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It’s a Zara Cape & Jigsaw Faux Fur for Queen’s Christmas Luncheon

Today the Queen hosted her annual pre-Christmas luncheon at Buckingham Palace.

Above you see Nanny Maria Borrallo accompanying Kate, William, George, and Charlotte as they leave Kensington Palace on their way to Buckingham Palace.

A closer view of the Duchess.

More from The Daily Mail:

The annual celebration is a royal tradition and allows the monarch to catch up with more distant relations, who are not invited to join her at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk on the 25th.

Attending today are immediate members of the royal family including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as the lesser known royals.

Another view here.
Embed from Getty Images

Kate and Prince George. 

More from Erin Hill’s People story:

They joined more than 50 royal family members for lunch at the palace — including Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Eugenie (who was one of the first to arrive), Princess Beatrice and Zara and Mike Tindall.

The children looked darling.

Prince William and Charlotte.

Here is a good shot.
Embed from Getty Images
The Palace is decorated for the season and looks beautiful.

That is a 15-foot Nordmann Fir you see in the Marble Hall above; it comes from Windsor Great Park.

Now to what Kate wore today.

It very much looks like she was in another Zara piece, the brand’s Long Cloth Cape.

The piece is done in a wool/poly blend, with a viscose lining. It features a round neckline, back pleat, and side vents; it is $149. Many thanks to LadyParky on Twitter, as well as Royal RepliMeghan on Instagram for their ID skills on the cape, along with Food, Fash, Fit

In some of the photos, you can see that Kate has added a faux fur collar to the look.

Kate M Cambridge suggested on Twitter that it is a piece from Jigsaw, the retailer’s ‘Faux Fur Tippet,’ a piece that is no longer available. Jigsaw is the store where Kate once worked as a buyer.

Middleton Maven shared that Kate could have been wearing the collar at last year’s luncheon, paired with her Oscar de la Renta suit.
Embed from Getty Images
I received quite a few messages/emails suggestin Kate may have been wearing her Goat Eloise tunic dress today. Looking at the dress color we can see in this photo, I think it could well be the case.

Kate first wore the Eloise in November at a Place 2 Be function.

BTW, the dress is back in stock in sizes 2 and 14.

Many recognized the earrings, a pair Kate has had since at least 2007 or 2008. Below you see the Duchess wearing them to the Queen’s Christmas luncheon in 2014.

When writing about them in 2014 I described the earrings as “evocative of Christmas trees,” and I still think that.

Here you see Kate arriving for the luncheon over the years, with the exception of last year. For the life of me, I can’t remember why there were almost no photos, but it was a challenge even getting the post together last year. 

We will see you Christmas Day, if not sooner!


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Friday 22nd of December 2017

Wow, great job to everyone who managed to ID that cape! I think it's a solid choice for the evening, especially with the pop of colour from the Goat dress underneath. Capes look terrible on me so I won't be fighting to get my hands on this piece, but I do have a black winter coat from Zara made of similar material. I was just wearing it today and admiring once again how well-cut it is and how great the wool blend looks for such an affordable piece (well, except for the hole I made in the polyester pocket ;) ).

Have to agree with the comments about Charlotte, she looks so different every time we see her! Her eyes have really opened up, I think she now sort of resembles Kate when she was younger. George still looks like Michael Middleton, I find, though maybe not as much as he used to!


Thursday 21st of December 2017

Kate looks beautiful- well rested, happy with perfect makeup and hair. I don't like tie on faux collars on a coat- she should have a collar made on to the cape- one she can take off or leave on. The tie on style slips and slides around and just seems so 'let's play dress up'.


Thursday 21st of December 2017

It’s hard work this week having to make out faces in shots taken through car windows, I feel too much like a snooper and it makes comments on outfits near-redundant. Kate seems to be dressing for comfort at this stage and I’m just glad to see her out and enjoying herself and looking so well. Her hair in particular looks fabulous.

Otherwise she’s picked on three pet dislikes of mine, capes, fur collars and droopy boho earrings which means it’s time I piped down. It’s lovely to see the whole family plus nanny and to see how baby faces are maturing – and to admire William’s stern concentration on the driving while ferrying a car-load round town.


Thursday 21st of December 2017

Eliza Mo, I love your thoughtful comments and that you'd rather say nothing (or at least very careful) if there is nothing good to say. Also you seem to always find something good to comment about. Thank you for this commendable comment-behaviour!


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

Until now I've always thought that Charlotte looks like HM and only a bit like her brother. Suddenly today she's a version of George and the image of auntie Pippa. So grown up and not looking like a baby anymore.

Love the cape and collar. If that's the Eloise underneath I'm thrilled because I loved it when she wore it earlier this month.

What a lovely family

Jeannette Turcotte

Thursday 21st of December 2017

I agree! I think Charlotte is HM's mini-me.


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

I am always so impressed how people are able to identify clothing items when you can only see such a small sliver of the outfit.

sue d

Thursday 21st of December 2017

I cannot figure it out either......but love that cape and faux fur collar too. I will be very happy to see the walking to church photos of george and charlotte!


Thursday 21st of December 2017

Me too! I can barely see a blob of black. So impressed by all the fashion mavens who can tell these things!

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