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Kate opted for familiarity today, selecting favored brands for her engagements with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip as the UK portion of the Diamond Jubilee tour was launched.

Below we see Her Majesty and the Duchess as they are leaving London for Leicester this morning, the Queen was resplendent in another Angela Kelly ensemble, a cashmere coat and hat trimmed in black, Kate wore LK Bennett.

The British Monarchy/Clarence House

It was an important day for Kate, her first full day of official engagements with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. A high point of the morning was seeing Prince Philip looking so healthy.

This is Leicester

There was added significance with the monarch officially kicking off the Jubilee Tour commemorating her sixty-year reign.

©Weit Photos/Splash News

©Weir Photos/Splash News

The Duchess wore LK Bennett’s Davina dress and Jude jacket, both in dark teal.

The jacket is 100% wool, it was originally priced at £295 ($475).

De Montfort University Twitter Feed

Most recently the jacket could be found online for £145 at both LK Bennett and John Lewis, although I expect it to be sold out just about everywhere by the time our post is published.

The Davina dress is part of the brand’s Signature Collection, crafted from a fine wool crepe. We show it in three colors that better highlight the design details: the side ruching, asymmetrical collar and cap sleeves.

The frock remains available in many colors on the LK Bennett website, however, the dark teal is sold out.

Tina Bay Twitter Feed

The Duchess selected another brand she is fond of, John Lock, for her hat. Our thanks to WKW FB friend Melissa, she identified it as the ‘Fairy Tale‘ style.

James Goley Twitter Feed/John Locke

The hat is available in 8 different colors, retailing at £285, roughly $450 USD at today’s exchange rates.

Kate’s earrings were from another familiar name, Kiki McDonough, the green amethyst pair widely believed to be a Christmas gift from Prince William. Below we show a pair of Kiki McDonough earrings in the same design as Kate’s, made with citrines instead of green amethysts, on the very far right we have a different style of Kiki McDonough earrings shared only to provide an idea of the color in the earrings seen on Kate.

Kiki McDonough/Matches Fashion/Kiki McDonough

The Duchess wore a pair of Episode shoes, a brand is now carried only at House of Fraser, previously it was stocked by Debenhams . The company told me the pair is no longer available, they are from autumn/winter.

Below we see the Duke, Her Majesty, and Kate leaving the Leicester Cathedral following the service.

Diocese of Leicester Flickr Feed

This is one of those instances where we were lucky, we actually wrote about both pieces back in November, saying:

The (dress) side gathers running from the bustline to high hip and detailed neckline look very Kate. Next, the Jude jacket, also by LK Bennett. The gathered waist and kick pleat on the back of the jacket seemed to shriek Kate, the neck detailing and self-covered belt only added to that perception.

We updated the story in a December post, when it was reported by Grazia the Duchess purchased the items in advance of the Christmas holidays.

Grazia Magazine

Upon seeing the story intrepid WKW FB friends Bella Hayward (now found sharing Kate updates here on FB) and Jo Baldwin dug up more information on the specific items purchased.  Kate accessorized with a belt thicker than the one shown with the jacket.

Students were more than excited to meet the royals, more from the Daily Mail:

Lingerie design student Polly Shelton, 21, said: ‘I told Kate she looked gorgeous and she said “I like your lipstick”.

‘I can’t believe it. She loves my lipstick. I can’t even remember what colour it is.

Enormous crowds were on hand to greet the royals.

De Montfort University Facebook

The University’s award winning Gospel Choir entertained those waiting in the brisk morning air.

De Montfort University Facebook

Many waited for hours to see the royals, more from the Daily Mail:

Erica Swift, 85, from Blaby, was one of the well-wishers who had been waiting at the 300-year-old cathedral to see the royals since 10am. ‘I came because I want to see the Queen,’ she said.

‘Sixty years reign – she’s a gracious lady and I admire her a lot. Nobody can beat her. I wish her all the best now and for many more years.’

I love the poster this group of nursing students made.

De Montfort University Facebook

These youngsters will have a story they can tell for generations.

Diocese of Leicester Flickr

One of the day’s bigger events was the fashion show put on by students, below we see some of the models waiting backstage before the event.

Via HannahPorter24 Twitter Feed

Here we see Kate, the Queen and De Montfort Professor and Vice-Chancellor Dominic Shellard watching the fashion show.

De Montfort University

ITN also has solid fashion show coverage here.

Perhaps the happiest person on campus was Becka Hunt, she was one of six footwear design students involved in a contest to create a shoe for Kate.

De Montfort University

Becka’s design was the blue suede with beaded lace overlay, we show her with the winning design today after hearing the good news.

Demon FM Twitter Feed (L) /De Montfort University Facebook

Thank you to the 3189 voters who took part in our informal poll about which of the designs they thought Kate would pick, Becka’s design was close to being your first choice, the vote almost reflecting Kate’s selection.


114 voters thought Tabitha Duffield’s nude and soft pink shoe would win.

De Montfort University

Here is a better look at Becka and her winning shoe design via the University’s home page.

De Montfort University

Below we see Kate accepting flowers (L), and with Prince Philip as they prepare to leave the University.

De Montfort University Facebook

It looked like Kate was very much enjoying herself.

De Montfort University Facebook

All three royal family members looked splendid, what a lovely start to the tour.

Philip Vernon Flickr

You can learn more about the Diamond Jubilee here, the official Jubilee Tour here, visit De Montfort University here or on its Facebook page, the Dicocese of Leicester here, and see its Flickr feed here, there is also nice video from The Telegraph here, and ITN’s story is here.

The Telegraph


One other item of note today, yet another addition to Kate’s calendar. Just as the royals arrived in Leicester this morning Clarence House tweeted the following:

Clarence House Twitter Feed

Kate, Charles and Camilla will meet children participating in the Great Art Quest, a program managed by Children and the Arts, Prince Charles is the group’s royal patron. More about the project:

Great Art Quest introduces children from deprived areas of the UK to the visual arts by partnering schools with local galleries, professional artists and storytellers, and providing them with the skills and confidence to create their own work.

The Duchess of Cambridge has a personal interest in the arts and supporting young children, and The Prince of Wales is taking this opportunity to show the successful educational work His Foundation for Children & the Arts has been doing in London.

Children and the Arts

The event will take place at Dulwich Picture Gallery a week from today, learn more here.


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  1. The Jude jacket is available on the LK Bennett website in teal and black or £145. I just got one!

  2. FYI for anyone shopping at the UA Reiss site. I recently ordere a dress and discovered that the US prices are 20% higher than the UK prices. Shipping charges cannot provide the explanation, as a $15 charge was added to the already inflated American price. And btw, shipping is free to UK customers.

  3. This website is really funny. A site dedicated to the outward appearance of one of the most vapid woman on earth, because you really can’t say anything else about her.

    • One of the most vapid women on earth? Are you sure you aree not envious of her?

      • Anna don’t ever crash a party and then insult a guest. it’s simply rude. if you’re not happy, quietly excuse yourself and leave.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful post, Susan! <3 I just love the DoC and WKW!!!

  5. I think the outfit looks good on her and the color suits her. Good for her on remembering to keep either the purse, some papers, or something down at the skirt line to prevent upskirt photographs. Not mention that she has the knees slammed together, although that doesn’t always help when your skirt is that short. I’d probably forget and the next day find my panties showing.

    100% wool jacket…ewwwww. makes me itch just thinking about it. Me and wool are allergic.

    • Well, the second dress seems too short to me. But maybe I am more conservative than the average woman my age – I definitely always err on that side when dressing !

  6. I’ve always found teal to be a dull colour, but on Kate, it looks lovely.

    On a side note, I’m so happy to see Her Majesty in such a fun, bright colour!

  7. I think that both the Queen and Kate looked absolutely gorgeous. The Queen’s beautiful pink ensemble was lovely, and Kate’s outfit was beautiful. Both colors flattered each lady well, and I thought they were both a vision of loveliness. On a side note, does anyone think that the blue suede shoe that won the contest will be made for sale? I think that shoe is fabulous! Not sure what I would wear it with, but I would love to have it. It is really pretty.

  8. i really love this outfit of hers! love the color and the style!

  9. I think the Queen and Kate looked absolutely lovely. Both ladies wore their respective outfits well, and the color choices I felt flattered both of them. I really like the blue suede shoe by Becca. On the sketch it was noted that the heel wouldn’t be too high, but the prototype heel looked high to me. I wonder if this shoe will be made for purchase so some of us who love it would be able to buy it. Not sure what I would wear it with, but I think it is fabulous!

  10. Catherine looks stunning this time!

    I loved the silhouette and the colour of the L.K. Bennett outfit, I loved the hat and the way she make her hair (my favorite Kate’s hairstyle) and shoes and bag are fine too.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the belt. For me that looks like something from the 90s… something old. It bring the look down a bit, I wish she wear something like this instead:

    About the skirt length: it shock me that so many people think that is too short! If a 30 year old woman can’t wear that I’m in trouble! I’m not 30 yet but that’s exactly the kind a skirt I wear to the office everyday and many colleagues wear even shortest skirts… I don’t think the skirt is inappropriate for a Duchess at all.

    PS: There’s no way Kate could upstage the Queen, her majesty make sure she wasn’t upstage by NO ONE with that bright pink ensemble.

    • I am sort of shocked at those who DID NOT find the hemline too short. I wonder if you saw the pictures at dailymail – her dress rode up to about one-third of her thigh when she was getting out of the car. It is simply not appropriate to show that much leg in any work environment. I work in a fashion-forward environment where everyone tries to dress younger than their years and I am in my early thirties, but if I flashed two-thirds of my thighs at work when sitting or getting up from a chair at a meeting I am sure that HR would have something to say to me eventually.
      It is possible to find very chic and “young” dresses that don’t show that much flesh. Dressing nicely does not mean showing a ton of skin.

      • I am totally with you on this. I hope Catherine sees the newspaper photos of herself and takes onboard that some clothes just don’t work for the job.

        • I agree about the length. Just an opinion, but it seems more night-club length, showing that much (upper) thigh, not for a professional setting. Yes, she has great legs – but, does that make it a must to show?

      • Catona, you seem to be a very negative and critical person. Your comments bring down the positive and supportive attitude of the board. From the beginning, this blog seemed to be different in that the visitors were true fans of Kate’s amazing fashion choices. Now “haters” are slowly infiltrating. Does anyone else agree? Please don’t make this a trash and bash site. There’s enough of those on the internet already.

        • Ha ha .. KK ! People like you are so funny.. I love you guys intolerance notwithstanding.. :)

        • I didn’t find Catona’s comment out of line at all. Catona didn’t agree with this particular fashion choice, but she expressed her opinion respectfully and without trashing anyone.

          It’s possible to appreciate and be a fan of Kate’s style without absolutely gushing over every single thing she wears.

          • I don’t regard “Ha ha.. KK! People like you are so funny,” added to claims of “intolerance,” as a comment particularly respectful or appropriate for this site.

            This site is actually extemely tolerant. That comment was childish.

      • Absolutely agree Catona – not only was she “working” – she is also princess. Would love to see her wearing slightly longer dresses.

  11. I just love everything about this outfit! She looked so amazing and I especially loved the pictures of her by the train – so vintage.

  12. I think she looked wonderful, as always, and managed to look fashioable without being over-the-top or too flashy!! Just wondering, what are the details about her clutch? It’s very cute and worked well with her hat and pumps!!

  13. Peplums were all over the fashion week runway shows, so the DoC was right on trend! To wade into the shoe debate, my 2 cents are that a 2″ pump would look dowdy on her. Better to wear a totally flat shoe or a high heel, and that slim skirt suit called for a heel. I also think that she goes through several “dry runs” for each engagement and its outfit, so the skirt length has probably been debated quite about among Kate and royal staff/advisers.

    Love this site (and Facebook group!) for a chance to share friendly comments and opinions on well-loved topic!

  14. Kate looks gorgeous. Love the hat, the shoes, the outfit, the colour… everything! It’s one of her best looks so far. – She manages to look glam, retro, modern and trendy (all-in-one), and to stand out in a crowd without upstaging HM the Queen or Prince Philip…. Amazing!! Kate and the queen look so good together, she should appear with HM more often.

  15. haha Don’t you love how kate middleton looks way prettier than the models in this post? she’s such a lovely lady and her clothes are always so classy and gorgeous! Thanks for making this website!

  16. Is anyone selling the orla kiely dress in walnut?

  17. I think the belt is from Alexander McQueen. On Net-a-porter they have a similar one. I think she is wearing the belt in suede and it is shown in leather on the website. Here is the link:

  18. Kate looks stunning excellent post. Her Majesty looks lovely and Kate is very much like Diana in her treatment of children.

  19. I love the outfit but I wish she would not always wear such high heels. She’s always towering over the Queen. It seems unnecessary. She’s tall enough without the four inch heels all the time. She doesn’t need to appear Will’s height when he isn’t around. It would be ore respectful to wear lower heels. And her skirts would not seem so short if her heels were not so tall.

    Also, I love high heels, but let’s face it, no one is that secure walking in them all day..

    • She doesn’t appear Will’s height. Even in her highest heels, she is always shorter than he is, because she’s not 5’10″ as people intitially tried to claim but rather shorter in her stocking feet. I think she wears the heels because she’s quite long-waisted, with short legs relative to her torso. The heels compensate.

      But even in flats she’d tower over the Queen, who was always small and has become tinier with age. Moreover, the outfits the Duchess wears really call for high heels. For many of us, shoes and certain heel heights are inextricable parts of an outfit.

      I suspect you care far more than the Queen does. She knows that people want to see the Duchess looking spectacular, she knows what types of shoes her granddaughter-in-law tends to wear, and she asked her to come along on this engagement. Her outfit was very likely vetted in advance.

    • When I first began wearing high heels, I really had difficulty walking in them for a full day. But–it really is true–you get used to them if you wear them routinely. Now I can easily manage wearing them for a full work day. I also feel that fully flat shoes do not appear as professional as shoes with a heel, though I concede this is probably a matter of personal preference.

    • The Queen is absolutely tiny though – if you think back to the photos of President & Mrs Obama with the Queen and Prince Philip, the former couple towered over the latter. To be honest I think HM is probably quite used to people being taller than her.

  20. This outfit was perfect. Flawless. I love everything about it. Especially the confidence with which she wore it!

  21. WOW, one of her best mises ever seen.

  22. Love the outfit – immediately ordered it from L K Bennett myself. I won’t be wearing it with a black belt though – would choose a brighter colour.

  23. I don’t know if it was mentioned before, but the belt is by Alexander McQueen. You can buy it on

  24. Kate get more and more beautiful and confident, well done!
    Wrong belt, too massive for that jacket.

  25. Dress length is fine – Kate has great legs and is a beautiful young woman, so why cover up. Nobody could say she isn’t modest. I do think this outfit would suit a brooch – maybe one of Alexanda’s several diamond
    stars such as featured on TROSS today?

  26. Wow- Kate looks fantastic- again she is stylish, but keeps in mind that she shouldn’t outshine the Queen. I think her black and gold belt is the same one she wore with a black dress to Liverpool on Valentines Day. The black dress was from High Street store, Oasis, but don’t know if the belt came with it or not.

  27. I really love this outfit, style and the way it shows off her figure and adds curves to one who doesn’t have any..She looks cute but not overshadowing the queen and looks comfortable not being in the limelight. Great job Kate!

  28. I have a question for those who know how to wear a hat like Kate’s…how do you keep them up and stay still? I have thin short curly hair. I would love to wear some of those hats someday..but don’t know how. :( Ideas? much appreciated.

    • Those little fascinator hats, meant to be worn at a tilt, usually come with combs or headbands attached — that’s how they are kept on the head. Combs don’t work well in fine hair (though may do better if your hair is curly), so headbands may be best. They may come in a color that matches your hair color, or comes close.

      Hats like this work best with longish hair or long hair worn up in some manner — a bun, a chignon, a French twist. They’re less effective with short hair.

      Here’s one mounted on a headband:

      • I was secretly hoping you would chime in as I remember you said you like wearing hats. :) That sounds a mission impossible with my thin short hair. Even if they stayed they might look a bit awkward. :) I watched a british show “South Riding” and the leading actress had the same hair cut as mine and she wears hats from time to time…

  29. I love how comfortable she appears with the Queen.

    • I noticed that too. I am so happy she seems relaxed with her. I hope to see them together at future events.

  30. love it! v retro chic, but not all costume-y.
    the peplum and broad belt give her curves (imo only a thin woman can wear a peplum well – i would look HUGE hipped), the color is nice, and the hat – love it esp!

    i like the way she wore the hat: not too far forward.
    her hair is so well pulled up and back. the big curls look esp well w the retro look.

    i really like the queen’s warm and wamly-colored pink coat, but don’t like the hat style.

    so nice to see the duke looking so well.

  31. I wonder if those shoes will eve hit stores. I want them right now!!

  32. Kate looked wonderful. Thank you for all of the information on the events of the day.

  33. I really love everything about this look. However, I thought women in her position are not supposed to cross legs…oh well, I don’t know anything of those so called etiquettes. She looks great anyhow, radiant, confident, but smartly dressed to not to outshine the Queen.

    • the cross legs is not appropriate
      I observe that Kate has a custom to show or indicate something by finger It is unappropriate also on each positions.

      • Legs crossed at the ankle are entirely ladylike and appropriate. That’s how a lady is supposed to cross her legs. She’s not supposed to cross her legs at the knees, though for most of us, that rule has gone by the wayside.

        I’ve often seen the Queen pointing at something. You don’t point at a person standing directly in front of you, but otherwise, pointing is fine when you want to call attention to something interesting.

        • What I said came from a story I happened to hear recently about Jackie Kennedy. Rumor has it that she never crossed her legs not even at ankle level as she was brought up with southern customs and european court etiquettes. So I just assumed it was true. I don’t mind crossing legs at ankles and personally I don’t really care. :) Thank you Lili and Kathy for pointing them out.

          • Well, I was brought up by a Southern mother; she taught me to cross my legs at the ankle. As for Jacqueline Kennedy, she and I attended the same boarding school, so I know a few things about her. She certainly wasn’t brought up with European court etiquette — her family was not aristocratic even by American standards, though they had some pretensions — and she wasn’t raised as a Southern belle either. She spent some time in Virginia but was born in New York State and mostly raised and educated up North.

            Manners weren’t emphasized at our mutual alma mater by the time I got there, but I think you’ll find that “ankle-crossing” was the order of the day when young Miss Bouvier was a student there in the 1940′s.

        • I do not agree please study diplomatic protocol

          • I already have, sofia, having lived abroad and been required for various professional reasons to work with diplomats and even a few royals.

    • The only pictures I’ve seen does not have her crossing her legs at the knee but rather at the ankle which is perfectly lady like and acceptable. Even the queen has her legs crossed at the ankle in 1-2 pictures.

      • Agreed! If you notice in the picture of Kate with her ankles crossed, you can just see that behind the Queen’s purse, the Queen’s legs are crossed at the ankles in virtually the same position as Kate’s.

  34. I wonder if Catherine will wear her “Dulwich” coat on the 15th! Sorry – couldn’t resist! I wondered whether or not the color teal was reflection of the area they were visiting today. Is it related to their city colors?

  35. I really like the earrings and hat! I wonder how the jacket and dress can be the exact same shade if they are from different companies. Was it just a coincidence or were they custom-made?

    • Both the jacket and dress were from LK Bennett, so it’s no surprise that the color matches.

      • The other canny thing about the colour Kate has picked is that it matches Prince Philip’s suit — more or less — so they are both in escort as it were to the seriously cerise Queen.

  36. The first thing I thought was, “wow, the dress is so short.”

    This is just a fashion question in general to see your thoughts: she has great legs, but does that require you “show” your legs in your skirts? I guess I’m modest — but, I’ve never fully believed in the appropriateness of “if you got it, flaunt it” mentality (sorry this isn’t Kate related, per se).

    • I agree there’s a problem here with skirt length. The outfit looks wonderful — and the length fine — when she’s upright — but Kate might have to rethink the length thing given the amount of leg being flashed when trying to negotiate the average vehicle.

      It must be so tough — so much to think about in each outfit, following on from dress, jacket, hat. bag, shoes, make up — I feel tired just thinking about it!

    • The dress hits her knees, any longer and it would have looked frumpy. She is only 30 years old, I think her clothes reflect her age and her position perfectly.

    • Looking at her standing, I didn’t feel the skirt was any short, but perfect length. However I can see why you said it. When sitting, it does seem showing more than expected. :)

    • I agree, too short. It was the same with the Missoni coat last week. She does have great legs, but wearing these things an inch or two longer would still allow her to show off her legs and look “young” without veering quite so close to WAG territory. I’m actually really surprised she continues to wear such short hemlines, because it just means she has to be SO much more careful about things like bending forwards, exiting cars, etc. Photographers are totally going to try to “get” her at angles where accidental flashing is a possibility. If I were her I’d add 2 inches to these sorts of things just for the peace of mind!

      I do love the outfit, just think the skirt needs a couple extra inches.

      Love the Queen’s hot pink! That is awesome!

    • I think Kate is just tall – I’ve tried on the Davina dress (waiting for it to go in the sale again!) and it comes to the middle of the kneecap on me – I am 5′ 4″. I think most ‘knee length’ dresses will hit quite a bit higher up the leg on Kate. She did well at keeping her knees together when sitting I thought!

      I also tried on that jacket in black when I was looking for something to smarten up my existing dresses – it did me no favours at all with that peplum effect. Oh to be as slim as the lovely Duchess!

      • Hope this does not post twice. Sorry if it does.

        Helen, I agree with you; Kate is tall, or at least has long legs. Look at that picture with the Queen. Kate’s legs go to the Queen’s waist!

        I love this look for Kate. It is one of my favorites ever. I especially like the pictures showing the back of it.

      • I’m also tall and have long legs, I have a much smaller clothing budget that the Duchess, and I still manage to find skirts/dresses that look young without being too short. In the US at least, a number of brands do offer “tall” sizing (and not just for jeans/pants!), so it is definitely possible to get a dress designed with a taller size in mind even if you are getting your clothes off the rack. I’d be surprised if this kind of option doesn’t exist in the UK.

        I think at this point it might also be a good idea for her to ditch the high street brands (at least for actual clothing, accessories–fine, shop wherever) and invest in some more custom pieces that are tailored to her height. If she gets good, classic, styles, she’ll be able to wear them over and over for years and the fact that they cost more in the first place won’t be that big a deal. An example of this is the coat she wore at Christmas: it was beautiful, tailored to her figure, and will look just as good in 10 or 20 years.

        • Yes, I think custom-designed clothes would be a good thing. Soon the Duchess will find she can’t re-wear pieces, or even just buy high street clothing because she will find others at functions wearing the same as she is. Whilst she has given high street fashions a great boost, I think she could start introducing bespoke items, even if she continues to support the high street to a lesser degree, particularly for more relaxed engagements.

        • I agreed 100%. She needs to get rid of the High Street brand and start wearing custom pieces. They would look so much nicer on her. Does Kate used a stylist? I think she needs to seek out one. I think she needs help sometimez with her choices.
          She plays it too safe sometimes and why is she so afraid of color. She needs a stylist to help her put together some really great outfits. Sometimes the clothes she wears are just too old for her. She is such a lovely girl and she has great legs. What is the point of being super slim with a flat tummy if you dont showcase that with great outfits.

    • Her skirt didn’t strike me as being particularly short. It stops just above her knee which is a flattering length on many women. I work in a professional, conservative field where suits, hose and closed toed shoes are frequently worn. This length of skirt is the norm or at least no longer than mid knee, so I guess I am accustomed to this length. Also as Kate is taller than average if she is buying off the peg and her clothes aren’t lengthened then the length is likely a little shorter on her than others.

      Kate looked stunning–I love her in a dress and jacket rather than just a dress but maybe that is my years of working in the aforementioned conservative field coming to the fore.

    • I suppose it’s not that the skirt is too short in itself, the problem may lie with the ruching of the dress causing it to ride up sharply when she bends to move. Does she not do the “what-happens-if-I-try-to-sit-in-this?” test when trying things on? Whatever, she still looks lovely.

      • Good point–my mother taught me to always do that when buying clothes.

        I wear this length a lot but mostly in skirt suits. Probably a skirt doesn’t ride up so much when one is seated so it is less of a problem.

        • In my case it wasn’t so much mother who taught me as much as bitter experience working in an office full of men. What is the fascination with seeing up a skirt ?– some people can be so weird!

          Also use the sitting-down test if want to eat a large meal…

    • I don’t think her skirt is too shirt. Considering that she’s not even 30 but also her Royal status now I think she is balancing these two things just right. I love her outfit, although I would have loved it even more had she worn a brighter colour. But I guess the two ladies discussed their fashion choices in advance in order not to colour clash. I love the Queen’s outfit, too.

    • initially, I thought the skirt was ok , and I am still convinced that Kate’s les are a precious asset for the british monarchy; but after the view of her getting out of the car, and oh the countinuos bending onher knees, I agree that adding a couple of centimetres would not have spoiled the risulta and avoid potentially embarassing situations. She sent a good amount of time sitting , and in that position she has half of her thigs exposed (that she concerned with the bag).

  37. Oh yes! Yes! YES!!!
    Stunning! Catherine looked a stylish, chic young woman.

  38. I love her hat and outfit, it looks really good and suits her. But I would love to see her wearing a bit more recylced clothes :)

  39. Stunning. Wonderful colour, style most flattering to her figure, gorgeous tailoring — love those shoes with it and what a brilliant hat — not too jaunty, not too dull — and, oh, does she know how to wear a hat!

    I don’t think elegance, style and class have been seen like this since the days of Jackie O.

  40. This is one of my favorite looks. The retro-inspired suit and the long shiny curls are simply stunning; she looks as if she stepped out of a glamorous 1940s film. Well done Kate.

  41. She looks beautiful and stunning, I love the whole look!

  42. I feel that she really put her heart into this look. Some thought went into putting it together – far more than her past outfits. I think that this is one of her best looks. Looks far less sloppy, more like a woman, and less immature. Her hemline is way too short, though. And not really sure whether black hats do anything for her hair color. Still, she did really well this time.

    • I don’t think Kate has ever looked sloppy, even in dress I don’t particularly like. I personally don’t like peplums -for me- but Kate is young enough and slim enough to pull off that look. The length was fine for a girl her age and with her figure. The skirt length is fine. While a straight skirt rides up more when the wearer is sitting, standing it was just barely above the knee. I think she is being very careful not to outshine the Queen. Although I loved most of what Diana wore, I often felt that she dressed with a “look at me” attitude. (Just my personal opinion.)

      Regarding the shoes….they look incredibly uncomfortable. Although the notation by the drawing indicates a 3 inch heel, it looks far higher than that with the wearer nearly walking on their toes. And with the slit in front, it really looks like it would be hard to keep on. It will be interesting to see if she ever really wears them and with what outfit.

      So great to see her looking so comfortable and confident with the grandparents-in-law. It could be so intimidating.

      • Just as an edit to earlier remarks. The actual shoe looks much more comfortable than the sketch. The sketch has the wearer walking on tip toes which would be unbearable after a few minutes no matter how accustomed one is to wearing high heels. The real thing being held by the designer looks much more like the height Kate normally wears.

    • I agree. It should hit the middle of her knee and it is two inches above. Too short. Otherwise nice look

      • I totally agree. The clothes have to suit the job. There are many photographs of the Duchess on this visit where it is obviously difficult for her to retain her modesty, given the length of her skirt.

  43. Loved everything about this look! Elegant as always and a fabulous color. Good job to Susan and the other ladies who predicted/found this outfit! Bet she was looking for an outfit to wear those Christmas earrings from Will with- those green amethysts coordinate perfectly!

  44. Ah ha. So, there are the teal dress and jacket from LK Bennett we’ve been expecting for some time to see. I like the 1940′s retro look she’s achieved, combining the peplum jacket with the little hat, and I think substituting the belt was a good move. All that teal would have been too monochromatic a look. I’m not insane about that color — it’s rather a dull blue — but it works reasonably well for her.

    I love those chic little round fascinators she often chooses. I wish to hell I could come up with occasions to wear them in the States.

    It will be quite interesting to see what she does with the blue suede shoes. She can’t possibly hide them under an evening dress, so I suggest an interesting knee-length dress.

    I note complaints on a couple of sites about her hem length. It did make getting out of the limo without too great a reveal a slightly dicey feat, and she’s having to bend her knees significantly when she talks to children. Still, I think just above the knee is otherwise a good length. She could add an inch, but going much longer would start to move into the dreaded territory known as Dowdy.

  45. Loved finally seeing the outfit! I know there was discussion on the facebook page about her alterations and it does look a bit on the short side when she is seated at the fashion show.

    I liked the sketch Becka drew however I feel as though the shoe she is holding up in that picture features a very different lace design and I’m not sure I can see Kate in that one as much as the one she sketched. Perhaps since its the prototype not as much time was spent on the construction? It’d be lovely to see Kate wearing the finished one to an event at some point.

    • Agreed! I am sorry, but the shoe in the drawing is SO much better than the actual prototype!

    • Agree with both of you! I hope the real thing is more like the sketch- now that is a shoe I would buy! I can really only see Kate in the sketch shoe- not the prototype shoe… the lace is way too bulky and Kate likes her lace delicate (as do I)! :) :)

  46. I love it that she wore a hat! I’m almost as excited to see her hat choices as her outfits these days. Beautiful dress and jacket, but wouldn’t it be lovely to see her in the bright pink version of the Davina dress?

    Fabulous shoe choice – those are quite bold for her, and I can’t wait to see her wear them!

  47. Kate looked stylish and chic in a color thats suit her extremely well, and I think she looked at ease. That’s no mean feat, as she was with the Queen!

    • Yes, I thought she looked much more relaxed than on the outing with the Queen and camilla at Fortnum & Mason.

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