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The Duchess Brings Back Suzannah Dress for Memorial Service

The Duchess Brings Back Suzannah Dress for Memorial Service

This afternoon the Duke and Duchess attended a memorial service marking the fifth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire.

The multi-faith service remembered the 72 people killed in the 2017 fire. 

More than 70 others were injured in the blaze that engulfed the 24-story structure. Below, the building several days after the fire.

The couple arriving for the service.

Prince William speaking with victims’ friends and families. 

More from the BBC’s coverage.

Many mourners wore green scarves and clothing to match the green hearts that adorn the wall below the tower and which have become a symbol of the tragedy.

Floral tributes and personal notes have been left beside the wall, including a “72” made of white flowers.

Another view of the Duchess just before the service.  This Evening Standard story offers more details about the service.

A 72-second silence in memory of the 72 victims of the fire, which took place exactly five years ago, was observed by attendees including William and Kate, and followed by applause.

Green balloons were then released in memory of the 18 children who perished.

Addressing the attendees, Father Gerard Skinner, parish priest of St Francis of Assisi church in Notting Hill, said Grenfell Tower has become a “symbol of suffering” for those who died, their loved ones, survivors and the community, and a “symbol of shame” for liars and deceivers.

The service included choir performances, readings, and prayers.

The event was organized by Grenfell United. More about the group via Hello’s coverage:

Grenfell United was formed in the days after the fire by a group of survivors and the bereaved. The organisation works to provide pastoral care for those affected and advocates for families to ensure that such a tragic event is not repeated.

The organisation previously held memorial services outside the Tower site in 2018 and 2019 and during the pandemic it facilitated individual visits to the site for the bereaved and survivors to lay flowers and take time to pay their respects.

Before the memorial, the couple met with those who lost loved ones as well as survivors of the deadly fire.

Another view of the Duchess.

The couple laid a wreath.

The Duke and Duchess previously met with survivors in 2019 at an event launching the National Emergencies Trust. 

There was also a service at Westminster Abbey today. 

Now for a hard turn to what Kate wore for the memorial service.

She brought back the Suzannah Flippy Wiggle Dress ($2900). 

The silk crepe shirt dress features pintucks at the front yoke and waist, contrasting buttons, and half-length sleeves with a buttoned cuff.  The Duchess first wore the piece to Wimbledon in 2019, then again in August 2020 for a Baby Basics engagement.

The Duchess was in new (to us) pair of heels by Alessandra Rich.

The Two-Tone Pumps ($579) are a leather slingback style with a contrasting toe cap and slingback strap. Thank you to Heaven for the shoe ID.

She carried her Emmy London Natasha clutch in blush ($365).

And repeated the Maria Black Cha Cha earrings.

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Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

I do wish Kate would wear her hair up in a bun every once and a while! It would have looked so elegant with this outfit. The Alessandra Riche heels are the cherry on top for me! A lovely rewear.


Tuesday 21st of June 2022

It looks like the Duchess is not wearing hose/stockings. Realize bare feet help grip this backless shoe better but welcome observations that she maybe starting a trend of the royals moving away from a rigid rule of hose. If so, good for her!


Tuesday 21st of June 2022

I love this dress and the way it looks on Kate. I prefer the black belt with it over the white one. I also really like the shoes she is wearing with it. They are a break from the standard 4” pump that Kate usually wears.


Monday 20th of June 2022

Oops, I have to correct myself in my previous post. I just realised Kate and William were not at Ascot on Tuesday! I was there and watching the royal procession, but as the carriage that I *thought* was carrying the Cambridges passed, a man walked straight in front of my phone and I couldn't identify who I was filming. My mistake.


Monday 20th of June 2022

I've always liked this dress but I associate it with happy summer engagements, so in my mind it is a bit jarring to see it at a memorial service. I looked at my comments on the post of its most recent outing and I still loved it then, though I admit seeing all three wearings side-by-side now, I think the Wimbledon outfit is by far the best. The contrast belt helps the buttons stand out while the white was a great backdrop for both the Wimbledon ribbon and the wicker bag. I don't really understand the accessories worn on this occasion. They seem an odd choice with both the dress and each other; while it's nice to see Kate avoided her highest heels this time around, something about these shoes make them seem wrong for a memorial service. They almost seem too high fashion. I do wonder why Kate avoided wearing any green at all today, especially as she has so much of it both dresses and accessories.

A lot of us have been saying it for months now but I do wish Kate would cut her hair. In the montage of all the times she has worn this dress it looks better when you can see more of the collar. The hair length is starting to look overwhelming.

I appreciate that William and Kate attended this service, and chose this more local memorial than the one in Westminster Abbey. It must have been a hard turn for them to go from the glitz and glamour of Royal Ascot to something this serious but they look to have handled it with grace, and all the children sure seem happy to see them.

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