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Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis Updates, Plus Maternity Poll Results

We are back with a quick look at some maternity poll results along with a few newsbytes.

We begin with Happy Birthday greetings to Princess Charlotte. The Duke and Duchess elected not to release a new photo of Charlotte this year. As I mentioned over at What Kate’s Kids Wore, I think that Kate and William felt a separate photo wasn’t necessary since Charlotte was just seen last week with George at the Lindo Wing, and we’ll see both children in less than 3 weeks at Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Here is what Kensington Palace tweeted this morning for Charlotte’s birthday. It is also what the Palace posted on Instagram.

A number of stories have been published about the lack of a new photo. This is from a MSN article:

The reason for this is likely rooted in William and Kate’s determination not to overexpose their children at such a young age, with special consideration given to the fact that this is such a busy year for the royal family, and therefore the little Cambridges.

William and Kate go to great lengths to secure privacy for their children, and the annual release of birthday photographs has been a clever way to satiate the public’s desire to see the young royals as they grow up.

It’s likely we will see a photo of Prince Louis in the next month or two, and there may be a family photo with all three Cambridge children. Much as I love seeing new photos of the children I understand Kate and William’s desire to keep them out of the spotlight.

Yesterday the Palace released a copy of Prince Louis’s birth certificate. 

Diana Pearl’s story for People explains the difference between Charlotte & George’s certificates and Prince Louis’s. :

The major difference between Prince Louis‘s birth certificate and the ones his siblings had is evident at first glance. The text on Louis’ birth certificate was typed, while Prince George and Princess Charlotte‘s were handwritten.

Here you see George and Charlotte’s certificates.

Also on the Louis front, HM has met her newest great-grandchild. The Queen visited Kensington Palace yesterday, arriving from Windsor Castle. More from a Daily Telegraph story:

Her Majesty was flown into the grounds on Tuesday before being driven to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s home.

She held a posy of flowers as she stepped out of her helicopter after the 40-minute flight. The Queen was then driven the short distance to Prince William and Kate’s apartment in a green Range Rover.

The Duchess of Cornwall also visited yesterday, and Prince Charles met his new grandson today.

We will keep you posted on any upcoming engagements or events, including any with the children, but I expect things to be very slow for quite some time. On an up note, that allows us to cover some of the post topics that you have suggested!


Now to our poll results. We’ll start with your favorite looks for Kate’s Second Trimester. This one was really a challenge because we had 25 different outfits to choose from, an awful lot to sort through. Here are the results:

I expected to see the Carolina Herrera coat in the mix, but the Alexander McQueen eggshell dress was a bit of a surprise. Not because I don’t like it (I very much do), but because I don’t remember that many positive comments about it when it was worn during the tour.

Now for your Third Trimester favorites:  

This one turned out pretty much as expected. The separates from Goat and Hobbs separates were so popular when Kate wore them, and the Beulah Chiara has been a favorite going back to when Kate was expecting Charlotte.

It’s been so long since we did the polls, here is a refresher on the results for the First Trimester. This one was the opposite of the second trimester poll because there were only these three candidates. I thought it would be fun to see how the three would rank and they came in as many expected.

The one distinction with the first trimester is the volume of “other” votes and comments left, something you can do when voting “other.” There were multiple comments saying all three choices were “dreadful,” “awful,” and several comments saying “none of the above.”

Thank you to everyone who voted! Next we’ll do the polls for your favorite casual look and favorite dressy/formal outfit.

If interested in a look at some of Charlotte’s cute pictures, we do have a little pictorial retrospective on the WKKW site.

UPDATE: We have a fab tip from Diana that the Love Knitting website has a number of knitting patterns for pieces like the Irulea set and GH Hurt shawl worn/used with George, Charlotte and Louis. (I wanted to share this one rather than wait for our next post.)


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Saturday 5th of May 2018

So it seems that cute wave Charlotte gave us as she stepped into the hospital was effectively saying, That's all for now folks! As her birthday wore on I figured that maybe her parents had decided they could take a break from a birthday photo and we do seem to be at a moment of peak royal at the moment, definitely no shortage of stories. I totally respect their choice to avoid more photographers.

It's fun seeing the poll results, there were some great outfits to choose from this time. I remain smitten by the orange check Catherine Walker and the gorgeous green Prada frock. I like when the results come as a surprise and those who come here to read rather than chat get to make their feelings known.


Friday 4th of May 2018

Hi! Can we please have a post about what the Duchess could possibly wear for the wedding? Thank you for all the lovely work that you do!


Saturday 5th of May 2018

Hi Spruha, and thank you for commenting. We must think alike, that very topic is on the agenda next week! :)


Thursday 3rd of May 2018

I loved the eggshell McQueen. That was definitely in my top three from this pregnancy. I also loved seeing her "branch out" with accessories a bit and pair it with the red Tod pumps and the chanel purse, rather than nude pumps. I also liked the red Catherine Walker she wore over it, but it lost points for me because the red accessories did not work with the dress IMO. But I thought the McQueen looked elegant, professional, and upscale (as it should!).

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.