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The Duchess went for a rich red coat and dark boots as she and William traveled to Denmark for today’s UNICEF East Africa Crisis event, they were hosted by Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.

Here you see Kate being given flowers and welcomed by two local girls.

© UNICEF 2011

Below we show the LK Bennett ‘Ami’ coat worn by Kate, it is a wool and nylon blend (mostly wool), you can see the epaulets, high collar and attached belt.

TV2 Denmark/LK Bennett

The coat is selling at £276, or about $440 at today’s exchange rates, it was originally priced at £345.

When first viewing the coat last week for a post on the LK Bennett & Reiss styles for fall, it was available in all sizes in all three colors. As of this writing, the red (officially ‘burgundy’) is sold out in all but two UK sizes but still stocked in black and toffee. But as WKW Facebook friend Simona notes, the coat is also available at John Lewis.

Here we see the Duke and Duchess as well as Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik in front of boxes containing lifesaving supplies.

© UNICEF 2011

All four worked at filling boxes with relief supplies being shipped to East Africa.

© UNICEF 2011

As many have no doubt noted, Kate did not wear the belt that came with the coat, instead opting for a more ornate look. Our thanks to Ayvee at Diana’s Jewels, she identified this as being by Vecceli Italy.  It is very similar to this piece that Ayvee shared, this one is not as broad as Kate’s but very close, and you can see the clasp.

Vecceli Italy

UPDATE: Above we show the Croco Red belt, it *was* available for $59, but it is no longer shown on the Vecceli website. Two different WKW readers and FB friends spoke with Vecceli and were told Kate was wearing one of their belts from several years ago. However, a Duchess of Cambridge Style fan shared a photo of a belt she purchased at Kate fave Reiss.

Via Duchess of Cambridge Style

But when Hello magazine editor Laura Abbey contacted Reiss she was told it was not their merchandise. Fortunately Ms. Abbey was persistent, calling a second time, prompting this from the retailer:

Reiss Twitter feed

Doing an image search for Reiss Bessie Belt provided this result from a 2008 Holiday Gifts blog post here.

“Holiday Gifts 2008″ post from ‘Sicker Than Average’ blog

I think this is the end of our research on the belt! :)

Kate also brought back her Vinnie Day Leaf earrings, even though sold out, this gives you a sense of the leaf detailing. UPDATE: WKW FB friend Jenna says the earrings are very much available, she just treated herself to a pair. They *are* shown as being in stock, just click here.

Vinnie Day

Kate repeated the single charm bracelet seen on multiple occasions. The outstanding items we have yet to firmly identify include her dark boots and black clutch. Great detective and teamwork by Abby H, Gwen and the aforementioned Ayvee on Facebook point to the Stuart Weitzman Zipkin, shown below.

Stuart Weitzman ‘Zipkin’ Boot

Stuart Weitzman confirmed to us the boots are indeed theirs.

Stuart Weitzman Facebook Page

The boots are suede with leather lining and described as “a super-decadent, sizzling fashion statement.” They have a 4″ heel and rubber soles, smart on Kate’s part, minimizing the odds of a slip and fall episode.  They are $635 at Joseph, the same price at Zappos, at Stuart Weitzman Canada they are $725. (As someone who frequently wears the brand we can attest to how comfortable they are, as noted by the FB comment seen in the graphic above between our inquiry and the company’s response.).

Kristen S. on FB noted the handbag is similar to the taupe/eggshell bag we have seen so often, below we share a picture of that item.


One item that will not be identified, the dress underneath her coat, I don’t believe the coat came off at any point today when she was visible to media.

Today’s rather big news was that Kate did her first television interview, speaking to the BBC about the critical need in Africa.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph has sound from both William and Kate in this piece, or you can click here to see it at Princess Diana Remembered. And SKY News offers this this transcription of the Duchess’s comments:

“In what seemed to be a breaking of tradition, Catherine stood alongside her husband and said the video footage of the tragedy in East Africa had upset her.

“It’s really just how shocking the situation still is,” the duchess said, as she answered reporters’ questions.

“It’s been going for 100 days or so and it’s really still ongoing, and a huge amount still has to happen with hundreds of children still malnourished at the moment. Hopefully, we can do as much as we can, really.”

Click here to see Sky’s story. Kate actually met another UNICEF ambassador at today’s events, Sir Roger Moore. Additionally, the Telegraph reports the couple is talking about making another visit to Africa, perhaps as early as next June. This particular cause is a natural for the couple, with their ties to Africa, and especially for Kate, fond of charities geared toward helping children. Below we see the couple being briefed by UNICEF officials, William is examining peanut paste, used for treating children with severe acute malnutrition.

© UNICEF 2011

A side note for those curious about the poppies seen on Kate and William, they are what I call traditional Remembrance poppies. Growing up in the US we would see these being sold starting in November, we all wore them on the 11th for Armistice or Veteran’s Day, known as Remembrance Day elsewhere. Serena on FB shared this link to more background on the poppies. Sadly, the tradition in the US is fading, but remains strong in other Allied countries.

Lest we forget the reason for Kate & William’s visit to Copenhagen, here is a link to the UNICEF East Africa Crisis page.


You can learn more about this particular situation, UNICEF in general, and even donate, just click here.


We also wanted to share a number of news stories, beginning with a bit of a to-do over the British Style Awards. The buzz began with this Telegraph story:

… according to the British Fashion Council website, the award is for “an individual who embodies the spirit of London and is an international ambassador for London as a leading creative fashion capital.”

When the original list of nominees was released it turns out Kate’s name wasn’t included. The story by Luke Leitch looks at a few of the nominees on the initial list:

Taking just one example, Lara Stone is one of the world’s leading models – absolutely – but gorblimey-London-credential-wise she’s a) Half-Dutch and b) tends to hit the red carpet in Calvin Klein.

While Kate is not an icon, her influence on British fashion is indisputable, especially following the North American tour.  Another view via Catwalk Queen’s post on the topic:

Some of the nominees include Victoria Beckham, Florence Welch, last year’s winner Alexa Chung, and Lara Stone. The absence of Middleton has many asking whether she has been deliberately snubbed by the British Fashion Council (BFC). Or perhaps it’s simply because she may not be permitted by the Palace to accept the award even if she did win.

The perspective from Fashion Etc.

She shops at Topshop, Reiss, and Zara. Everybody follows.

And when she leaves the high street for the high end, it’s to wear top designers like Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen, Erdem, and Jenny Packham.

And though the Duchess of Cambridge has never landed on a worst-dressed list, she also hasn’t secured a spot on the British Fashion Council’s British Style Award shortlist.

In the wake of the Telegraph story and many others there has been an enormous write-in campaign and Kate is now on the list; winners are announced November 28th. If you are interested in voting, click here.

Also notable this week, Harper’s Bazaar UK placed the Duchess at the top of its Best Dressed Britain list. The magazine’s reason for making Kate #1?

Catherine’s incredible style evolution has gripped us all. She gave us the year’s “ if not the century’s “ most thrilling fashion moment at the royal wedding, and is shaping up as an amazing ambassador for British designers and the high street’

For those fond of the HUGE photos at IBT, here is a link to their story.

  94 Responses to “Kate In Red LK Bennett for UNICEF Event, Her TV Interview, Reiss Belt & Weitzman Boots Updates”

  1. I had the opportunity to try this coat on! I really liked the look of it when I saw the photos here, but I was disappointed when I tried it on. I still like the styling of the coat, but it was definately too long for me. I’m 5′-4″ and it hit me low on the calf. (But everything is too long for me.) What disappointed me the most was the material, its a very itchy wool. I was expecting a fine, soft wool.
    I do like Kate’s choice in the change of belt. There is not much to the coat, as far as details; I think her belt adds more interest to the look.

  2. Not a fan of this look. The coat is too much–the bright color and the poor fit (sorry, but it is definitely a size larger than it needs to be, maybe hiding a bump but if not, the larger size is sure to fuel speculation), along with her massive hair really make it look too much like a Barbie or little girl dressing up. The midi length may be on trend, but the fact is that it’s not a very flattering length and is very easy to veer into super matronly territory. We know from various appearances last fall/winter that Kate has some great coats that are stand-outs without being glaring bids for attention like this one appears to be. I think had she chosen a lighter coat color (perhaps her Katherine Hooker contrast coat, or that lovely white Burberry) and pulled the hair back a bit, she still would have stood out from the crowd but would not have looked so overdressed.

  3. To state the obvious, the Duchess is a lovely young woman and an elegant ambassador for the UK.

    This is why I do indulge from time to time in WKW. I appreciate all the sleuthing that goes into identifying what the Duchess wore. It must take hours and hours. And, joy! some of us are even lucky enough to be able to afford some of the very same things the Duchess owns.For those you can indeed afford such luxuries and also for those who cannot, there is one thing we can all do to emulate the Duchess and support her good works…Make a contribution to UNICEF!!.
    Go ahead, ogle Kate, her enviable figure, gorgeous locks, unlimited resources of both high street and designer clothes and accessories, but do take a minute to give a little or a lot to UNICEF and help those who do not have the luxury of indulging in fashion and all things pretty.

    Give to children who are starving and who, without your help, will die. Then, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you have helped a little, go back to WKW. You will have made the Duchess’s trip to Denmark worthwhile. Cheers!!

  4. That coat and belt combo is to die for

  5. Hi, Susan:

    Thanks for your great post. I’m wondering, though, if Kate’s boots have been correctly identified. The Stuart Weitzman ‘Zipkin’ boots have a prominent gold zipper along the inside boot shaft. If you look carefully at the full-length photos of Kate in Denmark, there is no zipper visible on her boots.

    Check out the full-length photo in this Daily Mail story — it’s the photo where she’s inside the warehouse. You can clearly see the inside of the boot shaft:

    Perhaps Kate is simply wearing an older model of the ‘Zipkin’?

    Regardless, I love your blog and appreciate all that you do.


    • The Zipkin has the zipper on the outside of the bootshaft. There are other photos of Kate showing the outside of the shaft and the very visible zipper.

  6. Wonderful to see the Duke & Duchess throwing their weight behind this most worthy cause. I’m enjoying watching them pick & choose their charitable interests.

    In regards to worthy causes of a far less serious, more sartorial sort, I covet that jacket, and especially that jacket with that substituted belt.

  7. I have to admit, I’m not much of a “fashion aficionado”, but I continue to be impressed by Catherine! I’m not so much impressed by the actual articles of clothing — although, personally, I think she’s looked absolutely beautiful in everything she’s worn — but, what I’m most impressed with is the thought that is put into each of her selections. Many know about the thought she put into every detail of her wedding dress, as well as her thoughtful choices of designers, accessories, etc. for the Canada/US trip. Some (you, being one) are aware of the charitable background, etc. of the designer (Beulah London) of the beautiful red dress she selected for the charity fundraiser she and William hosted. And here, again, I’m amazed by the thought put into her outfit.

    You noted the significance of the poppies they wore. I think there are more thoughtful details in what she wore, as well. Perhaps I’m seeing things that aren’t there, but I don’t think so. Most just see a lovely red coat, belt and dark suede boots. But if you look a little further, you’ll see…Kenya. Not only are the coat and belt the accent color (red/rust) of Unicef’s East Africa Crisis campaign, but add in the dark color of her boots, and you have 2 of the primary colors of the Kenyan flag. In addition, the shape of the belt buckle is quite similar to the center design of the Kenyan flag. I’m sure your readers are aware of the significance of Kenya to the couple, so I won’t go into that.

    So, maybe I’m seeing things, but given her previous attention to even the smallest detail of her outfit, I wouldn’t doubt that she put the same amount of thought into this one.

    • Beautiful that you shared the Kenya details! I did not know that. I hope that was her intent!

    • As much I I would love to agree with you, I think you might have read too much into her outfit. As someone from that part of the world, the only thing her outfit has in common with Kenya is the color (which is one of the 4 colors on the Kenyan flag)The thing about the shape of the buckle is just doesn’t hold water (in my opinion). In addition, Kenya is actually not the worst hit region by the drought. I would think that it would be better to highlight Somalia or Ethiopia which have had it worse. Someone else mentioned the outfit might be Kate paying tribute to Denmark. I know we all love Kate, but let’s not get carried away.

      • I have to agree. And let’s not forget, they have armies of people who point out all the little details for them. It is not as though KAte sits down and learns about the Kenyan flag looking for a way to show support.

        All the symbolism of the wedding dress was very thoughtful, but I really wished she’d worn her mother’s dress or something that showed she was more tied to the people she was coming from rather than going toward…

        That maple leaf hat was too contrived… sometimes, just being yourself is the best option…

        • Even though sometimes wearing your mom’s dress or grandmom’s can be a nice gesture, this was a Royal wedding. Also, I think her wedding dress, was perfect, not because I loved it, (honestly it was nice but i din fall in love with it, )but because she loved it. She looked radiant in it, and she helped design it.Every bride should get to wear her own wedding dress, and in her case it was a fantastic opportunity to show case british talent. Also she is so closely tied to her family in every way, and they were included in every aspect, I don’t think she needed to do any more to show where she belonged to. Kate is a lovely, amazing person…. who tries to respect the people and culture of places she ‘s visiting. Gotta love that about her.

          • I agree! I’m not wearing a family wedding gown for my wedding – even though my grandma’s looks like an older versions of Kate’s! Each wedding should be a new start.


            Also, I loved the maple leaf hat – saw it in person and was won over instantly. I would wear it. Xp LOL

  8. I loved this outfit! Loved the coat, the length, the boots, the color. If she had gone drab and dark, the whole party would have disappeared and blended in with the support staff. Kate looked regal (and William looked quite dashing) and they made a striking pair and a sincerely heartfelt appeal for help. I hope people follow through and help. Tragic.

  9. .. at the risk of sounding like a boring, broken record, I think ‘the Duchess’ looks absolutely, faultlessly lovely again.. ! (for those who preferred Mary’s outfit- I wonder if Kate would have been criticized for looking too ‘subdued’ in that outfit- i.e. who can please everyone?)

    anyways, the vivid, flattering-on-her (what isn’t?!) color matches both the UNICEF poster (1st picture) and the Remembrance Poppies! I’m sure that was not accident.. (we all remember the maple leaf hat.. and Canada colors-)

    so, as usual, I’ll say BRAVO Kate!

  10. I wonder how many donations actually came in because of the Duke and Duchess’s visit?

    I think the Duchess always looks stunning. No matter what she wears some are going to love it and some are going to hate it. I just wonder if people are more focused on her clothes rather than the charities and if that will have an effect on how public she becomes in the future.

    I read one article that stated they spent 15 mins packing boxes and the rest of the time spent was touring. I for one hope that if they do make a trip to Africa that they take a more jeans and t-shirt type of approach and show people it’s not about the clothes but about the acts. Not that i don’t LOVE to know what she’s wearing, because I do! I love her style! But for a charity like this, I hope the charity wins and the clothes take second place.

    • I sometimes chuckle at the serious contemplation the royals have to give objects they are observing. They have to study a plaque, or in this case…..William apparently reading the label of a nutrition bar in the next to last picture. Please understand that I am not suggesting they have no interest in the cause….just that there are so many pictures of almost every royal giving this type of object extended attention. I’m sure there are times when they have difficulty coming up with an appropriate comment. Fifteen minutes does seem a little brief to me. I don’t know how much time they spent filling boxes for the troops while in L.A. but I’m ashamed to say, any amount of time is more than what I’ve donated. I’ll have to change that.

    • I highly doubt that they made the schedule. And it is important to note that for security reasons (for both couples) their presence probably disrupted normal operations, so the shorter time the better. The point was to draw attention to the issue so that more people commit time and money, and I read that UNICEF did see an uptick in donations as a result of the visit.

  11. I think she looks great, as usual! The color really suits her well. She seems to really carry off anything she wears so effortlessly, although being in as good of shape as she is does help. :)

    Also, there’s a pair of Pied a Terre Ivy P wedges in black on Ebay… wish they were my size!

  12. Her belt looks like a belt that I saw in the Reiss store here in Dubai. I almost bought it the other day, but I found one that looked better w/the intended outfit.

  13. I like the red color but think it was probably not the right occasion to wear it. You don’t need to dress like a model to promote UNICEF. I think Mary’s coat is more appropriate for this event. She looks like part of the UNICEF warehouse background and is there ready to help. Kate is more look like do a fashion show or probably say something but doesn’t seem like would DO something.

  14. Just a question about her black clutch. Is not the same one as she used in Belfast, Northern Ireland on March 8 and again visiting the University of St. Andrews, Scotland on February 25?

  15. Kate was the only one wearing a bright color that day.

    I think that it’s drawing attention to the issue when such a beautifull women dressed in red, stands out and speaks up about that fact that people are getting to confortable with the fact that other people need help.

    At the end of the day, her message was heard.

  16. love the red color!

    i do not like the oversized and over-styled belt. it def gives a 70s vibe – esp paired with the longer length and slim cut.
    i much prefer the original belt which looked more proprtional and modern imo.

    mary’s coat was a little on the simple style, but i do like it paired with those checked pants and lovely heels (with brogue fringe?). mary has such great shoes.
    i also like her hair style. pretty, neat, perfect for the occassion.
    i also prefer her softer, more subtle makeup more flattering than kate’s, and, again, more appropriate for a day event at a warehouse.

    i found kate’s hair, heavy makeup, and belt a little fussy for the occassion and place – a unicef aid packing warehouse.

    • I think you sum up the difference between Kate and Mary’s looks for the event perfectly! They both look nice but put them together and clearly theres a difference, with one of them being better suited for the event/venue. The one additional thought I had after reading everyone elses comments is that the hair/makeup is Kate’s standard for appearances. Though she experimented a bit while in Canada, for the most part she goes for her hair entirely down and curled, never straightened, and practically identical makeup with the exception of it being a bit heavier for the BAFTA and Clarence House events since they were evening/formal.

    • Considering that this was Kate’s first wharehouse tour, she looked good. Marry has had a LOT of practice and I’m willing to bet that Kate and Mary shared tips on how to wear the right thing to the right event and so on.

  17. While Kate is rightly not included in the British Fashion Award (why would she, she’s not a designer), she is included in the British Style award. Looking at the list of nominees I am surprised of some of the choices. For example. Victoria Beckham? I love her fashion but she certainly doesn’t “embody the spirit of London and is an international ambassador for London as a leading creative fashion capital”.
    I wouldn’t vote for Kate either. Yes, she has an influence but I think this is still due to the hype of her being married to William and not necessarily about her fashion choices. Some of them are great, a lot of them are too old for her age and too tame. She’s in a position where she can wear what she wants (she has the money and the figure) and she keeps it too safe for my liking.

    • Hi Franziska, thanks so much for mentioning my error on the BFAs versus the Style award, that is my mistake to be sure. I made the proper change to the post, can’t imagine what I was thinking. :)

  18. Wasn’t this ( their first TV interview?

  19. When I go somewhere inside, I take my coat off to avoid getting cold when I go back outside. Wearing a coat inside looks so awkward en leaves the impression you’re not wearing something underneath it.

    I think the coat is a bit too long. A shorter length would be more flattering for the duchess. And the belt reminds my vaguely of the ‘Power Rangers’.

    No, I’m not a fan.

    • I was thinking that too, but then realized Mary kept hers on as well, so I think it was likely just cold in the warehouse, too.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks Denmark’s Crown Prince looks SUPER young?

  21. I was really tired of seeing dark suede boots on Kate — I think they look adolescent. But thanks to WKW for showing the pic of the original model of the boot, it looks much better. Once again you’ve explained an outfit to me more clearly!

  22. Love the red…it looks so nice in photographs, maybe that’s what she was thinking. They all did such a great job for UNICEF, and thank you for posting a donation link!

    She’s in a tough position. If she wore what the Crown Princess wore, everyone would be up in arms! She knows everyone watches her wardrobe fastidiously, I’m glad she doesn’t disappoint.

  23. I don’t think that is the same belt… It isn’t thick enough and the buckle is oval whereas Kate’s belt is perfectly round. I do not mean to question, since I am not a talented spotter, just curious.

  24. wow Kate looks absolutely exquisite! These are all my favorite royals in one place love Frederik and Mary and Kate and William and my gosh Kate looks fantastic!!! What a great cause they are all a part of. God bless them.

  25. Unrelated to this post, but I just received my fall Nordstrom catalog and the “Kate effect” is quite evident in the clothes they have chosen to showcase for the fall. Wasn’t it a Nordstrom official who said something to the effect that Kate was not really a fashion icon?

  26. I think Kate looked amazing, as always. Believe me, had she dressed down like Princess Mary, everyone would be wondering why she didn’t dress up more. LOL Princess Mary looked regal and Kate looked divine. I loved the shade and cut of the coat, but I would have LOVED to see the dress! The poppy was such a nice touch.

    Perhaps Kate dressed up more because she knew she would be speaking? Also, honestly she really didn’t do THAT much to look fancy! She just is NATURALLY gorgeous! A red coat, croc belt, and black boots wouldn’t look this dressy on everyone.

    Also, are we sure that belt is Vecelli? The two clasps are similar, but I really am not yet convinced. And I want to know because I LOVE her choice of belt today! :) If I can find it and afford it, well … ;p

    She is a beautiful woman, and she’s a natural stunner; she could wear overalls and look overdressed. heehee


    • Once again, I agree with you! I think that if Kate had worn somthing similar to Marry then everyone would say she was dressed too old or too sombre. To me she looked perfect!

  27. Oh, she looks great! I am a fan of the belt too; I think it gives the coat a more interesting look.

    I know we have been speculating on Kate’s height. She looks tall compared to the Frederick and Mary.

    • Ditto this one. Although maybe a black suede belt or the original one could be more proper, I do love this red belt. It definitely makes the entire outfit more up-to-date. :)

  28. This is not my favorite look. I think the coat was too long? It was weird with the high boots, even though they were gorgeous. Also not a fan of the belt. I would be interested to see what she was wearing underneath. It just seemed so disconnected. I wish her hair was up more, but after all of the “scar” drama she will probably never wear it up again! Such a shame.

    • I’m sure she’ll wear it up again. Better down in a cold climate. :) I love it when it’s half-up/half-down!

    • I love the belt, but I agree about the coast being too long.

      I love it when she wears red. Bright jewel tones definitely suit her.

      • I thought she should’ve worn her booties that she wore to St. Andrews with her red skirt suit. Then her coat wouldn’t have looked so “off”.

  29. I think I like the coat better with the original belt. She looks too much like a little girl wearing her mother’s too large coat with the big belt cinched in. I remember Diana wearing large belts sometimes tightly cinched in, perhaps to emphasize a small waist. But Catherine doesnt need to do this. She’s tiny and just seemed overwhelmed by this coat. The color was fine and I like seeing the poppy remembrance. It’s been many years since I’ve seen them here in the states.

  30. I thought the coat was lovely – while the belt she chose would not have been my choice, I think on her it looked nice and gave the caot some pizzaz. I was glad to see Kate and William wearing their poppies. For those who criticize that the poppy’s color clashed with her coat – I can only say that the poppy is not a fashion statement – it is about the hundreds of thousands who died on the battlefields of WWI – the royal family has always made it a point to honor those who died – ever since the former Queen Mum placed her bridal bouquet on the tomb of the unknown soldier, all royal brides have done the same – including Kate. So, wearing the poppy is much more thatn a fashion statement – it is a recognition that freedom is a privilege that is very costly.

  31. She always looks so stunning!
    Thanks for the updates!

  32. I think that she looks wonderful and classy. Personally I wouldn’t have chosen that belt but it still looks great on her. The boots are awesome.

    Maybe the red dress is also the same one that she wore to the New Zealand book signing? (Just like the purse, boots?) They look to be similar weight and length (of what we can see of them). Much better match than her last-day-of-Canada dress, which is more full and looks thicker.

  33. The bag looks like the same bag she had on the 25th February 2011 both to the Official Visit to St Andrews + signing the book of condolence at New Zealand House?

  34. Regarding the boots, are the zippers on the outside? I thought they might have been the trusty Aquaitalia boots, but the zipper throws me off? Thoughts?

  35. I think the coat is ok – it’s the belt which throws it off for me. The original belt with the coat is understated and it needs that because that coat has enough colour. That glitzy belt seems a mistake to me. Going a bit too far?

    Or perhaps it’s the hair loose over the shoulders and coat. Perhaps half-up would have been better?

    Boots glorious.

    I wonder if there’s also something about the outfit fitting the occasion which is off? A more somber outfit perhaps? She really doesn’t have to have colour to stand out in a crowd.
    No, I’m not thrilled by this.

    • I actually like the coat with the belt. however the boots are what I am not 100% sure of…personally I would love to see her in just black tights and classic pumps or booties with this coat.
      Maybe it was cold and they had to stand outside? :)

  36. I love the coat, but the belt and length of the boots she wore overwhelmed her. She should have worn pumps instead with this coat and maybe a thinner belt. She’s very pretty though, it’s just that maybe she didn’t have enough time to rethink her wardrobe.

    I just noticed, she keeps touching her always.

  37. One possibility that doesn’t seem to have been mentioned anywhere – several of you have commented that the Duchess is “too red”, but it may be an homage to her Danish hosts, whose national colours are, of course, red and white.

    I personally love the coat, although I’m not a huge fan of the belt. She does, however, look too dressed up for a charity function, especially next to Mary.

  38. I thought that Crown Princess Mary was a UNICEF worker! I like Kate’s coat and belt but I’m not sure about the boots with it. Perhaps we’ll see pictures of her dress later on.

  39. I hate that belt! The coat would have looked a lot better with the original belt.

    The poppy looks really bad against the coat tho. She probably shouldn’t have worn red at all.

    • I thought that the Poppy kind of stood out with its more orange-y red from the blue-ish red of her coat, but I guess it’s just a personal preferance.

  40. Hello Mrs. Claus…Seriously..not into this look.
    Working too hard to be too fancy at a very serious
    and sad to think about it charity. Too much!!!

  41. For my money, Kate’s been outclassed on this one. I think the Crown Princess is more “on trend” if that’s the expression we are to use. Anyway, I’m a sucker for a classy long line jacket and those tweed check pants. Kate has too much red, too unrelieved, and the belt’s all wrong.

    Am beginning to wonder about that “buttoned up” look of Kate’s. Had assumed it might be just because she’s a very private person — more power to her — but she looks overdressed against the others. Am beginning to wonder if HRH simply feels the cold more by being on one of those severe eating plans. I speak as the survivor of a recent 6-hour juice detox — eventually rescued by common sense and a large slice of hot buttered toast.

    Whatever. I think Kate looks immature against CPM — like a kid of about ten on first day back at school.

    But she’s not out there to please me, and I like her the better for it!

    • We all have to remember that Kate is only 29 going on 30 while Crown Princess Mary is 39 going on 40, so I guess Kate would look immature against CPM, but it could be the vibrant red of her coat.

      • I thought Mary looked…ok, safe and classic. At first glance I thought she was one of those “assistants”. You know what I meant. :) Personally I think Kate did a better job as far as fashion statement goes, but again I’m not sure if one should make a fashion statement at this position and such an event. Despite all, I do love this coat, just from the fashion stand point.

        • I agree! Mary looked like she was a UNICEF worker. Kate probably should’ve worn a different color coat but she brought attention to the cause and many of the Kate followers that I talk to have made donations so it worked!

    • I liked Mary’s coat but the sleeves needed shortening — good tailoring for the sake of proportion can make all the difference — and I really disliked the trouser fabric. Her hairstyle doesn’t thrill me either. However, I’ve never been a fan of Mary’s wardrobe. Her tastes and mine just don’t correspond.

      It’s worth noting, vis-a-vis the Duchess’s coat, that the midi-length is very “on trend” right now. Unfortunately, as I said below, I’ve always hated it.

    • Mary went very businesslike which is very European royal. Kate went a bit dressier which is very Brit royal. Both ladies wore coats and boots, neutral make-up and fussed little with their hair. Kate just remembered to wear a color that caught attention, which was very smart, considering that was the point of the visit. Imo, Kate, as always, looked perfectly complimentary to William in his smart suit. They always look like such a well put together pair.

      (Frederik wore a velvet suit, so I should leave him out of the entire fashion equation…but what? why?)

  42. Wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day (11th November) is a big thing in Australia – it’s very disappointing to see Mary chose not to wear one, she is a former Australian, after all.

    Just in case anyone is interested, Mary stands at around 5’6″ tall, I have met her on more than a few occasions, and in these pics she is wearing heels, as is Kate, so you can see Kate is most likely no taller than 5’8″.

  43. I’m not sure how I feel about the coat. In the snapshot of her on the tarmac it looks like its overwhelming her and just completely swallowing her up. That may be because of the belt and her stance combining to make it look like its attacking her.

    I don’t think the interview was bad. Its a lot of pressure for her to be speaking publicly like that and she did a good job. Clearly not as polished as the Crown Princess or William but those two have been speaking publicly on issues or around people doing so their entire lives.

    I noticed the Crown Princess didn’t carry a purse and seemed less done up (hair and makeup). II didn’t know who she was at first and she could pass for a UNICEF employee out to pick them up rather then a member of the royal family. t makes such a contrast to Kate, and for the first time makes me wonder if she puts too much of a focus on having her appearance and ends up looking too polished. Though don’t get me wrong, if she didn’t she’d probably get picked apart for not representing the country well.

  44. Thanks for sharing the links to the videos!

  45. I was really surprised that Kate spoke in the interview. I think that gives more evidence that she and William are truly equal partners. It was so great to see her in color. The red coat is beautiful and the belt is fabulous.

  46. Nice coat. Not sure about the belt. Here’s my question. How many coats do you brits own? I have one heavy one, one top coat and two raincoats. I’ve lost track of how many coats she has worn so far. Is this common practice? Seems wearing a matching coat over a dress to a wedding is some kind of British thing. I have lost count of how many of those she has too.

    What does the typical stylish woman have in her closet by way of coats?

    • I’m not sure how many coats an average Brit has, but as a royal and someone who has been in the public eye for some time, I imagine Kate will have quite a few, since on some occasions all anyone will see of her outfit is the coat. She has recycled some though.

      I have a closet full of coats but I’m Canadian, and since we have winter six months of the year–ha, ha–that’s out of necessity. Seriously, since coats seem to be less trendy, you can wear them forever–I have some great vintage ones from the seventies which were my grandmother’s.

      Ps. Loved Kate’s coat but I thought Mary looked fantastic! She has to be nearly 40 and to have a figure like Kate’s after 4 kids, it makes me want to hit the gym–well, right after I eat some more Halloween candy.

    • I have eight. Three are for rainy days :)

      I need a shorter, smartish winter coat…

    • I’m American, and I’ve got a black, dressy, full-length coat, a couple of casual knee-length coats (one black, one camel from Reiss, as it happens); an olive-khaki Burberry; an evening raincoat in silver-white, a hip-length black, fox-fur-trimmed jacket (sort of an upscale parka); a hip-length casual jacket in plum-colored wool; a black velvet evening coat; and a charcoal wool jacket with a cut similar to that of the white Alexander McQueen jacket the Duchess wore for Trooping the Color (but MUCH less expensive).

      I also own a plum silk sheath dress with a matching knee-length coat, but it’s too thin to be worn outdoors in chilly weather. It’s for spring, really.

      I think people pretty much expect someone in the Duchess’s position to own a lot of coats, since for her they are fashion statements as much as something to keep her warm in cold weather. The dress/coat combination for a wedding or something similar is common in the UK but really only among the affluent. Most people can’t afford to buy elegant little coats that really work with only one dress and aren’t thick enough for cold-weather wear.

  47. I didn’t watch the video so I have no comment on her speech but from the pictures only, I love this red coat! It inspires me to dig out my old Narcizo Rodriguez wool coat. :)

  48. I have slightly mixed feelings about this coat. Though I like to see the Duchess in red, there’s something a bit “off” about this shade of red, and it doesn’t hugely appeal to me. (I have to be extremely careful about what shades of red I wear, so I’m hyperobservant on the subject.) I love the belt she substituted, but the midi length is always a potential problem. It works with boots or trousers, but otherwise it hits the leg at an unflattering point. For that reason, I’ve always avoided it.

    The cut of the coat is lovely, though. Very sleek.

    I must say that Crown Princess Mary didn’t make much of a positive fashion impression, but then, I’ve never been crazy about the way she dresses.

  49. Don’t get me wrong, am I a huge fan of Kate, but the few times I’ve seen clips of her speaking in public, it’s been kind of difficult to follow what she’s trying to say (she repeats herself a lot and seems to stumble over her own thoughts). I imagine that probably comes down to nerves and not having much practice, but I do still find myself secretly rooting for her to say something eloquent – especially because William is so great at handling reporters. As always though, she looked beautiful, and she does seem like a lovely human being.

    • I don’t have trouble understanding her (possibly because I know some Brits whose accent is very similar to hers), and I’d say she didn’t do any worse than the average person without much public speaking experience — and better than some I’ve heard. Most people really are nervous even when speaking in front of a small group, and they may freeze altogether when some reporter thrusts a microphone in their faces. The Duchess will acquire greater ease with experience. It’s much too early for her to be “eloquent”. Other members of the royal family, even with their years of experience, have never quite risen to that level of oratory.

    • As a Brit I don’t have any problem in understanding Kate. Her accent isn’t particularly clipped although it does sound upper class.

      I think when she learns to speak louder and less tentatively, she’ll be understood better.
      She’ll get there. Early days yet.
      I’d probably gibber if I had to speak in front of tv cameras :D

    • William is incredibly well practiced and has had a ton of experience. The BBC video of Kate’s entire interview is much much better. The Telegraph video cut it up and didn’t contain the full interview. She was quite sweet and articulate, just a little nervous, which is incredibly understandable. We all think we understand, but none of us will ever have the world’s eyes upon us quite like Kate.

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