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William and Kate attended a wedding today in the idyllic setting of Ewelme, in Oxfordshire. Their good friends, William van Cutsem and Rosie Ruck Keene were married, Royal photographer Mark Stewart reports that William was an usher, so Kate came to the wedding with friends.

With thanks to the generosity of Tilly Pudwell for graciously sharing her photo, you can see Kate repeated the Topshop dress first worn last month.

Kind Courtesy of Tilly Pudwell

Kind Courtesy of Tilly Pudwell

Kate had on much the same ensemble today as what she wore to the Warner Brothers Studio event April 26, seen below.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

This is the dress prompting debate as to whether it was Topshop’s Polka Dot Skater Dress (now sold out with the exception of isolated petite sizes)…

Topshop (no longer available)

Topshop (no longer available)

… or the brand’s Florence maternity dress, also sold out.

Topshop Florence Maternity Dress (no longer available)

Topshop Florence Maternity Dress (no longer available)

After loads of input via comments on the original post, Facebook comments and email, it looks like Kate is wearing the Florence. While I am a seamstress, I’ve not worn maternity apparel and it it makes sense to listen to those with more experience on the topic.

The only other polka dot Topshop dress I found in any range of sizes is a piece that is much longer, the Penny Spot Midi Dress (on sale for $50). There is a polka dot maternity piece available, the Maternity Spot Shirt ($76), it also comes in Standard sizing.

Topshop US Site

Topshop US Site

As mentioned, Kate paired the dress with her Ralph Lauren jacket from several years ago.


She also carried her black clutch and Episode ‘Angel’ pumps.

Splash News

Splash News

The Duchess did wear a smart new fascinator, we don’t know the maker yet, and will update if we do learn more about the piece.

UPDATED: The kind folks at Vivien Sheriff messaged me Tuesday to let me know Kate was wearing a piece they created.


Our next item involves Kate wearing a different brand of shoes. There have been multiple posts on Twitter this past week by people who say they have seen Kate out and about in Anglesey. One such tweet was posted Friday by Matt Steele, he even noted the brand of footwear Kate was wearing.

Matt Steele Twitter Feed

Matt Steele Twitter Feed

The brand originated in Spain, the shoes are made in factory near the small town of Arnedo.

Flossy Plimsolls

Flossy Plimsolls

Initially I was taken aback someone could note a shoe label so easily, until the savvy WKW Facebook crew pointed out that it can be easy to spot Flossys, they have a distinctive tag at the heel.

Flossy Plimsolls

Flossy Plimsolls

Kate might like the pair shown above, they are done in broderie anglaise, or eyelet, a favorite fabric for her.  Some say Flossys are akin to the US-based brand TOMS: both brands are made of fabric, lightweight, and easy to slip on and off.

Flossy Plimsolls

Flossy Plimsolls

The brand is offered online in the UK, although I can’t see that they ship to the US. Office Shoes offers men’s, women’s & children’s sizes online, and they do ship to the US. Additionally, men’s style are available online at Topman in the US.


Today’s final item involves a garment most recently seen on last year’s Jubilee Tour, worn for Kate and William’s departure from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, East Malaysia. It turns out the piece is by Diane von Furstenberg.


Photos via eBay France

The frock is a classic DVF wrap dress showcasing a rich paisley pattern. Kate has had the dress for more than a decade however, she wore it to a party at St. Andrews in 2002, and again in 2005 for dinner with Prince William, a photo of the latter instance can be seen here.

The dress is 100% silk in a v-neck style with self-belt. There is pink piping at the cuffs of the three-quarter sleeves, pockets, collar and vertical front seaming detail. I believe the identification was made almost simultaneously by eBay Sellers CopyKate and Logman, many thanks to Franciele for sharing this information.

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  20 Responses to “Kate Brings Back Polka Dots for Wedding, A New Shoe Brand & An Older ID (2002!)”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Every time she wear something, she really do looks stunning and gorgeous even with her baby belly . Congratulations by the way to the couple. I bet everyone is looking forward on what she will wear on the event that she will be attending. Have a great day everyone from Adelaide finger food, looking forward for another one.

  2. Hi Susan, just wanted to let you know I was in Topshop yesterday and tried on the polka dot dress. I’m 5’7″ so if Kate is a few inches taller than me there is absolutely no way she was wearing the regular size dress, so I definitely think you’re right on it being the maternity style. The waistline wouldn’t accommodate even a small baby belly like Kate’s, but the length was the dead giveaway. It was too short for me to wear and I’m not the future Queen!

  3. I think the hat is the Kentucky Kate Hat by Kokin- The shape is similar and the feather detailing is the same also it looks like there are some polka dots on the hat too!!

  4. Any pics of her in the party at St. Andrews in 2002?

  5. The Duchess wore a fascinator by Vivien Sheriff and her Episode “Angel” shoe according to the website Duchess Kate.

  6. I know the Ralph Lauren jacket is old, but does anyone know the name and style of it?

  7. I just wanted to note that it’s TOMS, not “Tom’s.” For each pair of Toms you buy, they donate a pair of shoes in a developing country.

  8. Love this outfit—the hat is beautiful. What a great idea to re-wear this ensemble so as not to distract from the bride and bridal party. Also, the pink and black DVF is lovely.

  9. She looks lovely!

  10. Your latest post of 11-May-13 does not come up under the usual link ‘’

  11. OMG I want those floral pink Flossys!! SO cute and perfect for summer!

  12. Forever 21 has a lovely Peter Pan-collar white dress with black polka dots – different shape and style than Kate’s (so annoyed I didn’t pick it up when I saw it in Topshop a while back), but the pattern is very similar.

  13. The skater dress has more evenly spaced polka dots. The white maternity dress has a more random pattern although the two different colored ones are more symmetrical. I tend to think she’s wearing a skater dress that maybe is a size larger or has been altered to fit. Regarding her wearing it to a wedding, I wonder if what she wears is determined by whether they depart for the event from London or Angelsey. Maybe she only has limited options stored at one location or another. She probably has a more extensive wardrobe at London although I doubt she has trouble finding something at either location.

  14. It may not be so easy for a pregnant woman to find a outfit for special ceremony such as a wedding (really I don’t know, I’ve never been pregnant), but here I am a bit desapointed : no difference made for Kate between a close (?) friends wedding and an official engagement. The only difference is the hat and what an item !

    • Kate doesn’t want to outshine the bride, and that’s why whenever she attends a wedding, she repeats outfits she’s worn before. But regardless of what Kate wears, I’m sure the bride and all the wedding guests are thrilled to have her there.

      • French Girl, I had the initial reaction as you did when I saw the picture of Kate headed to the wedding. I wouldn’t wear work clothes to a wedding, and I was disappointed she wore an outfit she’d previously worn to the film studio. It didn’t feel “special” enough to me to wear to a wedding.

        But now that I’ve thought about it some more, I have to agree with Nancy. Kate might feel as though she should wear repeats to a wedding, so as not to upstage the bride. I think it’s a kind and gracious thing for Kate to do, as she shows that she realizes the day is about the happy couple getting married, and not what Kate has pulled out of the closet.

        It could also be that she doesn’t have too many options w/r/t what to wear at this stage in her pregnancy. She may not have had time to pick up a new dress, for instance.

        • I think both a desire not to upstage the bride and a limited number of options were at work here. Many pregnant women don’t want to purchase a lot of clothes that will get relatively little wear. They may buy only 1 or 2 dresses that they wear to weddings and other special events.

          I have a cousin who wore one red dress to anything dressy during both her pregnancies. She could easily have afforded more clothes, but she didn’t the see the point of buying them. She just switched accessories.

          Let’s also remember that this was a private event. The Duchess really wasn’t dressing for the public, which is to say that she wasn’t dressing for us.

          I can’t say that I care much for those plimsolls — not my style — but they look comfortable. Many pregnant women are coping with swollen feet.

          I was sure that was a DVF dress. I didn’t recognize the fabric, but I own four DVF wrap dresses, and the design looked classically hers. I didn’t like the wedged shoes the Duchess wore with it in Asia. The style and color really didn’t work.

    • Dear Ladies (Nancy, Beth & Lili), you are certainly in the right.
      Surely my reaction was generated by the fact that Kate wore the same outfit very few days ago, and maybe, I must also admit, by the fact that it was not a favorite outifit of mine (too casual for me even for a public engagement).

  15. Topshop’s Polka Dot Skater Dress (first dress pictured) comes in a maternity version as well as the petite and tall versions. I saw it in a store a couple of weeks ago in the maternity section. It was definitely not the Florence.
    I’m pretty sure Kate is wearing the maternity version of the polka dot skater dress.

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