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Kate Mixes Old & New Pieces for Visit to Cyprus RAF Base

The Duchess wore a mix of brands for today’s trip to Cyprus with Prince William.

They were at RAF Akrotiri to visit servicemen and women stationed at the base.

The pair made the trip (about a 4-1/2 hour flight) aboard an RAF Voyager jet. They wanted to recognize and spend time with those far away from home during the holidays.

More about the base from the RAF:

RAF Akrotiri is home of the Cyprus Operations Support Unit which provides joint support to British Forces Cyprus and operations in the region to protect the UK’s strategic interests.

Below, the Duke and Duchess inside one of the hangars at the base.

Back to the RAF description:

RAF Akrotiri is an extremely busy Permanent Joint Operating Base that supports ongoing operations in the region as well as support for the Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus. It is used as a forward mounting base for overseas operations in the Middle East and for fast jet training.

RAF Akrotiri’s Griffin helicopters also play an important search and rescue function in collaboration with the Republic of Cyprus Police and National Guard Air Command.

Corporal Karl Noakes, 33, also from RAF Marham, said he had been sent pictures of his daughter Alysia, two, at yesterday’s Christmas party at the palace.
He said: “It’s a tough one. I’ve been away lots of times and it’s never easy but it’s very different now I am a dad. My little girl is now asking for me when we speak and even playing her mother off against me when he is playing up. It’s difficult all round. I’m complete lost in admiration for what my wife, Nicole, does when I’m not they, especially work Christmas coming up.”

And from the People article:

Scott Stewart, a father of three and a communications specialist with No. 903 Expeditionary Air Wing, spoke to William and Kate as they visited an aircraft hanger on the base shortly after arriving.

“Kate said how she thought time means so much, especially in the early years, so it great to have them recognize the sacrifices that we are all making here. I’m lucky enough to be going home for Christmas but many people won’t be.”

From The Telegraph, quoting Kate:

Empathising with the time troops were spending away from their families in service to the country, she added: “Some of the children really understood what their mums and dads are doing and missed you all.

“I’m sorry that we couldn’t bring your families with us for Christmas.”

You may remember that at yesterday’s Christmas party family members spent time making gifts.

Today they were delivered.

More about the day from Hannah Furness’s Daily Telegraph story:

As the gifts were handed out to the first group in the sergeant’s mess the Duchess turned to a group of RAF personnel that included Squadron Leader Sarah Waghorn and others and joked about delivering the mail.

Sqn Ldr Waghorn, whose 80-year-old father David Waghorn had met the royals at their Christmas Party, said: “They said their parcel service ‘really was Royal Mail’.

Here you see Kate in the sergeant’s mess.

And William handing out a gift.

The Duke also gave a brief speech at the base.

From his remarks:

You don’t seek praise for your contribution … But as we approach Christmas, Catherine and I feel strongly that praise for your work and recognition of your sacrifices is exactly what is due to you all. From my time in uniform, we both know a bit of what it feels like to balance your work commitments with your family life.

On behalf of everyone back home, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for your commitment and thank you for your sacrifices. We are in your debt and Catherine and I feel very lucky to be able to spend time with you today.

The couple also officially opened a new OASIS welfare center, a dedicated space “where anyone serving on ops or living here permanently can come to relax.” Here is a video of that, you’ll see Kate and William joking before the Duchess cuts the ceremonial ribbon.

The pair cutting a cake served as part of the opening celebration.

Kate and William did a walkabout.

Emily Nash of Hello! shared a video.

Now for our look at what Kate wore for today’s trip to Cyrpus.

She was in a piece many recognized immediately, her Smythe Duchess Blazer.

The jacket makes sense for this engagement; it is described by Smythe as being military-inspired. It is sold out at Smythe, but in stock at Saks ($695).

Middleton Maven suggests Kate wore Jigsaw trousers, the brand’s High-Waisted Sport Luxe Trousers (£130).

Kate’s handbag looks like the Dora in khaki suede (on sale for £119, originally priced at £175) from LK Bennett. The piece measures 10″ x 5.5″ and comes with a shoulder strap. It does not look like it was available on the US site in this color.  

Our thanks to Laura for her speedy ID of the bag.

Kate’s shoes are similar to LK Bennett’s Fern heel in khaki suede ($295), or the Gianvito Rossi in olive, but we’re not 100% convinced they are either style. I haven’t had time to really look for better photos to use for a comparison but should be able to do so this afternoon.  

UPDATE Dec 11: Kate wore the same shoes (I believe they are the same) at an engagement today, and from a photo of the soles you can see they are Gianvito Rossi. That makes me think Kate’s shoes in Cyprus are the Rossi style as well.

Kate wore a belt we have seen previously that remains unidentified.

On both occasions, it was worn with the Persephone coat from Hobbs. The belt was first noted at the 2014 shamrock ceremony with the Irish Guards.

And again in Whitehorse, Yukon during the 2016 Canada tour. Thank you to Emma for pointing out the belt was worn on earlier engagements.

UPDATE 10/12/21: It is possible the belt is Anderson’s Croc Effect Leather Belt ($160). Thank you to Lori for reminding me I hadn’t updated this post! The Duchess also wore her Asprey Oak Leaf Earrings. Below we show them as worn on another occasion.

Kate wore her hair partially up. 

I will be updating the post with more photos and information.


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Tuesday 12th of October 2021



Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Thank you, Lori! I updated the post. :)


Thursday 13th of December 2018

Does anyone else think that this might be a well timed version of Kate's signature fashion diplomacy? With all of the rumors swirling around about her "feud" with Meghan, I think our girl is far to canny to miss the implications of her wearing trousers for the first time at an official event after Meghan has done so repeatedly. I think this maybe a classically Kate way of telling everyone that she and Meghan "get along just fine thank you" and that the press needs to move along.

That being said, she looks gorgeous and appropriate as always!

Pamela S

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

She looks absolutely stunning! In fact, I think her last few outfit choices have been spot on brilliant! Love the outfits, the hair, the accessories; she is on a trend that I hope she stays on for quite some time.

This is a perfect look for her; it's classic, welcoming, and most importantly age appropriate. It's definitely a new direction but it's a look she should definitely visit much more often.

Now if we could just get someone to go into her closet and get rid of those round-neck dresses with the paperbag waist. They can be returned to the closet in 30 years as they will suit her much better when she's 60.


Saturday 8th of December 2018

Another option for the shoes might be the Jimmy Choo Romy (100?) in olive suede. My sister has them in a lower heel, and the color looks very similar.

BlondieBlue Eye Eight

Saturday 8th of December 2018

I have done a little research on Kate’s pumps she owns and they are Emmy’s ‘Rebecca’ green suede pumps and Emmy London ‘Valerie’s dark green pump with small platform. After reviewing all the pictures with Kate wearing these new olive green pumps, I thinks they are the Gianvito Rossi, because on their website they have a silky texture to them, just like in the pictures Kate is wearing them, so that means she now has now three pairs of green suede pumps. I love shoe, especially pumps!


Saturday 8th of December 2018

I think Kate looks fabulous. I am though a little tired of the constant she's copying Meghan comments coded as the Meghan Effect. She is her own person - she has worn the Smythe jacket in this and other colours many times before; she has worn T-shirts before - she has even as another commenter has documented worn trousers. Its a great look for her and a nice change. But if anything this outfit looks more toward European queens than American style.


Saturday 8th of December 2018

I agree that there should be no Meghan Effect impacting Kate and it gets tedious when people suggest it. Yes, Meghan wears pants, but so do numerous others in and out of the celebrity spotlight. Kate's choice for this occasion was likely because she just decided to wear pants. It is not because anyone else has been influencing her.

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