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The Duchess opted for her hot pink Mulberry coat today as she joined William for several engagements in South London.

The morning’s first stop was at the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. The Trust was started as a legacy to a young man named Stephen Lawrence, whose murder in the early 90′s was a notorious hate crime. More from the Trust’s website:

Tragically, at the age of 18 on 22nd April 1993, Stephen was murdered in an unprovoked racist attack. He didn’t know his killers and his killers didn’t know him. To this date, only two of the five perpetrators have been put in prison for his murder.

Below you see the Duke and Duchess being welcomed to the Centre by Stephen’s mother, Doreen Lawrence, Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon OBE.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

The Centre opened in 2008; more from the organization’s website:

It is a place for community learning and social research, inspiring and motivating young people. She (Doreen Lawrence) wanted to ensure that future generations of young people would enjoy the opportunities that were denied to Stephen by his senseless murder.

Since its opening the Trust says there has been “a significant impact on criminal justice and social policy.  And we have had a lasting impact on the lives and life chances of the individual young people we have worked with.”

Alex Diaz of the Press Association shared a video of the Duke and Duchess arriving at the Centre.

William and Kate met Trust board members and enjoyed a tour of the facility. Here you see them in a role-playing session with local students.

Alastair Grant/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Alastair Grant/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

They also met Stephen Lawrence’s sister Georgina, and her daughter Mia, aged 10. Below we see them speaking with the Baroness as they are leaving the Centre.

Natalie Orchard, CNN (@Natalie_Orchard)

Natalie Orchard, CNN (@Natalie_Orchard)

The next stop for the royals, the XLP (eXceL Project), located at Christ Church in an area called Gipsy Hill. People magazine’s Simon Perry shared this image of Kate arriving.

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram Feed (@SPerryPeopleMag)

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram Feed (@SPerryPeopleMag)

More about the charity from the XLP website, talking about issues faced by young people:

Many of them cannot, or do not know how to ask for the help they need. However, every year XLP helps thousands of them recognise their full potential, and a more optimistic, hope filled future through positive, consistent relationships and empowering and supporting young people, their families and communities.

Below left you see the Duke and Duchess watching an ‘Arts Showcase’ at Christ Church, one of the performances was by a young woman named Nadine, who read a poem. 

Kensington Palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

Kensington Palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

More from The Daily Mail:

The Arts Showcase programme is focused on encouraging pupils, especially those who for various reasons struggle academically, to express themselves in their own unique way through dance, comedy, drama, rap and singing.

Kate and William watching the Showcase performances.

XLP Facebook Page

XLP Facebook Page

A Kensington Palace statement explains why the Duke and Duchess chose to take part in these specific engagements:

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share a concern that young people should be given every opportunity to fulfill their potential, and were keen to show support today for some organisations in south London who are working in this area.”

XLP Gap Year Twitter (@XLPGapYear) / Alex Diaz Twitter (@AlexJLDiaz)

XLP Gap Year Twitter (@XLPGapYear) / Alex Diaz Twitter (@AlexJLDiaz)

The couple also paid a visit to the XLP-r8 Community Bus, they are seen on the bus above right.

Another quick video from Alex Diaz, this one showing the royals arriving in Sydenham for their final engagement of the day.  The Duke and Duchess visited another XLP endeavor, a mobile recording studio made out of a police riot van.


XLP’s founder Patrick Regan told People magazine why today’s visits were vital to those XLP  works with.

“To some people we work with, they think this sort of thing, a visit of this nature, doesn’t happen to them. It happens to people who are more privileged. To have someone show interest in them is really important.”

As one might expect, there were lots of questions and comments from well-wishers about the impending arrival of Prince George’s little brother or sister. One of the gifts Kate and William received today from XLP: a babygro proclaiming ‘I refuse to believe this is a lost generation.”



Royal correspondents shared some of the comments on Twitter.


Richard Palmer, The Express/Victoria Murphy, The Mirror/Robert Jobson, Sunrise on 7

Kate during a quick walkabout as shared by Joe Fozzo.

Joe Fozzo Twitter (@JoeFozzo)

Joe Fozzo Twitter (@JoeFozzo)

As noted above, Kate was in her Mulberry Double Breasted coat in the label’s ‘cerise’ color, a lush, hot pink.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

We first saw the Duchess in this piece during the NYC visit in December. It is obvious when looking at the coat’s fit back in Decemebr there was plenty of extra room in the garment. The photo lower right shows how the piece almost bells out on Kate. Looking at the piece on Kate back then makes today’s fit easier to understand.



As some readers may recall, the coat is a wool/silk blend.



It features double-breasted styling with horn buttons, front pocket detailing and a rounded collar. Below we share a closer look at the pocket detail.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

The coat’s original price was $2600, but it was discounted at one point to $1300. It is no longer available.

The Duchess wore her black suede Power pumps from one of her go-to shoe labels, Stuart Weitzman.

Stephen Lock, i-Images/Stuart Weitzman

Stephen Lock, i-Images/Stuart Weitzman

She also carried her Mulberry clutch, the Bayswater style in black suede.

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough pink morganite earrings.

Kiki McDonough/i-Images

Kiki McDonough/i-Images

These are expected to be the final public engagements for the Duchess prior to the birth of her second child.


We have several other quick updates to share:

  • Yesterday William, Kate and Harry attended the memorial service for Richard Meade, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in equestrian events. William and Harry are friends of Mr. Meade’s son, Harry. As noted by the Western Daily Press: “After retiring from competition himself, he nurtured son Harry’s career, and became a leading figure in the running of the sport, as well as a trainer and breeder who brought scientific rigour to every aspect of horse and rider.
  • Kate shared more of her thoughts about children’s mental health in a story by The Times; the paper has its own campaign on the topic, Time to Mind. From Kate’s message: “I have been heartened to see that so much progress has been made in ending the taboo of adults openly treating mental well-being as the health issue it is”.
  • There is a new photo of Prince George seen in a video Prince Charles has made for the World Wildlife Fund. The picture can be seen in a video the Prince did for the World Wildlife Fund in advance of Earth Day.
World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund

Clearly taken on a sunny day, Prince George is in his grandfather’s arms, sporting a white sunhat. This shows the photo in a teeny bit bigger size.

World Wildlife Federation

World Wildlife Fund


Two quick tidbits about LK Bennett. The first is to let US shoppers know that the retailer is doing its Friends and Family event; use promo code 20FF for 20% off online and in US stores. There are some exclusions to the sale: Shearling and fur products, the Laura Bailey Collection, the Signature Collection, the Keri boot and the Simi boot.

Our second note is word that flash sale site RueLaLa is featuring LK Bennett, with a sale that launched about an hour ago. The sale includes clothing, handbags and shoes.



As savvy shoppers know LK Bennett goods can move quickly in these flash sale events.

We leave you with this image of Kate today, and look forward to seeing you the first of next week for a catch-up post! (There’s no engagement or appearance, just many things that kind of fell by the wayside this past month.)

©KP / NW / Splash News

©KP / NW / Splash News



  40 Responses to “Kate in Hot Pink Mulberry Coat for South London Visits, Prince William Says “Not Long Now””

  1. Now that she’s going to be out of the spotlight for the end of her pregnancy, is there any chance of getting a post comparing styles worn from pregnancy #1 and pregnancy #2? Pretty please? :) Throughout #2 I’ve felt that I like her style better this time, but it’s also hard for me to remember everything from #1.

  2. Just a note that Prince Charles is involved with World Wildlife Fund (not Federation). I used to work there! :) Otherwise, thanks for such a fabulous website.

    • Thank you *so* much for alerting me, eek! (As a donor you would think I would know better; obviously that’s not the case.) You are wonderful to let me know so I could correct the errors. :)

  3. Catherine looks STUNNING in that fuschias coat wow!! I love her whole look!

    Can’t wait for baby number 2!!!

  4. Love the pink!

  5. She looks great! I do think that the Kiki hoops she is wearing with her morganite drops are not the new tapered style, rather they are the same shape as her yellow gold ones, just in white gold.

  6. Beautiful! I found it interesting that in the group photos at Christ Church the Duchess sticks out because she is the only person in the room wearing anything colourful. It’s just a sea of black, grey and navy :(

  7. Beautiful coat – lovely color! It is always so nice to read the comments on this post since – particularly on the Daily Mail the duchess is constantly being raked over the coals for one thing or another. It is interesting that William made the comment that the new baby will be a “game changer” – might this be a hint that they are expecting a girl? Either way, going from one to two does shake things up. I hope that she will take the time that she wants and needs with the growing family – not be pressured into public events just “because”.

    It seems to me that both William and Kate have that special ability to make those around them feel at ease – that they are not impressed with the “who ” that they are – rather, that they are, except for by accident of birth (William) and marriage (Kate) just like any young couple who enjoy each other; having new experiences; and meeting others.

  8. She looks even more beautiful in this color this time around! I like her hair down with this coat.

  9. Does anyone else wonder if the Duchess was maybe trying to imply that she might be having a girl? Wearing the beautiful hot pink Mulberry coat, pink Kiki McDonough earrings, and Prince William wearing a pink tie seems to me like a lot of pink… especially with this being the last official engagement before she gives birth.

    • I don’t think so…she wore pink during her first pregnancy, too, and they have said they don’t know the gender. I think it’s more likely they are wanting to have something unscheduled and surprising in their very scheduled lives. (And there is a 50/50 chance of either gender, anyway! So it might very well be a little princess!)

    • I don’t think Kate is trying to hint at anything by wearing pink. After all, at her final public appearance before giving birth to Prince George she wore a pink coat.

  10. I loved this pink coat in New York, and I love it in London. Very pretty and flattering on Kate.

    I continue to be impressed with the charities the Duke and Duchess choose to highlight.

  11. I do love this bright pink coat on Kate. It’s a nice change from her navy blues and cream/beige numbers.

  12. Not fashion related, but it’s great to see Kate out and about so much later in this pregnancy. I can only hope that means she’s been feeling better this time around.

  13. Kate looks wonderful in this colour and the fit is great for someone who is eight months pregnant. I will miss seeing her out and about over the next month or so but wish them all the best for the birth of their second child.

  14. Another sale tip: Ruelala is also having a sale on Mulberry today!

  15. I’m indebted to you for the sideshot of the Mulberry from last time – that explains all! It’s quite a coup to recycle a coat from mid to late pregnancy so presumably this one must have been modified for Kate, I can’t imagine such a tent-like shape being the original design. I still love the coat – thanks for the close-ups on detailing as well– and would be happy to see it reworked to fit when Kate is back to normal.

    For now it looks like a near seamless fit when Kate is just a month off the Great Day and from many angles she barely looks pregnant. I also remain a fan of the hot pink which is a fun colour to wear around young creative types. The pink earrings are perfect and Kate’s hair looks wonderful — so full of bounce having been quite flat for the memorial service the day before. Black accessories are just right.

    The photo of Charles with baby George makes me smile. Ever since the Mail ran with its story of Charles not seeing enough of his grandson I feel the royals have been taking delight in posing for pictures showing just how well they all really get on.

    • A lovely ending to this second pregnancy in her cerise.I like how the wedges were kept in the back of her wardrobe. May they remain there. It will be interesting to see how she continues her more elegant style sans baby later. I agree poor Charles having to use the photo to prove he is close to and adores little George. You can see it’s to counter the recent stories. He should ignore them and carry on.

  16. Well, she just looks lovely and having the videos were a nice treat, too–thanks for posting. For someone in her last weeks of pregnancy, she still manages to exude gracefulness and style (although it was cute in the video just the slightest awkwardness of movement from her growing tummy). I love that coat and the color is so cheery and suits her quite well.

  17. Great post, as always!! One question (I ask hopefully): you wrote, “We leave you with this image of Kate today, and look forward to seeing you the first of next week!” What happens the first of next week?

  18. I am delighted that you would feature Baroness Lawrence. I was working as an au-pair in Britain when Stephen Lawrence was murdered, and have followed the case ever since. Mrs Lawrence’s bravery not just in the face of losing her son, but also the many wrongdoings at the hands of the police before they became known have me in awe. She was also chosen to be among the people to carry the Olympic flag during the London Olympics, a sight which moved me deeply. Also, not that it matters in comparison, but I think her coat looks spectacular! Love the green colour and the ethnic/mod pattern.

  19. With a coat like this, you can move the buttons, but it doesn’t look as if she has done so. She looks a little bit tired, but considering that many women can barely haul themselves around at 8 months, she has done a remarkable job of keeping up her engagements during this pregnancy.

    I love William’s “not long now” comment, and I absolutely adore that photo of George with his grandfather. What’s so funny is that Charles is dressed in a suit with a pocket square to hold his grandson. And, he’s dressed in a suit with pocket square

    • You’re right — it’s quite bizarre how Charles is dressed almost exactly the same as in the photo behind him! And as you say, dressed to the nines for holding baby!! :-D

  20. LOVE this color on Kate. She looks great.

  21. My favorite coat. Nice to see it again. I just love that color and the Duchess looks wonderful in it.

  22. i love all Kate’s coats but this pink one is the most mouth-watering number.

  23. Lovely post. I’m constantly impressed by your hard work and dedication to writing these posts.

  24. Maybe someone has asked this before, but how come she never takes off her coats when she’s inside? I feel like most of what we see of her clothing is just jackets. I’m sure she must be quite warm sometimes, especially given there are plenty of indoor photos of her in coats while other people in short sleeves.

    • Her coats are part and parcel of her outfits; they’re not just for outdoor warmth. That’s true of most royal coat-with-dress outfits. Unless she’s going to be participating in an activity at some length, or that requires a fair amount of physical movement, there’s no real reason to take them off.

    • I always want her to take her coats off too.

    • I’d like her to take off her coat too. Some pregnant women get too warm and need to cool off, so like you, I was hoping we’d see some of the dresses underneath.

  25. She is such a beautiful lady! A lovely look to brighten a dreary spring day.

  26. I think that pink is a good color on her. Not something for all the day but it’s nice here and there. And she looks great for being so pregnant!

  27. I do love the color of that coat, but I was amazed that she could still fit into it. I was going to ask whether any of our more talented seamstresses could tell whether it looked as though alterations had been done, but the pictures seem to indicate that the coat is simply much roomier than I’d remembered.

    I recall watching a British television production concerning the murder of Stephen Lawrence. It was quite disturbing. I’m glad to see that his family has been able to turn their tragedy into something positive.

    • I’m astonished how roomy the coat was last time as it seemed a neat enough fit to me back then. I also recall you weren’t too impressed with the cut of the coat and now we see how cunning a plan was in operation!

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