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Another Zara Dress For Kate As She Takes Charlotte & George To The Polo

What a nice surprise to see new pictures of Kate, George and Charlotte this evening! (The photos were published midday, but I just got home a bit ago, thus the tardy post.)

The trio was at the Beaufort Polo Club. More from Town & Country’s story:

Prince William was taking part in the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at Beaufort Polo Club to raise money for both the Royal Marsden cancer hospital and Centrepoint, a homelessness charity.


Prince William with the Duchess and Prince George today.

The children spent time with their cousins Isla and Savannah Phillips; their aunt, Autumn Phillips, is on the far right.

Of course, it was Savannah Phillips who tried to get George to quiet down at yesterday’s Trooping the Colour ceremony.

The Prince had fun with a large Slinky he played with. (I think that was after his mum helped him untangle it!)

Some may remember Kate bringing George to this event back in 2015.

The Duchess was in a style from Zara, the retailer’s Striped Off the Shoulder Dress ($69.90). It is made of a cotton/linen blend that is a good summer material, and lined in 100% cotton.

The product description refers to the frock’s “plunging neckline and open shoulders.”  The dress also features an A-line silhouette, button-front, self-belt, and vertical gathers at the front and back bodice (shown below right).

Many thanks to Laura (SolidMoonlight on Twitter) for identifying the dress.

We saw the Duchess sporting a new pair of shoes, the Russell & Bromley Coco-Nut Espadrille Wedge (£125, about $170 at today’s exchange rates).  The style showcases a suede upper, leather ankle strap, and a heel cup made of woven fabric. The Coco-nut also features a classic espadrille rope sole and a goldtone plate at the very tip of the toe box.

At one point Kate was running in the wedges and it reminded me of the time she was running in wedges on Manly Beach during the Australia Tour in 2014. On that occasion, Kate wore her Minx Wedges by Stuart Weitzman.

Kate carried the Victoria Beckham Quincy Leather Tote Bag first seen at Wimbledon in July 2016.

The Duchess has often used the piece when at Wimbledon.

For all the details on what George and Charlotte wore, visit our What Kate’s Kids Wore post from yesterday.

It was fun seeing the children’s antics today; they seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

UPDATE: Rachael, wonderful friend to WKW and half of the ever-so-fab Cambridge Mums Instagram page suggests Kate was wearing this Ray-Ban style

It’s Ray-Ban style #RB4259 616613 and it certainly looks like this could be Kate’s pair. The logo on the side seems the same, the stems look the same and it’s the gradient lens that Kate favors. I do not have better quality or hi-res photos I can post, I haven’t been able to locate any that offer more clarity or detail. From what I can tell, I think Rachael is probably correct. UPDATE: Ashley of Middleton Maven points out that Kate’s pair don’t have the same nose bridge and the stem is wider, so it looks like we are back to square one on this search.

We’ll see you in a few days for our poll on your favorite Trooping look!

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Monika @

Friday 10th of August 2018

fabulous photos, kate looks awesome in zara dress as george plays at the polo match!


Sunday 17th of June 2018

Adorable. I particularly like the espadrilles and wear a pair from Toni Pons that are almost exactly like this which are both pretty and practical for Summer.


Wednesday 13th of June 2018

I think this dress is hideous, personally, but that's because it's poorly made and doesn't fit Kate at all. You see the button has come undone at the bust, and she clearly doesn't fit in it. Also, I wish she had worn nice flats, as these wedges are not cute and also not practical. However, I think she looks gorgeous and seeing her as a doting mom playing with her kids gives me life!!

Shalina Miller

Sunday 17th of June 2018

I think the duchess looks great in this dress because she IS Kate. She has this amazing aura about her, like Grace Kelly did, and it means she could wear a nap sack and still look stylish. I applaud her for once again, choosing a “regular” brand we mortals can afford, and showing the world that after having three kids, it’s ok if a button pops open because you’re boobs are huge from breastfeeding. She’s resplendent, as always.


Tuesday 12th of June 2018

Ugh I have to comment! (I hardly ever do) First off, what a darling young mom! I loved this dress and I thought the wedge heels were perfect for summer. Timeless choice worn by the best of the best before her (Jackie, Grace, Di) And personally I think they are a cinch to walk in! Especially compared to a pump or heel-which Kate has mastered as well. I guess since this is a fashion blog, disliking her dress is fair, even though I don’t see the negatives that so many others see. What I don’t understand is the scrutiny of her shape, her ‘extra pounds’, and on and on and on. When I look at these photos all I see is a radiant mother with two of the most adorable children ever (and another precious pumpkin at home) having the very best time outside on a perfect summer day. So sad that so many go to this level so quickly. I have always loved this blog mainly because of its kindness but the comments in this post kinda broke my heart. Let’s keep it to fashion analysis here- can’t imagine Kate ever stooping this low, can you?!

As for George and Charlotte, and her somersaults, they struck me as happy go lucky, adored children growing up with parents who treasure them. I was almost expecting to see pictures of Kate rushing to stop Charlotte and thank goodness she didn’t. She is basically a baby after all and should stand on her head all she wants! Bravo William and Kate- Diana is so proud in heaven ?

Karen D

Thursday 14th of June 2018

Olivia, so nicely said. I too have been a little shocked at the negative comments. I know this is a fashion blog but I think Kate looks wonderful and natural. Most of us who have given birth understand that sometimes things don’t fit perfectly within the first few months. A button pop is something many nursing mothers can relate to. The focus with these beautiful pictures should be how well she looks having fun with her children. She also looks younger and relaxed. This look is a big win for me and one we don’t get to see too often. No criticism needed at all.


Tuesday 12th of June 2018

It’s a fresh, easy, but polished look! Good practical heel on the wedge and overall it seems to be comfortable! Nice to see families enjoying time together☺️. As far a a button popped or whatever, really? So what? Those kinds of nit picky comments detract from this fab site. (And let’s pause and recall we have probably all had a wardrobe issue or left the house wearing some kind of mini mess!)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.