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As we start to wrap up our year-end ‘Best of’ voting we have the companion post to our ‘Favorite Tour Dress’ poll.

Because we didn’t want that previous post on dresses to have too many choices there are two looks from the tour being included with this poll, they felt like a better fit here. Unfortunately, by minimizing the previous post this one feels beyond overwhelming, I apologize in advance for that. A reminder, the top choices from the previous dress post and this post will have something of a fashion face-off as we attempt to ascertain the most popular apparel look, not including accessories.

Alexander McQueen Sailor dress (which I mistakenly recalled as being separates).

Canadian Heritage Flickr

The other tour look we wanted to include is this, the Whistles separates worn in Los Angeles.

Amanda Wakeley’s navy silk mikado suit worn for the Darwen Academy visit in April (L), as well as for the official Royal Tour photograph.

The British Monarchy

The Luisa Spagnoli Suit seen at St. Andrews in late February.

We saw another Issa on Kate, this one worn for a little shopping in April.


The Blue Pleated Zara dress worn the day after the wedding, April 30, as Kate and William left the Palace grounds. (And also worn for Prince Philip’s 90th birthday church services.)


The Reiss Shola dress was worn for William and Kate’s meeting with the Obamas in May.

Official White House Photo via Flickr

This year at the Epsom Derby we saw Kate in the Reiss Peacock Dress and ‘Nessie’ Tweed Jacket by Joseph.

At Wimbledon the Duchess wore Temperley’s Moraiah in ivory.

When previewing the exhibition showcasing her wedding gown with the Queen Kate chose Joseph’s Scala dress.

British Monarchy/Harrods

Kate wore the Amanda Wakeley Sculpted Felt dress for a visit with William to Royal Marsden.

Kate wore Mulberry’s Polly Push Lock skirt for a little shopping mid-November.


The Mulberry Pleated Shirt Dress in ‘cabbage’ debuted at the press reception in advance of the Queen’s Jubilee.

We saw a return to Zara, Kate selected the Lace Tulip dress for the Gary Barlow concert fundraiser.

Majesty Magazine Twitter Feed/Zara

For December’s visit to Centrepoint we saw Kate in Ralph Lauren’s Turtleneck Dress in olive melange.

Harriet Armstrong-Centrepoint Facebook Page/Ralph Lauren

  23 Responses to “Kate’s Suits, Separates & Dresses Part II: Pick Your Favorite”

  1. I am surprised how many people love the sailor dress…that is really not my taste at all. I’ve bought a few clothes inspired by Kate’s looks, but the one item that she wore that I HAD to have was that blue Zara dress!

  2. This was really hard, because pretty much all of these are on my TOP list of anything Kate has ever worn!

    1. Alexander McQueen sailor dress … just my style and looked timeless on her!
    2. Reiss Peacock dress … sheer beauty, a true princess dress!
    3. Black Issa wrap … practical as can be, yet gorgeous.
    4. Whistles sweater and pleated skirt … who doesn’t like this?!
    5. White Temperley … I wouldn’t wear it, but it looked so grand on her, and it suited the event SO perfectly that it had to make my list ;)

    The Shola and blue Zara were close ;)

  3. I voted for the dress she wore viewing her wedding dress with the Queen because it is just so ladylike. But I also loved the dress she wore to the tennis match. It just was so young and flirty. Perfect choices for both occasions.

  4. I would DIE for the Sailor Dress. D-I-E. right now… over my keyboard.

  5. I really wasn’t WOWED by any of them. In desperation, I voted for the Mulberry Skirt and the unnamed turtleneck. I suppose the McQueen sailor dress was a close second, but I didn’t vote for that because 1) it is costumey, and 2) the hem sagged in the back, a typical problem with a sweater dress.

  6. I picked the pleated Zara dress. It’s not actually the most spectacular dress she’s worn, but I really like it because of the feelings it invokes. You can tell Kate and Will are so relieved the wedding is behind them, and I think as viewers we kind of pick up on that. It’s an OK dress on its own, but she made it look great.

    But yeah, on the whole, it was difficult to pick just one!

  7. Love the polls and this entire blog! It’s so nice to know someone else cares about her clothes as much as I do! The polls are a great idea and a great way to celebrate this year of the royals! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. out of FIFTEEN dresses/choices, there is only 1 that I don’t think looks irreproachably lovely on Kate! that says alot about her—-

    and then- of course! – there isn’t even a single one that doesn’t look ‘appropriate’, in the best sense of the word– just right for the occasion.

    (I realize I’ve come to trust- completely- that Kate will (probably!) never induce a cringe (from me) and has become someone whose manners and sense of propriety I’d love to emulate..)

    so how to choose?! I had to come up with my own maybe-wacky criteria..

    I made myself close my eyes and think- which outfit could I ‘see’/remember without looking at a photo.. i.e. which outfit has remained in my memory the best.. over the past months?

    there are only 2:
    1. the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ dress (McQueen.. no surprise there!)
    2. the Luisa Spagnoli suit

    I voted for the Spagnoli spectacular scarlet suit..

    the McQueen is a unique- and endearing- ‘number’ that very few 29 year olds could have pulled off. it was especially beautiful on Kate, I thought, because of the outfits that preceded and followed it on her Canadian tour. i.e. one more ‘side’ to Kate was revealed..
    I also was moved by the dress because it reflected a favorite book/character of Kate’s as a child—

    but the Italian designer’s suit was another wow! moment for me.
    I love the simple black turtleneck Kate chose to wear with it.
    I love that she showed such a keen eye in her choice, this time, of a non-British designer.
    anyways, Kate smashing in scarlet is another picture of her I’ll not forget for a long time..

    and now I’ll stop rambling.. sheepishly admitting I sound like a sillyfangirl.

    thanks for the fun site! I had NO IDEA I cared this much about clothes !
    it’s actually quite exciting to have someone so in the public eye whose taste in clothes is just.. so.. ‘appropriate’ !

    • I loved the red Spagnoli suit, too, but she needed to wear a turtleneck with a higher, more snugly fitting neck and gloves that fully covered her wrists. I buy a lot of black turtlenecks every year and often wear them with suits or good jackets. I am particular about the way the necks fit. I also make sure that no skin shows between the cuff of a coat or jacket sleeve and the cuff of a glove. It doesn’t look as bad as skin showing on a man who has bought too-short socks to wear with his trousers, but it comes close.

    • To your point, the outfit (suits or separates or non-tour outfits) that I remember without a picture with full details has got to be the McQueen military style blouse and skirt (in navy and cream/white). It was proper but fashionable. I know a lot of people thought it was too military-ish but I think it was such a statement outfit but in a subdued way. I wish it had been included in the poll. Looks like not a lot of people remember that look.

      • .. thank you. I do remember the McQueen military style blouse and skit- and appreciated it for the same reasons you describe! if might have been too ‘button-y’ (!) for my taste- but that was the point: it was a statement. if fashion choices were analogous to music-making, I’d say Kate has an ‘unerring ear’.. ! perfect pitch.

  9. I’m not voting. I can’t. I have way too many that would be criminal to choose from. Love your posts as always! ♥

  10. That McQueen sailor dress. Oh how I love it!

  11. Loved the dress she wore to Wimbledon, so appropiate for the event and she looked perfect as usual!


  12. Oh this one was soooooo hard. I thought I had one, but then I saw another and another… ;) So again, my top 3….ok top 4! ;)
    1. Oatmeal Wakeley
    2. Navy Wakeley suit
    3. Reiss Shola
    4. McQueen Sailor (I’m a huge Green Gables fan).

  13. This was an incredibly difficult choice!! I love it all!!

  14. Again, a beautiful collection of outfits from Catherine. All of them I’d like to see hanging in my own closet. I love the Whistles outfit and the Reiss dress with the Joseph jacket. I even adore the red Luisa Spagnoli suit. I have to say, the Mulberry dress and the Temperley dress are very fashion forward for her, which I truly embrace. But I voted for the Alexander McQueen military style blouse and skirt (not included in the poll) that she wore after the London riots. That to me is so fashion forward without being too flashy. I love all of her outfit choices, what can I say. Great job on this blog/poll! Very hard to put them all together so bravo to you!

  15. This is tough, because I like a lot of items on this list. The navy and red suits, the white Temperley dress, the black Issa, and the Ralph Lauren sweaterdress all particularly appealed to me.

    I tend to choose on the basis of things I could wear, that might even be similar to clothing I own. I’ll have to eliminate the white Temperley dress for that reason, because I would disappear totally in an all-white dress, though I do admire that design. For the same reason, I’m not crazy about the oatmeal Amanda Wakeley dress, though I’d wear it in the other colors it comes in. I’m also not sure what I’d wear the Temperley dress to; it might make an interesting bride’s dress at an unconventional wedding.

    I think I’ll pick the black Issa, which I loved instantly, the moment I saw it. That style, which came in many colors and is being offered in a print this spring, would be very versatile, wearable to work or out to dinner, and like the purple Issa worn in Canada, is simple but a little sexy. Just the sort of thing I admire.

    I seriously disliked the Whistles separates; there was something very 70′s about the outfit.

  16. I really really love your blog and all the efford you put in it. It is also very nice to wrap up the year!

  17. loved her j brand jeans + button down + sebagos look while camping in Canada!

    • I too love all her jeans looks. Both her nauticle look with the sebagos AND her cowboy look with boots and cowboy hat. And lets not forget her casual jeans look while shopping for groceries, and more recently on Christmas Eve watching William play soccer. Love the picture of her and Harry in matching wellies! It’s so nice that they get along so well.

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