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Kate in Alexander McQueen for Christmas Party (No Pix), Weekend Bits & Bytes

We are back with a brief post covering a few news tidbits as we head into the weekend.

The first is what Kate wore to the Kensington Palace Christmas party this week. As reported by The Daily Mail’s Katie French, the event was at a Notting Hill club/restaurant called Beach Blanket Babylon.   

The annual event is generally held the third week of December; from the way I read the story, the party would have been Wednesday night. More from the Mail’s story:

Last night Prince William and Kate were spotted leaving Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill after it was hired out by Kensington Palace for their annual workers’ bash.

Diners quaffed on three courses starting with a choice of salmon, avocado vignette, and wild mushroom soup before tucking into a choice of five main courses. For dessert, guests chose from Christmas pudding, chocolate cake and cheesecake.

Others attending the get-together included Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince Charles. There are a few more photos of Kate and William in the back of a vehicle; they can be seen here on the Daily Mail’s site. (They are much like the picture in the tweet shown above.)

With thanks to Sophia (@RegalRepliKate on Twitter) for her speedy ID work, it looks like Kate was in a piece by Alexander McQueen.  

The dress shown above is called the Petal Print Oversized Mini Dress ($2150). Made from a silk crepe de chine, the design features a jewel neckline, three-quarter sleeves with a ruffle detail at the cuff, hidden back zipper and an asymmetrical flounce at the hem. The dress is also available at Neiman Marcus ($2050) and at Saks ($2045). The oversized design makes sense for Kate at this stage in her maternity wardrobe.

I think there’s also a chance Kate could have been wearing this dress. It is made from the same fabric, it is also a mini dress and it is referred to as being “cut for a loose fit.” The primary distinctions: the tie at the front and the buttons down the front of the piece.  

Here is a better look at the print. According to the collection notes, the petals are inspired by the gardens at Great Dixter House in East Sussex and Sarah Burton’s thoughts about “the healing power of flowers.”   

The pattern is a significant element in the McQueen 2018 pre-spring collection (also referred to as the resort collection). Pieces incorporating the motif include several scarves; more apparel, like this silk shirt; and even a pair of sneakers.


Next, a new date for Kate’s Calendar.

There are multiple reports from credible sources that George and Charlotte will have a role in the wedding party next May. My expectation is that Kate will act much as she did at her sister Pippa’s wedding.

She clearly did a stellar job corraling all the kids. I imagine in May she will provide support and assistance wherever needed.


I have been asked recently about the likelihood of a new Christmas photo from the Cambridges; it would be terrific if Kate and William elected to release a new family photo. In our latest post at What Kate’s Kids Wore we look at the family’s Christmas photos over the years. Remember these faces from George?

In that post, we also talk about when we next expect to see George and Charlotte as we head into the holidays.


There have been a couple of pieces published recently that you might find interesting and I thought I would share the links.

The first is a Telegraph column by Georgina Lewis looking at possible designers for Kate to consider when visiting Sweden and Norway. “How the Duchess of Cambridge can master Scandi chic on her visit to Norway and Sweden” lists a number of brands, including several I wasn’t familiar with. I doubt we will see Kate wearing very many Scandinavian designers, but we should see a few, and it was lots of fun learning about the brands. Here are a few styles seen in the article.  

I hope everyone enjoys a splendid weekend!

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Sunday 17th of December 2017

I am curious to know what the chances are that she left this McQueen style alone. It is likely that she had the design altered so significantly that it barely resembles the original piece. That has been my main complaint when she has worn McQueen in the past. I suppose we will never know about this dress.

I agree with the other comments about hoping she does not have to worry about the children during Harry and Meghan's wedding! Being one month postpartum will surely get her out of that duty!

I am so very excited to see what Kate and Meghan will wear for Christmas! Happy holidays, everyone!

Mrs. Cambridge

Monday 18th of December 2017

The official 2017 Cambridge Family Christmas Card has been released via Twitter by Kensington Palace. Adorable! Prince George continues to express his exuberant personality. (HINT: Be sure to look at his left foot!)

In other news, Princess Charlotte will be going to nursery school beginning in January -- full-time as opposed to part-time as her brother did at the same age. Many have remarked in the past how much she resembles her great-grandmother. Definite resemblance in this latest snap, too...


Sunday 17th of December 2017

I agree. When she has worn McQueen in the past, the alterations make the garment nearly unrecognizable from the original edgy design.

Hooray for Christmas time!

NOTE: Quick admin edit


Sunday 17th of December 2017

Great post. I find the print looks like hearts and I also would wear it for Valentines Day not Christmas. Red shoes with it would be really fun. No idea what her role will be in the wedding, but would be nice if she could attend just as an observer.

sue d

Monday 18th of December 2017

Charming dress! Would love to know what shoes/booties she wore with it. I agree that I hope she can "relax" at the wedding. Also can't wait to see the Christmas card for this year!


Saturday 16th of December 2017

Such incredible investigative work by everyone to identify these pieces of clothing! Amazing.

I do disagree with one point, and that is that Kate will have a similar role as she did in Pippa's wedding. With her baby due in the month prior to the wedding, I don't think she'll plan to have any role except to attend in the event that she might still be physically recovering, and might have to adapt plans around a newborn. At least, that's my hope for her!


Saturday 16th of December 2017

Gosh, I do hope Kate won't be assigned to shepherding duty at a month post-partum! Have a little mercy on the poor woman. Not only will she have to be back in perfect shape for the wedding, after her third pregnancy in under five years, but to have to take care of a gaggle of toddlers too? She shouldn't be required to do anything more than take her place in the audience and observe the goings-on.


Saturday 16th of December 2017

I agree. Seeing Kate controlling eight little tots at Pippa's wedding gave me a case of the vapours.


Saturday 16th of December 2017

Love that dress for a Christmas party! I like that Kensington Palace takes out all of its employees to a regular Christmas party - it looks like the menu that was served to the royals was the same as the Christmas menu on the restaurant's website, no special menu creations necessary.

Did anyone here happen to be in London during the last Royal Wedding? I love travelling to London and it's terribly convenient to get there from where I live now. I was just there at the beginning of the month and had forgotten how much I love it, and am seriously considering another trip soon. I'm just wondering if it's worth going on that May weekend, or if I'm better off just staying at home and watching on TV (don't have to worry about major timezone differences this time around!) and visiting another time.

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