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The Princess in Surprise Eurovision Open & Behind the Scenes Coronation Video Released

The Princess in Surprise Eurovision Open & Behind the Scenes Coronation Video Released

I am back with a brief post covering two new videos featuring the Princess of Wales. The first was released mid-afternoon (US time) today. 

The Princess is seen playing the piano in the Crimson Drawing Room of Windsor Castle in the opening sequence of tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest Final.The event is being held in Liverpool. Typically, the show would be hosted in Ukraine because last year’s winner, Kalush Orchestra, is a Ukrainian group—more from this Washington Post story

The U.K. is staging the 67th Eurovision contest on behalf of Ukraine — it’s the first time in decades that the previous year’s winner isn’t hosting. But the European Broadcasting Union decided it wouldn’t be safe to hold it in Ukraine given Russia’s ongoing war there. The Ukrainian folk rap group Kalush Orchestra won the 2022 Eurovision with its song, “Stefania,” and the U.K.’s Sam Ryder came in second with “Space Man.”

The city of Liverpool is a sea of yellow-and-blue Ukrainian flags, and tickets have been given to Ukrainians living in the U.K.

You can see how the colors of Ukraine’s flag are featured in this year’s artwork. 

Kalush Orchestra is a Ukrainian hip-hop band that combines ethnic motifs with modern sounds using different folk instruments. In tonight’s opening sequence, the group is joined by various British contributors, including the Princess of Wales. The Princess’ contribution to the film involved a short, instrumental piano performance, created by Joe Price and Kojo Samuel.

Among several acts in the show open, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sam Ryder, Ballet Black, Bolt Strings, Ms. Banks, and Joss Stone. Below, Kalush Orchestra on stage tonight.

More from the Eurovision live blog

Time for a big opening film, featuring a banging version of Kalush Orchestra’s Stefania performed by the band and other musicians and dancers around Liverpool. It’s also not the same film we’ve seen in rehearsals, because this one features…Catherine, Princess of Wales. When royalty start getting involved in Eurovision, you know you’ve created something really special. 

This performance takes what was already a brilliant song to a new level, and now Kalush are on stage in the Liverpool Arena reprising their winning song with crew of amazing dancers. It’s been on our repeat playlist for the past twelve months, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Many readers will remember the Duchess of Cambridge’s surprise piano performance in the 2021 Christmas Carol concert

The Princess isn’t the only royal with Eurovision involvement. In late April, the King and Queen Consort joined the show’s hosts at M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool to reveal the BBC’s staging and lighting for the event.

The couple is also seen briefly in another video.

Below, the scene at Eurovision Village in Liverpool this afternoon, as fans gathered to watch the show on a big screen.

And a look at the crowds after the sun went down.

As of this writing, the three finalists are as seen below. 

UPDATE: Sweden is the winner! 
Now for a quick look at what Kate wore in the video. With thanks to Laura for another fab ID, it looks like she was in Jenny Packham’s ‘Marlowe” gown ($3820) in a color called “sapphire,” a clear nod to the colors of Ukraine’s flag.

The softly flowing gown is 100% polyester chiffon. It showcases a one-shouldered asymmetric design that is gathered and pleated, designed to be fitted at the bodice and waist, with a flared skirt. Here is a closer look at the crystal embellishment. The gown is available at Net-a-Porter ($3820) and also at FarFetch ($4917). Thanks also to Ada on Facebook for sharing her ID info.

The Princess also wears the Queen Mother’s Diamond and Sapphire Fringe Earrings, shown below on the Queen Mother and the Princess in a montage from the All That Glitters series of posts.


The other video released today is a behind-the-scenes look at the Wales family during the extended Coronation weekend. Here is a clip as posted on the Kensington Palace social media accounts. 

In the five-minute video, you see the family throughout the weekend. Here you see Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte as they are about to leave for Westminster Abbey.

The video was produced by Will Warr, the same gentleman who did the video marking the Prince and Princess’s 10th Anniversary

Below, the Prince and Princess at the pre-Coronation reception.

More from The Mirror’s story about the video.

The footage was captured by Will Warr – a videographer who previously filmed William and Kate playing with their children on a beach in Norfolk to mark their 10th wedding anniversary.

He wrote on Instagram: “An honour and a privilege to have been asked to capture behind the scenes at the King’s Coronation last weekend for @princeandprincessofwales.

“A rare and exciting opportunity to be at the heart of the celebrations and to be a part of this historic weekend.

Below, Prince William at the dress rehearsal for the Coronation Concert. 

The Princess of Wales and Prince George as the family arrived at the concert. 

And finally, two new photos from the Coronation were released yesterday. In one image, you see King Charles with two heirs to the throne, the Prince of Wales, 40, and Prince George, 9.

In the second image, you see (from left to right): Ralph Tollemache, Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, Nicholas Barclay, Prince George of Wales, the Marchioness of Lansdowne, King Charles III, Queen Camilla, the Queen’s sister Annabel Elliot, the Queen’s grandson Freddy Parker Bowles, the Queen’s great-nephew Arthur Elliot, and the Queen’s grandsons Gus Lopes and Louis Lopes.

The Princess has two engagements next week, one on Tuesday and another on Thursday, both marking Mental Health Awareness Week


Here is the full five-minute Coronation weekend video from Kensington Palace. 

 This is the full-length “Welcome to Liverpool” video.


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Tuesday 16th of May 2023

Hello Everyone saw lots of comments on what colour am blue she is wearing. The colour of this dress is Azure Blue based on Pantone. It is a mix of cyan green and blue which is why it has that extra sparkle popping against the red background.


Wednesday 17th of May 2023

@Citadine17, very nice info, thanks for this!


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

WOW!!! This might be Kate's best look ever - so elegant, regal, refined - yet with a warm Kate smile. The color, the lines of the dress, the flowing skirt, her hair, earrings - beyond stunning!!!!


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

I don't understand the comments about the polyester.

This dress in a good silk would cost at least twice the price, would wrinkle and would be difficult to maintain.

Many high end gowns are made of polyester, viscose, or poly/viscose blends.

Just as there are various qualities of silk, there are various qualities of viscose and even polyester.

I'm looking at the Saks site right now.. many of the designer gowns are made of poly, viscose or blends, including dresses by McQueen.


Wednesday 17th of May 2023

@anne, absolutely agree with all your comments. There is not one person who could ever live up to everyone's expectations and demands, with clothing or with anything, and if they tried, they'd go completely bonkers. I hope Princess Catherine knows she has a lot of fans, though!


Wednesday 17th of May 2023

@Zell, totally agree. This poor girl lives in a fish bowl constantly critiqued by all and sundry. I am sure she never reads the comments, it would simply be too depressing and one would never walk out the door in the morning for fear of some negative comment. How could one person ever dres s to suit the masses and their opinions?

I think this gown is simply sensational and inspiring.

Kiki Vancouver

Tuesday 16th of May 2023

@Louise, I object to polyester for environmental reasons. Kate doesn’t need to economize - she has access to lots of money to support the fashion industry (lucky her!). But the production of man made fabrics and ‘fast fashion’ in general is needlessly harmful to the planet so I will always be in favour of natural fibres.


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

@Louise, you make excellent points. Also, in terms of appearance, the gown looks indistinguishable from silk. It is a lovely gown, period. Seems to me some can get upset when Princess Catherine doesn't economize and then, even when she does. That's one of the reasons I think it must be so difficult, beyond imagining, to live such a high profile life in the public eye, with people always judging her.


Tuesday 16th of May 2023


On the eco side, even Stella McCartney has some polyester gowns on her web site. (The majority, however, being made of "forest friendly viscose")


Monday 15th of May 2023

The style and color of the dress is no doubt stunning on her. And the earrings are the prefect choice. But, I just wish she had saved it and not worn it so close to the McQueen one shoulder flower gown given how close they are in style. To me, this version is just a better rendition but it sort of feels like a re-do. I’d hate for the princess’ fashion choices to seem redundant and formulaic. She is too beautiful and fashion savvy for that.


Wednesday 17th of May 2023

@Ginny, I guess the Eurovision audience was global and many millions of viewers would have seen this glamorous frock. The Macqueen gown was worn to a function seen by a smaller audience with the majority being British. Not a comparison in my mind.


Monday 15th of May 2023

She looks beautiful and love the hair. (But why couldn't they get pix of king and queen with straightened robes! The trains just look wrinkly.)

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