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New Alexander McQueen & Zara Mixed With Old Favorites for Bradford Engagements

The Duke and Duchess visited Bradford in West Yorkshire today.  

Located in northern England, Bradford is one of the UK’s most diverse cities. The Duke and Duchess were there to learn about projects and initiatives supporting the community.  They arrived at just about noon.

Kate with a wave for those gathered to see the couple. 

The Duke and Duchess being officially greeted at City Hall. 

Then it was time to head inside. 

Richard Palmer of The Express tweeted a video of the couple as they were welcomed.


They spent time with young people from the area who have been recognized for their volunteer and community service efforts. 

More from Rebecca English in her Daily Mail story.

They chatted at length with Caitlund Roberts, 19, who talked to them about STEM subjects and being a woman in engineering.

‘STEM is something we have been going around asking about a lot,’ said William, ‘getting girls into engineering. ‘ He asked: ‘How did you find the journey getting into it. Easy? Difficult? What more can be done?’

Caitlund told them eloquently about the ‘stigma’ she sometimes felt the profession came with for women.

There was quite a crowd waiting to see the royals outside, including students from local primary schools. While the Duke and Duchess were busy inside, a police officer kept some of the children entertained with a vigorous rendition of “Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.”  Here’s a video shared by the BBC’s Judith Moritz.


Kate was given flowers as the royals left City Hall. 

This was followed by a walkabout.

The Duchess complimented these children on their school uniforms. (I rarely do this, but really, could those little ones be any cuter?)

The Duchess with two of the students. 

I loved the expression on the boy’s face in this photo. 

Richard Palmer also shared a video of the walkabout.


The Duchess met a young man named Josh and told him she liked his camouflage jacket and that Prince George is very fond of camouflage. She then gave him a big hug.   

More from The Mirror’s coverage:

Josh, 25, who is autistic and has DiGeorge syndrome, caused by the deletion of a small segment of chromosome, held out his arms to the Duchess, who bent down and gave him a hug.

She then said: “Thank you for the hug”.

Josh had travelled with his mother, Sue, 46, from Blackpool to Bradford, combining a trip to a pantomime with the chance to see the Duke and Duchess.

Josh’s mother tweeted a photo of the Duchess with Josh.


The Daily Mail reports Josh has had his photo taken with many celebrities, including Robbie Williams and Harry Styles, and he was also photographed with Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

As the couple was leaving, Kate was presented with a bouquet of white roses. 

William was given a single rose by the children that he then presented to Kate. 

The next engagement was at a MyLahore restaurant. The Bradford Argus & Telegraph posted a video of Kate and William arriving.


MyLahore features British-Asian food inspired by the cuisine of Lahore, Pakistan, considered by many to the food capital of Pakistan.  The company’s founders grew up in Yorkshire, and they now employ more than 450 people at MyLahore restaurants in Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Kate and William were at the eatery to learn about the restaurant’s charitable work in the Bradford community.  The couple met Bradford College students who are part of a kitchen apprenticeship collaboration between the restaurant and college.

William and Kate made Mango Lassis, a blend of yogurt, fruit, and spices. 

TV’s Lizzie Robinson tweeted a video of the couple mixing kulfi milkshakes.


This photo isn’t a bad candidate for a caption contest. 

While at the restaurant, they met Amir Khan, Britain’s youngest Olympic boxing medalist.  The Telegraph reports that Mr. Khan “…said he spoke to William about his boxing foundation and mental health in sport.” 

The Duke and Duchess also met women from UK Women’s Muslim Council and those who have benefitted from the Council’s ‘Curry Circle.’  Sponsored by MyLahore, the Curry Circle is an initiative that provides a hot two-course meal for people who are homeless or struggling to feed themselves.  Below, the couple learning about the project. 

The Duchess hearing more about the Curry Circle initiative. 

Then it was time for the next stop, one of two Khidmat Centres in Bradford, purpose-built to serve vulnerable members of minority communities. Below, the Duke and Duchess as they are greeted at the Centre. 

Another view.

Kate meeting people outside the center. 

People’s Simon Perry tweeted a video of the duo outside the center.

They were wowed by the incredible cakes made in honor of the royal visit. 

More from the Leeds Live coverage:

As they walked in, the royals were shown a huge cake which tells the story of both of their lives to date through edible pictures.

When she saw the cake, baked by Bradford baker Siama Ali, Kate said it was “really clever”, adding: “That’s incredible.”

William joked: “Mary Berry would be impressed.”

Some of the individual cakes.

Emily Andrews tweeted a video with Siama Ali, who made the cake.

Kate was given handmade gifts for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The items were knitted and crocheted.  You can see the personalized “Prince Louis” on the red, white, and blue hat.  

The Duchess speaking with women who made the gifts. 

Mor from The Glasgow Times.

The duchess was introduced to a group of women crocheting at the centre, who showed her hearts and blankets they had made for her children – six-year-old George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

“I tried knitting when I first had George,” the duchess told them.

“I tried to knit him a very special jumper, but I got half way down and it splattered.”

The duchess, who in 2013 disclosed she had taken up knitting ahead of the birth of her eldest child, George, added: “It’s such an amazing skill.”

They took part in a session with groups supported by Better Start Bradford, an organization providing 20 different projects that support pregnant women and families with children under the age of 4.  The Duke and Duchess met families from the organization’s ‘Older Yet Wiser’ project, described as “a unique and innovative workshop series for grandparents who have child-caring responsibilities for their grandchildren.”  They participated in a sing-along with the Little Dots workshop, an initiative that uses music to help with child development. Below, the Duchess with 18-month-old Sorayah Ahmad.  

More from Hello’s story:

Sorayah’s grandmother Maryiam Ahmad, who has completed the ‘Older Yet Wiser’ course, tells HELLO!: “I almost started crying, it was very, very emotional. Kate was joining in with the nursery rhymes and dancing with Sorayah.”

The final event of the day was a workshop with Near Neighbours, a group that “brings together people in diverse communities, to create relationships of trust and to help people transform their neighbourhoods.”

Another view. 

A group photo. 

Now for our look at what Kate wore for the day’s engagements in Bradford. 

She was in a bespoke coat by Alexander McQueen. The structured piece features a high collar, fitted bodice with multiple darts and flap pockets, exposed seams with topstitching detail, waistband, concealed placket, diagonal besom pockets at the hip, and princess seams on the back of the bodice. Below, a closer look at details: on the left, buttons on the cuffs; in the center, the closure at the neck; on the right, a portion of the front placket. 

It has similarities to the McQueen coat worn for St. Patrick’s Day 2019, as well as the 2018 Remembrance Sunday McQueen, but the darts on today’s garment extend all the way from the neckline to the pockets.  The exterior seams appear to have more emphasis (for lack of a better word), and the waistband may be wider. 

Beneath the coat, Kate wore a dress by Zara, the brand’s Printed Dress with Belt (originally $129, most recently $39.90), now sold out online. 

The midi-length dress is 100% polyester in an oversized houndstooth print.

The dress buttons up the front, has a pleated skirt, v-neck with attached bow, elastic on the inside of the waistband, button cuffs, and wide self-belt. 

We saw the return of the Duchess’s go-to Piper 85 Suede pumps by Gianvito Rossi. The shoe is a classic point-toe style with a 3.5″ block heel. 

We show the shoe at My Theresa ($695), where it is in stock in most sizes. It is also available in a mix of sizes at Net-a-Porter ($695); the retailer shows it as ‘coming soon’ in other sizes.

The Duchess carried her Midi Mayfair bag ($725) in the ‘deep shine black croc’ colorway by Aspinal of London.  Made of Italian leather, it measures about 8″ x 6″ x 3″.

Kate also owns the bag in the ‘deep shine lilac’ colorway.

The Duchess brought back the Ceramic Drop Earrings ($8) by Pakistani retailer Zeen. The earrings were first seen when worn to a pre-tour reception at the Aga Khan Centre in London, worn again in Pakistan

We’ll leave you with one more photo of the Duchess. 


Kensington Palace tweeted a very quick recap of the day.

Here is a 3-minute video from the City Hall arrival and walkabout.

Here is a 2-minute walkabout video via Global News.

This Royal Family Channel piece offers about 4:15 of raw footage from the MyLahore restaurant visit.

Our final Royal Family Channel video is roughly 3 minutes of footage from the Khidmat Centre.


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Debra bishop

Wednesday 6th of October 2021

Came late to this post…no one will read, but I’m commenting cuz she wore the same dress again for today, October 6th 2021. It maybe is a signal of her desire to wear more affordable looks, presenting herself as a more modern woman. Every I know that pays no attention to news about the BRF all say the same thing “Is she that woman who dresses like an old lady”? Anyway I love the coat…but flaps over the boobs. She is slim enough to wear it, and the coat is beautiful, but anyone that is a tad bit busty would not look good in it.


Tuesday 21st of January 2020

People outside the UK may not know that the white rose is the symbol of Yorkshire. (The red rose is the symbol of Lancashire, hence, The War of the Roses.)


Tuesday 21st of January 2020

Oh, thank you for that info, Sati! I didn't realize that was the case.:)


Tuesday 21st of January 2020

I think the pea coloured coat she wore on the pakistan tour would of been better then this rather drab colour!The earrings are lovely and a nice nod to her hosts origin i like the bag but the dress is again matronly and dull!


Sunday 19th of January 2020

Bravo to whoever was involved in the planning of engagements on this day. What a wonderful selection of organisations to have featured by the royals and it certainly looked fun as well!

Overall, I like Kate's look today. I love the exaggerated stitching on the coat and that kind of collar always looks great on Kate. Personally, I don't think a coat has any business being that long. But considering how windy it was that day, it may – *may* – have been justified for this engagement.

The dress is a classic for Kate. I don't know how she has the patience to consistently find such great pieces from Zara. Every time I see her in something from the brand, I tell myself I should shop there more often – but I always get overwhelmed by the options, either in-store or online. At this point I just have my eyes on whatever Kate wears from there that hasn't sold out yet ;)

(Feel free to remove this comment if it's a duplicate - my wifi timed out as I was posting the first time!)


Friday 17th of January 2020

I loved the mossy green colour! Although everyone has their own preferences, I was sort of expecting the WKW community to agree, & was a bit surprised by the general response. It's certainly a favourite colour for Kate, & works well with her eyes & colouring. I can't resist a hit of any green: there is never enough green on the shelves for me! The coat was so long, I thought that it made a fashion statement with its length, instead of being just longish, & it certainly covered all the dress: who would have thought that she had that hidden under there?? It must have been a very soft & compressed material: probably a good thing it was polyester, I would have feared wrinkles! I wasn't expecting the pairing, & thought the photos were from 2 different events at first. It's great to see what she is wearing under the coat at indoor functions. When it comes to church attendance, I'm reliant on the eagle eyes and knowledge of Susan & the WKW community! Ditto earrings, at times. I agree that length means warmth, and with the reader who said that boots may have been too warm inside. With a long coat she gets that warmth around the legs outside, but a chance to shed it inside. Maybe the cold weather explains the coat obsession? I am from a colder part of my country & share that obsession, over & above shoes! On a lot of people the bows, fullness & length of the dress might overwhelm, but Kate has the height & build to carry it off. I l can't help loving it when she wears affordable things. I bet the fashionistas who bought that dress so cheaply on sale are laughing now, should they happen to follow Kate! I agree that she has to dress in a fairly understated & modest way for these events, & if it can make an appropriate statement, so much the better. I sometimes wonder aimlessly how Kate would be dressing now, had her life not taken such a public path, & I suspect a lot of her clothes wouldn't be so very different. Looking back, you can see her own style come through from Uni days, allowing for aging, fashion changing, becoming a mum, attending public events etc. My only tiny quibble with the Bradford outfit was the earring/dress match. I think any green will compliment another green, so loved them with the coat, but, as they were effectively patterned themselves (& shared no colourway), they maybe weren't the greatest pick for the strong & contrasting print of the dress. Ahh it's all so personal, isn't it?? I thought the pheasant feather fedora hat band & coat colours meshed so well at St Mary Magdalene, but they were a "miss"for many. I didn't even notice the earrings/dress clash at Bradford until it was pointed out by a reader! I was too distracted by all the lovely smiling faces, & happy interactions.....& that great hair! Definitely thought The Hair was on form for Bradford. As it is my first comment on this (or any) site, I just wanted to say thank you to Susan for all her efforts. I have been enjoying WKW for many months, & it distinguishes itself with such great background info & marvellous attention to detail that you just wouldn't find anywhere else. So beautifully put together. I was first attracted by the title, which reminded me of the What Katie Did books....was that intentional? You don't see those anymore, or at least not in Australia...I must try to source some for my daughter! And I love the anticipation inherent in the line "and now for a look at what Kate wore"! I also love the fact that the comments are never nasty, even if negative: you don't find that v often. I wouldn't generally read comments, but on WKW I scroll right through to the very end! Some of the WKW community obviously know their fashion v well. I'm starting to pick up on the names & personalities of some regulars. A definite guilty pleasure to check in of an evening to see if there is something new posted. So thank you again to all, & apologies for a late & lengthy comment to anyone that happened to wade right through it!


Monday 20th of January 2020

Seh, congratulations on your first comment! You're right, the WKW community is absolutely lovely, and Susan does a wonderful job of admin editing.


Friday 17th of January 2020

Seh, Welcome to being a contributor to the comments section. Hope you will drop by again and often. All good wishes to Australia as you face the challenges of the fires.

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