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The cloudy skies did not detract from today’s Trooping the Colour ceremony in London.

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The dramatic ceremony showcases the military’s finest display of pomp and pageantry.

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The annual event is also known as the Queen’s Birthday Parade.

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Prince William and Princess Anne in their uniforms as Colonel of the Irish Guards (William) Colonel of the Blues and Royals (Anne).

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As always, it was a magnificent display.

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HM with Prince Philip on the dais, inspecting her troops.

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The Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Prince Harry in his uniform as an officer of the Household Cavalry.

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A look at Kate’s hat.



The Household Cavalry band, led by Drum Horse Mercury.

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After the ceremonies on the ground things moved to Buckingham Palace, where we saw Prince George make his first Trooping the Colour appearance.

Polaris Images

Polaris Images

Bad weather grounded some of the RAF ‘s aircraft, only helicopters and the Red Arrows were able to take part in the dramatic fly past at Buckingham Palace.

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©2015 MOD/Crown Copyright

Royal watchers noted the similarity in the pictures from today’s shot of Prince William holding his son….

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

…to this image of Prince Charles carrying William at 1984′s Trooping Ceremonies.

PA Wire

PA Wire

It wasn’t long before people realized it wasn’t only the photos that were similar: Prince George was actually wearing the same blue suit worn by his father in 1984. And it turns out the outfit is likely much older than 1984, it appears Prince Charles also wore the style back in 1950, as noted in this tweet from Majesty magazine with information from our friend Anna of My Small Obsessions.

Joe Little/Majesty Magazine Twitter (@MajestyMagazine)

Joe Little/Majesty Magazine Twitter (@MajestyMagazine)

Prince George seemed to enjoy himself.

Polaris Images/Polaris Images

Polaris Images/Polaris Images

Now to what Kate wore. The Duchess was in an elegant coatdress from Catherine Walker.



It is Catherine Walker’s “Astrid” style.

Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker

The silk dupioni piece features an ivory floral pattern woven into the ice blue silk. It is “sharply tailored,” with self-covered buttons and the rounded collar Kate is fond of, seen in many other pieces in the Duchess’s wardrobe.

Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker

This offers a closer look at the princess seaming and slightest touch of padding at the shoulder, used primarily for structure.

Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker

Kate’s hat is by John Lock and Company.

Lock & Co.

Lock & Co.

It is the company’s Marisabel style, designed by Sylvia Fletcher. The piece is crafted of sinamay, a straw frequently used for hats.

Jason Dawson/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Jason Dawson/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The Duke and Duchess with Prince George, HM & Prince Philip (with Prince Harry just behind him) as well as James, Viscount of Severn, with his fingers in his ears. The young man is Edward and Sophie’s youngest child.



A wave goodbye as the royals leave Buckingham Palace’s iconic balcony.

Paul Marriott Photography/SplashNews.com

Paul Marriott Photography/SplashNews.com



  60 Responses to “Kate in Catherine Walker for Trooping the Colour, Prince George Charms on Palace Balcony”

  1. I think given the fact that she had a child six weeks ago, she looks amazing. She did look a bit tired, but she has a newborn.

    I like the hat, but not with the coatdress. Since I’m American and maybe the Brits can help me on this, but do feathers not connote the Wales family? So perhaps the hat would have worked better/had more significance if she had used it on a trip to Wales. It was just a thought I had.

    I would have liked the coatdress if the fabric was less shiny, the shininess just makes it look cheap, which it wasn’t. The pattern didn’t bother me, but any kind of print makes the piece read a bit less formal, so maybe this wasn’t the best choice given the occasion.

    And I LOVE the look on Prince Charles’ face looking at George. He is clearly enjoying being a grandfather. So sweet.

  2. y’all are such haters! OMG i super heart her granny coat! and everyone must know by now what a hands on MOTHER OF TWO children she is. she’s a little busy these days and it’s very apparent she never been super fussed with fashion. rock on in your “frumpy granny sofa coat” kate! you look incredible and are a CHARACTER inspiration to millions of women across the world.

  3. George is adorable but does he ever get dressed in a color besides blue? I’d love to see him in something different!

  4. While I don’t think that this is the greatest look for Kate I still think that she looks pretty and appropriately dressed. I think the colour of the hat is not the best choice but for a new mother facing a major state occasion she looks lovely. It can’t be easy to front up for such an event when you are tired and still recovering after a hard pregnancy and childbirth. Well done Kate!

  5. Not a fan of this outfit but boy does her body look good after having a baby!

  6. Frumpy :( but for giving birth 6 weeks ago, pretty awesome.

  7. It is apparent that Kate is doing a lot of hands-on with her two kids, nanny or no, and you can see it on her face. The hair doesn’t bother me as I blame that squarely on the weather, although I do agree it would have likely looked cleaner put up.

    I hate, hate, HATE that coat. Floral is in, yes, but the fabric and print belong on a sofa and that sofa belongs in an old lady’s house. Poor Kate. She deserves so much better. I can’t wait to see her in something else to wipe the memory of this coat away!

    Prince George looks ADORBS.

  8. I like Kate’s coatdress. She and Camilla look nice next to each other. I agree the white hat doesn’t look as nice…Camilla’s hat was better- the tan color sort of toned down the bright green. Maybe Kate’s coat would have looked better with a more muted hat color. Yes, her hair is curling and she looks tired but she has a six week old and is probably nursing so c’mon, cut some slack. Maybe there wasn’t time to get an updo AND feed the baby. It’s fine, she looks great and good for her for getting out to an event.
    I LOVE the queen’s outfit but I am not sure why. She just strikes me as so pretty in these pics.
    Little Prince George– what else can be said? So cute and so precious in his dad’s old baby clothes! I think George resembles Kate in the eyes.

  9. I usually like the “granny” style of clothing. I was a child of the 80′s so I love clothes that harken back to that era. So I like the dress a lot. It shows much personality.

    The hat and hair, however, are sure misses. I wish Kate had worn her hair in a low side bun like the hat model. Slick and out of her face. I also wish the hat were a shade darker, or blue. The hat is too big to carry all white – it looks like a dinner plate.

  10. This is a case of good but not great. The print and color of the coat are pretty. But I’m not a fan of the buttoned up, collared lok, especially in a print.

    The hat is not appealing to me, but I’m not a hat person. I’d be miserable in a role where I had to wear them so much of the time. And the cost of this model seems over the top.

    The queen looks drab and I rarely think that of her oufits. I believe she looks best in more vivid colors. The color she is wearing washes her out.

    George is adorable!

    • Awww….the Queen stole the show for me! I thought she looked soooo pretty! I do agree that she looks amazing in bold colors but I really liked this too!

  11. Well it was great to see Kate out and about again. And of course Prince George was a lovely surprise! It was so nice to see those pictures of him looking out the window–you really get a taste of his mischievous personality. I think he and his Uncle Harry will get on well!

    But back to Kate…I have to say that this look is definitely not a winner in my book. The shiny and icy pattern is very aging. And the hat looked odd with the outfit as well. I agree with a previous poster that even when Kate’s outfits can be a hit or a miss, her hat choices have usually been spot on. I much prefer the hat in the color shown in the post. I usually love Kate’s hair down but it looks windblown and rather unhealthy, which is quite common after giving birth. I think it might have been a good idea to wear it up for this occasion, especially with such a high neckline on the coat.

    All in all, it’s nice to see Kate back and looking happy with her family.

  12. I wish the Duchess would wear her hair up on important occasions as this. Especially when wearing a hat. Her pension for wearing shorter dresses and her hair loose and flowy on official engagements makes me think she is a little vain. On the whole I like this Catherine Walker coatdress and the hat. Catherine does have good instincts about what looks good on her and I do believe she is improving on her royal style.

  13. It’s lovely to see her again; the outfit won’t be making my favourites list, but I don’t think it’s a disaster. The pattern is fine, and that icy blue colour is lovely, but I’m not a fan of ‘shiny’ fabrics generally, and between that and the buttoned-up-to-the-throat style that ElizaMo mentions (a motif I wish the Duchess would get rid of, it’s terribly unflattering), I can’t help but see a bedjacket in some of the pictures. As for the hat… the first time I saw it I loved it, and then I saw a photo from another angle and it looked all wrong. I don’t think headgear is the best place to take fashion risks, as when it doesn’t work it can look a bit ridiculous.

    All that said, she still manages to look fabulous, and George is as gorge as ever.

  14. The hat would have been better in blue. In white, it looks like a birdbath. Strange to see the queen in cream for a balcony event.
    We were in London in 2002 for the Golden Jubilee (pre-Kate, even pre-Camilla). We skipped the balcony appearance and avoided the congested areas (easy to do). You would hardly have known it was even happening. Things have sure changed in the last few years.

  15. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a great outfit for channeling the Duchess’s “natural” fashion preferences. A few months ago, Susan posted photos of a light pink suit Kate wore in 2005, which I think a lot of folks found outlandish, compared to her more staid outfits in the decade since. But I do believe that Kate has long been inclined towards looks that are a bit “Peter, Paul, and Mary,” and she has had great successes (and misses) when she tries to channel those instincts into more buttoned-up (literally), streamlined “royal” outfits.

    I am thinking particularly of her debut of the ink-blue Jenny Packham dress: take note of the first picture here, as she’s ascending the stairs. Her hair and make-up particularly channel that cool 60s/70s vibe. If she were able to wear the dress truly off the shoulders here, as the model does, that would have come across more strongly.

    There’s also of course her use of broderie anglaise, and her shift dress when introducing Princess Charlotte, for just a few more examples. She looked very comfortable at this year’s Trouping, and after the spring she has had, the outfit really suits her. Her figure looks great in the coat-dress.

    Unrelated — the Duchess and Princesses’ (Beatrice and Eugenie) hair looked rather windswept in the carriage, and of course the humidity took its toll. But by the time everyone was on display for the flyover, their hair looked perfect again! This is not surprising, but imagine the “Urgent Care” hair stations set up on the way to the balcony…! Kate may have had to give up some of her really flower child pieces, but I think she has appreciated her new-found hair regiment. I know we have!

  16. I agree…never heard the term twee in America.

  17. I’m indifferent to this outfit – I don’t dislike it, but it doesn’t make me think, “Wow, she did it again.”

    Two things struck me, though (and maybe it was just the particular shots chosen here): Kate seems to have gotten her figure back (confirmed by today’s pictures of the polo charity match appearance), and she looks exhausted. So while I’m a little disappointed not to be “wowed” by another Kate outfit, I’m so impressed that she got out for a state occasion less than six weeks after giving birth. Wow!

    • Good point about her getting back on the job in such a short time. I was a bit surprised it came around this soon, but then it’s been a busy period for me and the time just flew in! Even so, it’s amazing how Kate has really taken on the royal role, not everyone’s first choice in our self-centred age.

  18. So, there we have it, chintz really is the new minimal. It’s lovely to see Kate out and about again and nothing if not consistent with her track record for buttoned-up-to-the-throat coats. I suppose with such a busy pattern the coat echoes the splendour of the surrounding military, but I’m afraid my first thought was that it looked like curtain fabric.

    Still, when I was pegging out the wash this morning, I looked up into a lovely blue sky with a tiny scrap of white cloud floating by and realised I was looking at Kate’s coat pattern. After that it didn’t jar quite so much with me. It can’t be easy coming up with on-point outfits every time and this one is more than serviceable for royal purposes, the pattern in its way helps to combine the attractions of a dress with the utility of a coat. At least, I think that’s what I mean.

    It’s a shame the coat looks so well in the studio shot and somehow doesn’t give off the same edge of chic in real life. I’m also tempted to wonder if some of these softer shades of blue really suit her. It was a dull day, of course, and Kate may not yet be up to full speed or have regained her old figure to help the garment sit better. Some of these dressy royal set pieces seem to produce her most awkward outfits, it must be a whole strange genre to explore for any style conscious woman. Charlene of Monaco and Sophie Wessex are two I can think of who have taken years to develop styles that work.

    I think the hat is a rare miss for Kate, who is usually spot on in the millinery department. Maybe a darker contrast might have worked better than white, a colour which adds bulk to an odd shape which also doesn’t photograph well from all sides. I think the studio shot again shows the style to better advantage by using the most flattering angle.

  19. I also think Catherine looks tired and is not enjoying herself . The blue coat and white/cream hat make her look even more washed out. Agree it could be postpartum depression, just because she is royalty she would not be immune !
    Fantastic to see Prince George – what a charmer!

  20. I’m not a huge fan of this outfit on Kate, though I can’t help but think she may have chosen it for practical purposes like nursing.

  21. Quite sweet and human that Kate can get it so wrong but she really looked a mess today in my opinion. Shiny material combined with floral print for is a no-no photographs/filming and it provides poor definition for on-lookers; as others have said, front buttons gape while sitting; the hat is just all kinds of horror in proportion and angle. I wish she would wear her hair up for formal occasions – she has an elegant neck and profile, which an up-do flatters but her hair down, even when it is in better condition than it understandably is now, looks untidy, breaks up her classic profile, and is ageing. Gloves are also a finishing touch. For once, Camilla looks better than her daughter in law here. Susan, London

  22. Sorry, but this is a fail. The hat is plain odd and her hair looks unattended. Do you think she chose the coat to match the colours of George’s outfit? It just doesn’t look right.

  23. I’ve always thought it was a mistake to wear something with buttons down the front if much time was going to be spent sitting. As a rule it seems no matter how well the garment fits, gaping always occurs. This garment, sadly, is not an exception to this rule.

    • Thanks for making the point about Kate being seated. I have been slow off the mark to realise that’s why the coat sits awkwardly in many of the pics, and once on the balcony we don’t get to see how it lies when she’s standing.

  24. My first reaction was that the Walker coat looks as if it was taken from Princess Anne’s closet. It was nice to see the Duchess and Prince George.

  25. Sorry, not elegant. Dowdy. This is why you don’t wear a print for a state occasion. Prints this muddy do not read well. This looked 20 years too old for Kate, like the prints the Queen used to wear in the 70s and 80s.

    Kate generally does so well on major occasions that I wonder if there was a mishap that caused her to go to another outfit. I did not like the print or the hat.

    That said, the photos of Prince George are adorable. I loved his vintage outfit, and the candid shot of him with Nanny Maria is just heart stopping. We haven’t really seen George looking happy, and today we did.

  26. Oh, I think it is very sweet that Prince George wore the same suit as his father. It’s nice to think that maybe Diana hoped to save it for that very purpose.

  27. I actually liked the coatdress and hat. Not my favorite but certainly not my least favorite . I think the print as the hat didn’t photgraph well but I don’t think it made her look matronly. Had it been an A line dress that would have been the case but I feel the pencil silhouette saved it.

    I’ve heard the hat equated with some not too complimentary things today but I like structured hats, and this one is a welcomed departure from her typical style.

    Yes, the fans of the rugged boy look will disagree but I enjoyed seeing William’s (I heard even Charles’ before that) hand me down
    on Prince George. I thought it was a lovely touch to the event.

  28. I think it is time for a makeup over-haul for our dear Duchess. I know she is tired and is trying to hide the bags, but the stark line of black in her crease along with a complete ring around each of her eyes makes her look very strange and much older than she is.

    Overall, I like this outfit, but it isn’t a real stunner for me.

    • I so agree. I get that she has a go-to makeup style, but it always accents how tired she looks. She’s in her early 30s, and yet she looks older.

    • Amen!! I’ve long said that Kate needs to over haul her eye makeup, the stark black going completely around the eye is such a harsh and aging look. I think her and Pippa would look much better with a softer gray or brown eyeliner and not all the way around but just on the outer edges.

    • I wonder why she doesn’t hire a makeup artist? I know she’s very much DIY as much as she is allowed to be, but something like makeup for such a public person should be done professionally. She could at least hire one for important events like this one.

  29. I wasn’t big fan of coat, but perhaps it didn’t photograph well. Kate looked nonplussed today. Her hair also looked very thin… Maybe she has a little postpartum….

    As for George’s smocked two piece, I was thrilled he had it on! Love that it was Williams. In fact, Diana had it made to match her blue maternity jacket, skirt combo. Diana actually had many outfits made for William to color coordinate with her. An Easter outfit comes to mind when William was around 6yrs old. His blue coat with white piping matched Diana’s exactly. I love George is dressed in a classic style. The shirts socks, blue shoes was perfect!! should he be dressed in skull and cross bone black tee and leggings like North West. His attire is spot on and perfect!
    Don’t know if people realize that his form of dress is actually a fairly modern take on the classic look. Most royal babies are barefoot until they can walk. I remember seeing pictures of Diana walking down from plane, arriving at Sandrigham for Christmas and it looked COLD outside. Harry was bundled up, but barefoot!!
    Anyway, I loved the sentimental choice of George’s outfit and am glad Kate dresses him like a baby, not a grown man…

  30. I agree with Lili – the print and sheen on the coat look much better suited for a more ‘mature’ woman. I’d even go so far as to say perhaps the print is better left for sofas rather than coats. BUT – the duchess looks absolutely stunning (makeup and hair) – the frumpy coat can’t hide that!

    George truly stole the show – what a cutie!

  31. Thanks for all the photos. Such a treat. I love the blue and white coatdress on the Duchess. She looks very summery and it’s perfect for the not sunny weather they were having today. And George is just too adorable. I saw a you tube film of all the royals on the balcony and the interaction between William, George and Grandpa Charles was just lovely. George seemed to be hyper aware of everything going on and he appeared to be making sure everyone saw everything. Also, it was nice to see Lady Louise and her little brother there even though their parents are in Sweden for that wedding. This is the first time I’ve paid any attention to the Trooping of the Colors(Colours) and it was fun to see.

  32. I’m hoping to find out more about Kate’s earrings soon. At first I thought they might be her Kiki M Green Amethyst Cushion Drops, but then I realized they were teardrop-shaped.

    • In a couple of photos they appeared to be the new tanzanite earrings she wore with the matching pendant several months back, but in others the center stone appears paler, not sure.

    • They look like the ones she wore in Singapore. I scrolled through the earring section on the Diana’s and Kate’s Jewels blog that can be linked from this site.

  33. Well, unfortunately I can’t really praise this Catherine Walker coat. Although I normally love the combination of Wedgwood blue and white, the little floral print here is just too busy and twee for my tastes. (For Americans: “twee” is a wonderful British English word that I usually translate as “too sweet”). Moreover, both the fabric and the cut of the coat strike me as better suited to a woman the Duchess of Cornwall’s age than to the Duchess of Cambridge. It just looks a bit “elderly”.

    As a hat fan, I’m naturally interested in this one, but I think it looks better in the coffee-colored version on the model than in the white. I’d love to see it in other colors, too, but for some reason, the white just doesn’t work for me.

    So, I’m afraid, this look isn’t a winner in my book. Alas.

    I can just imagine what the critics of Prince George’s outfit in the pictures with Princess Charlotte might have to say about THIS little ensemble. In return I’d point out that at least toddler boys aren’t made to wear to wear dresses and long curls as they do in some 17th and 18th-century portraits I could cite.

    • I agree with you Lili. And with the exception of the cream Alexander McQueen a few years ago, I’ve found her Trooping the Colour outfits to be misses. This is very mother (or grandmother) of the bride, and the hat in white looks like a dinner plate haphazardly attached to the side of her head. Too bad. But, nice to see her out and looking well.

      • Lawmom: My thoughts exactly when I saw the hat, “OMG, she’s wearing a dinner plate!”

        Shape aside, I think that mass of white was the real problem; I suspect the hat would not have seemed so awful had it been in blue.

    • “Twee” is used quite regularly in America.

      • Really? I’ve actually never heard it. I’m from the Northeast. What region are you in?

        • Funnily enough, I just used the word yesterday! (I’m in the Northeast)

          • I’m in Chicago and I use it all the time (which probably says too much about my judging other people and their sartorial choices, but so be it).

      • I grew up in the Midwest, lived in the south, now live in the Rockies. I’ve visited the majority of the states and have met people from states I’ve never been to. I mention all of this to say I’ve never heard the word “twee” in my life. Please, and I do mean this sincerely, what part of America uses the word?

        • I actually use twee occasionally, and hail from the Midwest. :)

        • It might be a generational thing as well. All of my friends understand the term, whether they’re from the east or west coast, or the Midwest.

          • This is really interesting (I love language!). I’ve also lived all over the US and visited all but 4 states (not that I’ve logged the understanding of “twee” along the way…) but it never occurred to me that it was a “British” word as I use it all the time.

            I’m 33 for what it’s worth.

      • We use twee, but we have English and Scottish friends.

      • SG, I’ve lived all over the country but have never yet heard the word “twee” from an American. I first encountered it in British novels and then heard it from British classmates at my boarding school. I’m from the Midwest myself but spent years in New England and otherwise on the Atlantic seaboard as well as on the West Coast.

        • I grew up in the Midwest and live on the East Coast. Perhaps, as someone suggested, it is a generational thing. I am 32 and all my friends use the word. The fabulous ladies at Go Fug Yourself use it quite often as well. It is on Urban Dictionary, too, which tends to veer toward vernacular used by younger people.

      • British vs American usage of ‘twee’ aside, I’m more befuddled at a fabric being considered ‘twee’ and ‘elderly’ at the same time, haha! :) Just teasing, Lili – I do enjoy reading your comments!

        I would really like to see this worn open as a coat over a white shift dress.

        • Well, JR, I think “twee” and “elderly” go together quite well. I’ve seen many an elderly lady’s chintz-decorated sitting room that I would describe as “twee and then some”.

          Helena, I live in Chicago and teach undergraduates now and then. I’m also, for various reasons, fascinated by language as you are. However, I still have to say that I haven’t heard any Americans of whatever age use the word “twee”. I’ll have to start asking students whether it forms part of their vocabularies.

          • Ooooh, I was thinking twee/”too sweet” in terms of a young child, rather than a sweet old lady – too funny! I have heard it here in the U.S., but usually the comment comes from a teenager/young adult critiquing a “cutesy” look they didn’t like. I can’t say I hated this look, but I can easily see the drapes/upholstery references.

          • As I and my friends use it, and I think as many Americans do, it is to refer to something that is usually cutesy and overly precious. For example, it is frequently used to describe Zooey Deschanel’s style. If you google her and the word twee, you will probably get several thousand results.

    • We have an archive of family outfits worn by my brother and his sons. Our version of this is black watch plaid with a white collar. And I consider George’s clothes classic, not retro.

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