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For today’s SportsAid workshop Kate returned to a label she has worn previously, Goat Fashion.

Clarence House Instagram

Clarence House Instagram

Many readers know the Duchess is Patron of SportsAid, an organization helping potential world class athletes, future Olympians and Paralympians, reach their potential.

David Parker/WPA-Rota/Press Association Images

David Parker/WPA-Rota/Press Association Images

There were thirty athletes involved in today’s workshop, held at Glaxo Smith Kline’s Human Performance Lab.

Clarence House Twitter Feed

Clarence House Twitter Feed

Kate watched the athletes being measured in a variety of ways, including strength, power, and cognitive abilities. Below we see her with sprinter Shona Richards.

©Nathan Gallagher / SportsAid.

©Nathan Gallagher / SportsAid.

From the SportsAid news release:

The Duchess of Cambridge took two cognitive tests to experience firsthand what the athletes had been doing. The tests measured reaction time and help facilitate skill acquisition and skill execution in athletes.

Below, Kate smiles at golfer Marco Penge on the treadmill.

Nathan Gallagher /  SportsAid

Nathan Gallagher / SportsAid

More from Victoria Murphy in her Daily Mirror story:

The Duchess of Cambridge threw herself into a cognitive testing exercise at an official engagement for Olympic hopefuls today.

Taking part in the hi-tech tests, that used a large plasma touch screen, she said: “Finally, something I can do while I am pregnant!”

Dave Parker/Ken Goff Rota/

Dave Parker/Ken Goff Rota/

An amusing anecdote from The Daily Mail’s story:

The Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t help laughing today, after realising that she had been attempting to have a conversation with a young athlete who was wearing heavy-looking mask and unable to speak.

Golfer Emma Allen, 17, from Southampton, was one of a group of athletes to be put through their paces in front of the Duchess as she toured the GSK Human Performance Lab in Brentford.

Realising that Miss Allen was unable to reply, a clearly amused Duchess burst into laughter before getting the explanation she was looking for from one of the lab staff instead.

Below you see Kate and Miss Allen.
Dave Parker/Ken Goff Rota/

Dave Parker/Ken Goff Rota/

A group photo via Clarence House.

Clarence House

Clarence House

The Duchess wore the Vreeland dress from Goat Fashion.

Goat Fashion

Goat Fashion

The frock is a shirtdress style, done in 100% wool crepe fabric. Other design attributes as described by Goat:

  • a fit and flare design
  • button cuffs & concealed side zipper
  • self belt with colour matched buckle

Like most (if not all) of its garments, the Vreeland is made in Britain. The dress is available in another color, ‘iron,’ at Diani Boutique, where it is actually on sale for $580, discounted from $725.

Diani Boutique

Diani Boutique

Another view of the dress via Goat’s Pinterest account.

Goat Fashion

Goat Fashion

The dress was a solid choice for today’s event; a more casual look that works with an engagement of this nature, and most likely very comfortable for Kate.

Previously Kate wore Goat’s ‘Scarlett’ for an IMPACT school event in July of this year, as well as the brand’s ‘Redgrave’ coat when visiting the Child Bereavement Center in March of last year.

Photos: James Whatling/Splash News

Photos: James Whatling/Splash News

The Scarlett remains available in other colors. Below, we show it in a color exclusive to Matches Fashion, in a color they refer to as navy ($680).

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion

For those fond of the Scarlett but wincing at the price, the Outnet has the Scarlett marked at 50% its original selling price of £440 (about $700), it is now £220 (roughly $350).

Goat Fashion 'Scarlett' Dress a The Outnet UK

Goat Fashion ‘Scarlett’ Dress a The Outnet UK

This is only on the Outnet UK site. Unfortunately Goat isn’t stocked on the Outnet’s US site, but the UK site does offer shipping to the United States. The UK site has other discounted Goat styles for those who like the brand but are also price-conscious.

The Redgrave remains available in the color Kate wore.

Goat Fashion 'Redgrave' Coat

Goat Fashion ‘Redgrave’ Coat

The Duchess accessorized with a new pair of boots, the “HalfNHalf Stretch Rider” by Stuart Weitzman for Russell and Bromley. The boots have a stretch panel on the back and suede on the front, with lower heels than what we frequently see Kate wearing, about 1.25″, or 4cm.

Russell & Bromley

Russell & Bromley

They sell for €575 (roughly $725) at Russell and Bromley, where they appear to be available in all sizes. They are very similar to Stuart Weitzman’s 50-50 boots, the version of the boot sold in the US.

She also carried her Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley ‘Muse’ clutch.

PA Wire

PA Wire

She wore her diamond and sapphire earrings as well.

Golfer Ryan Fenwick tweeted a photo of the Duchess posing with all of the athletes.

Ryan Fenwick Twitter Feed

Ryan Fenwick Twitter Feed


Also today, an ID on the dress Kate was wearing Remembrance Sunday beneath her Alexander McQueen coat. It was the Tuxedo Trim Matte Jersey Dress by BCBG MaxAzria.

Kate BCBG Tuxedo Pleats Dress Remembrance Sunday November 2014


A reminder of how the Duchess looked Sunday.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

And now a more detailed examination of the collar, which has been digitally enhanced in the two photos on the right. The box pleating, or tuxedo pleating at the neck is the giveaway that shows Kate is wearing the frock.

Kate Remembrance Sunday BCBG Tuxedo Pleat Dress Comparison Shots

The dress is a 2008 style. From the Nordstrom dress description: “Charmeuse ruffles trim the Mandarin collar and split neckline of a matte jersey dress styled with cap sleeves. Pleating below the banded waist lends beautiful drape to the skirt.”

  • Button-and-loop closures at front.
  • Side slit pockets.
  • Unlined.
  • Polyester/spandex with silk trim; dry clean.
  • By BCBGMAXAZRIA; imported.
  • Dresses and Petite Focus.

Today’s tip of the tiara goes to super sleuths Dawn M. and Poppy G. on the WKW Facebook page for their ID work on this one.


Our final topic is the poppies at the Tower of London.  CNN’s Max Foster spent Armistice Day (yesterday) amid the poppies and people at the Tower, his story may be seen here.



Yesterday the final poppy was planted by 13-year-old Army Cadet Harry Alexander Hayes.  Here you can just about see artist Paul Cummins handing the poppy to the young Cadet. Mr. Cummins came up with the idea of planting almost 900,000 as a way of honoring UK and Commonwealth lives lost in the First World War. He created thousands of the poppies himself and then trained volunteers to help create them.

Historic Royal Palaces (@HRP_Palaces)

Historic Royal Palaces (@HRP_Palaces)

And now it is time to remove the poppies from the Tower’s dry moat. This photo from Raven Master Chris Skaife shows the rainbow over the Tower this morning.

Raven Master Chris Skaife

Raven Master Chris Skaife

Hundreds of volunteers on Wednesday began removing the nearly 900,000 blood-red ceramic poppies from an installation at the Tower of London to honour the UK forces killed in the First World War.

The artwork has proved hugely popular, with more than five million people travelling to the landmark to see “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” in the 11th-century castle’s moat.

The Telegraph article links to a good ITN video story showing the volunteers working in the moat.

ITN Via The Telegraph

ITN Via The Telegraph

ITV correspondent Richard Gaisford tweeted a photo of the first poppy being removed. It was taken from the moat by the longest serving gardener at Hampton Court, John.
Richard Gaisford, ITV Chief Correspondent 'Good Morning Britain'

Richard Gaisford, ITV Chief Correspondent ‘Good Morning Britain’

Some of the poppies will be on display until the end of the month. More from the BBC:

The weeping window and wave segments of the installation will be the final sections to be removed and will be on show until the end of the month.

Historic Royal Palaces asked that the 21,688 volunteers who planted the poppies be thanked.

Historic Royal palaces

Historic Royal Palaces

It is mostly volunteers who are taking the poppies down, getting them ready to be cleaned, packed, and shipped to their new owners.

A reminder that Kate’s next engagement is tomorrow, when the Duke and Duchess attend a benefit concert for the Royal Variety Charity.



  30 Responses to “Duchess in Goat Fashion & New Boots for SportsAid Workshop, Remembrance Sunday Dress ID, More”

  1. The Duchess has a great personality and the boots are great. The dress is just another dress – if worn by another person one would not even give it a second glance.

    • Haha, your comment is “spot on” as the British say :) I love the style of dress and the boots, but I have to admit I genuinely don’t understand the prices!! I am obviously just a regular person, but even the discounted prices are so outrageous to me! I admit I wish that we saw the Duchess wearing pieces that weren’t so incredibly expensive, but I also realize these things are very relative. But to all the fashion savvy ladies on here, what generally constitutes such high prices for a garment, shoes, purse, etc.? I understand quality of the product is a big part, but I am always curious does a $700 shirt dress look/feel that much different than one that is $50?? I’m just genuinely curious and not making any judgements on the Duchess or others who do purchase items at high prices! I am just very uninformed as to how these things are determined :)

  2. While this dress doesn’t excite me, I think the Duchess was deliberately attempting to dress low-key at a casual event where the focus should remain on the athletes, instead of wowing fashion aficionados. I’m not personally fond of purple and I tend to steer clear of dresses with self belts, as they just look so very basic to me. Yet the Duchess looks comfortable and appropriate, which is all that really matters at an outing like this one.

    I will say that I love the boots, but I would pair them with jeans, not a dress. From the picture, the soles appear thick and to have grips. Something about pairing boots with grips and sapphire and diamond earrings just doesn’t jive with me.

    I have to add one more glum note: of all the pieces Kate has ever worn, I think my least favorite has to be the Redgrave coat (though the Odette comes in a close second…). It is so juvenile and isn’t doing any female over the age of 5 any favors. Let’s just stop talking about it. It’s giving me frightful fashion flashbacks! ;)

    • I have boots very similar to these that Kate wore, as this style is everywhere right now. Mine do not look good with dresses, only jeans, which is what I bought them for. I was trying to figure out if I thought hers worked with a dress and I am on the fence. Until I read your post and a light bulb went off. The treads and thickness of the soles are what make them not work! So much better with jeans. I completely agree, so thank you!

      • Just an added note: I think they would look divine with jeans, and I’m quite jealous that I don’t own a pair myself! While those grips do not look good with a dress, I imagine they are quite serviceable when braving the ice, sleet, and snow of winter.

    • Apologies for mentioning it, AshleyOlivia, I know the black coat you mean and share your view of it, but I think it’s called the Odele. I miscalled it Odile elsewhere, which, matched with Odette, brings us rather closer to Swan Lake and the world of ballet than fashion aficionados!

      • Oops! You know, I thought “Odette” didn’t sound quite right, but Googling didn’t provide much help, especially since I couldn’t remember the designer. Many thanks for the clarification!
        (And, if anyone is wondering about the designer, it’s Temperley. With the right style name, a Google search proved fruitful.)

        • It’s getting pretty nerdy to start remembering style names as well as designers and without google we’re all lost!

          The Odele is myown least favourite of the coats we’ve seen. I still think the white Redgrave could have a future with a different outfit in an Audrey Hepburn kind of way. Worn over a longer skirt it might acquire a smidgen of maturity?!

  3. This is a dress which takes anonymity to the point of disappearing – I wonder if the creative genius directed at manufacturing the hefty price tag might not have been better directed at garment design. Perhaps arrival at the reverse outcome takes the talent of an Orla Kiely or Celia Birtwell.

    Clearly a perfect outfit for the daily office commute, if not for the average clerical salary, the many practical features are well suited to the sporting context and sympathetic to the uniforms in the team photographs. There is stretch and comfort for ease of movement in a rather lifeless and clingy fabric, which struggles with the cut and styling of a classic shirt dress.

    I certainly preferred the earlier Scarlett dress; I think the Redgrave coat has yet to have a successful outing, overall I remain underwhelmed by the Goat label.

    I’m no fan of most flat boots with skirts, they tend to make the feet look clumpy, but again comfort and ease of movement suit both Kate’s present condition and the gymnastic theme. Her hair looks wonderful, glossy, sleek, and free from gusts of wind.

    However the best thing she wore for me was a wonderful smile when she laughed, a big improvement on the sad Dolarosa of the weekend. The latter expression worn with those particular sapphires give me a slight shiver.

    • Had meant to add congrats on the major ID! Agree with other commentators that the BCBG dress might not look well on its own, but then the average tux itself is designed for a supporting role and Kate has used it well.

    • Well said ElizaMo! I second all of that!

  4. It looks like her dress has a big pleat in the front, or like it has been caught up in the belt – but no sign of it in the product pictures. what do you think that is?
    Not really a fan of it – just a blah piece really, and boots are practical but also blah. Not an outfit we will remember!

  5. not a fan of this matronly dress it’s so boring and hate the shoes

  6. Are you sure the boots are new? To me they look like the ones that Kate wore when she left the hospital, after being admitted for extreme morning sickness, during her pregnancy with George.

  7. Love, love, love the boots. I have a similar pair with a polished leather front and an elastic fabric back. They’re so easy to wear and I’m glad Kate is trying these out. It makes me a little nervous seeing her in high heels when she’d pregnant.

    The dress was fine, but just fine. I think the idea today was comfort, not a style statement. Also, one reason to wear dark colors is to let the spotlight on other people. That was considerate.

  8. I wonder if the flooring at the Human Performance Lab dictated Kate’s footwear. It looks to be a slightly padded surface. Heels could be both injurious to the surface and potentially injurious to Kate if she got caught up. (All of the women visible at the Lab have on the flattest of footwear.)

    I am so not a fashionista. Nonetheless, I adore Kate. So while recovering from injuries for more than a year now, I have gotten great pleasure and a glimpse of the greater world following this blog and reading the thoughtful comments that follow each post. Congratulations on your kind, generous, respectful and knowledgeable contributions.

  9. I don’t comment often. The last time I commented was when Kate wore the coral Goat dress. I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now. I feel like Goat is too plain and does absolutely nothing for Kate. Hair hair looks lovely, and I actually like the ID on the black ruffle dress.

    I also like the new boots. They look nice and comfortable, and appropriate for a sporting event.

  10. Kate’s clothes have recently been not thrilling to me, they just haven’t been my style, but I am so in love with today’s look.I love love LOVE the boots and would snatch them up in a minute if they were more affordable. And I love the color of the dress – that it’s a color instead of a neutral. Plus I think ladies with her coloring – dark hair and light eyes – look great in this shade of purple. Kudos!

  11. That photo of the rainbow is stunning! Do we happen to know offhand how much the sale of the poppies raised for HRP?

    As for Kate, I didn’t like this look at all. While I thought her hair and makeup looked absolutely beautiful, the dress reminded me of something my great-aunt might wear – and she is 85 :(

  12. I was so thrilled she didn’t wear the DSJ (dreaded skinny jeans), stripped shirt and towering wedges today, she could have worn a cloth bag and looked lovely to me!! lol Seriously though, I thought she looked nice today, nothing wow but nice. I thought the color of the dress was pretty but I don’t know if it was flattering to her complexion or not. I thought she looked a little pale but that might have been the lighting. Also, I’m just not a fan of these paneled boots but I did think that flats was a very appropriate choice for a sporting engagement.

  13. I recognized that dress the instant I saw it, having run across it on the Goat site. I’m a great fan of plum/purple-blue shades, so I liked the color. The shirtdress style isn’t to my personal taste, but I thought it a good choice for this particular engagement, especially worn with the low-heeled boots. The sapphire-and-diamond earrings might have been a bit much, but all in all, a nice look for the visit.

    In general, though, Goat fashions do not excite me. I really didn’t much like the pinkish-red geranium shade of the Scarlett dress, and I still feel that the Redgrave coat is much too short. It would look charming on a 6-year-old.

    Which is rather how I also feel about that BCBG dress — a little childish in feel, especially with those slightly puffy cap sleeves and raised waist. However, a lot of items designed for 20 and even 30-somethings these days have, to my eyes, a quite juvenile feel to them, so possibly the problem isn’t the clothes — it’s my own advancing age!

    • Hi Lili,

      I agree that some clothing today has certainly taken on a juvenile feel to it. I don’t think it’s our age, rather the designers are making clothes that give their wearers the feeling that they are still 5. Of course some celebs act like they are :) I’ve also noticed, and Kate’s done this a couple of times, that pregnant women dress like they are 3 years old with peter pan collars, big bows, etc. ugh!

    • Lili the last part of your comment made me laugh:). Don’t worry it is not your own advancing age. I am younger than Kate and I think both the Goat coat and this new BCBG dress have a juvenile feel to them. Though I think the Goat dress was made worse by the peter-pan collar which really only looks good on a 6 year-old. So, don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of clothes these days I stay away from because they feel too young and not appropriate for a young woman:)

      Btw I think the BCBG dress just has too much going on and I am quite glad Kate has never worn it by itself.

  14. Apparently, some will remain up until the end of the month, which is good since I arrive London on 26 November!

  15. Kate looks classy in this dress. When I saw the buckle…I said “ah, where have I seen that…that coral dress she wore recently”…haha…
    This is one of my favorite looks of Kate during her recently appearances. She looks glowing and healthy.
    Not sure about the boots. I get the practicality thing but maybe a pair of pumps could have done the job, too.

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