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The Princess in Holland Cooper for Cardiff Engagements

The Princess in Holland Cooper for Cardiff Engagements

The Princess of Wales wore Holland Cooper for today’s engagements in Cardiff.

The engagements in Wales celebrate the start of Black History Month and the 75th anniversary of the arrival in Britain of the HMT Empire Windrush. Below, another view as the couple arrived.

We learn more about the Windrush from the Royal Museums Greenwich.

The arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks in Essex in June 1948 is widely known as the beginning of the mass migration of Caribbean immigrants to the UK. 

Between 1948 and 1971, people from countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados were invited to move to the UK to help rebuild the country after World War II, and to fill shortages in the labour market. Known as ‘the Windrush generation’, they played a significant role in shaping modern British society and culture. 

You may recall the Prince and Princess at a Windrush Day engagement last year June. Windrush Day is celebrated on June 22 every year. In his People story, Simon Perry reports, “Later this month, the Prince of Wales will appear in a special Windrush documentary on ITV as part of Pride of Britain.”

Learn more about the Windrush at this Royal Museums Greenwich site, and read about the Windrush scandal via this BBC story and this CNN coverage

Today, the couple’s first stop in Cardiff was Grange Pavilion Community Centre, where the couple was greeted by cheering schoolchildren. The Community Centre was created “to provide residents with their own indoor and outdoor space to support community-led projects that have blossomed in Grangetown.”

The woman you see below left is Lord-Lieutenant Morfudd Meredith.

More from this People article

Gracie, 11, from Howardian Primary School, said Kate asked her what subjects she enjoyed. “I said I like maths and like our teachers teaching us. And she said I could teach [Prince] George some maths!”  

They also spoke about whether she was “enjoying to learn about the Windrush,” Gracie adds. “I was excited to be here and represent my school.”

More from Robert Jobson’s Evening Standard story

William and Catherine were at the Grange Pavilion community centre in Cardiff to meet members of Windrush Cymru Elders and other groups to hear about the contribution the generation has had on the community.

The couple received a boisterous welcome from their host, Professor Uzo Iwobi, founder of the African Community Centre Wales and Race Council Cymru, and their invited guests who included members from Windrush Cymru Elders and Black History Cymru 365.

A video posted by the Professor referenced in the Evening Standard story. 

We learn more about the Professor’s role in today’s visit from this Economic Times piece

Earlier this year, Professor Uzo Iwobi, founder and chief executive of Race Council Cymru, asked the heir to the throne to travel to Wales and pay tribute to the men and women who arrived in Britain on the HMT Empire Windrush 75 years ago.

Prof Iwobi revealed that she secured William’s commitment during the investiture ceremony when she received her CBE at Windsor Castle for her contributions to race relations.

Below, the Princess greeting Windrush Cymru Elders.

The Elders organization was founded in 2017 and is “a proactive group of 50+ elders who promote understanding of ethnic minority elders concerns, needs whilst celebrating key milestones and marking the contributions of people of African descent,” per the Elders website

The royals heard from elders about the Windrush generation’s impact in Wales. The couple also met members of Black History Cymru 365 and the Ethnic Minority Youth Forum for Wales.

And they joined members of the Grange Pavilion Youth Forum for some table tennis—more from The Telegraph’s piece by India McTaggart

The couple also went on to meet with local people from the Somali community, which forms a large proportion of Grangetown.

They also played table tennis with two Somali girls, one of whom said: “They were quite good – surprisingly good.”

The royals joined others in posing for a group photo. 

There was also a lighthearted moment when posing for the group shots. The BBC has more

Later, when the guests posed for a group photograph, the couple moved to a back row and ushered the Windrush veterans forward, but the room erupted when Prince William joked: “Who’s pinching my bottom?”

The Prince and Princess were presented with flowers by 6-year-olds Akachi and Humzah, Ayla-May, who is 7, and Mazin, age 8, as they left the center. 

In this story, the BBC has Professor Iwobi’s reaction to the visit. 

Prof. Iwobi received a hug from William for her efforts organising the day.

She said: “Today he saw me and said ‘I promised you, and I keep my word. “It was just so heart-meltingly beautiful for our elders to hold the hand of the future King.”

The Professor posted about today’s visit on social media.

Kensington Palace also posted. The next stop on the agenda was Fitzalan High School.

Another view of the duo as they arrived at the recently-opened school.

More from this Wales Online story

Fitzalan High School serves one of the most diverse and disadvantaged communities in Wales and last month they opened a new school building with a range of state-of-the-art facilities to help pupils achieve their highest potential.

They met teachers and pupils working on a variety of projects.

They spoke with sixth-form students.

The royals heard from pupils preparing for their A-level exams. Matt Wilkinson of The Sun reports the Princess spoke about upcoming tests for Prince George. 

The Palace has confirmed that the Princess will not attend the Earthshot Awards in Singapore so she can be on hand as Prince George faces important tests during the same time frame as the awards—more from this Hello article.

The coming months are very important to King Charles’ eldest granchild, as at the age of 10 he must take entry exams that will decide his future education and which senior school he will attend when he is 13. The process takes part in three steps, and George will sit two of these next month.

The Prince and Princess also met students working on the school’s gardening project while there.

That endeavor teaches students about growing plants and food from scratch. In this photo, I *think* the Princess is handing bulbs to a student.

Kensington Palace social media accounts posted after the engagement

We now turn to our look at what Kate wore for today’s engagements. 

The Holland Cooper suit is technically a repeat. It was seen in a photo released on Friday by Apple CEO Tim Cook, taken during a meeting with the Prince and Princess.

The couple met with Mr. Cook at Windsor Castle last Thursday.

In today’s images, and the lone photo from Thursday showing the Princess, she is seen wearing Holland Cooper’s Navy Chalk PinStripe Suit, which includes the Double-Breasted Blazer (£549, about $670 at today’s exchange rates) and the High-Waisted Straight Trouser (£299, roughly $364). Thank you to @GabiK and Found by Bojana for their IDs of the suit.

The Double Breasted blazer is made in the UK of 100% wool in a longline silhouette, with notched lapels, slightly padded shoulders, flap pockets at the hip, and lots of Holland Cooper’s signature gold buttons. 

The High-Waisted Straight Trouser is made from wool woven in the UK, with a wide waistband, belt loops, slanted pockets with rivets, and buttons.

Beneath the blazer, the Princess wore her Holland Cooper Bodysuit.

We saw the return of the Gianvito 105 Navy Suede Pumps ($795). 

And the Shyla ‘Rosalia’ Earrings (£68) worn last week.

One more image from today.


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Thursday 5th of October 2023

Such a fun look. It's giving me Charlie's Angels vibes (the 80s version).


Thursday 5th of October 2023

I'm one of the ... like the suit, but let's get back to seeing some "leg" periodically, aka skirts/dresses!

As for William ..... What's this brown jacket and navy pants look about? A no-no combo for anything I have ever been taught about colour and style.


Wednesday 4th of October 2023

I remember back in 2015 -2017 or so, when all I wanted the then DOC to wear was a beautiful tailored pair of pants instead of a skirt or dress. I now believe that her resistance to trousers as the Brits call them, was just the now POW being scrupulously respectful to the late QEII in making her sartorial choices. And, I admire her all the more for doing so. I think her new "uniform" is as gorgeous and well thought out as it was getting to be with the dresses and skirts. And her honoring of Queen Elizabeth's wishes while she was alive touches my heart, as I also admired the queen greatly and it seems Kate prefers trousers or pants. So who knew?!

I love this suit on and off Kate, especially the pants which are just my style. The double breasted jacket, which I would never wear but which looks a million bucks on her is also gorgeous. The top under the jacket is perfect to highlight this particular suit - IMO the turtle neck sweater she wore with it at the last outing was a fail. The ubiquitous white tops under her suits may speak to more than just wanting the focus to be on the event or the organization she is there to support or represent. It may be that she wants the people she talks with at these events to focus on what she is saying and not paying attention to her clothes, thinking , "Oh, I love that blouse" or "How unusual that color combination is, I hate it." That means they are not listening to what she is saying. I know because I used to do the same thing when I dressed for court as a lawyer. I would wear nothing to distract from what I was saying. If asked after I left their sight, I wanted the judge or jury to not have any idea what I had been wearing.

But Kate does not have the luxury of that single-minded purpose in dressing herself. She has the added pressure of our expectations AND a world-wide audience scrutinizing her every outfit and choice in life. Don't get me wrong here, I am not saying feeling sorry for her, she knows criticism comes with the territory, like I said, I admire her greatly. She does an amazing job and it seems like she is having a great time doing it too. I really hope that's true and she is as happy as she looks. She is doing great things.


Wednesday 4th of October 2023

Apparently I am in the minority, but I genuine think this is one of the worst outfits the Princess has ever worn. Too baggy, too loose, too long, everything for me is wrong, and the top underneath does not suit it at all (I also disliked the turtle neck worn with it last week, but this top makes the turtle neck look good). And way too much hair, with too much going on with curls and fringe, it looked better straight as in last weeks photo.

I also cannot understand what William is wearing, or the two outfits side by side.


Wednesday 4th of October 2023

So many things to balance. It's a challenging brief given all the expectations, varying priorities, and preparation. I found this suit sharp but the overall look a bit dull or unfinished. The white shirting just feels like a dupe of the clothing brand's website. To me, it's also true, as others have noted, that William looks Friday business casual while Catherine looks a bit Wall Street/ City of London.

To me, her hair although a bit mismatched, along with the subtle (eye) make-up did soften what could be something of a stuffy look. Black shoes, perhaps a heeled loafer style or pointy-toed boot, would have been fab. But Catherine has also done the mismatch with those blue suede favourite heels and various blue frocks too. Respect her decision to wear shoes she feels most comfortable in and will continue to admire her ability to get down to child level gracefully in them every time.

As always, beyond the details and what seems to be our overall preference for more of a suit, dress, jumper, separates rotation, the POW looks lovely, engaged, and happy. Fantastic to see them both in Wales and more attention to the Windrush legacy.

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