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Kate and other royals were somber in black for today’s Remembrance Sunday ceremonies in London.

James Whatling / Splash News

Above we see Kate with Sophie of Wessex. Many readers will recognize the coat worn last year to the ceremony, it is by Diane von Furstenburg.

Today’s ceremony commemorates the Armistice ending World War I, it was signed at the ‘eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month’ in 1918. Remembrance Sunday is always observed on the second Sunday in November.

Earlier today services were held in Afghanistan, Prince Harry is one of thousands serving there.

UK Armed Forces Facebook

In London it was a bright, sunny day. Royal photographer Mark Stewart tweeted this photo of crowds gathering at the Cenotaph.

Mark Stewart/Regal Eyes Twitter Feed

More from the Daily Mail:

The first stroke of Big Ben at 11am and the firing of a gun from Horse Guards Parade by The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery marked the start of two minutes of silence, which was followed by The Last Post, sounded by the Buglers of the Royal Marines.

Her Majesty’s Armed Forces

The Queen was the first to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph.

Her Majesty’s Armed Forces

Princess Anne was in uniform and laid a wreath honoring the Navy, Prince William laid a wreath for the RAF.

UK Armed Forces

A bit of background on the Cenotaph: located in Whitehall, it was initially created as a temporary structure for a parade ending WWI, but ultimately re-built as a permanent war memorial.

For those with mobility issues there are others ways to move around and take part in today’s ceremony.

Her Majesty’s Armed Forces

Readers may also noticed that Kate’s hat was familiar, here is another look.

Splash News

It is the Philip Treacy hat worn with her red Armani coat for William’s passing out ceremony at Sandhurst in 2006.

Press Association/Splash

For those not as familiar with that 2006 event, here is a full-length shot.

Tim Ockenden/WPA rota/UK Press Association

Today’s coat is a 2008 piece by Diane von Furstenberg, it is 100% wool, with soutache trim on the detachable collar and cuffs, double breasted styling, storm flaps, decorative buttons and other design features the Duchess is fond of.

Here we see Kate with the Duchess of Cornwall watching last year’s ceremonies.

Splash News

Here is a more detailed look at the trim on the collar and cuffs, once again Kate elected to leave off the detachable cuff trim.

UPDATED: Kate’s gloves are from Black in the UK, the Ladies Black Bow Cocktail gloves.

UPDATE #2 DEC 7, 2012: We have been advised the gloves are not by Black, but instead, by Cornelia James. Kate was actually wearing the company’s “Pure Wool Glove with Side Bow,” described as “Short pure wool glove with side bow. Very 50′s.” I have included another color in the photos below to ensure a better look at the bow detail.

Cornelia James ‘Pure Wool Glove with Side Bow’

These come in a broad range of colors, they run £52, roughly $80 at today’s exchange rate. It should be no surprise these are by Cornelia James, more on the company history from its website:

We are glove manufacturers by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. Our association with the Queen goes back to 1947 when Norman Hartnell, who had been asked to make the young Princess going away outfit following her marriage to Prince Philip, asked Cornelia to make the gloves that she would wear.

In 1979 we were granted a Royal Warrant and have held it ever since.

Kate’s gloves are available on the company’s site.


Kate wore her poppy from the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Shop.

The Poppy Shop

It is the Buckley Brooch, also worn by the Duchess on her black Temperley ‘Amoret‘ gown to Thursday’s Saint Andrews gala.

Royal British Legion Poppy Shop

The brooch is available, it runs £24.99, delivery in the UK is £2.95, good news for international customers, worldwide shipping is £6.95.

Thursday the Queen paid a visit to The Poppy Factory, the charity is celebrating its 90th Anniversary. This year more than 12 million poppies and 107,000 wreaths were made by hand (!) for Remembrance Sunday.

The Poppy Factory

The Poppy Factory is an amazing story in itself:

Since 1922, The Poppy Factory (originally called the Disabled Society) has been employing wounded, sick and injured ex-Service personnel in its Factory.

Major George Howson MC, who served on the Western Front, set up The Disabled Society in 1922 in the Old Kent Road with the sole purpose of producing poppies, with the workforce being severely wounded veterans from WW1.

In recent years, The Poppy Factory has transformed itself into a thoroughly modern charity. As well as providing work for veterans at its HQ in Richmond, The Poppy Factory uses its unique expertise to help its clients find employment with many commercial organisations all over the UK.

The Queen is no stranger to the facility, this was her third visit to the Factory.

Today is also Veteran’s Day in the United States.

Wreaths Across America Facebook


Three appointments have been added to the calendar:

1) November 27: Kate will attend the grand opening of the Natural History Museum’s new Treasures Gallery, event info here

2) December 12: It’s another black tie event for the Duchess, she will be at the London premiere of the Hobbit, the event benefits the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund

3) December 9: William and Kate will be attending this year’s British Military Tournament.

British Military Tournament

More on the program and its purpose.

The Tournament exists to raise much-needed funds to support the brave men and women of our Armed Forces as well as their families. By attending you are helping the three national charities of the British Armed Forces – The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. They work together to be there for each and every member of our military family.

British Military Tournament

It looks like an extraordinary and enjoyable event. A few of this year’s acts:

  • The bands of the Royal Marines, the Household Cavalry, the Royal Artillery and the Royal Air Force, the gymnasts of the Royal Navy performing their celebrated Window Ladder display and the Queen’s Colour Squadron of the Royal Air Force presenting its drill display.
  • Over 150 horses including the iconic Musical Drive of the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery and Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry, the Light Cavalry Honourable Artillery Company and the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars.
  • The largest massed bagpipe band seen at Earls Court since the Second World War.


Also, Kate was seen out and about yesterday, following a stop at Harvey Nichols, PopSugar has several pictures here. The Duchess was in black tip-to-toe,

UPDATED:It now appears the shoes are indeed the Kurt Geiger Estee, with thanks to Ashley for her determination in following through on this particular ID. There is now debate about the shoes actually being Kurt Geiger’s, we will update when we have more info about the shoes. Kate was sporting a pair of Kurt Geiger suede courts (pumps) in black, the shoe features a 3-1/2″ heel. At this point the shoe is only available in very limited sizes at Selfridge’s, House of Fraser and Kurt Geiger. Harrod’s has a broader size range (£140), and they do ship internationally, but delivery is pricier (£25) than other shops. (Although if you’re in the UK, delivery is free.)

Kurt Geiger Estee Court

Kate carried her rich grey Tod’s D-styled bag as well, the contemporary version is “D Styling,” this one is definitely an investment piece.

Tod’s D Styling

Kate also wore that black coat we’ve yet to identify, seen previously when Kate and William had a night out with Pippa and others at Loulous in Mayfair early in October.

Weir Photos / Splash News



We’ll see you this week, we will be doing an amazing giveaway with one of Kate’s favorite brands that I think you will love.

  39 Responses to “Kate Does Royal Repeats for Remembrance Sunday Ceremony, UPDATED With CORRECTED Glove Info, New Engagements”

  1. This is a beautiful coat and I do love the way Kate recycles, but I kind of wish she wouldn’t have worn the same garment to the same event two years in a row. I much prefer recycling in terms of what she’s done with the hat–let enough time pass to make it seem fresh again.

  2. Love the mobility scooter squdron :)

  3. I love this coat and was happy to see it again. Kate’s style is classic. It is nice to see a young person dress conservatively. I enjoy this blog and follow her style choices. Thank you to the bloggers for creating this site.

  4. I love this hat with the DVF dress she looks lovely and so does the countess.

  5. A thought that may be way off, but I’m going to put it out there anyway… Do you think the black top with the lacey cut-out detail centre front which Kate wore under the red Armani coat to Wills’ passing out parade could possibly be the SAME top she recently wore under the dark red Paul Ka skirt suit to London’s Middle Temple?

    Love your work as always Susan :-)

    • I’m not a super sleuth when it comes to ID-ing (I leave that to the professionals, like Susan!), but the two shells don’t match from the close-ups I’ve seen on this blog. If you refer to Susan’s post about the Paul Ka ensemble, you can see that the shell is not simply black; there is some white or cream in the crochet. In the Armani coat outfit, the shell is entirely black.

  6. Oh man. I can’t believe it has been a year since last time I blogged about the remembrance poppies…
    This hat seems going better witht he coat that last year’s.

  7. Well, I ordered my first item that is also owned by the DoC–the beautiful poppy broach! And I got one for my mom as well. :)

  8. I love the fact that Kate brought back the hat from 2006. I always liked it and was hoping she would wear it again someday.

    • Same here–one of my fave hats she has worn. Love the DVF coat, and think it is very smart to wear it again for this event, so as to reduce the spotlight on the duchess and put it back where it belongs. I like the gloves, but probably would not have worn them to this event. The bows make them a wee bit too dressy IMO.

  9. I love this coat. It ranks up there with the white McQueen she has worn a couple of times. Sophie looks quite smart as well. I’d love it if you identified her outfits when she and Kate are at the same events. Since Sophie is just a tad closer to my age, I think I could relate more to what she wears than what Kate does….just for my own dressing. I absolutely love this site and have recently gotten acquainted with My Small Obsessions as well. Great work.

  10. There’s more info on Kate’s Buckley poppy brooch here –

  11. Remembrance Day is commemorated on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, that is the time in which an armistice was agreed to end World War 1 in 1918. That’s Remembrance Day, this year it fell on a Sunday, it’s not commemorated the second Sunday of November, you are incorrect.

    • I’m trying to better understand what you find to be an error in the post….? The text reads ” Remembrance Sunday is always observed on the second Sunday in November.” To quote directly from the Royal British Legion’s page: “Remembrance Sunday, the second Sunday in November, is the day traditionally put aside to remember all those who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today.” This is the link provided in the post, it takes you directly to the Legion’s Remembrance Sunday page.
      Please let me know where the error is, I always welcome reader input and would love to be able to correct any mistakes. Many thanks in advance!

      • In Canada, Remembrance Day is always the 11th, and that is the case no matter what day the 11th is.

        According to WIkipedia, in the UK Remembrance Sunday is just as you say, the 2nd Sunday of November. That’s the closest Sunday to November 11th.

        No error on your part — different countries do things differently.

        • yes exactly, the royal website says that as well.
          It is a coincidence that in 2012 the 11th of November falls on the 2nd Sunday of the month

        • In the U.S. it is called Veterans Day and is officially celebrated on the 11th. However, this year state and federal offices, the postal service, the stock market etc are closed the 12th since the 11th fell on a Sunday. Sadly, here in the states it seems like it is simply another day off work or school, or a day for stores to promote still another sale to get people to the shopping malls. Except for a few ceremonies scattered across the country, the veterans are virtually forgotten. I love that England makes a very big deal out of it. Gosh, here in the states, they don’t even do the poppies any more. I remember when I was a little girl, everyone proudly wore poppies. Haven’t seen one in decades and love seeing members of the royal family so prominently display theirs.

          • I remember as well when here in the US one could purchase a poppy and when people wore them beginning the last week in October and through Armistice Day.

            Many years ago, I was in England when November 11th fell on a Sunday. I happened to be in Salisbury for the ceremonies and parade in which a few WWI veterans marched. I spoke with one who showed me his medals and asked that I never forget what happened during 1914-1918. It was an extremely moving occasion that I have never, after all these years, have forgotten.

      • That goes for the States as well. Veteran’s Day is always the 11th. I think the key point here is that the British call it Remembrance SUNday. That’s why, no matter what day it is, it will always be a Sunday. You were correct, regarding Remembrance for the UK, Susan!

  12. The gloves from today AND the passing out event (lol on the title of THAT, btw ;p) are stunning. I like those leather/lace ones with the open-front … and today’s looked like they have bows on them. Anyone know where her gloves are from?

    • LOVE the bow gloves… I just ordered them; they will be so much fun for the holidays. Btw – I asked about the backorder and it is less than a week.

  13. The Duchess looks wonderful, the use of repeats seems in keeping with the whole remembrance theme. I also think the full heart on the hat reflects a similar tone.

    I like that she kept the cuffs off the coat as less detail works here, though on the same grounds I’m not so sure about the small bow apparently peeping from the cuff of her glove. At least they’re less fussy than the pair she wore with the red coat.

  14. I love the coat. Perfect for a somber occasion where fashion should be taking a back seat on this occasion.

  15. The moment that I saw photos from this event on the Daily Mail, I suspected that she was wearing the Philip Treacy hat from the 2006 outing. In my mind, the Treacy hat and Armani coat pairing is one of the most iconic images of pre-engagement Kate. The hat served her well on both occasions. It compliments both the von Furstenburg and the Armani coat exquisitely. Also, I love the size of this hat! I know that the Duchess is quite selective in the trends she chooses to adopt, but big hats were all over the runways this year (especially Saint Laurent), and I am so happy to see her embracing the large hat trend, even if it is just for this outing.

    I’ve been trying to avoid black in my recent clothing purchases, since previously I wore it so much that people started accusing me of secretly being a ninja. But, even in my current no-black phase, I love this coat. The shearing on the collar and those beautiful buttons add dimension to what would otherwise be a rather flat, uninteresting aesthetic. Plus, that shearing looks so comfy… (I would love to see the Duchess wear it with the shearing on the sleeves, but I believe that she was right to leave them off for this somber event.)

  16. I thought we might see this black Philip Treacy hat which is perfect for the occasion and is very nice. I thought we might have seen the black fringed coat which Kate has been sporting lately, as well. No complaints about the DVF though.

  17. Glad to see this DVF coat again as I really like it. The red Armani is definitely worth recycling. I prefer last year’s hat, but I do like this Treacy. It’s not too crazy looking for me. I also love those pearl earrings.

  18. I like this year’s hat, but like last year’s hat better. I like Sophie’s lapel pins more than Kate’s also.

  19. This kind of ceremony is always tears-time for me.
    The carpet of wreaths’s photography is very beautiful. Thank you for posting it.
    Sophie and Kate are two smart additions to the Windsor family.
    Nothing really relevant to say about the outfit, the black colour is appropriate to the event. Juste 1 point : very nice hat for Kate, but should have the knot take away, two festive in my opinion

  20. Glad to see Sophie in a more subdued hat… last years selection was a tad exuberant for the occasion.

  21. Unmistakeably a Philip Treacy hat, which I loved when I first saw it. I liked that red coat back then, too and think it would be worth recycling.

    I saw a complaint about the poppy brooch; someone claimed it was tacky. Nice to know that it’s offered in the Legion’s Poppy Shop.

    • I’m curious, where did you read the complaint? I would think that the poppy would be recognized for what it symbolizes, not evaluated for its appeal as a piece of jewelry.

      • In the Mail Online comments. If you’ve ever looked at those, attached to any article on the Duchess, you’ll know that she has many, many detractors. They look for any excuse to criticize and sneer at her. However, enough people complained about the brooch that I think some really did feel it was inappropriate for a somber service. One commented that a diamante poppy was “chavvy” and that she thought the Duchess had an obligation to wear the traditional paper poppy.

        But I believe the Legion poppy brooch was a gift from the Legion. Of course it was appropriate for her to wear it.

        • You have one strong stomach if you can read any of those Mail Online comments. I have to give them a wide berth. Safety definitely lies in WKW.

        • When I was looking for a sturdier poppy two years ago, I came across several articles in the Telegraph & Daily Mail where BBC presenters who wore the Bucklety and Kleshna poppies were being accused of tackiness, so it’s not just because it’s Kate wearing it, although definitely it’s one more ‘point’ against her by her detractors. Part of me understands that they don’t want the wearing of poppies to be a vanity thing, but these poppies are made by the Legion and you’re still supporting them. As long as one’s heart is in the right place, I say wear whatever pleases you.

        • Ah, I see. I do try to avoid the Mail Online comments. When my eyes have strayed down to that part of the page, I always regret it. It is certainly not anywhere near the caliber of commentary that I usually find in the commenting community on this blog.

          I suppose if the Legion had not gifted the Duchess with the poppy there might be some justification in debating her choice of the diamante poppy over the paper one. But, as you pointed out, it was a gift and therefore she needed to wear it. People are entitled to their own opinions, but I think designating the poppy as “chavvy” is about as ridiculous as claiming that her purple and orange beaded “EACH” bracelet looks juvenile…

          • The diamante brooch does look tacky and the Each bracelet is juvenile but sometimes Kate has to wear ugly stuff because of kindness.

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