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The Princess of Wales is Hospitalized

The Princess of Wales is Hospitalized

I have concerning news to share this morning; following is a Kensington Palace statement that was just released. 

Kensington Palace has told royal reporters the condition is non-cancerous. Below is the London Clinic in central London, where the Princess is being treated. 

It is reported to be the largest private hospital in England. The Daily Mail reports, “The clinic first opened its doors in 1932, and its previous patients include Prince Philip, Princess Margaret, actress Elizabeth Taylor, and US President John F Kennedy. Below, media at the hospital this afternoon.

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More on Prince William’s role via this Daily Mirror article. 

It is understood that Prince William will curtail all public engagements while his wife is in hospital and immediately after she returns home after being discharged as well as scaling back duties afterwards as he supports Kate and their children. It is not expected that the couple will embark on any international travel in the coming months.

And from The Daily Mail’s story

Kate is close to her family, and her parents Carole and Michael Middleton and sibling Pippa Matthews and James Middleton are set to rally round and help support her recovery at the Waleses’ home in Windsor. 

Neither William nor Kate will travel internationally over the coming months.

The Princess was admitted to the hospital yesterday, and the surgery was today—more from Victoria Ward’s Telegraph coverage

The Princess was not rushed to hospital, the Telegraph can confirm.

Sources said it was not something that developed over the weekend, suggesting it has been planned for at least a few days, if not more.

We most recently saw the Princess on Christmas Day. 

January 9th was the Princess’s 42nd birthday. It is believed she celebrated that occasion with family in Windsor. The Royal Family marked the occasion on social media with a previously unreleased photo from the coronation in May. 

Yesterday, there was a meeting of the Royal Foundation Business Taskforce for Early Childhood that the Princess did not attend; however, her participation may never have been planned for that meeting.

The timing is such the Princess will be unable to attend events like the BAFTA Awards and the annual Commonwealth Service. You may recall the articles I posted recently about two upcoming trips this spring. The Telegraph reports, “It is thought that two short overseas tours, planned for the coming weeks, have been postponed.”

The only other time I recall the Princess being hospitalized (aside from delivering her children) was in December 2012, when she was treated for Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a potentially life-threatening disease afflicting pregnant women. She was treated at King Edward VII Hospital for four days on that occasion. You see her with Prince William as she was released from the hospital in 2012.

When she is discharged from the hospital, the Princess is expected to recover at home in Windsor. Here is the address for anyone interested in sending “get well” wishes or other sentiments to the Princess. (Clarence House handles correspondence for the Prince and Princess of Wales.)

I’ll close with a message from All on the Board, the duo sharing messages on the boards seen at Tube stations across London. The pair prefaced their statement: “Sending our love and best wishes to HRH Catherine, Princess of Wales. We hope you get better soon. Take it easy while you recover and do your best to rest in bed.”  

I will update the post with any additional news and make a decision about future posts depending on what we hear about the Princess’s situation. In terms of comments on this post, please refrain from speculating about the Princess’s condition. 


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Saturday 20th of January 2024

Susan, I hope this offers you a chance for a well earned break, but I also hope you see you back too! I would miss this wonderful blog. And it is shocking to me that one so young is in the hospital for this duration. I hope Catherine did not suffer too much and wait before getting surgery.I also hope even when she comes back there is some accommodation for her and for all the royals. I am an American and although I don't pay for the monarchy they do seem on their many tours and visits to work very hard . This might offer another relook and reset on what they are doing. Especially since both the King and Queen are no longer in their prime.


Saturday 20th of January 2024

Here's hoping Kate recovers quickly and that she is okay. I was wondering why we hadn't seen her halfway through January with the kids being back at school but this explains it. Whatever she is dealing with, I hope she isn't in too much pain. 10-14 days is a long time to be in the hospital. She is entitled to her privacy of course but that statement they put out is not going to stop people from speculating (the shorter the statement the better IMO like they did with Charles's announcement about his prostate surgery). I'm just glad they ruled out cancer off the bat.


Friday 19th of January 2024

Thank you for your respectful reports, Susan. This is concerning news and I join all of the members of this community in wishing the princess an uneventful, restful, and complete recovery. My thoughts are with her (and the king) and her family during this time.


Friday 19th of January 2024

I hope Catherine is being given the literal Royal treatment in hospital and recovering well from the surgery. Quite surreal to imagine what it must be like to have to share such private matters with the world, and have it make the headlines. Something I’ve been doing while waiting for Kate to reappear these past weeks is scrolling through the archives and deciding which outfits I would most love to see Kate repeat. There are certain rules: the outfit must only have been worn once, and it must be something Kate would realistically wear again. I wonder if this is something that would interest others? For eg I’ve long wished to see this outfit repeated and I live in hope we’ll see it again !


Monday 22nd of January 2024


That definitely makes sense, Eliza Mo! Fortunately, there's no shortage of amazing designers that Catherine can turn to, when she's better. 😊


Saturday 20th of January 2024

@Zell, There have been a few red carpet sightings of Marchesa frocks more recently, but I'm afraid it may never be seen again on a British royal, the tabloids would have a field day.


Saturday 20th of January 2024


I had to look up the Marchesa controversy. I forgot - if I ever knew - that Weinstein was once the husband of one of Marchesa's founders. She divorced him. Hopefully she didn't know the awful things he was doing.


Saturday 20th of January 2024


It sure is! I don't know what the PR scandal is that Eliza Mo refers to, but just in terms of the dress, it is magnificent.


Friday 19th of January 2024

@Zell, I adore tea-length dresses, and this one is fabulous!


Friday 19th of January 2024

Gosh abdominal surgery is the worst, I had to have 2 months off work to recover from mine and even then it was quite a few more before things felt quite right again. Whatever’s happened, she’s got this! I’ve no doubt that she will come back stronger than ever.

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