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The Princess in Camouflage for Dragoon Guards Engagement

The Princess in Camouflage for Dragoon Guards Engagement

The Princess of Wales wore camouflage and a Holland Cooper jacket for a visit to the Queen’s Dragoon Guards
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This was her first engagement with the Guards as Colonel-in-Chief, an appointment made by King Charles in August. 
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We learn about the Guards’ background from Stephanie Petit’s People article

The QDG was formed in 1959 from the amalgamation of the two senior Cavalry regiments, 1st King’s Dragoon Guards and the Queen’s Bays. The QDG specializes in reconnaissance: the art of seeking out the enemy and understanding how they operate. They’ve moved all over the world, most recently deployed to Mali as part of a peacekeeping operation.

After arriving at Roberston Barracks in Norfolk, the Princess donned a combat vest and helmet and saw how the regiment works in the field.

She learned about different equipment, including reconnaissance drones used by the Guards.
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Here you see her operating one of the drones. 
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She also drove a seven-ton Jackal 2 armored vehicle.

More from the Wimbledon Guardian’s story

Corporal Darreyl Tukana, a driving instructor, sat beside Kate in the Jackal 2 on Wednesday. He said afterwards: “She was a natural.

“She drives a Land Rover back at home – I told her it’s exactly the same, just take it slowly and go back to where we started off from.

“She was enjoying every bit of the journey itself.

Danielle Stacey tells us more in her Hello story

Asked if he had to teach her much, he said: “Not really, I just needed to switch on a few toggle switches before start-up, because it’s different from a car.

“But I switched it on, put it into gear and I told her it’s just like a normal car.”

The Ministry of Defence describes it as “the Regiment’s primary vehicle…ideal for its reconnaissance role due to its speed, endurance, and maneuverability.”

After participating in the field operations, the Princess awarded Long Service and Good Conduct medals.

The medals are awarded to soldiers who have 15 years of exemplary service. 
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The Princess spoke with service members.
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As well as family members.
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More from The Daily Mail’s coverage

Kate Ormston, 31, whose 38-year-old husband Staff Sergeant Paul Ormston is attached to the regiment, was with their two children Joey, 10, and six-year-old Jackson when she spoke to the princess.

She said: ‘It was really exciting. She asked about Army life and my husband being deployed, and just generally she was just really down to earth and friendly, it was really nice.

‘She spoke to everyone individually, she introduced herself to the children and asked their names and ages which was really nice.

‘I think they were a little bit overwhelmed as well.’

She added: ‘She’s done it herself, hasn’t she, William’s been in the military so she knows what it’s like.’

The Princess had one more task before leaving: promoting the regiment’s mascot from Lance Corporal to Corporal. The Bay Welsh Mountain pony is called Trooper ‘Longface’  Emrys Jones.

The pony has served with the regiment since 2016. 

Here is a quick Kensington Palace video on the visit. 

Now for a quick look at what Kate wore: a camouflage jacket, combat vest, and helmet.

For the engagement inside the barracks, the Princess brought back the Holland Cooper Twill Double Breasted Blazer (£549, about $675) first worn in May 2021 when visiting the University of St. Andrews.

The design features classic double-breasted styling with a slim, long-line silhouette. It is made in England using wool woven in the UK.     

The Princess also brought back her See by Chloé ‘Mozart’ Ankle Boots. 

The boots have a rounded toe, stacked heel, and heavy tread rubber sole. 


Also today, a couple of collaborative collections you may be interested in. The first is the Jigsaw X Roksanda collection. It is described as “Blending a mastery of craft with a love of art, the collection encompasses ROKSANDA’s signature architectural forms, distinctive cuts and clever use of colour, whilst giving a contemporary take on Jigsaw’s heritage tailoring, playful approach to print and considered design aesthetic.”

Styles include a chunky Fisherman Ribbed Sweater ($280), a Silk Velvet Dress ($500), a Plisse Knit Turtleneck ($190), and a Satin Colorblock Skirt ($210).

There are also accessories like a Teardrop Necklace ($125), Teardrop Earrings ($115), and a Silk Twill Scarf ($115).

The Uniqlo X Anya Hindmarch collection is all knitwear, except for a reusable bag, with styles for adults and children. The pieces showcase the whimsical style associated with many Anya Hindmarch designs and also have Uniqlo’s wallet-friendly price points, with wool sweaters for children at $29.90, adult sweaters at $49.90, and beanies at $19.90.

The collection will be available online and in stores on November 24th. You can view the lookbook here.  

And finally, it looks like we may have a tiara engagement in a few weeks when there is a state banquet honoring Korea. Below, a few updates from the Kate’s Calendar page.

  • Tuesday, November 21: The Prince and Princess of Wales will welcome the President of the Republic of Korea, His Excellency Yoon Suk Yeol, and the First Lady, Mrs. Kim Keon Hee, at their hotel. They will travel to Horse Guards Parade for a ceremonial welcome.
  • Tuesday, November 21: The Prince and Princess of Wales are expected to attend the state banquet at Buckingham Palace for Korea’s President and First Lady. 


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Tuesday 14th of November 2023

Excuse me as I depart from sartorial fashion choices and do as as equestrians must do: OH MY GOD IT'S A WEE LITTLE PONY! LOOK AT THE PONY, GUYS!!! ISN'T IT THE CUTEST THING?!

When I was riding at the nonprofit equine barn, I rode a Welsh pony and boy oh boy I have many, many stories about her. You know how terriers have Napoleon complexes? Please apply to Welshies. My current pony friend is an Arabian-Welsh pony.

I'd rather not add anything to the debate on military outfits. I think enough has been stated. I'd like this to be a very happy pony post and hope it gives everyone a big happy smile because occasionally, the pony girl is going to come out on this site.


Saturday 11th of November 2023

I have loved and adored this site for years. As an sartorial enthusiast of POW, it has been a great site to read that which is said about the construction of her clothes and design trends. Sadly, my visits are fewer and fewer as this site is beginning to feel like mean-spirited debates into other boundaries beyond fashion discussions. I do hope we can continue to let this site serve as a platform in which we can speak of Catherine’s poise and elegance without allowing those gunning for negative and aggressive comments to take center stage. In the meantime, here’s to civility and bright rays of light!


Monday 13th of November 2023


I know what you mean, I truly do. I have tried to only write complimentary words of praise for what Catherine wears, and a lot of the time I do, because, in all honesty, I love what she wears!

However, what I have also realized is that honesty can be done with kindness, too.

Everyone has an opinion on what Catherine wears, and how long her hair "should" be, and how it "should" styled, and even how her makeup "should" be applied. It's interesting to read those opinions, but that is all they are, just our opinions. And, I don't think anyone has to be mean or cutting in expressing their opinions. I feel that this site strives to keep a healthy balance between praise and honest opinions that may not be praising, but not allowing mean-spirited comments to be posted. You may not think so, nor may Kay, but I've seen other sites where the tone of utter disrespect is awful. I don't see that here. I don't see aggression or nastiness. What some may call "negative," I have come to see as an honest expression of that person's take or views. Just my 2 cents, but I respect how the Admin allows us to have our honest views, but doesn't allow honesty in the extreme or anything disrespectful.


Sunday 12th of November 2023

@Zell, thanks Zell, I only ever comment when I have something positive and nice to say. If I don't like an outfit I am respectful and keep my comments to myself. Today is World Kindness Day.


Sunday 12th of November 2023


The admin allows for what you call "nitpicking" about hair, skinny jeans and fashion choices.

It will be a rare post, when no commenter has Any issue about Anthing Catherine wears, or doesn't get "nitpicky" about details of what Catherine wears, including details about military uniforms etc.


Saturday 11th of November 2023

@Kay, totally agree Kay. I am visiting this date less due to the constant nitpicking, whether it be hair, skinny jeans or fashion choices. I think the Princess looks amazing, let's celebrate the event and be kind about another person's clothes. Let's be kind


Friday 10th of November 2023

As a veteran of the USAF, obviously not British, but military, I find her dress disrespectful. I don’t think that’s her intention, and intentions count quite a bit, but in the end she is wrong. As a service member I was very proud of the uniform I wore. I honestly can’t imagine Anyone picking pieces and parts to wear of my uniform, for any reason. I paid a lot of sacrifice to wear that uniform, as does every other service member. She should pick one, full uniform or military inspired dress but not actually uniform, and wear that fully. I know this is a fashion site, but military dress isn’t a fashion choice. It’s a uniform worn for a specific purpose. I know that her intentions aren’t bad in any way, but I do think she missed the mark here. I also am not versed in the British military use of uniforms, but I somehow doubt you can pick and choice what parts of a uniform to wear. That’s just what I think. I do think she looks lovely in her black blazer. I’d love to have that blazer.

Dawn C

Sunday 12th of November 2023

@Tracy, as a US Army veteran I agree. I also don't understand how someone who has never served can be a colonel, or any other rank, of anything military. Catherine was appointed this title and appointed means she didn't serve her country in a military capacity and I find it bothersome but it's their country and their protocol. What can you do. Other than this I find everything else she does and wears no problem at all.

Thank you for your service!


Friday 10th of November 2023

@Tracy, As you and Bonnie point out so clearly, this is not a matter of fashion choice but one of protocol. It is not equivalent to liking or not little-house-on-the-prairie flounce dresses, blouses with pussy bow ties, slacks so long they obscure shoes - or that yellow floral Erdem gown, but rather it is incumbent on a person awarded this type of prestigious military assignment to adhere to its expectations. The Princess Royal is a perfect example of acknowledging the obligations placed on a person assuming such a role.


Friday 10th of November 2023

Are we sure the Princess is wearing jeans? It looks to me like she is wearing a sturdy pair of leggings. Leggings would be perfect for climbing in an out of a tank. Skinny jeans, even a pair with good stretch, would be restricting and not as well suited for that purpose. I think they look appropriately functional with the camo jacket and boots. I also think they probably looked very nice with the beautiful long blazer and paired again with those boots for pinning on medals indoors- I think it worked will. But I had a problem with the striped jumper! Did not like that at all -- too casual with that beautifully cut jacket. a cashmere polo neck in cream was called for -- IMO.


Thursday 9th of November 2023

So there is a debate going on discussing if it is appropriate for Kate to wear skinnies (or for that matter, any type of non uniform pant) with an army uniform. I was one of the first to mention yesterday that it was not appropriate and there is quite a discussion below my original post and elsewhere. Many people agree. But there are others who say, "Why not?" or "She really isn't actively serving in the military" or "She had another function later and changing into civilian clothes would have been tricky."

Some who defend Kate's choice and right to wear selected bits and pieces of the uniform, state that she is always respectful and sensitive in her dress and I totally agree that she is. I too support that Kate would not intentionally be disrespectful. But the fact remains that she is wrong in her military dress and someone needs to advise her of this. One either wears a "complete" uniform, or no uniform...personal fashion, mix and match choices are not allowed. Kate could wear the full army gear, or show up in something that has no bearing on the army uniform. That is the choice that all the Royal Family has.

Zell speaks about Camilla's dress at the Trooping the Colour being very military inspired. I felt that Camilla was wrong in her choice of outfit, because it was a "take off" of a uniform, a costume so to speak. However, she didn't have any part that was "official" army uniform, so Camilla's dress although questionable, was not as questionable as Kate's outfit, where the helmet and jacket are uniform and the skinnies and boots are not.

According to the BRITISH ARMY GENERAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTIONS VOLUME 2 CHAPTER 59 DRESS AND PERSONAL APPEARANCE Annex B, 4: Whilst public visibility of officers and soldiers in uniform raises the profile of the Army, the wearing of uniform in public also brings with it a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of both dress and behaviour. Annex B, 6: c: The wearing of mixed civilian and military clothing is not permitted. This instruction supersedes guidance on mixed dress

We would not see Princess Anne (who also has never served but holds several honorary military titles) wearing military on top and non military on the bottom. Anne wears regulation pants when riding horseback and a regulation skirt when doing presentations. The late Queen, who didn't appear in public in pants, wore a custom made skirt, from the regulation military fabric, that allowed her to be in uniform on horseback.

So we at WKW can say that Kate is not really in the army and exceptions should be made, as she has a later function to attend. However, that does not make the mixing of military and civilian clothing correct. Kate is present as the Colonel in Chief of the Dragoon Guards and as such, she should wear the complete uniform with pride, or she can attend in any form of civilian clothing that she chooses.


Saturday 18th of November 2023


This applies only, and only, to active military personnel. The United States military has a very similar rule. The princess, while royal, is still a civilian. Just like when I, a child of two military parents, went to Armed Forces Day on base and was driven in the tanks, hummers, etc, I was given safety gear. I was not *active military* and I was in civilian clothing, but I was given military issue goggles, ear gear and vests to keep me safe, especially when handling guns with rubber bullets. (My dad had to help hold it up for me.) Safety trumps everything. You have to abide those safety rules.

Kate in Canada

Sunday 12th of November 2023

@Bonnie, I can see where you’re coming from on the mixing. However, I disagree. The mixing rule is for active service personnel.

When I was in uniform, and we had non military guests visit our site, we would often give them safety gear (whether it be jackets, or helmet, or boots, etc) so they are safe while visiting.

She was driving a combat vehicle. She needed a helmet. She couldn’t show up with her bike helmet. In these situations, I would defer to the choice of the commander on site who decided what she needed to wear for safety. They know the situation best. Just my way of lookin at it.


Saturday 11th of November 2023


Hi Bonnie, those are very interesting further comments from you, and this is clearly an issue very close to your heart. I think you are correct in all you state, yet I still find it difficult to criticize what Catherine wore in the link you provided.

I actually think that the ensemble, from March 2023, works well, if one just considers it from a visual perspective, alone, which is what I am doing. I definately apologize if this upsets you, and I genuinely know where you are coming from, and furthermore, agree with you, in that I also think it would be ideal if Catherine wore a full uniform -

However, if she doesn’t, then the March 2023 example shows, for me, a much better blending of civilian clothes with military clothes - unlike the outfit of Nov 2023, with the black skinny jeans Catherine wore, which I think very much clash with her military jacket and helmet. Those black jeans stand out too much as Not being military like.

While I know you will definitely not agree, the example you gave is one that, for me, shows a good compromise, where Catherine's own hat, shoes and *olive* khaki jeans do not clash so obviously with the military parts of her oufit. Here your link, again, to show what I mean. Personally speaking, this is a compromise that works:

Linda from San Jose

Friday 10th of November 2023

Everyone’s comments add so much to my enjoyment of the site! And like Bonnie, I want to thank you for your service, Tracy. Looking to the future, I thoroughly endorse the idea that Kate should acquire and wear appropriate military dress in full for future engagements.


Friday 10th of November 2023

@Linda from San Jose, If as you say, Kate would need the helmet and jacket for safety purposes, those could easily have been provided to her in advance, along with the uniform pants and boots. All the military uniforms that we see other Royals wear, are custom made, or tailored to fit them, and this preparation is done to supply them with the proper garb, long ahead of any event. Kate's calendar to attend this outing, would have been scheduled months ago.

I have a lifelong association with Girl Guides of Canada having worked with all five age groups. I have also done administrative work at the local, provincial and national levels. The Governor General's wife has historically been the Honorary President of GGC and could if she wished, wear the dress uniform for the organization. When Jeanne Sauve' (a woman) was the Governor General, she chose to wear uniform. One was made for her, for the first time she took part in a Guiding event, in Ottawa. I was proudly with her. Absolutely, I realize, that Girl Guides is not on the same level as the military, but for occasions at the national level, military dress code was a guideline and Madame Sauve' wore the complete uniform. If Girl Guides can supply a uniform in advance, then certainly the military can also.

This occasion was not the first time that Kate has worn pieces of a military uniform, mixed in with civilian clothes. In March 2023, she was with the Irish Guards and it was snowing. At that time she wore an army jacket, with khaki green, cargo skinnies and her own toque hat.

As a point of interest, she also does this at Scout outings when she wears just the Scout tie...although obviously this is not as big of an issue as being disrespectful to a soldier's uniform. And I would add that all three of the Wales children wear a uniform for school and all three wear all the pieces, not mixed with their "home" clothes.

@Zell: The piece I quoted from the Army Administrative Instructions was updated in 2021, so it is not decades old.

@Tracy: Thank you for your dedicated service in the USAF. As a veteran, thank you also for supporting my points that one cannot pick and choose to wear uniform pieces with civilian clothes.

This is going to be my final word on the topic, because I have been very outspoken and adamant about this issue. You can likely tell I feel strongly about this. Whatever side you sit on with this debate, we can all agree that Kate would never intentionally be disrespectful. I do wish someone would advise her on this and that the next time we see her in military uniform, it will be a full and complete uniform.

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