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The Princess in Rich Berry Shade for Food Bank Visit

The Princess in Rich Berry Shade for Food Bank Visit

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited a Windsor food bank today. 

Windsor Food Share helps about 7000 people a year.

We learn more about the organization from this Evening Standard piece

Its 48 volunteers now help around 7,000 people a year and have seen demand for its services soar by 18 percent in the last 12 months as the cost of living crisis has bitten.

Each parcel will last around four days and can either be picked up from the church or delivered.

Toiletries and cleaning products are also provided on a monthly basis.

The food bank is located at Dedworth Green Baptist Church roughly 10 minutes from Windsor Castle. 

The Daily Mirror’s story tells us more. 

Upon arriving, the couple met with staff who run the organisation and about its founding principles which centre around treating everyone as equals and making no judgements on their circumstances.

They also heard more about the impact that the rising cost of living has had on the demand for the service, which operates on a referral basis from a variety of sources such as schools, doctors, social services and churches.

This Daily Mail piece by Rebecca English and Harriet Johnstone has details on the conversation the royals had with Sarah Kember, the food bank manager. 

Kate asked whether there had been a ‘slight shift’ in people’s awkwardness in obtaining hand-outs from food and baby banks. ‘It feels like it is a little more accepted because people are feeling now that it is not so much their fault that they are struggling because of the emergency crisis. It is not their fault that they are struggling for money,’ explained Mrs. Kember, nodding.

The princess asked: ‘How much is there a need for connection and being with other people given, on the back of the pandemic, the sense of isolation and loneliness? Is there a need for people to come together, particularly within the church and the community? Is there more of a need for that connection?’

Mrs. Kember replied: ‘Absolutely. People come here and this might be the only person they see all week. We still do deliveries for people who are still struggling to leave their homes. It is an absolute reality that people still need to talk. ‘

The Prince helped pack food deliveries. 

And the Princess sorted items by checking their ‘use by’ dates.  

A quick video 

We return to The Daily Mail article.  

As the princess sorted tins of spaghetti she bombarded volunteers with questions, such as how many clients are helped each week.

William stopped by and teased his wife: ‘There’s too much nattering going on here! We need to speed things up a bit!’ I’ve already learnt who the chatty ones are here.’

In return Kate teased him about his loading of the trolley. ‘It was a bit of a mess,’ her husband said with mock sheepishness.

The Evening Standard piece explains a family tie to the food bank.  

Their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, are also aware of the project as it is supported by their new school, Lambrook, Kate revealed.

She said that some of the pupils come down to visit and see the food bank first-hand, although it is understood that none of her children have done that yet.

The organisers said the private prep school helps through harvest festivals and food drives.

More from this Windsor Observer piece by Daisy Waites

Prince William packed the bags with great “neatness” and ensured the eggs were kept “safe”.

Towards the end of the visit, Prince William joked with volunteers asking “did I pass my initiation?” and expressed that he would like to return to the Windsor foodbank in the future.

A wave as the couple leaves.

Kensington Palace posted a quick video on today’s engagement. 

 We turn now to what Kate wore for today’s engagement. She was in a familiar ensemble of designs by Hobbs London and Jigsaw. We first saw the pieces worn together at a November 2021 school visit

More specifically, the Princess brought back the Tilda Coat ($320 – $600). The coat is available in other colors at Bloomingdale’s and at Marks & Spencer. Beneath the coat, she wore her Hobbs Lara Merino Wool Rollneck Jumper (£59, now sold out) in a color called Granita Pink. The sweater is still offered in other colors at Hobbs. The trousers appear to be the navy Jigsaw Sport Luxe trousers worn on several occasions.  

Today’s heels look like the Josie Block Heel Court Shoe ($465) in midnight navy suede by Emmy London

The belt is the UFO navy design worn previously. 

The Princess also brought back her Orelia Chain Huggie Hoops ($22). 


The Royal Family Channel offers about 1:30 of content from today’s engagement. 

This video from The Times runs about 1:15.


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Thursday 2nd of February 2023

the outfit is nice. Love a twinset top - wish I could afford to live in them.

I don’t love the earrings. I know they are a small thing to pick up. but I didn’t like the earrings yesterday. She has so many gold ‘neutral’ earrings, in gold, but I think they look dated and a just pretty boring. I know some of them cost quite a lot of money. Today’s earring don’t happen to be.


Wednesday 1st of February 2023

A nice look for this visit, especially with the pop of color on top. But hem the pants! Aiiii!


Monday 30th of January 2023

When I think back a couple of years, how we at WKW pleaded with Catherine to bin the dresses and move over to trousers!, I'm encouraged to think that one of these days, hopefully soon, she'll remove these floor sweeper trousers from circulation. And then we'll all be able to wholeheartedly cheer all these really smashing outfits.


Monday 30th of January 2023

I'm a big fan of a matching jacket/shirt (or sweater) with a neutral pair of slacks. It is simple to throw together, and almost always looks professional and appropriate. I would never have thought to combine these colors, but they look great together. As with most others, the length and cut of the pants detracts. . .


Monday 30th of January 2023

Thank you for a lovely post as always! A slightly unrelated question- I used to receive emails when a new post was published but no longer do. How can I re subscribe?


Monday 30th of January 2023

Hi Neesha, I’m sorry about the email hiccup. On a desktop there is a series of symbols on the right hand side of the site (at the bottom of the site on mobile devices) that includes an envelope. If you click on that, you should get a pop up window where you can sign up for email. 😊

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.