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The Princess Wears Cefinn and Sézane for Ukraine Community Support Visit

The Princess Wears Cefinn and Sézane for Ukraine Community Support Visit

The Princess of Wales chose neutral separates for today’s visit to the Vsi Razom Community Hub.

A quick video as the Princess arrived at the previously unannounced engagement. 

Vsi Razom means “all together” in Ukrainian. The hub opened a year ago today in a shopping mall in Bracknell, west of London. The organization supports those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

It also offers a safe, warm place for Ukrainians living in the area.

More about the organization and how the Princess’s visit was arranged via this Daily Mail piece

Her office contacted the founders of Vsi Razom, which means All Together in Ukrainian, to ask if she could come and see the work they were doing.

‘I thought it was someone joking,’ said Natalia Vil, who co-founded the hub with Ashleigh Toomey to help people back in Ukraine.

Natalia, 40, who is Estonian, is married to a Ukrainian and the couple came to Britain 25 years ago, settling in Bracknell.

When the war broke out they began collecting aid for the people resisting the invasion and Ashleigh, 39, who is British and has no connection with Ukraine, offered to help. Since then they have sent six lorries and countless cars and vans full of aid.

The Princess asked questions about the donations received by the center as she helped pack boxes. She was told the most critical contributions were items needed for survival.

She also spoke with young Ukrainians who have moved to the UK in the last year about their experiences and how they are adjusting to life in the UK.

A message the Princess wrote on one of the boxes. The packages will be transported to Ukraine, with contents distributed to those directly affected by the conflict in the country.

She heard from volunteers about the services the hub offers and helped make blue and yellow ribbons that will be sold for the war effort. 

We return to the Daily Mail article

Kate had a go at tying two strips of ribbon up into a bow and made a decent fist of it despite modestly declaring: ‘I’m not sure you’re going to be able to sell this one.’

She proudly pinned one of the ribbons to her chest and was then given another yellow and blue emblem cut into the shape of an angel. ‘I’ll have to try making one of these with my kiddies at home,’ she said.

The Princess donned gloves to add her handprint to a tree of peace.

The artwork was originally created to mark the first anniversary of the February 2022 Russian invasion. MetroUK reports in its story, “She lightened the mood by saying: ‘I’ve never done a handprint with a glove on. It will be a bit cleaner, normally the children end up putting paint everywhere.’

A quick video from Olivia Endellion Mowl, a reporter trainee at The Reading Chronicle

The Princess tried her hand at some arts and crafts activities offered at the hub. 

Another view. 

We also have a tiara alert today! Here you see the Princess with three-year-old Sofiya Ovchinnik, whose mother co-founded the hub.

The duo glued pieces to a collage Sofiya was making.

The Princess spoke with Tetinia Sverdlova, a psychologist who does weekly sessions for displaced Ukrainians.

Olivia Endellion Mowl reports the Princess asked a young boy, “Did you know much English before coming here? Is everyone understanding at school it is hard sometimes to be you?”

We learn more from this Daily Mirror story by Russell Myers and Jennifer Newton. 

Mrs Sverdlova, who came to Britain under the Homes for Ukrainian People programme in April 2023, was given shelter by a family in Bracknell. “We are still staying with them. They are amazing people,” she said. “It’s been wonderful. Bracknell is a very nice city. People are very welcoming. We feel a lot of support.”

Her two sons, aged 23 and 16, and her parents are still in Ukraine but her daughter, Liza, eight, was there to meet the Princess. Kate talked to her about music and told her how the sound of Princess Charlotte singing a hymn had brightened up her morning.

Below, the Princess with eight-year-old Liza Sverdlova.

The Mirror story also notes the Princess told volunteers and refugees, “Thank you. Please keep up the amazing work you are doing. It’s great to see the work that’s going on.” Below, posing for a photo.

There were also group photos. 

It looks like the Princess made a friend while shooting the group pictures. 

The Princess was given a lovely bouquet before she left.

Thoughts on today’s visit from one of Vsi Razom’s co-founders via the Daily Mail’s article

After she had left, Natalia, the co-founder, expressed hope that the royal visit would raise the hub’s profile and lead to further support from local businesses.

She added: ‘It was really amazing. She was so friendly. She took time and talked to everyone in the room.’

A Kensington Palace news release notes, “Since the conflict in Ukraine began, The Prince and Princess of Wales have carried out a number of visits to highlight the plight of people in Ukraine and the generous support that communities and organizations across the UK have offered in response.”  Below, a social media post from the Palace following today’s engagement. 

While the Princess carried out today’s engagement, shoppers heard about the royal visit and gathered outside Vsi Razom.

The Princess stopped to chat. 

The Princess hugs another well-wisher. 
Now for our look at what Kate wore for today’s engagement.

It looks like she was in a Cefinn Studio knit piece, the ‘Janie’ Sleeveless Funnel Neck Jumper in Mid Grey (£120, about $145). It is made of a wool/nylon blend and features a high neck, dropped hem, and side slits. Thank you, Kate Middleton Styled, for this ID.

Her trousers appear to be the ‘Martin’ Pants in Mottled Grey ($170) by Sézane. This high-waisted style has a straight, wide leg, a front zipper, and side and back pockets. The ‘Martin’ is 100% wool with a viscose lining. Thank you to Princess of Wales Closet for this ID. 

The shirt remains unidentified at this point.

We saw the return of the much-loved J. Crew ‘Avery’ Block Heel Pumps in Tweed (no longer available). The shoes were first seen in October 2016 during the Canada tour.

These are a tough pair to copy, but I did add some options to the RepliKate Footwear page

The Princess wore her hair down today. 

She brought back the Shyla London ‘Rosalia’ Earrings (£68) shown here as worn a week ago.

I’ll see you tomorrow when the Princess, in her role as Patron of the Rugby Football League, will visit Hull to take part in a Rugby League Inclusivity Day.


The Royal Family Channel has almost four minutes of coverage in this video. 


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Tuesday 10th of October 2023

Just when I come to the comment section, sure that everyone must detest this look as much as I do… so many love it! I cannot see it. I’m a fan of so many of Kate’s look - and the grace with which she pulls them off - but this entire look elicited an audible “nooooo” when I saw it. The grey, the floppy pants, the unflattering vest-meets-pants, the shoes. Individually the pieces are fine, but I can’t get into the combo.


Sunday 15th of October 2023

@Erin, I certainly don’t like this outfit! The sweater vest seems to be extra oversized and the gray trouser needs a hem or taller heels. I love a white collared shirt but with the sweater’s mock neck the white triangles look awkward just poking out of the top. The plaid heels are too much with the other fabric textures and should have been a solid color to anchor the outfit.

Jack Bing

Monday 9th of October 2023

I absolutely love this look from head to toe. It puts me in mind of Queen Rania, who favours high collars.


Friday 6th of October 2023

What I like most about this look is it’s a huge breakaway from her normal professional/casual look. It makes her appear youthful and carefree yet still professional. I would wear this, head to toe.


Sunday 8th of October 2023

@Amber, agree with you 100%!


Thursday 5th of October 2023

I really love this look. It's appropriate for the cause and a perfect "transformation" from summer to autumn. It's been quite cold here for a couple of days now. I'm myself starting to dig out autumn clothes, feeling a bit cold. I still can not get over how Catherine can wear almost any colour and look good. Maybe it's the rich brown of her hair? If I wore that shade of grey, I would literally look washed out. And for once I find that her trousers fit her perfectly!

I read somewhere that the theme for this autumn (in UK) is classics and tweed, skirts/trousers with knitted tops, with heavy waist length leather jackets or tweed blazers. Well Catherine certainly looks here as if she is going in that direction (based on one appointment only, of course). Maybe my tweeds and cable knitted tops will get an outing this winter, after a break. I hadn't seen these shoes before on Catherine, but they were perfect with the trousers and the knitted vest was so cute and warm looking.

For anybody interested in what the British Country Ladies wear, have a look at UK. It is a Scottish company selling everything a a certain type of British Lady would need to wear. (Does not need to be posh or wealthy, it's just a certain style). They have a sale on at the moment. And sell for ex the same type of long leather boots Catherine wears, they also come in navy and dark green suede for 245£. Also I thought I spotted a pair of loafers she's worn (or good lookalikes).

Maybe Catherine will not go for the tweeds as she does not seem to be interested in the "Country Lady" look, but I'm certainly inspired. I have my eye on the long ladies kilt (comes down to the ankle bone), worn to cocktail type of parties or full evening wear with a white blouse, the sash and high heels are optional. For the prize of 175£ it can be worn for years and always creates interest when worn. My family, as many others have a few different tartans to choose from and the Black Watch is one of ours. (Sutherland). There is lots of websites to find out your tartan, but there are no specific rules. You can wear what you like! I have heard some Americans express a worry about wearing tartan, if it's not their families, but no need to worry. Scots are proud of their tartans and are happy for foreigners to wear them without a specific link to their family!

Diving into my wardrobe....


Sunday 8th of October 2023

@Zell, & Michele, nice to hear others also like the tweeds and the rest. I often am a bit afraid of looking "old lady" style at my age, so in daywear mix things around a bit.

Jeans with a tweed jacket, jeans with a white boyfriend crisp white shirt with a tweed west, midi tweed skirt with chunky knit in winter or waist length biker style jacket with a lovely muted printed dress. The long boots and black tights keeps warm int the winter with a "boyfriend" black leather waist long jacket. A kilt worn with a mid blue jeans jacket looks surprisingly good together depending of the colours and accessories. The full length kilt goes lovely with high heeled suede boots and a heavy knit also daytime. There are no rules about the length either, if a skirt is lovely, but feels a bit long, it can always be taken up as much as needed Barbour has lovely waxed jackets in different colours for winter/rainy weather that can be worn with a warm maxi tweed skirt or trousers and riding type low heel boots. Options are endless... :)

In this style, remember that pretty muted patterned/flowery skirts/dresses can and should be worn with a plain or checked tweed blazer and or a west in the same tweed as the jacket. As long as the main/base colours checks are same/similar, here the rule that checks and flowery designs do not go together, does NOT apply, it's a part of the style.

You were right about Diana, she wore lots of plaids but her colours were so different from mine, I prefer the earthy tones, better with my colouring.

The quality is good on everything I've bought from House of Bruar and prices reasonably compared with much of what Catherine wears. Including the boots.

Happy hunting! Maybe we will see Catherine in tweeds someday, one can only hope.


Saturday 7th of October 2023

@berenike, oooh great link, thank you! And agree with you regarding Catherine’s outfit -she really can wear any color and look fab!


Friday 6th of October 2023


Wonderful link and very interesting info you provided! I love tartans, plaids and all of it. I especially love how Diana used to wear plaids sometimes in more extroverted colors, such as a pink/purple plaid, and other great combos.


Thursday 5th of October 2023

i love those shoes!

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