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For today’s polo match in Santa Barbara Kate went back to a familiar designer, Jenny Packham.

The handpainted silk dress in muted tones featured cap sleeves gathers at the shoulder and piping at the waist.

It is the first time we have seen Kate in an open toe shoe; it also looks like she opted for bare legs, the first time we have seen this during the tour.  The Duchess stills looks fresh and relaxed as the couple approaches the last day of their first official tour, a grueling nine-day event.

The frock is described as a “de Gournay silver and marble grey hand-painted chinoiserie silk dress,” de Gournay did the exquisite fabric used in the dress.

©Splash news / Jenny Packham

©Splash News / Jenny Packham

Thanks to our Twitter friend @RegalEyes for alerting us to a Telegraph story about this spring’s collection by Ms. Packham.

“…using silks, satins and chiffons in dusky shades of peach, sage and blue, interspersed with hand-painted “Chinoiserie” designs by De Gournay.”

And a tidbit about de Gournay from its website:

“de Gournay hand paints wallpapers, fabrics and porcelain at the very top end of the decoration market. de Gournay has traditionally specialised in 18th century Chinoiserie and 19th century French designs.”

Jenny Packham is a favorite of celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Hayden Panettiere and Jennifer Lopez.  Here is a quick refresher on the three Jenny Packham dresses recently worn by the Duchess.

Kate also showcased a new pair of LK Bennett shoes, the “Sliver Sandal,” part of the company’s ‘Signature Collection.’ Our thanks to @mbowling26 for the rapid ID of the shoe style, and to the always helpful @AtTheBlueBarn for the early alert on the open toe shoes!

LK Bennett / Splash News

LK Bennett / Splash News

No one will be surprised to learn the shoe is sold out in the taupe worn today by the Duchess; as of this writing, the shoe remains available in black suede and black patent. We did see the return of the Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings.


And the LK Bennett Natalie Clutch, very much “go-to” items for Kate on this trip.

©Splash News/LK Bennett

©Splash News/LK Bennett


While not a terribly exciting dress, it is well-suited to Kate’s preference for understated design and colors.  The third time wearing Jenny Packham may be a charm, as William’s team won the match. More than handily. Because Kate’s assignment for the afternoon included awarding the trophy to the winning team, she was able to congratulate her husband.

For many fashionistas the BAFTA gala tonight brings the most-anticipated dress of the tour, it is a black tie affair; we’ll be back with more on that dress as soon as we have the information and pictures.


  32 Responses to “The Duchess is Pretty in Packham for Polo Match”

  1. I’m surprised no one else has asked this, but, does anyone know what’s in the Tiffany’s box that William is holding?!

    • Tiffany’s was the creators of the trophies for the winners of the polo match. I’m guessing it’s a medal or some other memorabilia. All the winning team members got them.

  2. Wow !! I am a big fan of Will and Kate…and have been a major fan of kate middleton fashion…. but its strange how old they look in the last picture i wonder why…!!!

  3. In her photo with William by the horse, she has sunglasses on her head. The first I have noticed this tour. Any idea the make?

    • I’ve just noticed this as well! Its not often we see her with sunglasses, would have been nice to see them on her face so we could get a better idea of the designer!

  4. Actually, those are tulip sleeves! Not cap sleeves. I agree with previous commenters that the dress looks better with a belt, but I also must say it looks much better on her, smiling and laughing, than on the blank-stared model…

  5. She looks so perfect,poised and composed all the time! How does she do it!!!!!! She must have nerves of steel, facing so much of international audience, BAFTA, everything all at once and never going wrong even once! (except when that yellow Jenny Packham dress decided to dance with the wind..ooooooooh!) William seems a supportive husband, and that must account for her enduring all this with confidence. Still there’s something very special about her!

  6. I suspect the rules regarding open toe shoes and tights relax when they are not directly representting the Queen as was the case in Canada. The ARK event, the polo and BAFTA were all private events, not official royal protocol events.

    • Marie, that is an excellent point we overlook here (at least I do), as we’re not as familiar with all the ins and outs of protocol. Thank you for sharing your insight! :)

  7. Grateful you, along with the Canadian Press chose not to post the humiliating pictures of her. Very classy of you. :)

  8. I think Kate’s legs look so much better with tights on. Does anyone know what brand of tights they are? Her legs always look amazing in them. I say let’s bring back tights Ladies!!!

  9. She’s wearing a lilac Alexander McQueen dress with silver cyrstal belt/ clutch to the BAFTAs dinner with silver peep toe sandals and diamond chandlier earrings and bracelet that are barrowed from the Queen!

  10. I think she looks lovely…perfect for a polo match. Some of the “stars” were overdressed and several were in black….AT A POLO MATCH in the middle of the day and during the middle of summer. They should have watched “Prettu Woman” to see what to wear….LOL

  11. very pretty.

    i think it looked better with the belt – it looks a little unfinished/incomplete without the belt.

    i don’t love the print.

    do love the shoes!

    • Agree. The belt would’ve helped. It looks likes its hanging off her without it. The dress needed to cinch properly at the waist to give the illusion of curves.

      • completely agree. the belt would have given her a waist, and flared the skirt prettily – which would have balanced the shoulders and top.

        but now that i’ve seen the evening dress:
        maybe she didn’t wear the belt because the end result would have looked too much like the evening dress?

    • I also agree, I would have kept the small belt here and in the previous outfit – the USA first one, not green DVF. Maybe a nude or beige belt just to mark the waist.

  12. Kate wears Alexander McQueen for BAFA dinner.

  13. I don’t think this dress flatters her figure at all. The cut makes her torso look very long and V-shaped. The sleeve style makers her shoulders look too broad and not feminine.

    I much prefer the style of the green DvF and the yellow Jenny Packham on Kate’s figure.

  14. This is a dress that highlights the disadvantage of only wearing a piece once (or twice) – I’d want to wear it over and over. The more I look at it, the more I love it.

  15. Still happy even if a bit tired or could be the humidity? her hair looks heavy…the dress is lovely and light though.

  16. Don’t agree that the dress is “not exciting”!!! Its equisite !!!
    You dont have to wear a loud looking outfit to be “exciting”

  17. Love the dress but the shoes look like they are killing her feet! I wonder if she is sporting some serious blisters? There are a few pictures close up in the daily mail that make them look painful.

  18. Im surpirsed no tights for Kate since it goes against the Royals custom.

  19. You said that this is the first time we’ve seen Kate with bare legs. To me it’s looks like she always has bare legs, I’m assuming she has good hose. Do you know what kind she wears?
    Thanks. :)

  20. Actually, wouldn’t this be the 2nd time the Duchess has worn an open-toed shoe? She wore open toed heels with her first Jenny Packham gown at the ARK event…

  21. LOVE this dress!! My favourite of the tour.

    • I think this is one of those lovely dresses that looks more striking in person than it does in a photograph. I love Kate in most of her understated colors, but while this Jenny P. has beautiful fabric with a pretty drape, its colors don’t flatter Kate to the max, do they? Of course, she would look polished and elegant in a potato sack! o:)

      • Yes, you are right on all counts. I would love to see her in more vibrant colours in evening wear (was really hoping for a glittering red gown on Canada Day evening), but I suppose we have many years to come to watch her fashion sense evolve and perhaps play it “less safe”.

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