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The Duchess Wears Alexander McQueen for Trooping the Colour 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge returned to a favorite designer for this year’s Trooping the Colour events.

It was a magnificent day for the Queen’s Birthday Parade.

The guest of honor.

The Queen’s actual birthday is April 21st; this year HM turned ninety-two. Trooping the Colour is the ceremonial marking of the monarch’s birthday.  From Erin Hill’s People story:

With more than 1,400 officers, 400 musicians and 200 horses in tow, the Queen is paraded in a carriage from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade across St. James’s Park to inspect her troops, receive a royal salute and take a salute of her own.

HM looked elegant in a sky blue coat and dress by Stewart Parvin and a hat by Angela Kelly. Prince Philip, who will turn 97 tomorrow, did not attend this year’s event.

More from the BBC:

Trooping the Colour has commemorated the birthday of the sovereign for more than 250 years and also functions as a display of army drills, music and horsemanship.

7,500 guests watched the ceremony … from a dais in Horse Guards before inspecting the guardsmen.

Sophie of Wessex and Princess Eugenie.

Princess Anne rode as Colonel of the Blues and Royals; on the right, Prince Andrew.

Left to right: Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Andrew. This was the first time Prince Andrew rode in the parade. He did so in his new role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, the unit known for its distinctive bearskin hats.

The Prince took on the role from Prince Philip, who was Colonel for more than 42 years.

Prince Philip was not at today’s events.

The day had an unexpected turn when 79-year-old Lord Guthrie was thrown from his horse. The former Chief of the Defence Staff was treated at the scene and taken to the hospital. According to The Telegraph’s coverage, “The fall briefly delayed the RAF flypast as the 79-year-old received medical attention.”

London’s streets were lined with enthusiastic crowds watching the annual ceremony.

The massed bands of the Household Cavalry.

There was a lighthearted moment as a fox scampered across the parade grounds.

Following the parade, Royal Family members and guests moved to the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the traditional flypast.

It was a full balcony.

A view from above.

The children seemed to enjoy themselves immensely, especially Savannah Phillips, the 7-year-old daughter of Princess Anne’s son Peter and his wife Autumn Phillips. (Savannah is in the pink dress below right); on the very far right is younger sister Isla Phillips (in mint green).

More from The Telegraph’s coverage:

Savannah, seven, appeared unimpressed by her cousin Prince George’s noises during the national anthem, shushing him to keep him quiet.

When that didn’t work, Savannah clamped her hand over George’s mouth.

The Duchess wore a new dress by Alexander McQueen.

Here are two McQueen dresses with somewhat similar construction at the waist. On the left, a blue scuba wool piece, and on the right, a Box Pleat Mini Dress.

Our thanks to Perths Fashion for pointing out the two dresses.

The Duchess had on a new hat by Juliette Botterill.

She had on her Kiki McDonough Blue Topaz Earrings.

The Duchess also wore Kiki McDonough’s Eden Blue Topaz necklace.

I thought this was a splendid look for the Duchess, the dress, hat and jewelry all seemed to work very well together.

We will see you next week with our poll on your favorite Trooping ensemble.


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Tuesday 12th of June 2018

The hat - whimsical! Hair - so sophisticated. Dress - gorgeous! - I love! the detail at the shoulders - it showcases exquisite tailoring. The Duchess always looks great in icy blues/grays. I'm glad you provided us with the Duchess' outfits from previous years - they show Catherine's evolution from a girl from Berkshire to a Duchess.Her jewellery - beautiful and complements her outfit. She looks poised and very regal. Oh by the way - didn't she have a baby a few weeks ago?!?! My lasting impression - stunning!


Monday 11th of June 2018

I wish I had a reason to wear that hat! I think the square neckline and slightly puffed sleeves may serve the purpose of drawing the eye up and away from the waistline and even the bust. If that was the intent, it wasn't really necessary, but it does seem a good idea for a woman six weeks postpartum. Anyway, this is my favorite Trooping look ever. It is beautiful. I very much disagree with the opinion that it is matronly. Her style continues to evolve as she is dressing for official events with a more regal and mature tone. She has a huge role to fill and she means business.


Tuesday 12th of June 2018

I agree with your assessment and I have the feeling that some people are confusing mature with matronly. They are not at all the same thing. Kate is growing into her role and dressing more maturely than she did a few years ago, but she looks far from matronly and middle-aged!


Monday 11th of June 2018

wow has she ever grown into her roll! She looks regal and lovely. I will say that after seeing of her at Harry's wedding that I think she looks so much younger with her hair down. I prefer the younger looking Kate especially considering her age and how time affects us all. She looks beautiful and her jewelry looks pretty with outfit. Always interesting to me how rarely she wears large statement historical pieces- I guess this was a day look.

Gwen P

Monday 11th of June 2018

Coming in after 100+ comments means I might not have anything to add. 8~). But I can agree with so many commenters that Kate made very regal and elegant choices here, and I think most of them worked well. Shoulder poufs as a general rule don’t bother me, since they can add a kind if Victorian-ish romantic touch to an otherwise plain and formal dress. The square neck is what looks matronly to me, and not necessarily in a bad way, if looking regal was her intent. But I think this style will be more likable on Kate in another 10 years or so, and even now, it suits her beautifully.

I’d also add that I really really think the family members plan their outfits together as a family, maybe not formally but more communicatively than we think they do. I keep noticing color themes among them at various events. Today’s seemed to be pink and light blue. And Harry and Meghan have had public focus on themselves lately, so I can see them being happy to take a back row space on the balcony, and maybe even discussing a more casual look for Meghan, with intentional contrast to Kate’s look. But I’m guessing. I’ve assumed, ever since I heard the term, that they really do consider it “the family firm” and make choices with that at least partly in mind.


Sunday 10th of June 2018

A+ for Kate. I do not care what order they stand in. Children will not be able to see unless they are in front so that is why they are where they are....I would not read a whole lot into it. Love her hat. Dress is a great color on her and I like the neckline.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.