Apr 202012

Hello, and happy almost-weekend. We wanted to share some update and other tidbits, perhaps the most interesting information is Kate and William’s upcoming appearances.

  • This Wednesday, the 25th, the couple will attend the London première of African Cats, a documentary about lions and cheetahs on the African savannah. The function is a fundraiser for the Tusk Trust, I don’t know the specific time yet, but it is an evening affair.  The event is at the National Film Theater in London, also known as BFI (British Film Institute) Southbank.


Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race

“They will honour the two serving British Army teams who raced 900 miles across Antarctica in 2011 and 2012 to pay homage to the extraordinary race to the South Pole between Captain Scott and Roald Amundsen a century ago.

The expedition raised funds for the British Legion’s £30 million commitment to help wounded and sick service people recover.

  • Also on Thursday the 26th, Kate and William attend a reception at the Imperial War Museum. This event also honors an anniversary, the Museum is debuting its Centenary Commemorations. More from the IWM’s website:

“2014-2018 marks the centenary of the First World War, a landmark anniversary for Britain and the world. Working in collaboration with our peers and colleagues from national and international organisations, IWM will mark the centenary by leading a vibrant four-year programme of cultural activities across the UK.”

A busy schedule for the couple, the royal calendar becomes even more crowded as the Queen’s Jubilee approaches.


Last week we shared the first three pair of William and Kate wax figures at varying Madame Tussauds, this week saw the unveiling of the fourth and final pair at Madame Tussauds Blackpool.

Madame Tussauds Blackpool Facebook Page

This is the pair showcasing Kate’s Jenny Packham dress worn to the ARK gala last June. Below, a detail from the new exhibit at Madame Tussauds.

Madame Tussauds Blackpool Facebook Page

Kate accessorized with the LK Bennett Agata sandals


New York Bridal Week wrapped up over the weekend, several of Kate’s favorite designers showed their collections, including Jenny Packham. Below, Ms. Packham’s Marigold gown.

Jenny Packham Facebook Page

Another bridal style from Jenny Packham, the Mimosa, this frock in another color has ‘Kate potential’.

Jenny Packham Facebook Page

You can see the entire collection of spring 2013 bridal gowns on the Jenny Packham Facebook page.

Also showing at Bridal Week, Temperley London, we thought it would be fun to show Kate in one of the designer’s gowns at the War Horse première, side by side with the bridal version of the dress.

Splash News Online (L) / Vogue Australia (R)


We thought some might appreciate a partial listing of One Year Anniversary specials being shown on US networks.


  • 4/22 10pm WILLIAM & KATE: ONE YEAR LATER charts their life since their marriage on April 29,  2011, exploring their royal engagements and private moments that have kept Britain and the world enthralled. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the very definition of a modern royal couple, charming everyone they meet with their unfussy style, down to earth values and impeccable manners. To see a complete list of TLC’s rebroadcasts of this show, click here.
  • 4/28 7pm & 11pm, 4/29 10am The Royal Wedding Encore & More Clinton Kelly and Amanda Byram bring you Royal Wedding highlights from London, along with new footage including interviews with guests who attended the wedding


BBC America:

  • 4/24 10am William & Harry
  • 4/24 10:30am William & Kate Fairytale Romance
  • 4/25 8am Royal London
  • 4/25 9am William & Kate: Fairytale Romance
  • 4/25 10am William & Harry Into the Future
  • 4/26 9am William & Kate: Fairytale Romance
  • 4/26 10am Princess Diana Life in Jewels
  • 4/27 8am William & Harry Into the Future
  • 4/27 9am How to be a Prince
  • 4/27 11am William & Kate: A Fairytale Wedding
  • 4/29 6am & 11am William & Kate: Fairytale Romance
  • 4/29 1pm Britain’s Royal Weddings (new program)
  • 4/29 3pm Harry’s Arctic Heroes (new program)
  • 4/29 4:30pm Royal Wedding Highlights Anniversary Special

E! TV: Kate and Will Happily Ever After

Ovation TV: 4/26 2pm, 4/27 1:30am, 4/29 12pm & 2:30pm, 4/30 3:30am William & Kate A Royal Romance

Special thanks to WKW Facebook friend Julie, she compiled the majority of our list.


Savvy fashion followers may have noted how well Kate’s earrings can be seen in the Madame Tussaud photos above. Of course, those are the Links of London Bubble Stiletto earrings from the company’s Effervescence Collection. We mention this not because they are a WKW sponsor, but because we’ll be doing some fun things with Links in the next few months. The first of these is a free shipping offer for WKW readers, shoppers in the US and Canada will receive free shipping from now through May 31, use promo code whatkateworefs at checkout. (If you have any problems, just give Links Customer Care a call at 1-888-295-4657.)

  19 Responses to “Kate’s War Horse Dress is a Bridal Gown, Upcoming Appointments, Anniversary TV Specials”

    • I love that they’re doing that! And wow Kate looks so toned in that picture. Both of them are just so likeable :)

    • I love all three but especially like the white coat dress. So classic. Wonder if we’ll see the evening gown this week? Thanks for posting the links.

      • My thought exact. Love the double breasted coat dress. If Kate picks out these by herself, I have to admire her keen eyes on style. :) She seriously knows what suits her and her role the best. I just wonder people like Kate, would they have to shop at the stores by themselves? I always thought they would have the clothes sent over. :)

        • She seems to enjoy doing her own shopping, but who knows how long that will last? I’d be a little annoyed if I found out that my purchases were being publicized in advance of my wearing them. That’s no criticism of Kathy, I’m sure we’re all interested in the information she posted, but there are reasons why maintaining the element of surprise is a good idea.

          Those are very “Duchess” picks, though the one-shouldered evening dress reminds me a bit too much of the silver Jenny Packham she wore. I think it would be a better color on her, though. The coatdress will need to be a bit longer than shown in the picture.

          • Not a big deal but I didn’t post the links….Susan S. posted. I don’t want to take credit for her “finds”.

    • That’s amazing, i didn’t know she just went to a shop (let alone an outlet) and chose a gala dress for her events, in which the whole world was going to see her! I love how down to earth she is, even though she seems inaccesible she still keeps her life simple, like by shopping for her clothes (even gala ones) on her own, with no stylist around, or shopping at tesco on her own, etc. Well done for Kate. I can’t wait to see her this week!

  1. Before I forget: Zara is offering its little jacket with the zipper at the waist, worn by the Duchess in dark blue last year, in yellow. Yellow is not my color, so I won’t be buying this, but some people might be interested:


    • Yes, I agree. The black version is lot sleeker and sharper. Yellow is nice, too. I might consider it or maybe not. :)

  2. The new Jenny Packham gowns are absolutely beautiful and I believe Kate could wear even the backless one without being too risque. Customize it with the back just a little higher and she’d look lovely. I didn’t like the “War Horse” gown but after seeing it in white, I’ve decided I like the black better. Just waiting for their next appearance, and thanks for the listing of the anniversary specials. My DVR will be busy!

  3. I think I like the War Horse dress a LOT more as a wedding dress. The black version looks too funereal to me, but I think the same translates very well as a wedding dress.

    I can’t wait for the official engagements! It’s been so long since their last appearances.


  4. not a fan of the wedding dress looks much better in black on kate.

    can’t believe it is a year already, happy one year anniversary to the duke and duchess!

    • Agreed. I thought the black was elegant, but the wedding dress looks a bit drab and shapeless. You would need a P. Kate body to pull off the white.

  5. So much it out of stock on Links of London =(

  6. That Temperley design makes a nice wedding dress. In fact, it’s a better wedding dress than an evening dress, even though I thought the Duchess carried off that black and beige lace dress more successfully than I would have expected had I seen it on a hanger.

    waywewere, I agree with you: I’ve always disliked Tussaud’s wax figures. They’re never accurate portraits, and there’s something disturbing about them, as though they’re newly manufactured androids instead of human beings.

  7. And looking at the wax figures again, I really hate them….Wax made this lovely couple look like “dead people”. :(

  8. She looks a little like Rita Wilson, in my opinion, in that wax sculpture. But they always look a bit uncanny/creepy.

  9. I really love the second white bridal gown. So lovely and romantic, yet sweet. Too bad Kate already had her wedding. LOL

    The black lace dress is such a drab…even on our lovely Kate. :(

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