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We have a very brief post to share on Kate’s appearances for Sunday’s Paralympics. She started the day in casual pieces, worn to watch rowing at Eton Dorney.

London 2012

She reprised pieces we have seen previously at the Games: Team GB apparel, skinny jeans and red Adidas trainers.

The Duchess then made a change to something more formal, she was presenting medals for the winners in the Discus competition.

Stefan Rousseau/PA

Kate was able to award the Gold Medal to Team GB’s Aled Davies.

Channel 4 – The Paralympic Broadcaster

Kate brought back her Pucci blazer, Paralympics Scarf and Corkswoon wedges for the appearance. Some may remember the blazer from Kate’s visit with the Team GB Hockey teams back in March.

Selfridges/Lia Hervey Twitter Feed

Above she is seen chatting with David Faulkner during that March function. The blazer is a classic double-breasted style with peak lapels, double vents, gold buttons on the front and cuffs.

Stefan Rousseau/PA

We see the return of Kate’s Team GB Paralympic scarf.

Next UK

Next UK still shows the scarves as being available, the small size is discounted to just £2.50, roughly $4 at today’s exchange rates.

Mr. Davies had already won a Bronze Medal this week, he shared his excitement at winning in this Tweet.

Aled Davies Twitter

The athlete also posted a photo of himself with Kate after the ceremony .

Aled Davies Twitter Feed

We aren’t positive about what Kate wore beneath the jacket. We don’t believe it to be the Roland Mouret Manon dress, as some initially thought, that frock has a slit at the back lower hem and an exposed zipper, traits missing from the piece Kate wore. My guess is that it is a dress and not a skirt, the bunching and wrinkling at the upper hip (two photos up) look like what one might see with a dress, not as likely with a skirt. We’ll update when we find out. It was a fine look for the Duchess, very much in keeping with the low key styles she has been wearing since the Olympics started in July.

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  33 Responses to “Kate the Quick Change Artist at Paralympics Day Four”

  1. This is a very serviceable look, not meant to draw attention to herself and I’m sure that’s behind the choice. As some already have commented, navy is nightmarish to match so I’d guess that the dress or skirt also is by Pucci, maybe a simple navy sheath dress? I understand why she wore this but it’s not one of the most flattering looks. She is short-legged and a dark hem and dark shoes only emphasize that. There’s a method to the madness of light/nude/beige heels, they make anyone’s legs look a million miles long!!

  2. Since she is so tall I would like to see her in some dressy flat shoes like her sister wears. Perhaps on her tour where people are generally a little shorter. It would be a nice change

    • The duchess is a very fit and beautiful woman but honestly she doesn’t have the best proportion. Maybe she’s just insecure about her relatively shorter legs like us? LOL

  3. the skirt is pulling …around the hips…maybe bad angles? :) I don’t have hate this outfit but not my favorite either.

  4. I have to wonder if a tailored pair of trousers might have worked better for this ocassion? Yes, I know–the Duchess seems to never wear trousers (only jeans) but I think they would have been an excellent choice with the blazer and scarf.
    I am in the minority of people who do not mind the wedges, and think they help bring an otherwise “business” outfit down to the appropriate level of casual.

  5. Perhaps the skirt/dress is a matching Pucci piece, since navy can be horrendously difficult to match, and this seems to match her blazer quite well. No leads though, I’m afraid. I agree with other comments that the blazer hits in an odd place on Kate making her hips seem too low. Still not a huge fan of these wedges but pumps may have made the outfit even more flight attendant like. the shoe addict in me would love to have seen her go a little outside the box to make this nice but conservative outfit more interesting. I know, I know, not really Kate’s style, but I think I would have preferred her nude LK Bennett Sledges on this occasion.

    • Like you, I’m not a fan of those wedges, though I thought the espadrille detail on the heels made them slightly more informal-cum-sporty…??? Yes, I’m struggling a bit on that one, but it was just a thought!

  6. I usually love what she wears but I think the blazer/skirt/scarf outfit resembles a flight attendant uniform.

  7. I’m not a fan of what she wore underneath the blazer… it makes her hips seem lower than they actually are. If this look had seemed more proportional, I would have been crazy about it. :) Especially the shoes!!

    • I think her hips ARE that low – she has an incredibly long torso…and rather short legs. Maybe why she favours platform shoes? I don’t think it’s a skirt, I think it’s a dress that’s a wee bit too snug for the Duchess, that’s why it’s hiking up around her hips. Not her best look, I hope we get some great looks on her trip abroad next week!

  8. I love that scarf! Hopefully I can snag one there still when I’m visiting in late September. Any idea where to pick one up?

  9. These shoes are completely mismatched with the formality of the skirt and blazer look. The shoes are simply not respectable looking – and this is coming from someone who is her age. I am just overall bored with her looks in general. She doesn’t show a whole lot of imagination does she.
    NOTE: Comment edited by Admin.

  10. She can’t just leave well enough alone, can she? That suit and skirt/dress ensemble, along with the scarf, is so polished and lovely, but she ruined that outfit with those awful wedges and her unkempt hair. Knowing that it was going to rain, she should have had her hair in a simple and casual, yet elegant updo. It would given her an overall polished and regal look.

    • How would she know that it was going to rain?

      • It’s Britain. It’s summer. And this summer has been wet, wet, wet. It has been apalling.
        You don’t go anywhere without an umbrella!

        • Of course you don’t. We see the Duchess agrees about the necessity of an umbrella (and doesn’t even mind holding her own!). However, if the past is any indication, she clearly does not feel that rainy weather automatically calls for an up-do.

  11. Hmm not loving this one. A bit too flight attendant for my taste. And those wedges really bother me for some reason, I think the height of the cork is just very clunky and unflattering.

  12. I usually adore her sartorial choices but this one is a let down. She looks like a flight attendant…

  13. The blazer and skirt DID look nice, but seen from the back, as I first saw them with this outfit, those wedges were simply disproportionately high. I normally like wedges, but not these towering versions, which makes the wearer look like she’s wearing fashionable stilts. Moreover, they simply looked “off” with the professional-looking outfit.

    Her navy leather pumps, last seen with this blazer and the coral pink skinny jeans she wore to visit the GB Olympic field hockey teams would have been a better choice. They didn’t work well with the jeans (I thought she should have worn her LK Bennett wedges that day), but they would have been quite appropriate with the blazer and skirt.

    It occurs to me that she may be getting tired of all the red, white, and blue she’s been virtually required to wear of late. I hope she’ll be able to trot out some new colors on her upcoming trip.

    • “It occurs to me that she may be getting tired of all the red, white, and blue she’s been virtually required to wear of late. I hope she’ll be able to trot out some new colors on her upcoming trip.”

      I wouldn’t hold my breath. She’ll wear lots of blue and beige colors. However, she wore more color during her Canada trip than she has all this year. Hopefully she’ll wear orange, which she’s never worn, and which will compliment the tropical scenery.

      • I was talking about the red, white, and blue patriotic combination. We’re all aware that she prefers blues and neutrals in general. However, in the past, she’s worn purple, green, red and scarlet alone, pink, yellow, and a variety of other shades. She dressed fairly colorfully on her Canada trip last year.

  14. I think the jacket and dress/skirt is a very neat choice for handing out medals, and for I’m not bothered by the aforementioned bunching and wrinkling cos it’s what happens to all of us from time to time. It helps keep her human, and less glossy-magazine-cover clone.

    I can’t help wondering about her hair though, I seem to remember it began looking a bit limp during the last round of sporting events — I’m presuming due to wind, rain and being tied back in pony tails. Do hope it’s not a reflection on the latest hairdresser.

    The best thing about Kate is that she looks so genuine in her enthusiasm for the sporting events, as with so much else that she does. She gives the impression of being a real quality lady!

    • I feel the same way about her hair lately. I never thought I’d say this about her, but it looks kind of…not-so-polished, maybe?

      That said, I also agree that she looks genuinely happy to be at all the sporting events, and I like that. What a morale booster for the athletes, you know? I think we’re really seeing Kate in her element at these events.

      • I’m amazed she can continue to look as though she’s still enjoying herself after attending so many events. And for her sheer sparkle I can definitely overlook a blip on the hair front!

  15. It’s a great look for the medal presentations. Appropriately formal and understated to that the attention if focused on the athletes. My only reservation is the shoes. They are not my favourite and it would have been fun to see something a little more lively. The LK Bennett Sabira in Deep Blue Patent ( I just bought them! THey look awesome with dark blue and greys) would have been an interesting choice- but then again perhaps too stewardessy. Look forward to hearing what everyone else has to say!

    • Tara, I had a similar thought… Had she worn a classic pump style shoe, I can only imagine all the “stewardess” remarks. :)

      And I love the jacket. It’s so timeless and classy.

      • I do love this jacket, but I’m afraid that I haven’t been a fan of the outfits she has coordinated with it. In my opinion, the navy with the gold buttons makes for a very formal blazer, and she has paired it on both outings with very casual pieces: the coral skinny jeans and the Corkswoon wedges. That being said, I know some people really like to create an edgy and interesting outfit by mixing formal and informal pieces, but I’ve just never been into that look.

        However we feel about her outfit, she obviously delighted the athlete by presenting the medal! I’ve also loved the photos of her interacting with Lady Louise Windsor.

  16. Love the skirt!!!!! She’s glamorous and sophisticated!!!!

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