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Kate & William Make Surprise BBC Radio Visit

Kate and William made an unannounced visit to BBC Radio 1 today.©Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

The couple was there on behalf of their Heads Together initiative.

They were also there to surprise radio personality, Adele Roberts. More via the BBC:

Adele Roberts is running the London Marathon in aid of charity Heads Together, which is supported by Prince William and Catherine.

“Huge thanks to people like Adele,” Prince William told hosts Scott Mills and Chris Stark.

Kensington Palace

More from the BBC:

Speaking about their mental health campaign, Prince William described how “eye-opening” the experience had been. “This issue of mental health is really brimming under the surface of public consciousness,” he said.

Catherine said she was keen to promote the “power of a simple conversation” when it comes to tackling mental health.

She said young mums she had spoken to in the past had said talking about their feelings could be “like medicine”.

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1

While at the studios they met with several on-air personalities.Kate William BBC Radio One April 21 2017

And they also spent time on the air.BBC Radio 1

This photo provides a look at the back of Kate’s blouse.Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

The conversation wasn’t limited to Heads Together and this Sunday’s race. Back to that BBC Radio story:

The Duke and Duchess also revealed they watch “a lot” of children’s programmes with their children.

“George has gone past Peppa Pig,” he said, adding that Fireman Sam was a big hit in their house at the moment.

BBC Radio 1

They even introduced the weekly Top 10 show.

You can listen to the entire show with Kate and William by clicking here

The most interesting thing about Kate’s outfit? The trousers. 

BBC Radio ONe

BBC Radio One

It is difficult to see in the one photo that we have showing Kate’s legs, but you can just see that she is not wearing skinny jeans, but trousers or denim with a straight or flared leg. That is quite a surprise!

Kate wore a blouse by Temperley London from the label’s Autumn 2017 collection. It is called the Cypre Pointelle Frill Top, shown below right. It features a slim fit with a ruffled neck, tiered ruffles, and flared cuffs. The piece is 100% spun rayon and is referred to as a ‘pullover style‘ on the Moda Operandi website, there must be a fair amount of stretch in that fabric. The piece was priced at $550 when it was available for pre-ordering.  (Below left you can also see the Cypre Pointelle Frill Dress.) Our thanks to Kate’s Closet for the speedy ID on this item.Temperley London

Styles from the Autumn collection will be available starting in June at Temperley.


Also today, a new film was released by Kate, William, and Harry.Heads Together

The 7-minute video features the trio talking about the origins of Heads Together and the benefits of discussing mental health issues. You can view the video below, or watch it on the Heads Together site, or on YouTube.

Hopefully, there will be better photos of today’s Radio 1 visit; if so I will update the post as soon as they’re available. We’ll leave you with this photo of Kate and William in their Heads Together digital headbands.Kensington Palace

And Happy Birthday greetings to HM, celebrating her 91st birthday today.

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Monday 24th of April 2017

Thank you for covering. I am so in awe of what they are doing to de-stigmatize mental health. Bravo to them. Keep up the good work. Your blog is so wonderful it has evolved into much more than what kate wore. Thank you!

Elizabeth G

Monday 24th of April 2017

I'll just quickly say that I love this top on Catherine and I think this kind of style, paired with the pants and shoes, is not meant to be taken literally as a grandmotherly looking outfit. I think it's one of those ironic fashion choices that should look like a pair of curtains or table cloth, but it actually comes across to me as being super chic and it just works! I LOVED watching Catherine and William at the radio station and how much fun they were having.

Most importantly, I am just so blown away by the 7 minute video of the 3 of them talking SO OPENLY about things that are just so close to the heart. Hearing William and Harry admit that they've never really talked very much about their mother was staggering because it must have often felt like a huge, unspoken thing. I also absolutely LOVED hearing Catherine describe her and William's early days with George, and I felt like we got just a tiny glimpse of how they must be when sitting around and talking. You can tell that Catherine and Harry also have a special relationship, which I love. This is such an incredibly amazing and important cause they're working on and I am not surprised at all to hear that it was originally Catherine's idea ;). She is very special and I believe she has so much to offer! Thank you for the wonderful post as always Susan!

Dianne Stretch-Strang

Monday 24th of April 2017

I completely agree with all your points. Well said!!


Sunday 23rd of April 2017

I like the look a lot. It's professional, work appropriate, and a bit fancier than what most would wear to work. I think that's what people expect of Kate. I don't really like her hair in this particular pinned back style. It's nothing special, BUT it's very functional as she probably knew there would be an on-air radio interview and this style means the big headphones they were wearing wouldn't mess up whatever style she had. It's out of her face, but still loose and more casual.


Saturday 22nd of April 2017

I think Kate looks fabulous. While this style blouse is not for everyone, Kate wears it superbly. The trousers and shoes are just right too. She looks happy, relaxed and there is sense of fun about her outfit. I feel she is doing a wonderful job in her role - I can only imagine how hard it must be to be so heavily scrutinised every time you step out the door into the public arena. Kate carries that load with grace and dignity - something to be admired in my mind. I always enjoy seeing her fashion choices and while I like some more than others I feel Kate makes very occasion appropriate choices every time - quite some feat I think.


Saturday 22nd of April 2017

Thus continues the long tradition of white blouses with frilly feminine details that Kate prefers. We so often comment on her "working uniform". While she does not often wear true separates, when she does, it tends to fall into the white "frilled" blouse category. I can recall so many variations of this over the years (even pre-dating her marriage) that it shouldn't come as a surprise.

While it will never be my personal taste, this iteration is superbly well-done, especially within the whole ensemble she built around it.

Over the years, my personal favorites have been the Goat blouse (with the geometric-patterned skirt) and the Reiss blouse (with the D&G skirt). My least favorite was the Temperley (?) worn under the jacket during last year's Canada tour.


Saturday 22nd of April 2017

The Goat blouse is far and away my own favourite by virtue of being sleek and frill-free. Another favourite would be the plain linen shirt worn on her Bhutan hike.

But you're referencing the fussier tops and I'd join with you in struggling over most of them. However I'm also with you in becoming accustomed to them and learning to live with Kate's own preferences.

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