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Kate is in the Pink for Palace Christmas Luncheon

The Duchess wore festive pink for today’s annual Christmas luncheon.

The Queen hosts the event every year at Buckingham Palace.

More from Hello!:

 Every year in the week leading up to the 25th, Her Majesty hosts a big luncheon for extended members of her family. It’s an opportunity for the monarch to catch up with all of her relatives, before she retreats to Sandringham where she is joined by only her immediate family.

The Palace Christmas decorations have been up for several weeks.

This year the royal family shared recipes for some of the tastier treats served at palace receptions during the holidays. In a feature titled, “Inside the Royal Kitchens at Christmas” you can read about some of the desserts made by royal chefs. The Royal Family account tweeted that “Royal Pastry chefs will create over 1,200 mince pies for each of the festive receptions held at the Palaces this Christmas.”

The pastries are for scheduled receptions, not today’s party; we don’t know what was served at that event. We do know the luncheon is always very well attended.  Following are images of royal family members arriving at the Palace, starting with the Duke of Edinburgh, who came in from Windsor to be at the lunch.

It is good to see the 97-year-old Duke at family functions.

The Gloucester’s younger daughter, Lady Rose Windsor, husband George Gilman, and daughter Lyla as they left Buckingham Palace.

More about the Queen’s plans for Christmas via Camilla Tominey, writing for The Telegraph’s royal newsletter.

The 92-year-old monarch is expected to take the train from King’s Cross to King’s Lynn tomorrow so she can be in Norfolk to help with all the finishing touches before around 35 loved ones descend on the 8,000 hectare estate on Christmas Eve.

Now for our brief look at what Kate wore.

She was in a pink blouse or dress.

Ashley suggested on Facebook it might be the Stella McCartney dress worn to a birthday dinner for Prince Philip back in 2011. (Jane has pictures in today’s From Berkshire to Buckingham post.) It looks to me like the fabric in the photos from today is more matte, without the sheen you see with the McCartney dress. It appears there is a ruffle or some other fabric element at the throat. 

This view offers a slightly different angle.  

At this point, the garment is officially a UFO.

We have what could be a separate mystery, this one related to the earrings worn by the Duchess this afternoon. Initially, I thought they were the In2Design Baroque Pearl Earrings ($152) first seen during the Sweden tour in January. But looking at the earrings worn today, the hoops look different from the  In2Design style. The pearl also seems to have a tiny gold cap missing on the In2Design pair.

EARRING UPDATE: I went back to find hi-res images from the Sweden visit and now see that Kate is wearing the same pair she wore in January. Below you see two images on the left from Sweden; they clearly show the back of the hoop is the same as that on today’s earrings. Apologies to all for any confusion! They just looked very different in the photo I happened to download from today; thank you to all for your input.

An additional note on the earrings: Valerie commented, saying she owns the earrings and this is the In2Design pair.

Our post on what Meghan wore is here and our very brief post on George and Charlotte is at What Kate’s Kids Wore here.


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Saturday 8th of June 2019

Gucci purple bow


Monday 24th of December 2018

I think it is McQueen. Very much his signature especially the pink which I think might be a hue custom for her.

sue d

Monday 24th of December 2018

She looks fantastic in this color.

Sarah Ashley

Sunday 23rd of December 2018

Found an ebay listing for the Stella McCartney dress that offers more photos (rather than the singular one of Kate in 2011). It is so very similar, but I feel like the sheen of the original dress would be visible. Maybe Stella made her a new one with less-shiny fabric...


Sunday 23rd of December 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge gives many indications that she is an empathetic person who uses her role to do good to those in need, a loving wife and mother and an asset to the BRF. However can we agree that in reality her fashion is fairly standard British upper class /public school You g woman? She always is very well put together and appropriate and that is to be admired. Her fashion on anyone else would be nothing of note beyond that


Monday 24th of December 2018

Casey, while Kate wears some things that are "fairly standard", to use your term, she has also worn some amazing outfits and dresses…too many to list. I don't agree when you say, "Her fashion on anyone else would be nothing of note."


Friday 21st of December 2018

I think it's got to be the same Stella McCartney dress. The neck bow (I can't bring myself to use the alternative term) has a fairly distinctive design. I think that the difference in color and sheen must be a trick of the light.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.