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It’s a Sporty Look for Rugby Inclusivity Day

It’s a Sporty Look for Rugby Inclusivity Day

The Princess chose sporty styles for a rugby engagement today.

“Rugby League Inclusivity Day” was held at Allam Sport Centre at the University of Hull, about four hours north of London.

More from this Evening Standard article.

Dressed for a day celebrating diversity in Rugby League, Kate arrived at a sports hall in Hull wearing a polo-style shirt, tracksuit bottoms and trainers and declared: “I’ve come in sportswear to get stuck in.” After revealing a few weeks ago she had hurt two fingers on her right hand in a trampoline accident, she again wore strapping on the digits as a precaution during the busy training session.

The Rugby League, the Hull Football Club, and the University of Hull hosted today’s activities.

More from this Hello! piece by Danielle Stacey. 

The Princess joined a training session with members of the World-Cup winning England Wheelchair Rugby League squad.

The team were crowned World Champions in November 2022, and in January, Kate hosted a reception for the team at Hampton Court Palace, where she spoke about her children’s love of rugby.

Below, a photo from last November’s reception.

Today the Princess spoke with players and coaches. 

Then she took part in a training session. In the photo below, you see the Princess speaking to Tom Halliwell, a member of the England Wheelchair championship team. Just yesterday, Prince William presented Mr. Halliwell with his OBE. 

The Daily Mirror reports Mr. Halliwell said, “I got my OBE from William at Windsor Castle on Wednesday and now I’m meeting Kate. It’s been a crazy 48 hours. It was amazing to meet William – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s been quite a humbling experience.”

A Kensington Palace news release notes, “Wheelchair Rugby League is currently the most inclusive format across Rugby League, providing the opportunity for all to play together regardless of gender or disability.”

More from The Evening Standard’s story

The future Queen, patron of the Rugby Football League, smiled, joked and introduced herself to many of her teammates during the practice period with Hull FC players and some members of the World Cup winning squad after being given a quick course in handling a wheelchair.

Kate raised her arms in celebration and laughed after she punted the rugby ball over the bar – a tricky feat for a novice – said Tom Coyd, coach of England’s World Cup-winning wheelchair rugby team.

A video via The Sun’s Matt Wilkinson. 

Another view of the Princess.

More from The Daily Mail’s coverage

England’s victorious coach Tom Coyd, 28, said: ‘She took to manoeuvring the chair really quickly. ‘I’m not just saying this because it’s her, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone score a conversion at their first attempt.

‘I think she’s been having secret practice sessions before coming here because she was a natural.

‘She even finished off a passing move with a try in the corner. She blew me away to be honest.’

After the training session wrapped up, the Princess was given personalized England Wheelchair Rugby League shirts for Charlotte, Louis, and George.

Today the Princess learned more about the Physical Disability Rugby League, “a full contact version of the game adapted for participants with a physical disability who want to access a running version of Rugby League.” She also heard about the Learning Disability Rugby League, a non-contact and non-competitive variant of the game “developed to ensure people with a learning disability can access and enjoy playing the game of Rugby League. This accessible offer is open to any individuals who have a learning disability or an associated condition.” She took part in training and skill sessions with the Physical and Learning Disability League players.

Also taking part in the training: students from the University of Hull FC Centre of Excellence, the club’s development and education arm for 16 to 18-year-olds. 

It appeared the Princess enjoyed today’s training sessions.

Another view. 

Kensington Palace posted a video about today’s engagement. 

We turn now to our look at what Kate wore for today’s engagement.

She appeared to be in the Oxen Core Tech Polo (£32, about $39 at today’s exchange rates), made in a 100% polyester performance fabric.

Her trousers look like the Oxen Core Tech Trackster (£35), also 100% polyester, with an elastic waist, side pockets, and side zippers at the hem. It looks identical to a style worn by Rugby Football League staff. I believe credit for these IIDs goes to Kate Middleton Styled on Instagram.

There is a photo of the Princess arriving that I cannot license in which she appears to wear the Oxen Core Tech 1/4-Zip Top

The Princess brought back her Chargefeel Low Women’s Workout Shoe ($138, no longer available in the white colorway) by Lululemon. The style was first noted this June at a rugby event.  

She also wore her Medium Twist Hoop Earrings (£60) by Spells of Love, seen below as worn in late September.


ITN‘s Royal Family Channel has almost three minutes of coverage in this video. 


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Monday 9th of October 2023

It's wonderful to see Kate bringing attention to people with different abilities. Too often these athletes are overlooked. Every person deserves a chance to play. My daughter participates in Miracle League baseball in USA! The Princess looks impeccable as always!!!

Jack Bing

Monday 9th of October 2023

A timely reminder that that particular style of tracksuit bottoms do not suit anybody and should be banished from earth henceforth.


Monday 23rd of October 2023

@Jack Bing, sigh.. can't say I disagree--

but with an 'accessory' like Kate's radiant smile, not to mention natural, athletic grace and agility, I can't say she doesn't successfully almost erase their execrable shapelessness--

I can think of a particular style that is EVEN WORSE, though, imho: the dreaded leggings. ugh. an American invention I shudder at and am sorry 'we' introduced to the world. I don't care if the super-model-y-iest supermodel is wearing them- i.e. someone with awesome physical beauty/legs.. just NO. NO. NO.

(I'm speaking of those who wear them with a short top. not a tunic that reaches mid-thigh.)


Sunday 8th of October 2023

I hope it's ok to post a comment today that's rambly-- I'll try to be briefer (?) than what is in my head- because I neither have the time to compose something worthy of the topic- nor will I ever be- sigh- truly comfortable expressing ideas in the 'virtual' world, on a black mirror, uh, screen-- I am a dinosaur ! (-:

I decided to try to post this today because of Zell's enthusiastic and wide-ranging thoughts (thank you for your post, Zell!): I never responded as I wanted to to the WhatKateWore post in honor of King Charles III's coronation.. re the "Where Are The Tiaras? Discussion" (-:

for starters, I highly recommend anyone interested here read Oscar Wilde's FAIRY TALES if they are not already familiar with them.. I doubt Wilde intended these for children! by the way-- and, for the purpose of this post, "The Happy Prince" and "The Young King" are arguably? the most relevant (though I love "The Fisherman and His Soul", "The Selfish Giant," "The Birthday of the Infanta", "The Nightingale and the Rose".. too- uh- all of them!)

so, anyways, to try to get back to the subject at hand (!!?), "The Young King" and "The Happy Prince" smash the concept of finery (gold crowns and tiaras studded with precious, glowing jewels, royal raiments/robes..) and its traditional, in many ways beautiful- well-meaning- celebration/'usage' of these as ways to shine light.. literally.. on the honor we bestow to the offices (?) of those who wear them... AGAINST imagined suffering, hardship, 'price' exacted upon those who create such man-made marvels of adornment.. (for example, the 'young king' dreams of the young men who dove, over and over and over, to ever more dangerous depths, to seek THE biggest, THE most luminous, THE most valuable pearl--)

I was incredibly moved by the coronation.

(plus, it my first. I'm a born NYCer. never even paid attention to royalty outside of history books until the marriage of William and Catherine- and this site! actually (-:)

as a musician, I was awed, truly, by the extent and breadth of Charles' obvious breadth of 'learning'-- possibly greater than any other statesman alive?! I could go on- inappropriately, here!- about just the music (his choices.. performers, compositions, musical 'lineage' (cultures represented)) had me in tears from beginning to end--) but won't!

but.. oy, so sorry for the rambling, it's SO much easier to speak-- I honestly believe the request for no tiaras- "only" the two crowns- was directly related to his profoundly moving, humble words "I am here to serve".. to his people. and, from what I saw that day, England's new king is also deeply religious: so yes.. the Oscar Wilde message is the one I, privately, ascribe to the reason we did NOT see any tiaras-- or ostentatious jewelry. obviously, there was enough finery for it to be a magnificent affair.. it's not as if Charles insisted people wear hair shirts! (-: but the one nod.. to serving the heart/spirit first of his crown- not the outward show (line from Hamlet!) seemed to inspire the entire service, no one moment more so than when he was 'stripped'- symbolically- down to a linen shift.. while on his knees.

I also thought the absence of a tiara on Catherine-- but the presence of a hand-made, decorated circlet.. looked a little fairy-like.. (though I'm ready to admit that's all in my fanciful head!).. maybe a tribute to Tolkien's Middle Earth.. to Wales, Ireland, Scotland.. all the green, rolling, poets' lands- to the scepter'd isles that have given the entire world.. The Little Folk- and legends- The Round Table, the Chivalric Code, etc etc.. in other words-- Catherine's UN-tiara tiara.. might have been envisioned as a tiny whisper/presence of magic itself..

and related, no matter how tenuously and silently.. to the Queen's Green Canopy, her last legacy, and her beloved heir's impressively loyal and Cassandra-like (way earlier than his time..) devotion to the ancient trees of Britain..

ok, that's enough of me being probably-incoherent and a muddle. aaarrgggh!

and the second reason I wanted to post this wacky post/idea TODAY.. is that, though I absolutely love William and Catherine's sporty sides-- and how healing their unified emphasis on physical health and joy are for young and old. being outdoors. saving the planet, no less, including with less wasteful fashion choices! I hope we don't lose the literary, artistic, culture gifts the King has within him--

the contrast between Princess Catherine's ability to look like a radiant queen in sports trainers made of 100% polyester.. and her father-in-law in cozy woolens and bespoke suits that represent another century of manners and grace- I love them both. and wish they could both stay.

so that's my defense of the no tiara day!


Monday 23rd of October 2023

to everyone who responded!

may I THANK YOU- for each kind response! I was a little nervous about my post (-:

without knowing if anyone will see this, second post, since it’s very late, nearly a month later— I’ll add a few thoughts that have occurred to me, since..

1. I did not mean to be un-gallant! and only mention Catherine as fairytale-like! Queen Camilla was wearing one of the most beautiful dresses? gowns? coronation robes? I’ve ever seen in my life— seriously— and one that Titania herself would be proud to wear.. though possibly in a less substantial fabric.. spun spider silk, perhaps (-:

and shhh.. I actually think, again just my private fancy.. that Camilla’s exquisite dress may have been our peek at Charles’ III, Couturier! ?!

I know the ‘Empire’ style is not new.. but I don’t recall ever seeing a dress look, simultaneously, beautifully appropriate on a lady in her silvered-winter years, and yet awaken true echoes of a young ‘maiden’s’ grace— amazing— no plastic-y effects necessary-- Botox, bottled hair color, surgery, etc (blech).

2. everyone: remember The Coronation Invitations! I know the invitations are completely un-clothes related.. but. they elicited the same split and surprisingly exercised, vociferous opinions! and may have sparked my imagination.. invited me to react to the coronation as I did?! I certainly cannot imagine more Tolkien/fairytale-inspired invitations, unless they were delivered by Treebeard himself (-: I was utterly charmed—

p.s. for both 1. and 2. my ignorant ‘American-ness’ may have played a part: because I did not, could not, have a bias! I have had no previous coronation images in mind or HEART.. so had no investment in loving and keeping old traditions of yesteryear—

3. I still say read the Oscar Wilde tales! especially the two I highlighted— because the magic I am referring to is the NON-American, NON-Disneyfied, non-whitewashed? magic.. - like the ‘real’ Mary Poppins, by England's Mary Travers.. wherein little children can understand birdspeak.. they forget as they grow older-- - like Prokofiev’s gorgeous (ballet) score, Cinderella.. wild and fey and dark, along with the shimmering beauty-- - like the real Grimm tales-- shocking and frightening-- - like Shubert’s ‘Erlkonig’

there is NOTHING childish or twee about ‘real’ magic (! real magic?! what am I saying (-: )

Meghan Hannes

Tuesday 17th of October 2023

@admin I agree. What a lovely perspective Deliane shared.


Tuesday 10th of October 2023

@Deliane, another who shares your appreciation of both the traditional and the more contemporary attire. I think and hope they both have (and keep) their place in the world. Your sourcing and poetic musings were no muddle to me.

As someone who was fortunate to work on a small portion of a Dutch royal tour, I'm also guessing there may also have been a practical/ protocol/ rank choice made. If British royals (other than KCIII and QC) had worn jeweled headwear, including the PoW, then the other European etc. crowned heads of state would at least be invited to, expect to wear them as well. But the insurance, security, logistics etc. to travel all those priceless pieces to one London location, for one day would be considerable. As is the physical burden for the wearer during a long day. Even the simplest tiara or coronet is not light. Many of the royals House of Windsor and beyond not young.

We will likely never know the answer, unless a senior courtier spills some tea decades from now. And perhaps it is a combination of homage, practicality, economics, or keeping the focus on the new King and Queen. In the meantime, thank you for sharing those thoughts of yours!


Sunday 8th of October 2023


Hi, and I'm so happy that my comments inspired yours! You wrote:

"I also thought the absence of a tiara on Catherine– but the presence of a hand-made, decorated circlet.. looked a little fairy-like.. (though I’m ready to admit that’s all in my fanciful head!).."

Not at all just in your "fanciful head," what you wrote makes a lot of sense to me. In fact, I mentioned that, had the "tiara" sparkled some, I might not have minded it so much. In terms of how it was constructed, the way the leaves and such looked, that part was well done, but, for me, a tiara (or tiara-like creation) works best with some sparkle to it. What Catherine wore had, for me, such a flat effect. It was very ornate, however, so, why not just wear a tiara? Again, though, it just had no sparkle at all to it, in any photos I saw or video. That actually disappointed me the most.

Deliane, you wrote, of Catherine's non-tiara tiara:

"...maybe a tribute to Tolkien’s Middle Earth.. to Wales, Ireland, Scotland.. all the green, rolling, poets’ lands- to the scepter’d isles that have given the entire world.. The Little Folk- and legends- The Round Table, the Chivalric Code, etc etc.. in other words– Catherine’s UN-tiara tiara.. might have been envisioned as a tiny whisper/presence of magic itself.."

That's so Beautiful!

Deliane, you wrote:

"ok, that’s enough of me being probably-incoherent and a muddle. aaarrgggh!"

You made some great points! For me, though, it's ultimately all about the visual impact, when it comes to a tiara, and so: a flat, non-sparkly one (that was actually designed to sparkle, it had crystals sewn to it, I think), will always disappoint me. It needed some Glittery Magic to it!

That's my take, I know we can't all agree, but, Deliane, you write like a poet!


Sunday 8th of October 2023

@Deliane, Such an interesting philosophy and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. The lack of tiaras at the Coronation was indeed a dividing topic. We all understand that the UK and indeed many places in our world, are going through a cost of living crisis. So it has been suggested that no tiaras was to be sensitive to that. However, those of us who wanted to see tiaras, gave the argument that the tiaras are already owned by the Royal Family and indeed many of them date back to the 19th century. It would be wrong to go out and buy a collection of new tiaras, but since they were already there, why not wear them? Some people discussed the fact that Kate's "non tiara" headpiece would have been bespoke and expensive, thus spending a sum of money, when the tiaras were already in possession and could be worn a zero cost. Also it was said, "If a Coronation is not the right place for tiaras, what could possibly be a more suitable place?"

I agree with the admiration that you have for King Charles vast knowledge and appreciation of music. His taste is excellent.


Saturday 7th of October 2023

Wow what a sportswoman. Love to see the effortless ponytail


Friday 6th of October 2023

Fantastic event and her outfit was 100% spot on and appropriate. She really shines at these sporty engagements where she can indulge her competitive nature. I thought her hair looked better than it has looked the past couple weeks.

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