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Kate was the picture of grace and elegance today as she and William enjoyed their third day in Canada.

Canadian Heritage

The Duchess chose a very chic piece by Catherine Walker, the ‘Kensington’ dress.

From a diplomatic perspective wearing a French-born designer was very savvy as Kate and William headed to Montreal in the afternoon, the location where the couple was most likely to encounter protestors opposed to the monarchy (they did).

Canadian Heritage

The dress featured short cuffed sleeves, princess seaming and a deep vee on the back with sharply angled lapels.

From a symbolic standpoint it was a lovely choice, as there are multiple family ties to the designer, who died last year after battling cancer. Princess Diana was an enormous fan of Ms. Walker’s creations, the late Princess was seen in many stunning (and notable) gowns by this designer over the years, several were recently sold at auction in Toronto.

Catherine Walker

Some may also recall that Carole Middleton wore a Catherine Walker ensemble for Kate and William’s wedding in April.

The couple started their public events with a tree planting at Ottawa’s Rideau Hall, where visitors have been planting trees for more than 100 years, also where William’s parents also planted a tree back on his first birthday.  It was touching to watch them pay a visit to that tree all these years on.

Canadian Heritage

Then it was time to meet military veterans at the Canadian War Museum, we can safely say the young couple charmed everyone with whom they spoke.

Canadian Heritage

Kate accessorized today with another Hobbs piece, the Somerton Clutch in silver. (Also a piece we would have *never* identified without Chiara on Facebook, thank you!)


While that color is sold out it remains available as of this writing in ‘Aquarius‘, thank you to Tweeter Caroline who let us know about the second color.

Hobbs Somerton Bag

We owe another ‘thank you’ to FB friend Anna, her wise eyes noted that Kate is once again wearing the Links of London Hope Egg Earrings, you can almost see them in this next photo.

Links of London

If unfamiliar with the earrings, Kate wore them for one of her engagement photos and has sported them several times since; they can be categorized as a “go to” pair at this point.  While sold out, US customers may register interest in purchasing them; click here to go to the company’s online signup or waitlist.

The Duke and Duchess’s next stop was at the Institut de tourisme et hotellerie du Quebec in Montreal. They took part in a little cooking class.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

They took part in a little cooking class.

Canadian Heritage

The only item we have been unable to identify thus far is the shoes worn by Kate.  We have hunted high and low to no avail, thus far your trusty team of sartorial search artists has not been able to locate the shoes anywhere.  However, we remain undaunted in our mission and will continue the hunt, with a promise to update here if we discover anything noteworthy!

UPDATE #1: With thanks to Hilary at Huffington Post Style, it seems Fashionista is reporting the shoes are by breakout designer Tabitha Simmons.  US Weekly editor @mio on Twitter also let us know the shoes are from the fall/winter 2011 collection, the ‘Dela’ pump in cream and grey.

Tabitha Simmons

Thank you also to Perfect Sinner on Twitter and Sarah on Facebook for digging up information. Here is the same shoe in plain leather from the designer, currently available at Matches Fashion at £209.00, originally they were £415.

“Deal” Pump by Tabitha Simmons at Matches Fashion

Go look at Tabitha’s blog to see her collections, click here to read Style.com’s story on the launch of Tabitha’s biggest collection yet. Online sales only started on Friday, that is fun.

UPDATE #2: We noticed the comments about the ‘stripes’ visible on Catherine’s left insole in the photo above. Several WKW Facebook friends (thank you Anne & Catherine!) say those are what one sees on the bottom of John Lewis No Slip tights/hose.  Here is a link to that product. :)

It was a refined, polished look for Kate today. Subdued? Yes, but very much appropriate to the day’s functions: memorial trees, war veterans and their families, a children’s hospital.  The detailing on the back of the dress provided a zippy little edge, giving it a contemporary look and feel. The dress fit like a dream and was very flattering on the Duchess, it also wore well during a day packed with engagements and travel.

I imagine we will see a more casual look this evening as the Duke and Duchess board the navy frigate taking them to Quebec City. If appropriate, we’ll be back to update or share another post.

For those who may not have voted yet in our poll asking what Kate wore best on Thursday (the Roland Mouret, the Erdem or the Issa Bird Print dress) click here to go cast your vote. We’ll post results tomorrow.

  36 Responses to “Kate is the Epitome of Understated Chic in Catherine Walker (UPDATED: Shoe Information)”

  1. this was also princess diana’s birthday…

  2. Question, how much are the hope egg topaz earrings? I registered for them at Links of London but I can’t find a price. Thank you :)

  3. I haven’t read all the comments so I don’t know if there is much discussion regarding her sheers/hose. BUT, as I recall, Diana always wore fabulous sheers with a beautiful finish that really make those gorgeous legs look even better. Yay for Kate for wearing them in a day and age where people claim they are old fashioned and stodgy. They really go the distance to polish one’s look and I am so embarrassed that Michelle Obama is put on a style pedestal and she wanders about with bare legs!!!

    • I’m with you on the hose Amanda, I’m sorry if it’s not ‘cool’, but they make her legs look even more smashing than they already are. Good for her!

  4. love this dress! so beautifully fitted to her body. also like the lady-like collar, cuffed sleeves, and the subtle tweedy grey.

    love the tabitha simmons shoes, too. the pattern adds a little oomph to a very traditional style.

  5. So where could one buy this dress if it were available? Or did the fashion house close with the designer’s passing?

    • Catharine Walker trained-up some designers to carry on her fashion house, so although she’s passed on the fashion house continues.

  6. Under the circumstances the subdued dress was well chosen although I’d like to see her in something a little brighter on subsequent days.

    One thing – is it my failing eyesight or was she NOT wearing her gorgeous engagement ring when she visited the hospital? Her left hand is partly behind her right hand but the fourth finger is just about visible and seems unadorned.

    Any ideas?

  7. I adore that dress but would have liked to see a different color on her perhaps. She should try a red maybe? I do love the back…wow!

    -Cris xoxo


  8. absolute perfection!

  9. She looks stunning, I’m just concerned about her weight, as she is way too skinny lately.

  10. To those wondering about Kate’s legs and the stripes on her feet, she’s definitely wearing stockings – the full-length photo that shoes her earrings makes this obvious – and she’s clearly wearing a pair with non-slip heels. I have no idea which brand she prefers, but something like this, or similar:


  11. This deep, rich gray is a stunning color for Kate. I don’t remember seeing her in it before. It sets off her hair and eyes beautifully. The Catherine Walker look today was letter perfect, Kate, take this color and run with it!

  12. In every photo there is that effort-less smile. I’m sure her feet were killing her – she kept the same outfit on the boat but swapped for the Prada pumps and the black handpurse. Bless her!

  13. Love the dress. Want the shoes! They look very uncomfortable but they are gorgeous…remind me very much of something a princess would wear (even though she’s a duchess, but whatevs. :D)

  14. Love the mystery shoes! Question — Kate obviously isn’t wearing stockings, but her legs look incredibly shimmering, almost as though she is wearing very sheer nylons, but she isn’t. Any ideas on what sort of product she’s using??

  15. In the photo of just the shoes, what are those strips on things on the bottom of Kate’s left foot? I’m not familiar with them and am curious. It looks like she is wearing hose in the photos from earlier in the day but did she change out of the hose for later on and added some silicone strips to help with comfort?

  16. Nice I post, I live in Montreal and go to school at the Institut de tourisme where they were today. I got to see them drive by in their car but unfortunately wasn’t able to see them actually outside of the car. It was still very exciting!

  17. Are the shoes from Tabitha Simmons? I read this somewhere today; sorry that I cannot link it.

  18. Unbelievale photos. Loved every image. Kate should not lose any more weight. She is very tiny.

  19. Very thorough ~ love it!

    In the last photo of just her shoes, do you notice something on her left foot? Is it some sort of grip to help keep her feet in her shoes?

  20. I really liked the Amanda Walker dress from the front, but it doesn’t seem to fit her properly at the back.

    • The dress is so chic- I think the angle of her body is just making it crease. It’s beautiful at the front too. Catherine walker is a an amazing designer. So understated and elegant. Everything she did for princess Diana was unforgettable especially what she has done recently for Carole Middleton. She should always wear Catherine walker!

    • The Duchess has been looking great on this tour but she needs a better tailor. At least 3 garments on this tour were poorly altered and did not properly fit her. The Walker dress is not properly fitted in the back but the front fits beautifully. The front neckline on the white Reese dress was not altered correctly. The hem sagged too low on the back of the Sarah Burton dress she wore on PEI.

  21. I LOVE the whole thing. I am almost 10 years younger then the Duchess but I’d do anything to wear some of these dresses she’s been wearing.

    Those heels are STUNNING. Hmm look at the back of them (by the heel) reminds me a little of the Albini Square red heels she wore the other day. I looked on the website and couldn’t find them but they do look simply in my option.

    This is an amazing site by the way.

  22. On the Fashion pages of the Telegraph they say the shoes are LK Bennet.

  23. What’s on the side of Kates foot in the shoe picture?

    • And possibly, they are not too comfy. I just saw pictures of Kate at the Cooking School; she has changed shoes!

      • You are very observant Alox, she did change, back into her black Pradas which do look more comfortable. My hat is off to her, no way could I do 8 hours in 4″ heels!

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