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The Princess in a Summery Silk Dress for Early Years Engagement

The Princess in a Summery Silk Dress for Early Years Engagement

The Princess of Wales chose a Cefinn dress for today’s visit to Nuneaton, about two-and-a-half hours north of London.

More from Simon Perry’s People story.

The Princess of Wales, 41, spent Thursday morning in Nuneaton, in England’s Midlands, where she spoke with health professionals and families about the support they are receiving in those first key months after a baby is born. Health visitors are the professionals who families see most in the first months and years of their children’s lives.

The health visitors Kate met are taking part in a pioneering field study — backed by her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood — which is designed to support the profession to promote infant well-being as well as social and emotional development.

More about the study from this Telegraph piece by Victoria Ward. 

It will evaluate a special tool used by health visitors at the regular six to eight-week check to identify babies at risk as well as showing parents how to communicate with their babies.

The Princess saw the system, called the Alarm Distress Baby Scale (ADBB), in action during an official visit to Copenhagen last February and was so impressed that she began exploring whether it could be introduced in this country.

The Princess is seen visiting the Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project last February.

We return to the Telegraph story

During an official visit to Denmark last February, the Princess met Mette Skovgaard Væver, professor of clinical child psychology and early intervention at the University of Copenhagen, and three health visitors who told her about the ADBB tool that is used nationally to help identify infants at risk of adverse social and emotional development.

The Princess asked at the time if the experts felt parents understood the importance of social and emotional development. She told the group she was fascinated by how ADBB had enabled them to bridge the gap between science and practice.

Mette Skovgaard Væver is on the right in this photo from my February 2022 post on the Denmark visit. 

Below, the Princess is seen speaking with health workers today. 

Coventry Live tells us more about today’s meeting. 

She spoke to the health workers about the project and their training and said she wanted to hear first hand how it is making a difference.

“I wanted to come and see you here, and to say thank you for the amazing job you do and to highlight the critical role,” she said.

“It is such a wonderful valuable role that you play and I want to celebrate that and shine a light on that.”

The Princess spent time with parents and children, like Lindsay and her son, 3-year-old Nate.

Coventry Live tells us more about that conversation in the paper’s coverage of the visit

Nate Martin was sat on the floor waiting for an appointment when the Princess walked in.

Noticing he was wearing Aston Villa’s change strip, she said ‘oh, I know that kit.’ Her husband has made no secret of his support for the Birmingham club.

The Princess met with five moms who attended a drop-in clinic at the Riversley Children’s and Family Centre.

That is nine-month-old Talia Saliba-Kerr seen above holding the Princess’s hand—more from this Daily Mail article.

Mother-of-four Mischa said afterwards: ‘I’m sure someone recorded it (hand holding) and will show it to me but her brothers will be jealous.

‘It’s great that she came down as it’s important that everyone learns what resources are available and the incredible work the health visitors are doing.’

There was a cute moment when one of the babies had a little burp. Rebecca English shared a video. 

More from The Daily Mail’s article

As she joined the staff and mothers at the centre and little Raphael stole the show, Kate turned to his 24-year-old mother and said: ‘It’s always reassuring isn’t it, takes ages to try and make them.’

Miss Goodwin, who had been quietly winding her son as the princess chatted, looked horrified for a second but was reassured by the royal’s reaction, as the other mums collapsed in giggles.

She said afterwards: ‘I thought he was going to be sick, I thought ‘please don’t vomit on the princess’, but luckily it was only a burp.

‘I’m going to wait till his 18th birthday to tell him.’

Here you see the Princess speaking with Raphael’s mother, Brodan Goodman. 

We return to the Coventry Live coverage one more time. 

None of the mums knew that the Royal was visiting. They were just told it was a special visitor.

“When I got here, I overheard someone say who it was and I said ‘sorry, what now?” The support worker added that the whole day will be one that she will treasure. That sentiment was echoed by the other mums in the room.

“She (the Princess) was really chilled, really friendly,” one said. Another added: “She is really down to earth. She’s a mum so she understands and knows what it is like.”

A wave goodbye as the Princess departs. 

Students from Our Lady and St. Joseph Catholic Academy gathered outside, hoping to meet the Princess.

They were not disappointed. 

Now we look at what Kate wore for today’s visit to Nuneaton.

The Princess was in the Cefinn ‘Petra’ Leopard-Print Silk Dress ($493).

The dress is 100% silk and features Cefinn’s signature leopard pansy print. The midi-length shirtwaist style features a spread collar, button front, side slit, elastic at the waist, a self-tie, pleated and raised shoulders, and a back yoke. Thank you to Mya on Twitter and Daily Mail Fashion Finder for her dress ID.

Many will recall Cefinn was founded by Samantha Cameron. I believe this is the fourth piece from the brand we have seen the Princess wear.

The Princess brought back her Small Amberley Crossbody Bag by Mulberry.

And her white Jimmy Choo Romy 85 Pumps ($795).

It looked like the Princess debuted a new pair of earrings by Kiki McDonough, the brand’s Green Amethyst Pear Drop Earrings (£695, about $885 at today’s exchange rates).

The faceted stones are set in 18ct Yellow Gold—many thanks to Caroline P. Parr at Daily Mail Fashion Finder for the earring ID. 

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Wednesday 21st of June 2023

I’m trying to find the fantastic green maxi dress the lady on her right is wearing! Any ideas?

Ava Pittman

Saturday 17th of June 2023

This is a beautiful silk dress and I would wear it in a heartbeat! I don't like the white shoes, but the Princess looks fabulous.


Saturday 17th of June 2023

I'm still dreaming of the day that Catherine will wear flats with skirts/dresses to less formal day time occasions. Like this one with small kids. She's already tried them with trousers, so maybe one day...

I think, with this dress white ballerinas would have looked better, than the stilettos, for this occasion.


Saturday 17th of June 2023

@Berenike, I’ll dream with you!!


Saturday 17th of June 2023

I love silk, I love the green and blue, and I would wear a long skirt if I had to visit children so nothing is accidentally revealed during activities BUT…. that dress is only attractive because of Kate’s figure. When I saw the dress video on Matches, it looks like a house coat and the model’s shoes look like high-heeled house slippers. TG the POW styled it up with some stilettos! However, so many of these tea dresses look like silk bath robes and I’m so waiting for ‘slob chic’ - you know, silk-pjs-as daywear, Gucci shower shoes, fake lashes (girl, you have time to put on mascara), and beach waves - to end. It’s ok not to look like you’ve just roll out of bed. The pandemic is O-V-E-R. So please, let’s inject some much needed glamour in the AF attitude. Awwwwwe-some ;)

Mary B.

Friday 16th of June 2023

Oh, that is a pretty dress! (I know, not a very sophisticated comment!) But oh, what a pretty dress! In fact, in the photo of the group of women seated and talking, i liked all the dresses plus the top and skirt. It’s lovely to see these small florals used so well. There’s something about them, and particularly about the summer dresses, that seems to me quintessentially English. And I’m delighted to see silk, too. Such a pleasure.

Sweet Sue

Saturday 17th of June 2023

@Mary B., Agree! Such a pretty dress!

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