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The Duchess Goes to Forest Kindergarten in Denmark

The Duchess was busy on the second day of her visit to Denmark. She started the day with a visit to Stenurten Forest Kindergarten, where students have some of their lessons outside. 

She was then officially welcomed by Queen Margrethe II, along with Crown Princess Mary. 

This post covers the kindergarten visit. (I am working on a separate post for the day’s other engagements.)

And now for the kindergarten visit.

The Duchess was given an overview of the kindergarten’s approach before heading outside with children and staff.

The Duchess and students then moved outdoors.

Everyone headed to a wooded area. 

Hannah Furness reports in her Telegraph piece that, “The duchess knelt down to meet the five and six-year-olds when she first arrived at Stenurten, a combined nursery and kindergarten in Copenhagen, and one little boy made her smile when he shouted out “hello Kate.”

More from Erin Hill’s People article

The Duchess of Cambridge, 40, visited a Forest Kindergarten in Copenhagen on Wednesday to hear about their approach to learning, which focuses on social and emotional development rather than academic skills.

Forest Schools in Denmark help kids develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland or natural environment with trees.

The BBC notes, “The school uses an approach to teaching that prioritizes children’s social and emotional development alongside academic skills like numeracy and literacy.

We return to The Telegraph’s piece by Hannah Furness

The Duchess embraced the outdoor life of pre-school children in Denmark who thrive on being given the freedom to play in the open air.

In woodland area on the outskirts of Copenhagen, the duchess, dressed for the bitterly cold but sunny conditions in boots, jeans, a polo-neck jumper and jacket, took on the challenge of splitting a log after watching five-year-olds complete the task.

I love the look on the face of the little fellow in the center of this photo.

The Duchess watches as a student works on splitting wood.

Then it was the Duchess’s turn.

We return to The Telegraph story

Surrounded by children dressed in outdoor onesies, teaching assistant Carla Bro, 21, invited the Duchess to take a turn.

Kate took just three blows to split the log and was applauded for her efforts by Ms Bro who said afterwards: “She was very good, she had the right stance… She asked how we deal with risky play and how we keep things safe. We have safety rules and we teach the children they should not be afraid of tasks but treat them with respect.”

Outside around a fire. 

And hug for the Duchess.

Here is one more photo of the Duchess.

Here is a video released by Kensington Palace. 

And now for our look at what Kate wore for the day’s first engagement.

She brought back a familiar piece by a Danish company, Seeland. The Woodcock Advanced Jacket (€239, about $200) is constructed in a fabric designed to protect the wearer from wind and rain.

I do not have an ID on the jeans worn by the Duchess. 

Beneath the jacket, the Duchess wore a creamy rollneck sweater.

UPDATE: I have deleted the H&M sweater originally included in this post and am adding the Mark Kenly Domino Tan ‘Karlotta’ sweater (HK 2860, about $360 at today’s exchange rates).   

The 100% wool design features a loose fit, rollneck, raglan sleeves with button fastenings, and an overall rib knit. Mark Kenly Domino Tan is a Danish brand founded in 2014 with its headquarters in Copenhagen. Thank you to UFO No More reader Mary for this ID.  

The Duchess wore a pair of boots first noted when she was out shopping in early February. The Blundstone Original Vegan Chelsea Boot ($199.95, shown on the left) and the Leather Classic Chelsea Boot ($219.95, shown on the right) both feature a 1-1/4″ heel with a 3/4″ platform.

The pull-on design also offers pull tabs, elastic side gores, and a non-slip sole. I can’t say definitively which version the Duchess is wearing but I lean toward the vegan design. Blundstone is a longstanding Australia-based company that is becoming increasingly popular, as described in this HuffPo story: “I am, of course, talking about Blundstones, the workboot-turned-fashion staple that’s taking over American streets. I promise you’ve seen them, even if you didn’t what you were looking at. They’re a leather pull-on boot with elastic sides and two tabs ― perhaps to help with getting the boots on, or perhaps just for fashion.”

We saw the return of the Bobble Hoop Earrings by Liv Thurwell (£110 – £130).  



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Thursday 24th of February 2022

Love this look - it’s basically a version of what I wear for daily pram walks in this winter weather (although I have a heavier Didrikson’s waterproof insulated parka, and always add a wooly hat!). I picked up some Blundstones while visiting family in Australia a few years ago and find them really comfortable- they have lovely cushioned soles and also plenty of room for cosy thick socks. Catherine looks way more glamorous than I do though!

I’m intrigued as to why you think these are vegan boots? I didn’t think they did vegan Blundstones until quite recently when they did a collaboration with a British (Cornish) brand called Finisterre. I would have assumed the leather version as these are the ‘standard’ ones.


Friday 1st of April 2022

That is a good question, Helen. Friends who wear them told me they purchased the vegan style around the holidays. My thought was that we were seeing the Duchess wearing more sustainable/vintage items and that she might have given the vegan boots a go. (That was why I qualified it as only 'leaning' that way, because it was base don nothing more than a 'gut instinct' for lack of a better term.) :)


Friday 1st of April 2022

Hi Helen, you are correct these are 1609 antique brown boots, the vegan ones have just arrived beginning of March.


Thursday 24th of February 2022

Perfection! A great outfit for spending time with kids outside, something that she clearly loves doing.


Thursday 24th of February 2022

She looks so cute and comfortable and so at ease with the children


Thursday 24th of February 2022

The rollneck looks so luxe! I'd love it if my kids (whenever I have them) could go to an outdoor kindergarten. I think American sensibilities might not agree with the Danish approach to risky play though. A pity.


Thursday 24th of February 2022

I love the look. I don’t think it’s accidental she’s wresting Blundstones, given they’re from Mary’s home state of Tasmania here in Aus

Jack Bing

Thursday 24th of February 2022

So clever!

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