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We have several updates to share, beginning with news many readers may have already seen, Kate has been out and about running errands and doing some shopping.


Above we see the Duchess in London last Wednesday.

Kate is wearing her plaid cape, debate continues as to whether it is a 2010 Zara piece (below right), or a contemporary item from Orvis, the company has a strong UK presence.


Kate was also wearing her trademark skinny jeans, a dark scarf and suede Seville Boots in chocolate suede by Really Wild.

Really Wild Clothing

Pop Sugar and Us Weekly have more photos, click here to see the Pop Sugar piece, here for the Us Weekly story. In one story Kate is wearing her Temperley Odele Coat, seen in this 2012 post. She is also carrying her trusty Tod’s D Style Bag, we show it at My Theresa.

Tod’s D-Styled Bag at My Theresa

The Duchess was in a skirt or dress, wearing dark tights, a scarf and what appear to be her Kurt Geiger Estee pumps.

Kurt Geiger ‘Estee’ Court Shoes

(One FYI for those fond of this shoe, the ‘Estee’ is available in navy on the company’s US website, on sale for only $75.)

According to the Us Weekly story, Kate was at Selfridge’s, where she is said to have purchased a pair of Kriya Yoga leggings in grey by Sweaty Betty.

Sweaty Betty ‘Kriya’ Yoga Leggings

The story reports that Kate bought merchandise earlier in the week at London boutique JoJo Maman Bebe, the store carries items for mother and child.

Jojo Maman Bebe

The story quotes ‘another source’ saying the Duchess also ordered items from ASOS Maternity.


Now we move on to our poll results, beginning with a look at voting for the favorite new coat worn by the Duchess in 2012. After 7,762 votes here is how it looks.

©2013 What Kate Wore

This one brought no surprises, the McQ by McQueen Black Watch came out a clear winner.  When voting on previously worn outerwear you selected another McQueen item, also by a sizable margin. The white Samurai tiered coat was another obvious favorite.

L: Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire, R: Paul Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire/

Here is how the voting looked on the “Repeated Coats” poll.

©2013 What Kate Wore

We move to your votes on Kate’s Suits and Coordinates, with 6,698 votes tallied the results were closer than I expected.

©2013 What Kate Wore

LK Bennett’s Davina dress and Jude jacket in teal had the most votes, but yet another McQueen look was second, the white eyelet suit worn on the Royal Tour.

Phillip Vernon/De Montfort University

A whopping 8,354 individuals voted in the formal frock category, once again we had an enormous favorite.

Splash News/Jenny Packham/Splash News

The numbers tell the story, Jenny Packham’s teal gown was the clear winner by more than 3000 votes.

©2013 What Kate Wore

We move on to footwear, looking at new shoes worn by Kate in 2012.

©2013 What Kate Wore

The winner in this group is LK Bennett’s Harper, shown below left.

L: PA Wire/LK Bennett R: Paul Edwards, PA Wire/LK Bennett

LK Bennett also made the favorite previously worn shoe seen on Kate in 2012, the now-iconic Sledge, seen above right.

©2013 What Kate Wore

Our final vote in the footwear category was on Kate’s boots.

©2013 What Kate Wore

The ‘Charge It’ style by Russell & Bromley came out on top, but Aquatalia’s ‘Rhumba’ was a very close second.

Splash News/Kind Courtesy of Alyssa Phillips

When it comes to Kate’s chapeaux the winner was a piece worn for one of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

PA Wire

We had more than 5,700 votes, the winner is the hat by Sylvia Fletcher for James Lock and Company, seen at the Jubilee River Pageant.

©2013 What Kate Wore

Our final three polls all share the same topic, Kate’s dresses. The first looked at “casual dresses,” with more than 6,100 votes cast, the winner is….

©2013 What Kate Wore

This one was a surprise for me. Not a shock, just a moderate surprise. Here is that look by Orla Kiely.

Splash News / Orla Kiely

When it came to Kate’s ‘dressier day dresses,’ we had another McQueen design taking the most votes.

©2013 What Kate Wore

This one turned out as anticipated, the nude or champagne lace dress was worn to the Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving in June.

PA Wire /UK Armed Forces Facebook

And finally, the favorite dress from 2012 that Kate had worn previously…..

PA Wire / Roksanda Ilincic

The ‘Peridot’ dress by Roksanda Ilincic first seen on the North American Tour of 2011.

©2013 What Kate Wore

Unfortunately yours truly neglected to mention two dresses, the Jonathan Saunders Evelyn (below left) and Temperley Beatrice (below right), both worn on the Royal Tour. They were key looks but neither came up terribly high on the polls we did right after the Tour.

L: Splash News / Jonathan Saunders R: Arthur Edwards-PA Wire/Temperley London

Two other quick notes of interest, the first involving our friends at Links of London.

Links of London

Anyone buying one of these three Sweetie Bracelets from the jeweler will receive a free Chocolate Box charm.

Also, retailers are starting to stock spring styles. That’s no surprise, but definitely a welcome sight nonetheless. We thought we would share just a few, beginning with these LK Bennett looks from the retailer’s early spring lookbook.

LK Bennett

I thought it would be fun to share two different coat styles as well. The first is by Alexander McQueen in a rayon satin weave.

Matches Fashion

The next comes from another Kate favorite, Reiss, the brand’s Finlee Gathered Back coat.

Reiss Finlee Gathered Back Coat

It is difficult to see in the photos above, but the off-white coat looks to be a pique weave, offering a bit of texture to the garment.  This garment would be a perfect style for the Duchess heading into spring, it has a very forgiving line with interest points created at the square neck and epaulets.

We’ll be back later this week with more spring styles, including possible maternity looks.

  18 Responses to “Kate Does Some Shopping, Poll Results”

  1. Isn’t it about time to do a nice long blog post on Kate’s many, many bikinis? Surely your readers want to know where to source those — I do!

  2. Americans might want to check out Target, which just began offering a Prabal Gurung collection. It includes jewelry and clutch bags as well as clothes and shoes. I didn’t see anything that really excited me, but other people might find some items to suit their tastes.

  3. Russell and Bromley has a boot called the “Gringo” that is nearly a twin to the Duchess’ Really Wild boots. The heel is a bit higher, but they are very similar. The cape the Duchess is wearing appears to have red in it, which would seem to make it the Orvis cape, as I dont see any red in the Reiss version.

  4. I think she’s wearing the Orvis cape because it does look like it has red stripes in it and the Zara cape comes across looking much harsher in the photograph than hers does. Also, why would she pair the Zara cape with brown boots – it doesn’t appear to have brown in it. The Orvis cape seems to combine both brown and black…Not sure though!

  5. Susan, thanks for the post. I was a bit surprised black watch coatdress turned out to be so popular (I didn’t like it at all, too much plaid for me), but wanted to let all the fans of the pattern know that Uni Qlo has leggins in black watch for under $20. They fit well and look very “kate” with a navy blazer.

    I got the leggins in their NY flagship, but they should also be available on their website.

    Can’t wait for Kate’s first 2013 official engagement on February 19, and, of course Susan’s follow-up post :-)


  6. i love kate’s outfit while shopping. it’s stylish, yet comfortable–perfect for a day of running around. i’m surprised by some of the poll results–thanks for doing those. they’re fun to participate in and fun to see the results. also, i’m loving that spring jacket by reiss. great pick for the duchess.


  7. Of all my 365 dresses, the only one directly inspired by Kate is one of your winners. Of course, Kate with her elegant and feminine style has greatly influenced fashion since she came to everyone’s attention. I count on your blog for keeping me up-to-date on what Kate wears!

  8. Too tired to post more, but for now just wanted to thank Susan for this lovely and thorough post. Great read as always, thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this post and website. <3

  9. I’m I the only one who finds it interesting that the brown suede Seville boots shown in this post look almost identical to the leather Penelope Chivers she’s worn in the past? They are almost the exact same style I think, except for the seude of course. Just interesting to own two of the same boot like that…. I guess as a duchess she can!

    • I totally think the same! And sometimes i ask if some people are not doing mistakes between the penelope chilvers and the really wild…

      For the cape many people are mixing too : they said its zara cape with a picture of the orvis… I noticed that on the zara pictures with the cape WORN, theres no red, but on the zara cape alone, yes. And it can be the tinley road too.I asked to orvis, they said they were not sure, i asked zara they told me that yes it’s a zara cape. Im so confused so i put the differents capes pictures side by side near kate pictures, but that’s hard to see! The best way to know is to ask to Kensington Palace because we can’t be totally sur for 100%!
      Ps: if someone has this cape to sell, contact me!

  10. to me, at least, in the pics the cape looks like Zara because seems to have the red on it that the Orvis doesn’t

  11. Clicked on the link for the Estee pumps and unfortunately only the navy are on sale for $75–the nude are still full price. Rats!

  12. I am not a fan of short capes and ponchos, which I think cut people in two visually in an unflattering way. However, I can certainly understand why a pregnant woman just starting to show would find such a cape a good solution, if she’s not yet into maternity clothes but things are feeling a bit tight in the waist. The plaid doesn’t excite me.

    I like long capes, but of course they are not suitable for shopping trips in casual clothes.

    I also like those Estee pumps but would want them in black.

    The LK Bennett items are quite short, and I think one problem with the teal Davina dress with the matching peplum jacket was its length. The Duchess had a bit of trouble getting out of a car in it. On the other hand, I love that fitted McQueen coat and find the Reiss white coat attractive, too, though again too short. In fact, I’m looking for a coat in ivory or white myself but haven’t found the right one for reasons of length. I don’t want calf-length or something several inches above the knee. Has anyone else found it hard to locate just mid-knee-length coats lately?

    • Not sure if the Duchess had her Davina dress altered, or if it’s simply because of her height, but in fact that Davina dress comes well over my knees (I’m 5’5) to the point at which I’m considering having it shortened! I don’t know if that’s changed since I ordered mine.

      • I totally agree and was thinking of posting the same info: I also bought the davina dress this year and the matching jacket (which they’ve added a collar this year) from my local Notting Hill store where I live in London, and they told me they hadn’t changed the dress at all from last year. As a lot of their dresses in very similar styles come just above the knee (as I tried a lit the other day) she must have had it altered or maybe it also came in a shorter version? I really dought it looks short because of her height (which also crossed my mind) because she would have to be massive in height for the dress to hit above the knee when its supposed to hit below, and I don’t think she is.

        I think the cape looks very nice on her and th hole look seems appropriate as usual!

        • She’s not that tall — claims that she’s 5’10″ are clearly wrong, and her legs are not that long relative to her very long torso (which itself could have made a difference.) However, since the Davina dress is shown almost knee-length on the LKB site, and on presumably fairly tall models, she must indeed have had it shortened. She and the tailor went a bit too far in my opinion.

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