.


Friday 27th of May 2016

Just thought I'd mention: American Legionnaires were selling poppies today outside of my local Walgreens. People might look for them over this Memorial Day weekend.


Friday 27th of May 2016

She looks so ingenue here. The outfit...well its cute...sweet.....I mean those appleques around the collar and the small pockets like sugar icing. Not that she didn't get it right. She did. But in a very good-girl kind of way , which is probably a wise path to take in her position.It all makes sense but still: Oh dear this could be so much more sophisticated. She could lift this so much. I'd post pictures here of designs I'd find regal and absolutely contemporary at the same time. But I'm not mixing it up here. It's a blog about what the duchess wore. I just think she could really step up her game.Maybe it's too early, she might need a few more years...


Saturday 28th of May 2016

"Sophisticated" - exactly the word I was searching for in my aging brain.....she seems to be lacking in sophistication especially lately. And whenever I feel like I'm criticizing I feel badly because she's human.....and still very beautiful no matter what she wears. But I AM in complete agreement with what you said, and also hope the Duchess finds someone other than Natasha Archer to assist her with her styling in the very near future!!!!!


Thursday 26th of May 2016

I think her hair looks the best it has looked in quite a long time and it reminds me of the way it looked the day they announced their engagement.

Cream and beige and white all look great on her with her coloring. I think the only thing making her look washed out here is that her makeup is pale/light. She probably should have gotten a spray tan before taking pictures wearing all white/cream outside in the bright sunlight.

I very much like these separates together---the chunky texture of the jacket against the smooth pleats of the skirt. I would wear this jacket with skinny jeans on the weekends.

IMO the LKB shoes look cheap and not nearly as glamorous as the original version as worn by the Duchess.


Friday 27th of May 2016

She looks lovely. I am very pale myself and I love how she shows that you can be pale and wear what you like. My grams always said, "White brings out your peaches and cream complexion" and I think that applies here. White brings out her beautiful English complexion.

I love the different textures she wore. I never would have thought to mix pleats with the deconstructed-looking tweed. It works very well on her. I really love her hair with with the little flippy curl. It's very very flattering on her. If only Facebook didn't compress files and make them look so blurry, we'd see all the beautiful details! (The one thing I hate about Facebook!)

Kate Middleton's Jewelry

Thursday 26th of May 2016

I'm wondering if her earrings are green amethyst or pink morganite? I thought they were green amethyst when I first saw the photo, but now I'm not sure.


Thursday 26th of May 2016

I think Pink morganite ones....