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The Prince & Princess of Wales Say ‘Thank You’ in Windsor

The Prince & Princess of Wales Say ‘Thank You’ in Windsor

Hello-Hello, and welcome to an unexpected post about an engagement in Windsor today for the Prince and Princess of Wales.

I was surprised to see news of the event, knowing the official mourning period for the family runs through next Monday.
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But the Prince and Princess wanted to thank people who worked on Monday’s Committal Service for Her Majesty and helped with the enormous crowds visiting the area.

Below, a video of the couple as they arrived at Windsor’s Guildhall 

The pair spoke with some of the people who played such a significant role behind the scenes in helping with both the procession and the service at St. George’s Chapel.   

Some may recall the Duchess of Cambridge was slated to attend an event with Roger Federer and other Laver Cup players today; her participation was canceled in the wake of the Queen’s death.

Prince William was going to be in New York yesterday for an Earthshot Prize summit; he recorded a message that was played in his absence. From The Daily Mail’s coverage:

Buckingham Palace say a small number of engagements will be undertaken during royal mourning to thank those involved in the delivery of HM Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral and associated ceremonial events, and to recognise the service to King and country of those on deployment overseas. 

Another Royal Family member, Princess Anne, was also at an engagement with those involved with Monday’s events. In her role as Commodore-in-Chief Portsmouth, she met with Royal Navy personnel who took part in the funeral procession.

She spoke with some of the sailors who pulled her Her Majesty’s coffin during Monday’s processions.

Back to the Windsor engagement, we learn more from The Mirror’s piece by Russell Myers

The Prince and Princess arranged to meet dozens of those responsible for the major public operation in Berkshire, from the man who arranged the portable toilets to the people moving the flowers and organising the bin collections.

Officials say more than 100,000 people visited Windsor on Monday.

I think we all remember those enormous crowds.

From Yahoo’s story by Maria Puente.  

William and Kate were there to pay tribute to the armies of people behind the scenes who helped make the historic funeral of a beloved and long-reigning queen a moving and magnificent final goodbye.

Among the volunteers on hand were those who helped support the huge crowds that greeted the queen’s funeral cortege as it arrived in Windsor from London 25 miles away, and lined the Long Walk as it passed by on the way to the castle.

Officials said more than 900 stewards and 90 ambassadors were on hand to assist visitors on Monday.

Kate Mansey of The Daily Mail reports, “The Prince of Wales told volunteers and staff who helped with the Windsor committal that the Royal Family had seen five rainbows over Balmoral shortly after his grandmother died. The Princess of Wales added: ‘Her Majesty was looking down on us.'”

From The Daily Mail’s coverage:

Vice Lord Lieutenant Graham Barker and Windsor council’s lead royal funeral planner introduced the Prince and Princess of Wales to staff and volunteers representing different sectors that supported the crowds that turned up to commemorate the Queen. 

This included St John’s Ambulance, transport staff, council workers, stewards, infrastructure organisers and logistics teams, who carried out tasks like putting out barriers and making announcements over a speaker system to the crowds.

Kate spoke about seeing all the infrastructure like barriers going up along the roads ‘coming back and forwards from the school run’.

From The Telegraph’s story

The duchess asked if many people in the crowds were locals, to which the ambassadors told her that people in the crowd had turned up from all over the world.

“It’s amazing how many people wanted to come and pay their respects,” she said.

William could be heard asking: “How difficult was Monday? How challenging was it?”

He later said: “It’s been a busy few days but you guys have been doing long hours as well, so thank you so much.”

Here is a brief video from Emily Nash of Hello

The pair spoke about their gratitude for the efforts made by so many people. 

Rebecca English reports, “William added: ‘Seeing the flowers was really moving. ‘It’s the things you don’t expect that get you. Paddington got me quite choked up.'”

Ten days ago, this young lady brought Paddington and a corgi as she waited to watch the procession of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

We return to The Mirror’s story. 

He went on to joke that there had become “a bit of competition” between the corgis and Paddington for which were now associated with the Queen, suggesting he would be Team Corgi if pushed to choose.

“The corgis and Paddington were in competition, at loggerheads!” he said. “Paddington is a new addition; the corgis have been there longer.”

William says he was so touched by the public’s tributes but says it was the sight of Paddington among the flowers that left him struggling to keep his composure.

Below, the Prince and Princess at Sandringham on Thursday looking at cards, flowers, and other items the public brought to the property.

And one more portion of The Mirror’s article

“Seeing the flowers was really moving,” said William. “We did have a good look. It was the depth of flowers, not just here but at Sandringham too. It was really moving.

“We tried to read as much as we could [of messages with the flowers] but some were like essays, it was incredible. The children’s ones were very special to me.

Kensington Palace posted a video about today’s engagement.

Also today, there have been memorial services for the Queen in several locales, including Australia’s National Memorial service at Parliament House in Canberra.

Below, the British Ambassador to the US, Karen Pierce, speaking during today’s “Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” at the National Cathedral in Washington. 

On Monday, there was a National Day of Mourning in Canada with a parade in downtown Ottawa and a commemorative service.

Now for our look at what Kate wore for today’s engagement. 

She brought back the Collarless Long Coat by Dolce and Gabbana. The garment is made from a silk/wool blend and features a round neckline, fitted bodice, pleated waist, and front pocket flaps. 

Most recently we saw the coat in April 2021 for a visit to the RAF Cadets in London. The Princess first wore the coat for Remembrance Sunday 2017

As best I could tell, it looks like the Princess wore her Gianvito Rossi 105 black suede pumps.  

Her hair was down, and she appeared to have on her Annoushka Pearl Drops ($480, on sale at Liberty) with Kiki McDonough Hoops.


The Royal Family Channel offers about six minutes of coverage in this video. 



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Tuesday 27th of September 2022

I want to commend you, Admin Susan, for your thorough and respectful coverage of HM The Queen's death and the related events involving the whole Royal Family. I have never commented before, but I have been a long-time, multi-year reader. I cannot fathom the amount of time and care you took/are taking to research and write about all the minute details which make your coverage something special. I know I echo the words of many others, but I want to add mine to theirs: "Thank you!" The respectfulness and just overall welcome environment you have created is well-appreciated in this online world.


Tuesday 27th of September 2022

You are lovely to comment, Jamie, thank you. 😊


Tuesday 27th of September 2022

So many thoughts . . .

*Susan, thank you. I echo the sentiments of countless others who are profoundly grateful for your thoughtful and skilled coverage of these past few weeks. I happened to be traveling during all of these events, and it was truly a comfort to know that I could come to this website each evening for a thorough, graceful, eloquent review of each day's events. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work on this.

*I am thinking of William, Catherine, and their children - in a very short period of time, they moved, started a new school, and lost a beloved grandmother. Not to mention, William now stands as the immediate heir to the throne, which must make the events playing out feel even more poignant and real. They certainly handled themselves with grace and dignity.

*Charles has shown impressive sensitivity, stamina, and eloquence in what must be an exhausting time, mentally, physically, and emotionally. After 70 years of being the heir, it must be surreal to hear "God Save the King."

*It was profoundly moving to see everyone come together to show mutual respect and admiration for Her Majesty. Regardless of political feelings or otherwise, everyone can respect a leader who carried out her duties selflessly for 70 years.


Friday 23rd of September 2022

Am I wrong but did she also wear this for her first outing after Prince Phillip passed away?


Saturday 24th of September 2022

You are correct, Spruha. 😊


Friday 23rd of September 2022

I like to think that our own dear Susan is one of the many people the Prince and Princess of Wales would very much like to thank from the bottom of their hearts if given the opportunity! This lovely space on the internet is always true, thorough, informative, and respectful. And it showcases what good people they are, without trying to. Thank you Susan! Get some rest!


Friday 23rd of September 2022

Well, first of all, the Prince of Wales has such an expressive face, much like his mother, Diana, did. It's really nice to see how he interacts with people. I get the sense that he is a very considerate, as well as compassionate, as was Diana. The Princess of Wales also has a very lovely way about her. She comes across as genuine and warm, and her beautiful eyes are compelling, which also reminds me of Diana, who was known to have beautiful and compelling eyes. As to what Kate wore, she looked both sophisticated and sleek, as well asappropriately attired for a period of mourning. Her pearl earrings are quite pretty, and her coat dress is lovely, with the gold buttons giving it a striking elegance, which nicely contrasts with the spare look, overall. William and Kate have real star power, and it comes from who they are, as much as their positions and their physical attractiveness. I look forward to when they visit the States. I hope Kate will be wearing some Amazing and Enchanting evening gowns, and I would Love to see William in another velvet blazer. He is such a handsome man and the velvet blazer he wore, earlier in the year, looked so wonderful on him. I wish them both the best as they mourn Queen Elizabeth. Mourning is lifelong, as I see it, (the price of love is paid for however long one remembers and loves the dearly departed) but it is especially painful and hard in the first days and weeks after the loss, and really, the entire first year. I give them both a lot of credit for making the effort to thank people, when they surely would have rather been at home, resting. Yet, one can see, in the video, how they both genuinely appreciate the people for the work they did to make things run smoothly for Queen Elizabeth's Committal Service.

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