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It’s Catherine Walker for Palace Luncheon & Afternoon Engagements in Stockholm UPDATED

The Duchess chose a Catherine Walker ensemble for today’s afternoon activities in Stockholm. Below, you see the dress.

And here you have a look at the coat as Kate and William join Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel for a walk to the Nobel Museum after lunch.

Let’s backtrack and look at a few photos from a luncheon at the Royal Palace hosted by King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Below, Kate and William with the King and Queen. 

15 additional members of Sweden’s royal court were expected to attend the luncheon. There were not many pictures released, this is another of the formal photos taken at the Palace. 

Following lunch Victoria, Kate, William and Daniel headed to the Nobel Museum

A video from Kensington Palace.

The two couples walked on the cobblestone streets to Stortorget Square in Old Town, a part of Stockholm that dates back to the thirteenth century.

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English shared a video of the walk.

The four on their way to the Museum.

Kate chatting with Prince Daniel.

The Duke and Duchess greeting crowds.

This was today’s only opportunity for the public to see the royals.

The Duchess and Crown Princess Victoria. 

A formal photo of the four royals.

Victoria Murphy of The Daily Mirror shared word there was a special gift today for a four-legged Cambridge family member:

Simon Perry of People reports the crowds were ten deep of people wanting to see the two couples at the museum.

From People story:

The group’s arrival to the Nobel Museum gathered quite a crowd in Stockholm. Well-wishers and locals even had a chance to hand over gifts to the royals. 

Staci Cunningham, another member of the crowd, told PEOPLE that she chatted about the bitter Swedish cold with William and Kate.

“We asked them if they were enjoying their visit,” she said. “They are. They were friendly and sweet. It was kind of them to take so much time in the cold.”

After spending time meeting some of the wellwishers it was time to see the museum. 

While at the museum they met Nobel Laureates and heard from the Museum’s curator.

Here you see Prince William shaking hands with British Professor Duncan Haldane, who was a Nobel Prize recipient in 2016. 

The next stop was Ark Des.

This is Sweden’s national center for architecture and design. 

Kate trying out an armchair. 

While at the center they talked with Ikea’s head of design about furniture they have at home. More from Valentine Low of The Times:

Now for our look at what Kate wore this afternoon, two bespoke designs by Catherine Walker, always a go-to on tours. The garment pulls from several Catherine Walker designs; I will try to get pictures of them up later tonight. 

A look at the dress from different angles.

And alongside Catherine Walker’s “Bea” style. The skirt on the Bea is much fuller than Kate’s and the shoulders are raised at the seam, but the bodice and neckline do have some similarities. It is described online as “A warm crimson and luxurious double wool crêpe coatdress gently tailored with a saddle shoulder, funnel neck, fitted sleeves and swirling skirt.”

Her handbag is by Mulberry, the brand’s Mini Seaton style. Mulberry describes the bag as “Featuring equestrian-inspired detailing such as raw-edged construction and the signature Rider’s Lock.”

The bag is out of stock at Mulberry, but House of Fraser showed a limited number available this afternoon.

When inside Kate wore her Tod’s suede pumps.  

When walking to the museum I think she was in her Russell and Bromley Half ‘n Half boots

SEE UPDATE BELOW Kate returned to Troy London for a Faux Fur Lapel Collar ($95) and Matching Faux Fur Cuffs ($60) to accessorize her coat. The collar fastens with a hook and eye, and the cuffs are elasticated at one end to slide on and be secured over the wrist.  

UPDATE MARCH 21: It turns out Kate was not wearing a detachable collar and cuffs. After seeing a tweet from Monique Jessen of People (thank you to Laura for sharing the tweet) about the coat March 21st I emailed Catherine Walker. They tell me the collar and cuffs are a fixed part of Kate’s garment, not detachable.  The original information that the collar and cuffs were by Troy London originally came from the company; they emailed me with that information when the coat was first worn at this engagement in Sweden. I’m sure it was a mistake on the company’s part, certainly not anything done intentionally. I do think it looks like the Duchess wore the Troy collar and cuffs with the Ida Sjöstedet Coat seen January 31st

The alpaca fur hat first seen on Christmas Day was back. 

Kate wore a pair of Kiki McDonough earrings that were initially seen in India.

From our original post:

The special edition earrings are by Kiki McDonough, made of green tourmalines, green amethysts and diamonds. The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English spoke with the jeweler, they are said to have been made especially for Kate to celebrate Princess Charlotte’s birth.

It really is a delight to see the four royals together.  

I will try to update with more info and photos this evening after getting the post done on the black-tie dinner.  Our post on this morning’s hockey game is here. 

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shannon maxwell

Saturday 30th of March 2019

I'm starting to love kate in green as much as i love her in blue.And princess victoria seems to really like kate too!

Green Coat Queen

Friday 23rd of March 2018

The 2018 green coat with black fur collar and cuffs is beautiful. It was fun to see the dark green coat with black collar and cuffs during the Sweden tour and again on St. Patrick's Day 2018. Pairing the coat with the black alpaca fur hat completed the elegant wintry look. It is useful to know that the fur pieces were sewn-in and permanently attached by Catherine Walker in the bespoke ensemble, rather than added as separate pieces. The big question-- what are some links to available copycat green coats with the attached black fur collar and cuffs? Has anyone found the pret-a-porter version? Is Catherine Walker making a similar coat? Much appreciated when others share the research findings. Thanks!


Thursday 1st of February 2018

I like it all. Especially the non-nude hose. I find off-black shades very flattering. I disliked the style of hat at Christmas - it makes more sense here with the furry accessories and general winter vibe. I really like her in that shade of green. The hair's part has moved to the side, which is an improvement!


Wednesday 31st of January 2018

Simply put, I adore these ensembles. And if I had to bet, I'd say this coat will be making an appearance for the St. Patrick's Day ceremony this year.


Saturday 17th of March 2018

You were right BethE!


Wednesday 31st of January 2018

I do agree with you about the DoC as one who appears to not care for accessories, except she does wear earrings a lot. Those are probably her accessories of choice, which is exactly why I wish we'd be able to see them much more clearly.

I didn't even see the Charlotte-inspired Kiki McDonough earrings until the close up photo was shared, hence another reason why I'm an advocate for her wearing her hair back, adding some layers and/or cutting off several inches (or all of the above!). That way, we'd be able to see her earrings, swoon over them and appreciate that she's probably "just an earrings only" kind of gal!

I'm a redhead, so I'm biased about the green dress & coat, because I wear tons of green. I love, love, love it when the DoC wears green (not every item, but this color? Yes!) As a few have stated, it was a bit too matchy-matchy. A coat in navy would have been a gorgeous choice, especially if teamed with a great scarf or snood in a great pattern from a Swedish designer!

The shade of the dress on the Duchess was a great choice. I'm with everyone else in that I wish there has been more "oomph" to the dress via a scarf, brooch or even a statement necklace of some sort. I also think a pair of opaque black tights would have looked much better with the dress & pumps. The pantyhose were a bit jarring as I think pantyhose in general screams "1980s."

Susan, thank you so very much for all that you do. I appreciate every minute that you spend on this site, whether it's during a tour or for one occasion. Your hard work and dedication never go unnoticed!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.