May 222013

Kate attended the annual Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace today.

PA Wire

PA Wire

The tradition of holding a springtime party at the Palace dates all the way back to 1860 when Queen Victoria hosted breakfasts. For today’s function the Queen was accompanied by Prince Philip, as well as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. This is the second year Kate has taken part in the function.

The British Monarchy website has more information about the parties:

Tea and other refreshments are served from long buffet tables. The quantities served are enormous. At a typical garden party, around 27,000 cups of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake are consumed. Some 400 waiting staff are involved in the serving.

One of the primary purposes of the event is to thank those who have made noteworthy contributions to their communities, to public life or events like last year’s Olympics.

Also attending, the world’s longest married couple. More from the Mirror:

Karam Chand, 107, and and his wife Katari, 100, have been happily married for a staggering 87 years.

The couple have eight children and twenty eight grandchildren.

One of the most enjoyable parts of today’s function is reading tweets that guests wrote, and looking at pictures they posted. Richard Platts wondered about the propriety of posting on Twitter during the event.

Richard Platts Twitter Feed

Richard Platts Twitter Feed

Here is the photo Mr. Platts posted.

Richard Platts Twitter Feed

Richard Platts Twitter Feed

Jo Tomlin shared a photo showing some of the food served served today.

Jo Tomlin Twitter Feed (@JoTomlin)

Jo Tomlin Twitter Feed (@JoTomlin)

Ms. Tomlin also shared a photo of Kate chatting with guests.

Jo Tomlin Twitter Feed (@JoTomlin)

Jo Tomlin Twitter Feed (@JoTomlin)

TeamGB boxer Natasha Jones posted this tweet.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 12.34.22 PM

Natasha Jones Twitter Feed

Kate chose another piece by Emilia Wickstead.

Kate Queen's Garden Party 2013 Yellow Wickstead PA Wire 500 x 800

PA Wire

She wore a modified version of the “Marella” coat by the New Zealand born designer.

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion

The Marella is named after another Italian socialite and art collector Marella Agnelli, née Princess Donna Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto.

Vogue Australia/PA Wire

Vogue Australia/PA Wire

The silk coat features an abstract yellow and white pattern, three-quarter length sleeves, and a collarless neckline. When bought off the rack the garment features vertical darts; I believe Kate’s was altered. This close-up image shows a horizontal seam not present in the standard Marella.  This would allow the coat to be taken in when the Duchess returns to standard sizing.

PA Wire/Lyst

PA Wire/Lyst

The piece is from Ms. Wickstead’s spring/summer 2013 collection. It remains available at Matches Fashion, selling for $1826 USD.

The sunny yellow pattern is available in other pieces, including the Margerita skirt.

Emilia Wickstead Margerita Skirt at Matches

Emilia Wickstead Margerita Skirt at Matches

As well as the Bouvier Gown.

Kate accessorized with her Russell & Bromley Park Avenue Clutch in beige patent leather.

PA Wire

PA Wire

The clutch remains available at £185m, almost $300 at today’s exchange rate.  The Duchess also wore her Russell & Bromley Park Avenue heels.

Kate repeated the Jane Corbett hat first seen at Order of the Garter in 2012.

PA Wire

PA Wire

Many will recall that at last year’s party was May 29th, Kate was also in Emilia Wickstead for that event.

May 29, 2012 PA Wire

May 29, 2012 PA Wire

And she also accessorized with a hat by Jane Corbett for that event as well.


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  1. My dream retirement would be no bills, no worries and excellent health.

  2. Thank you for all the work that must go into this AMAZING website!!
    I can hardly wait to start ‘dishing’ about today’s news and fashion… I think Kate’s choice of a neutral color was a good one – let the queen shine as it’s her day. Love that she recycles! In my opinion, Sophie looks VERY much out of place in a (see through) white lace short dress – who let her leave the house looking like THAT? Sorry to all of you who disagree…

  3. Kate is so classy and elegant and looks so lovely in yellow, it’s the right colour for her tones, she’s absolutely stunning. Lovely hair too.

  4. Just wanted to share this great affordable look a like for Kate’s black velvet bow clutch:

  5. Hi guys,
    Just wanted to let you know I was in Zara today and saw a gorgeous coat that would be a great repli-kate of the yellow one Kate is in – have a look at

  6. Really very elegant with soft yellow tones.

  7. hi! i’m a huge fan of your blog and it’s a great help to me for my job. even Getty Images listed you as a reference when Will and Kate came to Malaysia last year!

    i’m not sure if anyone else has pointed this out, but her Jane Corbett hat was first seen at Order of the Garter 2012, not 2011. she wore the gray Rachel Trevor-Morgan with her Katherine Hooker coat in 2011.

    keep up the good work!

  8. To everyone complaining about the short skirts – I am the same age as Kate, and I am not currently nor have I ever been pregnant and DAMN, I wish my legs looked that good. She’s always perfectly appropriate.

    • I am also the same age and would never wear such short dresses to work, especially if my job entailed public speaking engagements, sitting on television, or visiting my husband’s grandmother… The Queen of England;)

    • It’s not that she looks “inappropriate” — she never does. It’s a matter of proportion. Just an inch or two can make all the difference to the proportion of an outfit, to whether it looks genuinely elegant and well-designed or not.

      Moreover, many coats and dresses can look as though they were designed for children if they are too short. This is a particular problem when the clothes are made to accommodate a pregnancy.

      • Agree with Lili. No offence meant to the Duchess but her look would be fabulous if only some of her dresses or coats were a couple of inches longer. Some of her pregnancy styles reminds me a bit of Jackie Kennedy – except that Jackie K wore her coats, dresses up to the knee or a little bit longer. When you look at JK’s style even after all these years they seem ageless.

    • I agree with you. What is wrong with the length? Its only a few inches above the knee. What is so scandalous and inappropriate? Its the 21st century. Perhaps we should evolve our notions of propriety, or maybe people prefer the dated mores of the 1940′s and 50′s.

    • It’s not that it’s inappropriate, it’s just that I was so sick of mostly only having short dresses available when I was pregnant. Somehow all maternity designers seemed to be under the impression that since my abdomen was swelling, I must want to feel sexy by showing off my legs and cleavage. Not cool at all in a business setting or when chasing small children. Also I am on the short side, so short maternity wear made me look VERY stumpy and round.

      I was soooo hoping that HRH would do for maternity wear what she did for sleeves on wedding gowns – change the style back to something the rest of us were looking for but couldn’t find. No such luck.

  9. I wasn’t sure where to post this but I was wondering if the person who runs this great Kate Middleton fashion blog had seen these pictures of Kate and her mother at the end of April? This website does a very good job of documenting nearly all Kate appearances and I don’t remember seeing these pictures posted or the clothing in the pictures discussed. Kate and Carol went to a store to buy a bassinet for the baby (I presume) and Kate was wearing some sort of navy Peter Pan collar tunic I had never seen her wear before. You can see the pictures over at Pop Sugar:


  10. Have to say, Camilla was the first thing I noticed about this post. That’s great coat!

  11. I am so disappointed in her choice of bone-coloured heels! Her nude Sledges would have gone so much better with this outfit… any light color on your feet automatically shortens your leg. Back to the nude court shoe, Kate! Please!

    I also don’t understand what is all the fuss about her hemlines and showing her knees… She’s young and fresh and her hemlines reflect that without being tacky. I appreciate how she covers up and balances the rest of the look so she doesn’t look inappropriate. And I think her knees look like normal knees! Are they really swollen from pregnancy? I would never have thought that looking at her.

    I quite like the middle seam– in the closeup, you can see the fabric all matched up well, and the seam cuts across her growing belly. It looks almost like a 20s-drop-waist silhouette to me. It’s all very nice! Not one of her most iconic looks overall, but very sweet and fitting for a garden party!

  12. Longtime follower but first time poster on this excellent, entertaining blog. Unfortunately, I am in the minority who are unimpressed with many of Kate’s fashion choices. Including this one. Once again an aging, style-less outfit is combined with too long hair, too short a skirt length and clunky, repetitive, off key footwear. (Bone accessories would have looked so much better.)
    Contrast her not-infrequently haphazard, all-over-the-map turnouts with the polished, meticulous style of her late mother-in-law, even at a younger age. The Duchess would do well to reconnect with Mario Testino’s style team for some badly needed advice and to work with Diana’s later-in-life and supremely talented hair stylist, Sam McKnight.

  13. Longtime follower; first time poster on this excellent blog. I am in the minority who are not fans of many of the Duchess’s looks including this aging, style-less coat. Too long hair, way too short skirts, clunky, repetitive (and in this case, slightly clashing) footwear. (Bone colored accessories would have been so much better.)
    Contrast her not infrequent ill fitting and frankly slapdash, all-over-the-map turnouts to the polished, meticulous style of her late mother-in-law – even at a younger age – and there is simply no comparison. She is desperately in need of expert advice and a skilled seamstress for alterations.
    She would do well to work with Mario Testino’s beauty team – she was so well styled in his photographs – and take some advice from Diana’s later-in-life hair stylist, Sam McKnight.

    • I’m afraid I disagree. I thought Diana dressed quite badly through the 80′s, in clothes that were either far too old or far too young for her. She was getting poor advice from the beginning.

      The 80′s are really not a good model for anyone’s fashion today. I’ll agree that Diana looked very good in Testino’s photographs, but otherwise I wasn’t impressed by her or her wardrobe, and in any case, people cannot function in day-to-day life as though they are posing for photographs. Moreover, the much more recent Testino formal engagement picture of Prince William and his fiancée wasn’t remarkably successful.

      Remember that those Testino pictures of Diana were taken quite a long time ago now, and her hairstylist last styled Diana’s hair just as long ago. I think more contemporary designers and stylists are far more relevant to the Duchess of Cambridge’s needs. She certainly doesn’t need to be compared with Diana, whose clothes and hair are now passé. Fortunately, she seems to know what she likes regardless of what you or I or anyone else might think of it. I find that refreshing, even if I do not always approve of her choices. I wouldn’t say that she’s “desperately” in need of anyone’s advice, certainly not ours.

    • I absolutely agree with Lili. Kate is not Diana. 1997, the last year of Diana’s life and in my opinion, the best year of her fashion choices, was 16 years ago. They are different women with different taste and different life trajectories. I do not understand why the Kate-Diana comparison still has legs at this point; it’s a completely binary way of thinking and frankly, reductive.

  14. Lovely coat….pity about the length again. Why oh why does the Duchess not wear some of her outfits a couple of inches longer. It’s amazing what a few extra inches (longer or shorter) can make to the entire look. I don’t want to be mean but in other photos one can see that the upper part of her knees are beginning to understandably swell a bit as her pregnancy advances and it would have been great if the coat were a couple of inches longer. Otherwise a terrific outfit, great hat and superb hairstyle.

  15. Prince Charles seems to adore Catherine; see how he’s looking at her. She does look lovely in that yellow; very sunny in spite of the weather.

    I would love one of those chocolate things with the crown on it, please. Thanks.

  16. This is a lovely look for the Duchess – fresh, clean and charming. Acid yellow is a difficult colour for most of us to pull off, but suits her perfectly. I do feel that some of her hemlines in recent months have been a tad short for a pregnant lady, despite her enviable pins, but this one isn’t too bad.

    What was Camilla thinking, though? She appears to be channelling Lillie Langtry with this fussy look – the large, feathered hat and parasol are very Edwardian in style.

  17. Once again, something being “off” on the cut/tailoring prevents an Emilia Wickstead from working for me. The color and print are wonderful, and I love the sleeve length. But that seam across the middle is distracting and placed in a rather unflattering location. Higher up at a more “empire” place would have been more flattering and still achieve the ability to tailor later on. It just smacks of lazy tailoring, and slapping the two pieces together with little concern for the finished product’s fit on the client. I think her hair looks amazing, here, though, and that’s one of my favorite fascinators!

  18. From the photos, it looks like the fabric has an almost “hammered” texture to it. Similar to the blue Emilia Wickstead she wore recently, the textured fabrics are very flattering and add an element of interest to an otherwise clean-cut design. I have to say, if she wore this look with flats and her hair up, she would have a fabulous 1960s vibe!

  19. I simply adore this outfit of Kate!!! I think that the length is perfect on her! It is very age appropriate and the length is really quite flattering! I think it was a very fashionable choice and she looks ever so classy!

  20. It looks lovely and appropriate! Maybe not perfect by certain standards but I won’t pick on her. My first impression was good. The fabric is original yet classic, the color is beautiful and the hat is stunning.

  21. The colour is nice, but I agree with an earlier poster about the length it makes her look unprofessional especially with the high shoes, needs an extra 3 inches. The material of the coat is suitable for an open coat as in the design, but worn closed as a dress does not work for me, the material is too stiff and stands out from her body.

    Camilla gets full marks from me she has really improved her dressing lately. when my sister and I saw the picture of her alongside Kate: both of us said “WOW, Camilla looks good” ha ha

  22. I wouldn’t call this a “coatdress,” unless she’s wearing no dress underneath, and I think that’s unlikely. A coatdress is a dress styled like a coat and worn only over undergarments. The Duchess has previously worn coats like this over dresses. I expect that, as with the mint-green Mulberry coat, she’s wearing a dress. It’s just a coat.

    Someone asked why she rarely takes her coats off, whether this is a royal “thing”. Well, yes, it is, to some extent. For one thing, when they are wearing coats, we mostly see them out of doors. When they go indoors, either they don’t stay very long, or the cameras are not invited to linger for the duration of the visit. So, in cold or cool weather, we’re going to see only their coats more often than not and may never get a glimpse of what’s underneath.

    This is one reason why they give so much attention to their coats and why they have so many. They are important parts of the outfit, of public appearance clothing. I’ve said elsewhere that coats worn with matching or near-matching dresses are very “princess-y,” but I probably should simply have said that they are very “royal,” because such outfits are so often worn by royals — see the Queen. The coats really are not meant to be taken off, they are part and parcel of the look. (That also often applies to coats that are NOT part of a coat-and-combo.)

    There IS something a little matronly about this sort of light coat, especially when it’s worn with a coordinating dress. However, when the Duchess started to wear such outfits, back when she was still just the girlfriend, I knew she was expecting and preparing for a change in status. The look so strongly suggests royalty.

  23. I loved the whole outfit. The length is fine with me. This time. And on heavier materials. She has such great legs. I have observed that she often wears heavier coats when she is going to be outside the whole time, but he thinner more flowy dresses when she is on her way to be inside (i.e. Harry Potter studios, weddings and such); could this be because there is less chance for the “blow up” as we’ve seen her struggle with on some occasions? The coats won’t do that, and she can forget about it and enjoy the people out of doors. Just a thought

  24. Catherine is lovely, but I think Emilia Wickstead’s tailoring makes her very expensive garments look cheap. The pink last year had an odd waist. The egg blue dress this year was poorly fitted around the bust. The horizontal seam on this yellow dress looks crooked and cuts her in half. I can’t imagine paying that much money for clothing that looks like it was sewn by an amateur.

    Also, Catherine’s short hemlines really bother me! I know she’s tall, but she’s having clothes made specifically for her, so her height shouldn’t be a problem like it is for my tall friends who buy off the rack. She looks unprofessional, and I consider these appearances to be her job. I would never go to the office with a skirt or dress that short.

    • Your comments echo my thoughts exactly.

    • I can understand your point about the short hemlines, but have a couple of considerations. First of all, fashion is changing and shorter hemlines are becoming more appropriate (although not in every work place). Second, Kate always makes sure that she covers up the rest of her body, so that her outfit never becomes tacky. Third, Kate has great legs. Fourth, and most importantly, I think Kate is trying to balance out her belly. If the coat would have been longer, she would have looked huge (and matronly, I dare say!). Her hemlines are much shorter now than before her pregnancy: I think this is something that will change once she’s given birth.

      • I think the constant wearing of the same few pairs of high heels does the Duchess no style favours. Some of her plainer outfits, this one included, could look fresher with a lower heel and some point of interest on the shoe. And I agree with the earlier poster who suggested flats. They can look fantastic on tall slender women.

        I thought this particular outfit screamed ‘boring’.

        • She doesn’t wear flats much because she has short legs. Yes, she’s reasonably tall, but she’s also quite long-waisted, and her legs are short relative to her torso.

          That’s the reason for the precipitously high heels. If she wore flats with an outfit like this, she’d look, as someone with the same body type once described it, rather “too close to the ground”.

          What’s more, flats worn with a short coat like this would look even more juvenile than the outfit already does — like a little girl’s Sunday outfit.

          • We might have to agree to disagree Lili. Add 2 or 3 inches to the coat, a chunky resin bangle, a pair of kitten heel slingbacks, a sleek ponytail – get rid of the fascinator, and you’d have an amazing look.

            Long waisted body and shorter legs does not always have to mean dressing in high heels ans short skirts. there’s adventure to be had with different silhouettes!

          • And a ponytail, too? Oh, dear. I’m sorry, but I think that would really be heading into grade school territory.

  25. I think Kate looks great in coatdresses, which is how I would describe this outfit. It’s funny how some people describe it as ‘matronly’, to me it’s the shorter hem that makes it look modern and very age appropriate (and this is coming from someone her age!). The hat is perhaps not a perfect match with this outfit, but I appreciate her not buying a new one for every occasion.

    • I agree. I think the coat dress look is very smart, and as you say, the length keeps it from looking dowdy. And I am not in the 31 age bracket! So I think maybe there are people of all ages who will agree or disagree. It is a matter of personal taste, don’t you think? And the young royals are doing a wonderful job, in my opinion, of carving their own style which I think is still very tasteful. Looking around me at the public in general, I would say they are doing extremely well!!

  26. Overall I think the Duchess looked radiant and I just loved the pattern and color of this coat. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get on board with these kind of coat dresses though (in regards to the cut and style). I think it’s the material, but it just comes across to me as something the Queen would wear, and is not nearly youthful enough for her. That being said, again I LOVE the pattern of the coat and feel this was it’s redeeming factor and kept it from being completely matronly! LOL She really is such a beautiful pregnant woman and I just love when we get surprise appearances. Thank you for the great post as always!!

  27. why the horizontal seam? if it was a horizontal seam that would mean the she shorten it?

    • With apologies, I should have explained this better in the post. It’s tough to visualize how much additional fabric has been added to the piece both above and below the horizontal seam. It is a significant amount in both front sections of the garment, above and below the seam, to compensate for Kate’s expansion in the bodice area, the waist and somewhat in the hips. Because of the volume of fabric added to the piece, downsizing by using only vertical seaming and darts (after removing as much excess fabric as possible) would result in distorting the garment’s silhouette. The best comparison I can think of would be a long skater-style dress, with lots of fabric on the bottom and a fitted top-the proportions would be way off in my opinion. Hopefully this is helpful, if not, let me know, it’s a good question. :)

  28. one wonders why clutches her bag below her belly! it is not a flattering pose and makes the hemlines appear shorter in the front of her outfits

    • If you look at pictures before pregnancy, you can see she has always carried her bag that way. It’s just a habit.

  29. Totally random: does Kate color her hair? It looks a lot lighter here, but it could just be the way she has it pulled half-back.

    • I know in the past she supposedly used an organic, vegetable based hair dye, but I’m not sure if she has been since her pregnancy. I have thought the color of her hair looks different throughout her pregnancy as well, but who knows? I assume she would not color her hair if there is a chance it could be unhealthy for the baby.

  30. Kate looks gorgeous….she’s glowing and looking so healthy

  31. Wonderful coat. But again, too short. The coat should have been just over the knee and it would be a classic.

  32. she looks lovely except the hat doesn’t go.

  33. I like the colour and pattern of the coat. However, the horizontal line is ill-fitted. It’s too noticeable, and makes the coat look awkward and poorly made.

  34. I like this better as a coat dress the way Kate wore it rather than the coat shown on the model. However, I liked the pink from last year much better. I think that she might have done all beige or all white accessories even though I do kind of like the hat. I see she’s taking a page from the Queen’s playbook by going with bright colors so people can see her in the crowd. She looks happy and healthy.

  35. & I especially like that she has her hair away from the face — I agree that the hairstyle is a very pretty one.

  36. I am so happy that Kate continues to refrain from both “tents” and the super tight clothes that some celeb moms wear. This is a beautiful look, and the color looks great with her hair and coloring. I think the hat/shoes/clutch look great together. The hem is also just fine IMO. I

  37. The overall look is lovely on her. I just wish we could see the dress that she was wearing under her coat!! That said, I was confused by the seam running across her waist on the coat. I would have rather made it higher to be more of an empire silhouette instead of straight across the middle. It just seems odd.

  38. Love the coat, and amused how Catherine’s “retro” theme chimes with styles the Queen has worn so often. These look like classic 1950’s lines on this coat, with the plain jewel neckline and flared A-shape, I love the fabric with its fascinating textured pattern and the colour looks well on the Duchess.

    Not so sure about the accessories, though. I think this is a case of over-reliance on beige with the result being kind of washed out against the cheery yellow. The hat seems a bit frou-frou, I think it looked better at the Garter ceremony, although the Duchess wears it very well and it’s certainly very garden party, in itself a fairly strange social occasion to dress for.

    Thanks for the post – and I love the thought of a £185m clutch…sorry!

  39. I think the Duchess looks wonderful but I have a few questions….

    Why did they add the horizontal seam? I would have expected vertical seams for later tailoring…

    I like that they made it able to close but I am confused by why we so often see her in coats but never see the dress underneath. Is this a “thing” in the UK or just a Duchess “thing”?

    Thanks for another wonderful post!

    • I have wondered at the “coat” thing too! I think these coats seem very matronly and think a more chic dress would be more for someone only 31. I also wonder if she wears anything under these coats as they are always buttoned up. Thought Camilla looked great!

    • A few weeks ago I found a dress coat with exactly the same cut at H&M, on reduction from 120$ to 30$…in Montreal. All sizes available. I baught one, because I know about this way of dressing up unlike the rest of the population of Montreal it seems like.

      I think what’s lacking in North America is the knowledge of the functionality of certain classic cuts of clothing. Our grand parents knew, but we have no clue. Because the last we saw of a coat dress was on our grand mother, we classify it as old fashion and matronly.

      In my opinion, a dress coat is clever. You keep it on inside if you are not staying too long while not looking like you are wearing your coat inside. It makes you look effortlessly chic and polished as much indoors and outdoors. You are not required to check your coat all day which is a great advantage too.

  40. I think she looked lovely and fresh.

    btw – the reference to the past appearance of her hat is linking to her 2011 Order of the Garter appearance rather than the appropriate 2012.

  41. I am not sure about this coat dress to be honest. When Kate started wearing pastels, it was nice and refreshing, but now it is making her look like an old lady. Pairing that look with her school girlish long hair is just a disaster.

    On a side note, I look at that Margarita skirt and wonder why would anybody allow a picture like that to show up on his/her website. It is ill-fitting even on the model, puckering everywhere and the hemline needs to be ironed.

    • I thought the same thing about the Margerita skirt – if that’s how it looks on the selling page, mere mortals needn’t bother! Not flattering…

      But I do love the coat Kate wore today – beautiful color and pattern, still above the knees but not cringeworthy. She looks wonderful and very happy, good for her. :)

  42. Hannah, I think the R&B shoes are more off cream color versus the nude shade of the Sledge. But I could be wrong!

  43. I must respectfully disagree. While the color was pretty and festive, the cut of the coat seemed very tent-like to me. I also didn’t like the obvious seam across her midsection.

    I also wish the fascinator could be placed further back on her head.

  44. Well, this is another “princess-y” light coat in a spring/summery fabric and color. The Duchess looks charming, as she did in her mint-green Mulberry coat and her recent peach outfit, but at this point in her pregnancy, she’s going to look much the same at her various appearances.

    I’m not crazy about the fabric, but that’s partly because I can’t wear yellow. I also don’t much care for the coat worn with the matching skirt, but alone it’s fine. It would look nice worn with slim-fitting trousers, too. I like the fact that it was tweaked for the Duchess so that it would close, but as I’ve said about previous coats she’s worn since her pregnancy began, I wish this one were just a couple of inches longer. Such short coats simply look juvenile.

    I do love that hat.

  45. Very happy to see a “sunny” look as its cloudy and rainy down in Alabama.

    Question: how can you tell the difference between the LK Bennett Sledges and the Russell & Bromley heels? They look so similar in color and design press photos, but I know there is a slight difference when you compare them side by side.

    Thanks again for the post! I wasn’t expecting it so it was a nice surprise!

  46. Everyone looks delightful! Bravo!

  47. Also a question Susan…why would the horizontal seem allow the coat to be taken in later? Very interesting.

    • Seam. Horizontal SEAM!!!

      • Thank you for commenting, I’m not sure what you are referencing?

        • I had the same question: you say in your post that the horizontal seam not present in the original coat will allow it to be taken in later?

        • I have this question also. Wouldn’t vertical seams do the job better?

      • Having sewn for a long time, I would say that it would be quite easy later to take the whole coat apart and recut both pieces to make a fitted waist, and then put back together, which is a typical style Catherine wears. If it was in one piece, vertical seams could be taken in but it would be more of a princess style (they used to call it!) and not allow for the full skirts that Catherine likes to wear. The seam doesn’t bother me. I think the whole coat is rather attractive with it.

  48. The Duchess Cathrine looks lovely. I especially love her hairstyle & ivory hat. Smashing. Have a happy, HEALTHY baby, Prince William & Duchess Cathrine!

    NOTE: Comment edited to remove in appropriate content.

  49. Really lovely post today Susan. This look is so fresh and textural. Perfection as always and Catherine really is glowing and gorgeous!

  50. Looked like it was a Beautiful Event & Thanks so much for sharing photos. Kate looks Glorious & everyone of the Royals seemed Happy. The food looked pretty yummy too.

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