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Prince & Princess Make First Joint Visit as Duke & Duchess of Cornwall UPDATED

Prince & Princess Make First Joint Visit as Duke & Duchess of Cornwall UPDATED

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall visited Cornwall today.

This is their first official joint visit since taking on their roles as the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. Prince William made his first official visit in November. More on the titles from Simon Perry’s People story.

The titles are one of several royal names that the couple, who are generally known as the Prince and Princess of Wales now, now have. Prince William and Kate also still retain their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, granted to them by Queen Elizabeth on their wedding day in 2011 as well as a title for Scotland (Streathern) and one for Northern Ireland (Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus).

Below, the couple as they arrived at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth.

We learn more about the relatively-new role from Victoria Murphy’s Town and Country story

When William became Duke of Cornwall, he inherited the Duchy of Cornwall which gives him an income to carry out his public and private work. The estate was established by King Edward III in 1337 as a way to provide the heir to the throne with funding, and William is the 25th Duke of Cornwall after his father who held the role for seven decades.

Despite being called the Duchy of Cornwall, the Duchy estate actually covers more than 50,000 hectares of land across 20 counties. The Duke of Cornwall collects all the net profits from the estate which have amounted to around £20 million per year in recent years.

Returning to the topic of today’s engagements, the Maritime Museum is marking its 20th birthday this year. A news release notes it “features fifteen galleries, a boat building workshop, and interactive exhibits, making it a popular destination for families and tourists across Cornwall and beyond.”

They met locals working on the refurbishment of the Kiwi, a fourteen-foot sailing dinghy.

The dinghy was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh as a wedding present from the Royal New Zealand Navy.

The museum notes, “It’s not known whether the Royal couple used Kiwi to any great extent, but from the 1950s she was used by a number of sailing organisations and Sea Cadet Units.”

The Telegraph has more about the visit in this piece by Victoria Ward.

The Princess went under the boat armed with a heavy metal dolly as William, who opted not to don protective goggles and ear-defenders, bashed a rivet with a hammer.

“We don’t want to be the ones who put a hole in it,” he told staff.

Before bringing down the hammer, he called out: “You ready Catherine?”

The Princess, out of view underneath, called out: “Oh my goodness”, as her husband smashed the rivet into the hull.

They swapped jobs before William joked: “If she sinks we were never here, you never saw us.”

The pair also watched students racing model boats. 

They then tried racing the boats themselves. Cornwall Live has more in this coverage of the day’s events. 

The children who helped the couple with their boat racing skills have now compared notes and said Kate was the best racer of the two royal visitors.

One of the pupils said: “Kate was much better at the boat racing. William crashed a lot.” Maude added: “It was really cool and really exciting to see them but a little scary.” Finn added: “It was really amazing and nice to meet a royal. It was really fun.”

In a social media post, the Kensington palace account posted, “Here in Falmouth @TheNMMC isn’t just the home of maritime history but also a superb educational hub transferring skills and knowledge between generations. Of course, it got a bit competitive too…!”

Another view. 

After the museum visit, the couple headed back outside. 

Where they did a walkabout. 

As always, there are delightful expressions on people’s faces.
A little girl wearing her tiara greeted the Duchess. 
The Duchess was surprised when she saw someone she knew during the walkabout. 
It was her old history teacher from St. Andrew’s prep school. 
We return to The Telegraph’s story

“Oh my goodness”, she cried as she embraced him outside the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, where he works as a volunteer.

The Princess added: “I do recognise you. I remember the classroom and everything.

“Wow. That is such a small world.

“I’m trying to teach my daughter all the things you probably taught me.”

Cornwall Live also reports, “Jim, who taught the Duchess of Cornwall at her prep school around 25 years ago, said he was thrilled to bump into his former pupil. He said: ‘She was a fantastic student and it was a great class.'”

The couple encountered an engaging toddler. 

The little one says, “I can do that!”

The Duchess with the same youngster. 

And greeting a well-wisher. 

The pair then visited the Dracaena Centre, a community hub offering a wide variety of services. Below you see them with manager Richard May.

The organization aims “to increase the health, employability, skills, leisure opportunity and ultimately long term quality of life for our community.” 

People reports,  “The organization serves both Falmouth and Penryn, supporting around 10,000 people a year with services like family and youth support, children’s activities, legal advice, sports and fitness and community food programs.”

The royals met representatives from St. Petrocs, “a local, independent charity working with individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Cornwall.”

More from Cornwall Live’s coverage

Henry Meacock, chief executive of St Petrocs, said: “They both demonstrated a deep knowledge of homelessness. They’re very genuine and have a keen interest.”

The royal couple sat with Henry, other St Petrocs staff, and two people who have benefited from the charity’s help.
Tanya Shrigley, 31, and Luke Chapman, 33, were both housed by St Petrocs when they found themselves homeless for personal reasons.

When William asked what were the main reasons for homelessness in Cornwall, the couple both replied “second homes”. There then followed a chat about holiday accommodation, high rents, and the unique housing problems people in Cornwall face.

The pair also joined a session for local mothers and children. 

The Duke and Duchess heard from parents about ways the center provides support for parents and uses play and creativity to promote children’s development.  

The Duchess also took part in dancing the Hokey-Cokey (known as the Hokey-Pokey in the USA). 

Here is a video of the dancing.

The Duke and Duchess also played a little table tennis. 

We return once again to Cornwall Live’s coverage. 

The couple then walked through an area used by a table tennis group. They weren’t due to stop, but couldn’t help themselves. Steve Simmons and Lesley Douce were playing table tennis as the royal couple walked through the building. Kate soon showed a competitive streak when she smashed a table tennis ball into her husband’s face, which she celebrated with a thumbs up.

Steve, from Falmouth, said: “I’m getting shaky thinking about it now – it’s very surreal to think we just played table tennis with the royal couple. William walked up and asked if we would like a game of doubles. We were chatting like we were just down the pub. I kept the ball going down the table and then Kate smashed it into William’s face. It was lucky I didn’t do that.”

A quick video.

A post on the Kensington Palace Twitter account noted, “What a brilliant place The Dracaena Centre is! With everything from wellbeing support services to early childhood groups, spaces for all sorts of sport and other activities, you can really see why the centre is so special to the community.” As the couple was leaving the Dracaena Centre, the Duchess was given flowers.

A shy youngster had a lovely bouquet for her. 

A wave goodbye. 

Now for a look at what Kate wore for the day’s engagements. 

She was in a coat that will look familiar to many readers. The piece is very similar to the Hobbs Celeste coat first seen in 2012 and worn several times after the initial appearance. Below, the Duchess of Cornwall today and the Duchess of Cambridge visiting Liverpool on Valentine’s Day 2012

The coat worn today is much longer than the style previously seen on the Duchess. It’s possible some of the fullness in the skirt has been eliminated. Below, the original Celeste, made of wool crepe and “adorned with leather stud fastening cuff straps and a matching belt,” per Hobbs. 

In addition to the longer length, there are subtle differences, including the pockets. 

Evidently, Hobbs was/is releasing an updated version of the Celeste. In October, Carly of Kate Middleton Style and Middleton Maven shared news that the retailer appeared to be planning a new version of the Celeste.

UPDATE: To clarify, I believe the Duchess is wearing a version of the new/updated coat. It is likely one customized for her to add extra length; the coat she wore today is still longer than the photo Hobbs had online in October, seen above.  

Beneath the coat, the Duchess wore a sweater first seen at a November 2022 rugby match. It looks like the Kiltane Scotland Cashmere Polo Neck Jumper($119).  

The Duchess was in a skirt that is not yet identified. UPDATE FEB 10: The skirt appears to be the Plait by Edeline Lee (£595, about $720 at today’s exchange rates). Some may remember the Princess wearing the brand’s Pedernal dress for a British Fashion Council engagement last May.

It features the deep asymmetrical pleat at the front waist seen in the Princess’s skirt, with a softly flared silhouette and concealed back zipper. The piece is made in England from fabric described as “Georgette Champion woven in Italy.” Thank you to Magazine233, Michelotti94, and Royal Fashion Police (all on Instagram), as well as Welsh Admirer for her comment here on the post, for this ID.  

Her belt looks like a ba&sh croc-effect (or alligator effect…?) in 100% leather, a style that is no longer available, with thanks to Middleton Maven for this ID. The Duchess wore a suede belt by the brand in 2022.

She also wore her bespoke Gianvito Rossi boots. They are similar to the designer’s Glen style shown below right, but with a much more pointed toe.

And she brought back the Emily Mortimer Hera White Gold and Diamond Earrings (£825, about $1000 at today’s exchange rates) first worn for a visit to Royal Surrey Hospital last October.

The earrings showcase detachable drops in pavé diamonds surrounding a pear-cut polished gold piece on hinged hoops.  


We hear from the Duchess’s former teacher and students in this brief video from Pirate FM.

Here is the Press Association’s piece on the visit.



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Sweet Sue

Sunday 19th of February 2023

I really like the skirt and sweater. Both a lovely color and excellent fit with the belt to give interest. I don't like the coat at all in eother version. The narrow belt looks completely out of place on outerwear. And with no other fasteners, the coat tends to look like a bathrobe, especially at that length. I realize that Catherine likes coats very much, but version 3 or 4 of the same thing is just so wasteful. As she now takes her coats off when indoors at events, it doesn't seem as necessary to have variations.


Sunday 19th of February 2023

I just want to add, to my other comments, that I take so much enjoyment in reading of the engagements that the Prince and Princess of Wales are on, in this post and in all others on this wonderful site. Seeing Prince William interact with that small child is so lovely. Prince William is quite handsome, and he also seems to have a way with kids, just as his beautiful (on all levels) mother did. Princess Kate certainly does, as well, and it is a delight to see her with people, including children. It's just really lovely and I see how the Monarchy operates, in action, to bring pleasure, comfort and support to the communities they visit. I will also add a few more comments to what Princess Kate is wearing: she looks perfectly lovely, almost incredibly so. It is in her eyes and smile and connection to others, of course, not just in how she looks and what she wears. However, in terms of what she's wearing, it is truly a polished and beautiful outfit. However, what interests me the most is how the colors she is wearing seem to just glow in certain photos and lighting conditions. To see this effect of glowing color takes her outfit, for me, from appropriate and lovely to WOW! Color can be incredibly dynamic, which Queen Elizabeth definitely knew. I hope the Princess will let herself experiment with color even more, because she looks utterly amazing in saturated tones, as well as many, many other color palettes. I've seen her in pale pink looking just as amazing as in jeweled tones. When she wears an outfit with a neutral, like beige but enlivens it with intense orange or bright red (or black, white and deep caramel), to name just a few color combos, that outfit is a joy for me to take in. Princess Kate has, actually, often worn amazing colors that she looks amazing in, and I love when she does that and doesn't play it too safe.


Sunday 19th of February 2023

very stylish and elegant. The turtle neck looks warm and cosy and the dimensional skirt is stunning with just the right kick of difference to turn into a statement piece. The belt is a nice touch which defines the waist whilst still providing an elongated appearance. In my mind a totally lovely outfit for such a wonderful visit. The boots would keep Kate warm and add that lovely winter elegance to the outfit.

The coat is an interesting colour and I love the high thin belt, and the quirky position of the buckle/fastener. Clean lines, not overly done but still retains the elegance of a wonderful winter outfit that needs to be practical for both inside and out. Who cares how many coats she has, Kates calendar is getting busier and the thought, care and attention that must go into each outfit depending on the event, weather and attendees must be a full time job for those involved. I can just hear the media "Kate has worn the same coat 27 times...oh dear!!


Thursday 16th of February 2023

Thought I’d share something I read that was topical to our discussions on this visit . Apparently the name of the colour of the skirt and top worn by Catherine on this visit is Viva Magenta and Pantone , global colour experts , have named it their colour of 2023 . It is according to them a colour that strikes a balance between warm and cool , so is easy to accessorise and is universally flattering across all ages , genders and skin tones . Must say I wouldn’t mind buying something in that colour for our coming winter/autumn season , crossing fingers I managed to do so here .


Thursday 16th of February 2023

@Bonnie, My daughter is a graphic designer and she sometimes takes her trusty Pantone catalogue to briefings , as she says tones and hues can vary even in the different publication years which proves how difficult it is to find exact colour wanted ! I personally liked the brown with it , but agree it might not be the best match . I do think a top in Magenta Viva might brighten a few staples in my wardrobe for sure 😉


Thursday 16th of February 2023

Thanks for the interesting info Debs. I always thought that Magenta was more vibrant...closer to shocking pink, than to cranberry or burgundy. But who am I to argue with Pantone? I Googled and came across further information. "Pantone’s 2023 Color of The Year, Viva Magenta 18-750, vibrates with vim and vigour. It is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative."

I had said in my comment that I didn't like this colour teamed with brown. One website gave the best colours to coordinate with Viva Magenta and brown was not one of them. So I am feeling a tad smug, about that. :-)

Joan S

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

I like the contemporary and professional way that Kate is dressing. This manner of dress allows her to be relatable to those she is meeting. Simplicity is a positive. Fussy scarves and historical broaches would set her too far apart and above those she is meeting; also she would be imitating the previous royals instead of establishing her own style.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.