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A Quick Tour Update and A New Video from Kate, William & Harry

We are back with a very quick post about the upcoming tour of Canada and a new video released today.

On the autumn tour front it looks like we have a date for the tour: a CBC story reports that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire will spend September 28th with William and Kate in Whitehorse, in Canada’s Yukon territory.  From the CBC report

They’re expected to arrive in Whitehorse on Sept. 28, and spend a day in the territory with the prime minister and his wife, as well as Gov. Gen. David Johnston.

Events and activities — not yet announced — will be within “driving distance” from Whitehorse, the email says.

That doesn’t give us all of the dates for the tour, but it certainly offers a time frame. The email referenced above is one that was apparently leaked, it is described as an “internal Yukon government email”.


Our other topic today involves a new video from William, Kate and Harry as tomorrow’s opening ceremony for the Rio 2016 Games draws near.

Rio 2016 Facebook

Rio 2016 Facebook

The 2-minute piece features the trio of young royals wishing Team GB good luck and exhorting everyone in Great Britain to do the same.

Each of the three royals has a speaking role, delivering two or three different lines. Prince Harry says “Each member of Team GB will have a unique journey, but they all share the same aim – to deliver the best performance they possibly can.”

Team GB

Team GB via The Daily Mail

In a portion of her speaking role Kate notes that “We are all so excited to see what can be achieved in Rio.”


Team GB via The Daily Mail

Prince William: “We have some of the most passionate supporters in the world, and we can’t wait to cheer on our athletes together this time around in Rio.”


Team GB via The Daily Mail

Harry closes the video, saying “Bring on the Great!”

It looks like William and Kate’s portion was shot after the America’s Cup races in July.

©Splash News/Kensington Palace

©Splash News/Kensington Palace

Kate is wearing what looks like one of her Henri Lloyd Land Rover BAR tops.

One other note of interest, Andy Murray has been named the flag bearer for tomorrow night’s opening ceremonies.  Today formal team portraits were taken, and there was a bit of flag wrangling involved.



In the US coverage of the Opening Ceremony on NBC begins at 7:30pm EDT. Rio is 1 hour ahead of EDT, 4 hours behind BST (British Summer Time).


Our final tidbit is about the umbrellas we frequently see members of the royal family carrying. They are by Fulton Umbrellas and a Hello! story this week has some great details on the company. Fulton holds a royal warrant and has been supplying the royal family’s umbrellas for decades.

Fulton Umbrellas

Fulton Umbrellas

Below, William, Kate & Harry beneath Fulton umbrellas during the Battle of the Somme commemoration.

©Andrew Matthews/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Andrew Matthews/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The reason I share the piece is because there is often discussion about HM’s umbrellas when we show them in a post or share them on the Facebook page. From the Hello! story by Emily Nash and Ainhoa Barcelona:

At the start of each season, Nigel is approached by the Queen’s personal assistant and senior dresser Angela Kelly, to design bespoke brollies for the monarch. Her Majesty favours the transparent birdcage style, a love she inherited from the Queen Mother who was the first royal to carry a Fulton umbrella.

The Queen with one of her color coordinated Fultons.

Fulton Umbrellas

Fulton Umbrellas

The story offers insight into how the umbrellas are made to match HM’s clothing and accessories. Below, the Duke uses a Fulton umbrella to try and keep the Duchess dry as the couple arrives for the War Horse premiere in January, 2012.

© Nunn Syndication / Polaris

© Nunn Syndication / Polaris

Click here to read the entire Hello! piece.

We will see you next week!



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Thursday 18th of August 2016

Found an article stating Kate's Issa blue engagement is back for $175 instead of the whopping 585$. This is part of a new wrap collection.


Wednesday 10th of August 2016

It's late-summer sale time, so since we like to alert people to sales offered by labels the Duchess has worn, I thought I'd mention that I just bought a Rebecca Taylor dark-floral pencil skirt in the "Meadow" print. It's knockout beautiful, and the fit couldn't possibly be better.

I believe both Saks and Neiman Marcus are offering sales on RT items. My skirt cost $295 originally; I bought it for $177.


Saturday 13th of August 2016

Congratulations -- that's a lovely looking skirt. I love florals on dark background. I've dipped my toe into The Fold's sale to the extent of picking up a dark silky top in pattern called Clerkenwell, an off-beat linear print which oddly reminds me of a London underground map...

And I also picked up very neat pair of trousers, Belleville, in a mini-houndstooth. I was wondering if anyone else here had shopped with them, maybe for the Eaton dress Kate wore, which by-the-way I see they have in stock once again.

I had excellent service from them, communications are very easy, though I fell a little foul of their sizing. A 10 was fine in the top, but their estimate of a 36-inch hip for the same sizewas so far out that the pants practically dropped to my knees.

I settled for a size 8 and even that is loose, though probably no more than needed to accommodate a very good meal. Which is the first outing planned once the tedious adjustments have been made, my pygmy form as ever needs sleeves and legs shortened.


Sunday 7th of August 2016

My suspicion is that this was supposed to be a Harry only video, and Wills and Kate got added to a finished product. The question is, why? We know Harry has been deeply involved with Invictus - isn't he allowed to represent the Royal family solo at sporting events? At least match the quality of the main video if you are being edited in.


Sunday 7th of August 2016

I have some Fulton Umbrellas, they are really quite cheap in price, less than £12 but they are very well made, they don't break easily, think 20 years even in high windss They were (or cheap (in quality replicas) very trendy in the 70s with a strap coming down from the top so that they did not blow inside out, the fact they fitted over shoulders made this less likely too. They are not easy to see out of when pouring down but this wouldn't bother the Queen on short journeys/walkabouts. She is often quoted as saying that she felt that people should be able to see her which is why she has always worn off-the-face hats, none of the flying saucers etc Diana or Kate wore/wears. If you are the type of person who waits for hours for a glimpse of royalty then you would want more than the bottom half of a coat, a profile at least if not the back of a hat! This style umbrella also lets in a lot of light which I appreciate. I do feel a bit amused though when I see these plastic brolly's paired with Her Maj's high-quality fine-wool suits & silk dresses.


Tuesday 9th of August 2016

Bemused exactly describes the vague feeling of disconnect I myself get seeing the Queen in fine tailoring topped by one of these umbrellas. I suppose the colour coordinating is by way of upgrading them a little.


Sunday 7th of August 2016

Lavendar Thank you for your detailed post. Do you know if they still have the strap to keep them from flipping? The price for an umbrella that holds up even more than one rainy windy season is great. Agree how cute to see the combo of the very deluxe clothes and hats the Queen wears with the inexpensive umbrellas, but how cute that she hit on co-ordinating the trim to her outfit idea.


Saturday 6th of August 2016

Very handy to have a date confirmed for the tour – in time to clear the diary. Too bad my brother wants to get married just that week…

Not too sure about the royals Rio video. The sporting shots were all very slick but I was surprised they used such poor shots of Will and Kate from their recent outing, they look quite washed out. Harry looks in much better form and I thought spoke better than the other two. Nothing to add on the style front as we’ve seen Kate’s outfit already.

I’m afraid I never quite got it with those weird plastic umbrellas. I appreciate that they work by letting more light fall on the royal face but the style is that of some very cheap brollies indeed and not one I’d ever use. I stick to a terribly sober black. I can’t imagine how many the Queen must have in stock if they are being matched to multiple outfits

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