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It’s Roland Mouret for ‘Streets of Growth’ Engagement

It’s Roland Mouret for ‘Streets of Growth’ Engagement

The Princess wore Roland Mouret for today’s engagement at Streets of Growth in East London.

More from The Evening Standard’s story.

The charity, established in 2001, specialises in targeted outreach and intervention to re-engage young people aged 15 to 25 at risk of isolation, exploitation, violence and crime.

Kate was greeted by Streets of Growth founder Darren Way and spoke of her admiration for large communal spaces and “places where everyone can come together to be creative – it’s really precious”.

The princess said an effort must be made to understand the people as individuals, before adding: “I love the fact that you’re going out into communities.”

Streets of Growth was founded on some of the practices and principles used by Roca, an urban violence prevention organization the Prince and Princess of Wales visited when they were in Boston last year.

Since its founding in 2001, Streets of Growth has helped more than 5000 young people. We learn more from The Daily Mail’s article.

Speaking with a team of frontline workers, the royal said: ‘Young people get judged on their external behaviour but you have to understand their backstory.

‘They haven’t probably seen trusting relationships in their lives so that’s so important.’

The Princess said she was keen to ‘connect the dots’ with her work in early childhood and the importance of meeting families and young people before they reach ‘crisis point’.

The Princess met with a group of mothers and daughters.

And viewed some of the jewelry and shoes they made in creative workshops put on by Streets of Growth.

We return to The Daily Mail piece.

One of the girls said: ‘Doing these workshops has really helped – I used to be so shy, I didn’t really talk.’

Kate said: ‘What’s so fantastic is there’s an organisation in the community that works with a whole family in this way.

‘It’s tools and skills and being able to express yourself. All these things are what so many people like this and the country need.

‘It’s also meeting families and young people before they get to crisis point and there’s a huge amount of intervention that can be done.’

The Princess took part in a mental health workshop.

We return to The Evening Standard piece.

She joined three young people engaged in a mental health session styled as a podcast, with topics including social media and body image under discussion.

The Princess met actor Eddie Marsan, who is the charity’s patron.

And posed for photos, including a selfie.

Now for our look at what Kate wore to the engagement, a custom suit by Roland Mouret. The single-breasted jacket has angled flap pockets, peaked lapels, and a slight flare at the cuff. The trousers have a side zipper and flat front.

The pieces are identical to the burgundy styles worn in Boston last December, and again in January for a reception at Hampton Court Palace.

Here you see the maroon Cady Blazer ($1100) and Stretch Cady Flared Pants ($650), both done in an acetate/polyester blend. 

Thank you to UFO No More and Middleton Maven for their ID work on today’s suit.

It looked like the Princess accessorized with her Gianvito 105 Bisque Suede Pumps ($795), shown here when worn to Wimbledon in July.

We saw the return of the Kiki McDonough Cushion Citrine Detachable Drops (£900) suspended from unidentified plain hoops, shown as worn for yesterday’s engagement.

I will close the post with one more photo from today.

A quick reminder that comments need to relate to what the Princess is wearing.


The Royal Family channel offers more than three minutes of coverage in this video.

Richard Palmer of The Express posted several videos on Twitter.


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USA Deva

Monday 25th of September 2023

I believe that many of Kate’s choices, of late, are low key, so the attention is on the event not what she is wearing. Sadly, to me, this outfit has the opposite effect; I think it looks too big, to the point of looking sloppy, and it is boring. The result, the outfit still overshadows the event. I wonder if a new stylist would help her out a new foot forward?


Friday 29th of September 2023

@USA Deva, I couldn’t agree more.


Tuesday 26th of September 2023

@USA Deva, I agree with you I think a lot of her clothes look to big on her

So chi

Monday 25th of September 2023

A rather drab color that doesn’t do much for Kate, or anyone, but happy to see that suits continue to be her work uniform. They are far more professional than the long flowing dresses of recent years.


Sunday 24th of September 2023

That beautiful pants suit need a gorgeous silk blouse, some gold jnecklace around her neck (or a scarf as someone mentioned), a lovely purse, and a watch or bracelet on her wrist. It's not the suit, it's the styling which doesn't have to be overbearing, just classic and simple. Her bangs will work when she learns to work with them.

Lee B.

Sunday 24th of September 2023

The message is important. The outfit, however, is bland to the point of invisibility--minimalism taken too far, IMO. And I've come to agree with most commenters about disliking the hair and bangs.

Pamela Martin

Saturday 23rd of September 2023

I have to give this one a thumbs-down. I just don’t think the color is flattering, and the pants seems a bit cartoonishly flared. Having said that, she is, as always, impeccably styled, immaculately appropriate to the event, and her face just lights up with warmth and connection for the people she meets. So, who cares if I don’t like camel?

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