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Tonight Kate opted for another emerald green dress, selecting Mulberry for tonight’s press reception at Buckingham Palace.

British Monarchy Flickr

The gathering was hosted by the Queen, she welcomed journalists to the Palace who are expected to cover her Diamond Jubilee next year. Other senior royals attending the party included Prince Philip, Prince William, Prince Charles & the Duchess of Cornwall.  More from Richard Palmer’s story in the Express:

The royals chatted with journalists, broadcasters and bloggers about the final preparations for five months of nationwide events beginning in February to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

Prince William looks well following intense rescue work this weekend, he and his crew helped rescue two Russian sailors in the sea off the Welsh coast.

Via SkyNewsRoyal Twitter Feed

Here are better images of Kate’s frock.

Mulberry Shirt Dress in 'Cabbage'

The dress showcases Mulberry’s ‘exclusive Peace and Love’ jacquard (meaning the motif is woven into the fabric, not printed or appliqued onto the material) pattern. The “Full Pleated Shirt Dress” is 100% silk and the color is called ‘cabbage’.  The dress features a Peter Pan collar, pleats just about everywhere, and long sleeves gathered at the cuff, it is $2200.

Here is how the dress looked on the runway, it is from Mulberry’s fall RTW (ready to wear) collection, we also show it as seen in the company’s print ad campaign.

The dress remains available on the US site, but only in Size 2 as of this writing. As an aside, Mulberry has oodles of things in the ‘Peace and Love’ or ‘Love and Peace’ motif, much like the company’s Polly Push Lock collection. Items available include jewelry, apparel and accessories.

The Mirror’s Gilly Ferguson was quite taken with the frock in this story titled “Kate Middleton Fashion Verdict: Boho Mulberry Peace dress is her most trend-led yet”

It’s arguably her chicest dress to date (Sarah Burton wedding gowns not included). Full-length photo or not, it’s the details that mark this dress as the dress that gave Kate fashion kudos.”

We don’t think of this as one of Kate’s chicest looks. While it is difficult to make a determination without seeing better photos, we respectfully disagree with Ms. Ferguson’s analysis. The color is a lovely green, the detailing looks exquisite, and I’m sure the dress is more-than-pretty on Kate, very flattering with her coloring, but über-chic? No, not in my opinion. Judging by many of the comments from the WKW Facebook Community, few would categorize the dress as anywhere near one of Kate’s “chicest” looks.
Victoria Arbiter of CBS News shared some insight about a possible motive for the Peace & Love motif, suggesting perhaps the Duchess selected it with tongue planted firmly in cheek:

Victoria Arbiter Twitter Feed

Her Majesty looked lovely in shimmering green and aqua tones.

Our thanks to Richard Palmer (that same Express columnist whose story we quoted up above) for alerting us early on in the evening that Kate was in a green Mulberry dress, that made identification relatively simple. We also want to thank WKW FB friend Sara for reminding us to look at Elle’s runway photos from the spring.

The other fun part of the evening involved the Palace’s creation of a “Tweet Suite,” an area specifically set up so journalists might tweet from the reception.

Via Rory Cellan-Jones Twitter Feed

From what we read online, many of those in attendance were enjoying themselves so much they really didn’t want to leave the party.

Via Tony W Twitter Feed

As noted in today’s earlier post, I love seeing the Monarchy embrace social media as a way of getting its message out.


Tonight’s other function was the British Fashion Awards; Kate was not named Britain’s most stylish, Alexa Chung was given that honor for the second year in a row. However, Sarah Burton was named Designer of the Year, and Tabitha Simmons received the Emerging Talent Award for accessories.


One final note, we thought some might enjoy this Slate story about Fashion icons, the always-wonderful Simon Doonan includes Royal Fashion Icons in the article.

Royal Style Icons. These gals deserve their own group. Though they tend to be restrained and sometimes even downright turgid in their personal style, they are often hugely influential. In the ‘80s the ordinary woman on the street switched allegiances to Princess Diana. Now Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is the go-to royal. Their discreet and excessively scrutinized fashion choices must reflect a sense of appropriateness while simultaneously communicating self-denial.”

To read the entire piece, click here.

  82 Responses to “Kate Wears Mulberry for Buckingham Palace Press Party”

  1. It seems to me that the Duchess wears very conservative dresses when around the Queen. ??? I think she needs to stop doing that and just be herself. Like when she wore the DVF green dress to Zara’s pre-wedding party… I thought the purple dress she wore in Canada would have been more cocktailish than the green. JMO.

    • She really can’t stop doing that. She married into a certain position that requires her to observe a certain decorum. She has always dressed fairly conservatively anyway; she’s clearly something of a traditionalist, as her various life choices indicate. As for the dress, perhaps she just wanted to wear something Christmassy, and she thought “Peace and Love” on a green dress worked rather well for a holiday season cocktail party.

  2. I know I’m in the minority here but I really like the dress on Kate–it’s fresh (great colour) fun (cheeky peace and love reference for the press–ha!ha!) and trendy (“70′s are very big in fashion right now, but definitely for the younger set ).

    I think it’s got to be awfully tough for Kate to dress her age but conservatively without looking too businessy. I think she did well here.

    Having said that, I could never get away with wearing this dress–you have to be young thin and beautiful like Kate to pull it off. On me, yes the dress would be frumpy and look like I stole it from my mother’s closet–on Kate–well, I’m sure she looked like a breath of fresh air.

  3. Kate looks swell in all her clothes, how I wish I could afford them, Well I can dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think “chic” translates to “expensive” in this case. Xp This dress is bordering on dowdy. Chic? No.

  5. I would’ve liked to see more pictures of her in that dress.

  6. I agree with most here that the dress is not the best. What surprises me more is that she paid $2200 for this dress! I have read reports (don’t know how accurate they are) that she does not accept clothes from designers for free. However, it didn’t say they she would not accept a discount on the clothes. The reason I bring this up is because we have seen her wear pieces that are marked down or on sale which proves that she either likes to get a good deal on what she wears or she wants to show people that she is watching what she spends just like everyone else in these economic times or maybe its both? We all know she could very well afford to pay full price for her clothing and buy much more expensive clothes then does but she chooses to buy from the sale rack. She also recycles her clothes a lot as we have seen on many occasions and I can’t see her recycling this dress for another event. I mean what else could she wear this to? I agree with the people who are saying this was “tongue and cheek” which maybe meant more to her for this event (to make a statement) then to worry about where or when else she could wear again.

  7. I am so sorry to say that this dress is just ugly.
    My grand mother used to wear the same in the end 70′s-80′s :)

    • To FrenchGirl You are so right. I am one of those grandmothers and I had several dresses that looked like this one. Dowdy then and dowdy now.
      It’s time for the Duchess to go couture

  8. I maybe repeating what others have said (haven’t had time to read through the comments), but I think it’s clear that the author of the piece in The Mirror is confusing ‘chic’ with ‘trendy.’ The dress is a beautiful color and I’m sure that the quality (fabric/workmanship) is top notch, but it’s pretty ordinary.

    Also, can someone please explain the appeal of Alexa Chung? I just don’t get what’s so special about her style. (I think the same thing about Sienna Miller and the Olsen twins!)

    • I wish I could explain the appeal of Alexa Chung. I’m sure she’s a nice enough girl but it is beyond my imagination why on earth she is regularly named as a very influential person in fashion, has a handbag named after her and tops the best dressed list(s) … Maybe I’m too old, I don’t know. Or just old fashioned because I don’t understand why it is so fashionable to go to red carpet events with hair that looks like in dire need of a hairbrush.

      Don’t get me started on the Olsen twins. Ok, their fashion line is a) way out of my age range and b) way out of my wallet range but shouldn’t you, as the owner of a fashion brand, lead by example? I always thought that if you make clothes they should be made to make the best of the wearer’s body and highlight the good things and disguise the bad things. The way the Olsen twins dress themselves they just hide everything.

      As for Kate’s dress above… no, I don’t like it. I like the colour although not on her and the fabric is just meh. And the whole design is simply too old for her. She’s not even 30! I know she’s part of The Firm now and she can’t be too much out there fashion wise, but please, if she dresses like she’s in her 40s already where does that leave her when she’s actually in her 40s?

    • I agree with both of you!! And I’m a teenager, so I’m supposed to like Alexa Chung and the Olsens! I just don’t understand their appeal. They’re not chic, they dress ugly and messy and overly extreme. :(

      • I get Alexa, most of times, but never care for the Olsen twins.
        For me Alexa is a perfect interpretation of vintage meets modern trends. She pulls off some of the most challenging outfits. Of course she has lots of misses, too. :)
        Kate and Alexa, I have to say they are not on the same league. I bet there are people out there who like them both and are inspired by both, such as myself.

  9. The dress is my least favorite from all the outfits I have seen her wear. She is way to young for that style. Perhaps it would have looked better in a cream color with a gold belt and gold clutch. .
    She might have worn something understated on purpose, as not to outshine the queen. If Kate would have shown up in an absolutely spectacular outfit, the queen and everybody else would have become ‘invisible’. I noticed Kates style goes up a notch when the event ‘belongs’ to her, but she does not want to outshine the cause or the VIP person of the event. This was the queens night.

  10. Along with that yellow dress that she wore in Calgary, Canada (and that the wind blew up and showed her bare bum without underwear! — major fashion faux pas!) this has got to be her worst look ever. These Pollyanna dresses with Peter Pan collars are fit only for little girls under six and little old grannies. Why, the Queen looked better than Kate at this event — maybe that was the idea!

    I also don’t like this colour on Kate for some reason. My third least favourite dress was that green Diane von Furstenberg baggy day dress with the self-belt that she wore so inappropriately to a wedding.

    Generally I love Kate’s fashion choices, and I don’t comment when I see things I like, but I had to chime in here. This fashion choice was so far from chic it’s a big disappointment. Wrong, wrong, all wrong.

    Love your blog, by the way! I enjoying tuning in once a week to see what Kate wore. :-)

    • If I’m thinking of the right dress, I don’t think Kate wore the green DVF to a wedding. She wore it to Zara’s pre-wedding party on the yacht —which was a much more casual event. I think she wore the same dress while in North America at a daytime event. I liked that dress more than this one.

    • She wore the green DVF dress to a dinner held on a yacht the evening before Zara Phillips’ wedding. If you look at pictures of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie as well as Zara herself from that evening, they wore dresses similar in tone. For the actual wedding day she wore a suit and hat, in line with the other ladies. The original post here had pictures from both events.

    • She didn’t wear the green DVF dress to a wedding. She wore it to a pre-wedding drink event on a boat. I absolutely love that dress, and I thought even the yellow Jenny Packham was a nice choice for her. Everything about this Mulberry dress is just wrong though.

    • The DVF dress was far from baggy, and I don’t think she “goes commando”. I’m sure she had on a thong, which couldn’t be seen when her yellow dress blew up. But I’ll agree that dress was a poor choice. It was too childish a style.

      And S is right: the DVF dress was indeed worn to a pre-wedding party, not to the wedding itself, though I don’t know why it would have been so “inappropriate” for a wedding. A simple silk dress is what many people wear to weddings.

      While disliking the style of this dress, I think bright green suits the Duchess very well. It’s a great color on many brunettes, especially those with green-hazel eyes like hers. Wish I could wear it.

      • While we’re on the dress (personally, its one of my favorites and I really wish I could pull it off) I thought I’d share this link to Zara’s knock off. The color is teal, but otherwise the dress is very similar…v-back with gold buttons and sash. It may be a bit baggier and when I tried it on it was atrociously long and came to about half an inch past my knee (I’m 5’3” though). I have to say I love it in the emerald green DVF version because its a fresh color that pops, the teal is too muted for my liking.

        Sorry to change your post into a thread one about a dress you disliked so much Arlie! Though I have to agree this “cabbage” color was atrocious. Probably to be expected if you’re wearing something called cabbage.

        • I have to agree you all know more than I do about what dresses Kate wore to what events! Apologies for getting my facts wrong. I still dislike that DVF dress — it looks baggy to me, or maybe shapeless is a better word. And even at the pre-wedding yacht party, to me Kate looked too casually dressed compared to other attendees. Just my humble opinion.

          And as for the yellow Jenny Packham dress, I agree she was not “commando” — she was wearing tights or pantyhose. But somebody didn’t plan right — most Canadians know how windy the airport at Calgary is.

          Possibly what bothers me most is when fawning media say Kate has never had a fashion faux pas. This is just not true — there couldn’t have been a much worse faux pas than her dress blowing up and revealing her bum.

          Now, enough about poor choices (nobody, not even Kate, can get through life without a few poor fashion choices). I eagerly look forward to Kate’s next look!

    • She needs to have her hems weighted.
      She had on a thong, BTW.

  11. Call the Fashion Police! It’s really that bad and frumpy, the Queen would be proud though.. Did not like this dress or color on her at all! She is not 70..

  12. Kate’s make-up looks good! She has tonned down the eyeliner!

  13. I may be the minority report here, but I think this dress is exactly in the Duchess’ wheelhouse – conservative cut & fit, gorgeous jewel tone, with just enough of a modern twist (the pattern & the on-trend collar) to save it from being too matronly. I don’t care for the dress on the models, actually, but would love to see a full-length shot of her in it; with her figure I’ll bet she pulls it off.

    • We can’t see much of Kate in this green dress here, but perhaps she gave it a little punch with one of her big belts, and we can see that she’s got the top button of the shirtwaist top open for a more flattering V-neckline. And I am confident she wasn’t wearing the baggy knee socks and clunky green shoes shown on the designer’s models. What are these people thinking? William looking well tailored as usual.

  14. You know, it may well be that the Duchess simply has a thing for 70′s style, which is “in,” right now, or is wearing it simply because it IS in and she wants to be fashionable without going to extremes. You’ll note that on the site below, shirtdresses are associated with the 70′s, as I mentioned earlier. Moreover, the design of that mustard chiffon dress on the site reminds me a great deal of the red evening dress the Duchess wore a few weeks back. And look at the coats.

    Unfortunately, as someone who was just starting to take an interest in clothes in the 1970′s, I can attest that this was not fashion’s best era. We none of us looked particularly good. I agree that the Duchess may be able to carry off this shirtdress better than most of us could, but really, this retro-70′s trend is going to be hard for ANYONE, no matter how sleekly built, to wear well. I hope it doesn’t last.

  15. No. Just no. The Seventies didn’t look good then and don’t look good now. Plus the pattern, which belongs on a sofa. Plus that dreadful shade of green, which makes her look sallow. And nobody older than 6 should wear a Peter Pan collar. Ever.

    • It may be a Peter Pan collar (ugh! I used to hate those way back even when I was five) but Kate must have it open – there is a distinct ‘V’ at her neck.

      Personally I thought she can carry off that colour – flash will be draining the colour from her face.

      As for the 70s look – I liked it at the time (if I remember correctly) but it looks ‘old fashioned’ now :D

      • I still like the sexy secratary look from time to time, and still in love with the space era look, such as Pierre Cardin’s shift dresses. :)

  16. I love the color on her, but I don’t think I like the style of the dress. As others have pointed out, though, we can’t see the entire dress on her.

    Is Clarence House deliberately only releasing photos of Kate from the waist up, or is it just a coincidence?

    • YES! I’m not the only one who had that thought! heehee Maybe there is a bump we’re not seeing; this dress would make a good cover. Xp

  17. Dated and frumpy are the two words that came to mind upon seeing this green dress. The style looks like something I might have worn in the 1980′s and I can’t stand the color.

  18. The color is appropriate to the season and the motif is a tongue and cheek offering to the press. Don’t you think? It’s the queen who is chic here. Just gorgeous. I’ll bet in person she looks lit from within. Love the black gloves. Dramatic without being alarming. Dripping in charm.

  19. I think everyone will be surprised when they see a full shot. She is tall enough and thin enough to pull this off nicely. She has a tiny waist, so is able to wear pleats well. Look at her in the red coat dress she wore in Denmark. Practically no one can wear a belted coat dress and not look fat, but it looked lovely on Catherine. Also, look at how beautiful she looked at the BAFTA ball in California…..pleats again. She definitely can wear pleats. As for her shoes, it was an evening affair, so I would assume she is wearing black evening pumps or something appropriate for evening. Remember, Catherine has ALWAYS been a conservative dresser and I have to assume that her conservative husband loves the way she dresses, despite all the criticism others may have. I think she is doing an absolutely wonderful job of integrating into the royal family. Have a little faith, people……..

  20. Kate looks fine in this dress but it’s certainly not my favorite and I sure wouldn’t pay $2200 for it, even if I could afford that amount. The queen doesn’t really look all that great either. I know this is a Kate fan site but were any other royals there…..Sophie, Zara etc.?

  21. Hmmm. Yeah, I agree with the most prevalent opinion here: this is not the best look we’ve seen on the Duchess. But, I really appreciate the comments suggesting that she may be paying tribute to the Queen because my first horrified thought upon seeing the frock was “Oh no! Peace signs? Surely the Queen will be so displeased!”. I’m happy to see this from another viewpoint.

    If the Duchess is “honoring” the Queen with her peace sign, pleated frock, perhaps it makes sense that not everyone loves this look. When she payed homage to the Canadian flag, it attracted lots of conflicting opinions. I personally loved it; you must have such stellar self-confidence to pull that off!

  22. .. gorgeous color-

    (I wonder if she and the Queen ‘coordinated’ ? on purpose. I wonder if green is supposed to ‘signify’ anything for the occasion. diamond anniversary color, conventionally, is ‘white’/diamond.. but Green, in today’s political world.. has potentially meaningful significance for a Queen. Kate’s wedding was “green”, too- as are many of Harry and Charles’ interests in organic farming, etc–)

    anyways! looking forward to seeing a full picture of the dress.

    in the meantime, just looking at the other pictures of it: ugh! this is exactly the kind of dress that could only look good on someone with a spectacular figure ! (like the Duchess————–!)

  23. I’d need to see a full-length view on Kate, but judging from the pictures of the models, this dress is far too frumpy to be classified as anything even close to “chic.” I’m hoping that Kate fills the dress better than the rail-thin models (not that Kate is much more than rail-thin herself).

  24. Not her best choice, but would hide a beginning baby bump.

    • You think? I carry my fat in the front of my stomach and I feel as though pleats and a belt on my natural waist (two things I steer clear of individually and wouldn’t dream of combining ever) accentuate that for me. I love the trend of pleated skirts (see Taylor Swifts yellow with a blue cable night sweater) but bemoan the fact that I can’t pull it off without looking like I’ve got a bun in the oven. Although I suppose since its allegedly still early she wouldn’t be showing much anyway.

  25. It is a dress than can expand for a little baby bump, but not her best fashion choice. I would bet it will hide a little one.

  26. Too much green on a dress. It’s so 70…
    On the side note, that little red dress on that lady next to the queen looks awesome!

    • The red dress looks good, you’re right (minus the boots that are waaaay too tall), but am I the only one who thinks the queen doesn’t match at ALL?? I also absolutely detest this choice for Kate. The color looks great, sure, but the style is downright ugly. Someone further down the page said the ad is beautiful, which is why I will never understand high fashion. What the heck do birds, foxes and eggs have to do with a hideous dress??? It’s ugly to start with; throwing random images at me is NOT going to help! A rare miss for the duchess, in my opinion.

  27. I want a full length! Can’t decide how I feel about it until then.

    • I agree, though as I said earlier, I had seen the dress on a model on the Mulberry site and had already decided that the only thing I liked about it was the color. The details — the small pleating — are elegant, but they don’t compensate for the overall design.

      It’s worth pointing out that the fashion world often labels “chic” various items, not infrequently rather frumpy, that many women wouldn’t be caught dead in. That’s because they look terrible, very dowdy, on anyone who is not very tall and thin, and sometimes even models have trouble carrying them off. That’s especially true of anything with a below-the-knee hem, which is trendy right now, but I suspect it won’t be for long. It’s not a flattering length on the majority of women. The Duchess is tall and slim enough to wear most looks well, and she may well have pulled this one off much more successfully than the rest of us would have, but without a full-length picture, we just don’t know.

      This is a very 70′s look, by the way. Shirtdresses in silk or fake-silk with below-the-knee hems were ubiquitous then.

      • I actually thought the color kind of dragged down the design. It’s just too much green. If it was taupe or some other nuetral color, the whole look might give a different feel. :)

  28. I wouldn’t buy it, but I think Kate is using her symbolism here. To me it looks retro, like to the time when the Queen became Queen. It’s a nice tribute to the Queen since this was her press night. The name of the pattern is very tongue in cheek! Kate puts thought into her “official duty oufits” and I can’t judge based on the photo. I think she may have left the top few buttons undone to keep it from looking too “school girl” or frumpy.

    • I agree, it looks retro and she wants to adapt her outfit to Queen’s style. But the result is an adaptation to a tacky commoner without taste. Kate has no fortune with silk satin frocks – do you remember the Stella McCartney at Prince Philip’s bday?

      • Oh God that one was awful! Her BAFTAs dress was satin, wasn’t it? Or was it a blend? I can’t remember. Like I have already said, she probably wants to make the Queen happy, but I also see a 70′s influnce that she has been wearing as of late. I personally don’t like the “boho” trend very much and it’s weird seeing Kate follow it.

    • The Queen became Queen in the early 1950′s, not the 70′s. Sorry, but I don’t think this dress has anything to do with the Queen’s regnal timeline.

      • I was going for 40s with the basic design, fabric not included. If you look at clothing from the 40s and early 50s some dresses have the same design. This was then brought back in the 70s and was made from satin.

  29. she looks beautiful in that colour even though i can’t see the bottom of the dress on her. Thanks for the description and photos of the dress but I am sure Kate pulled it off.

    Here are some photos of her in a nice sweater grocery shopping in wales Nov22 if anyone missed it

    • The dress is nothing short of ugly and doesn’t even do the models any justice. I agree the color suits the Duchess but the dress itself is ugly, ugly, ugly. The ugliest thing she has ever worn. I guess she was overdue for a poor selection.

  30. That dress is downright ugly. I doubt anyone could look good in it. Probably my least favorite thing she’s ever worn.

  31. Not really a fan of this dress, I know the earlier posts said this was not formal so “no hats” but I didn’t think that equated to such a casual dress. The collar and buttons make it a bit too preppy and casual then what I had expected for the night. She is thin enough that she can get away with all over pleats, but I think it looks a bit old and dowdy on the mannequins. The color is nice on her, and as usual her hair looks nice, that’s about the best I can come up with. I’m not sure a sleek pony would have worked, it may have looked a little better with the dress but still casual for an event. I have to agree with Maddy, the logo print strikes me as tacky. At first I thought I was seeing things when I spotted a partial peace sign on her shoulder. And I was so looking forward to seeing what she wore tonight :(

  32. It is hard for me to tell from Kate’s picture, although, I do love her in brighter colors, so, in general, I like what I am seeing. On the models, it does seem to be a rather sophisticated dress. Kate is so pretty, isn’t she? Thank you for keeping the blog going; I just love seeing what she is wearing!

  33. Its not my favourite dress- but I do like it. Green really is her colour! Enough with navy blue. =P

  34. I think it’s impossible for us to judge how the dress looked on Kate from the pictures (the runway picture is unflattering, but the ad is simply gorgeous), but I LOVE the choice overall. It’s just a little bit quirky, almost something that Alexa Chung or Sienna Miller would wear. In other words, Brit quirky. I adore the pleats, the sleeves, the length and the pattern. Although conservative in one sense, it’s young and fun and daring for Kate. I like that she’s stepping out of the box a little.

    Although, as I say that, I notice it also has a bit of the 50s flare that her yellow Canada dress had going for it. The sleeves are something that we saw on the red Beuleah dress. And the pleats she wore the other day with her Mulberry skirt. I think these are small details that Kate enjoys. Modern, yet a bit of a throwback.

    It’s worth adding that Kate always tailors her clothes very well, which would suit this dress and every reporter in attendance said she looked stunning. I bet she did. I also think Victoria Arbiter is on to something… Smart lady.

    • I agree, Brit flare all the way! I was also thinking that this was a throwback to honour the Queen; it is tailored like the dresses that were in style when she was young.

  35. I don’t think this is as bad as everyone else seems to think it is; however, I don’t think it’s perfectly lovely either. The colour is absolutely stunning on her and works so well with her hair!!!!! I really love it. Other than that, well, this is one of those ‘so-so’ dresses for me. I don’t like the logo embroidery, that’s for sure, I think it’s a bit tacky. I’m sure the dress looks really lovely on her, but for some reason, except for the colour, the whole dress just seems a bit off to me. :/ Oh well. I must say, it *does* look like a comfy dress. And *of course* she still looked very beautiful, as always!! :)

    PS. Anyone know what shoes she’s wearing? I’m sort of assuming she went with the Sledge, just because they’re obviously her main go-to pair and they seem to be the pair that would work best with this dress. What do you girls think? :)

  36. I LOVE it! She doesn’t wear as many bright colors as I wish she would – and this looks GORGEOUS on her! I wish we could see a full pic of it, but I think she looks lovely.

  37. This is bad. I dont even have to see the rest to figure out what it looks like. I assume she wore her nude of black pumps with this. Whats going on with Kate? She has had far more misses than hits lately. I think this could work if her hair were in a sleek ponytail, but her usual hairstyle makes this outfit look old and frumpy. The print makes it worse.

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