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Hello-Hello, we are back with a very special post.

2016 Calendar Two Shot Used for Shopify

We are ever-so-excited to be officially launching our 2016 What Kate Wore Calendar, created in tandem with royal photographer extraordinaire Mark Stewart. Months in the making, it is *finally* here, just in time for the holidays!

Below, a better look at the calendar cover with Mark’s gorgeous photo of Kate in a Roksanda Ilincic dress and Double Leaf earrings by artisan Catherine Zoraida. The photo was taken when Kate and William were visiting the National Indigenous Training Academy in Australia’s Northern Territory on the 2014 Tour.

This is a wall calendar in a size the industry refers to as ‘petite’ or ‘mini,’ it measures 7″ x 14″ when opened. Each month showcases Mark’s images, and we see Kate in a variety of apparel at a cross-section of engagements. Some months feature a single image.

Kate 2016 Calendar February Pic Easter Sunday McQueen Outfit 700 x 700

©Mark Stewart

While others have a montage of related photographs.

©Mark Stewart

©Mark Stewart

It is a delight to be offering Mark’s stunning work in the calendar. He has been photographing members of the royal family for more than 25 years and knows his way around a tour. Mark has traveled extensively with royal tours undertaken by Diana, Princess of Wales, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh; he worked as a personal photographer to Sarah, Duchess of York, accompanying her on charity trips to Argentina, Russia, and Liberia. Below, Mark at work.

Courtesy Mark Stewart

Courtesy Mark Stewart

Mark’s extensive knowledge of the Royal Family’s unique history, traditions and personalities pays off in his work, his photographs often have an indefinable touch of magic, one reason he has been honored on multiple occasions as the Picture Editors’ Royal Photographer of the Year, as well as by the British Press Photographer’s Association. You can follow Mark’s work on Facebook here.

Here is an example of how the dates look for each month. In the upper left you see the previous month, in the upper right the next month is shown. The calendar also shows dates of note, like Anzac Day; below you can see an arrow pointing to that info on the April dates page.

2016 WKW Calendar April Dates Page for Blog Post

To give you an idea of the kind of dates included throughout the year, the other notations in April are for HM’s 90th Birthday, St. George’s Day, and William and Kate’s wedding anniversary.

The inside back cover provides information on all of the different outfits the Duchess is seen wearing in the photos.

Kate 2016 Calendar Inside Back Cover with OUtfit Info 640 x 700

The outside back cover gives you an overview of the photos used for the 12 months shown below left, and there is also a ‘bonus page’ we called The Many Faces of Kate, you see that below right.

2016 WKW Kate Calendar Back Cover and Faces of Kate Two Shot Updated


One final note before we get to our giveaway, and that is a very quick ‘thank you’ to our wonderful friend Janet, who provided assistance regarding the best Commonwealth and royal dates to include in the calendar, as well as additional perspective and insight for the project.

The calendar sells for $14.95; postage and handling is $2.50 for US addresses, and $5 for international addresses.

It seems only fitting that we should do a little giveaway for one or two of these beauties, don’t you think? Are you ready for a contest? We hope so, because we are going to give away 3 of the 2016 Calendars.

Here’s how to enter:

  • For one entry leave a comment here simply saying what your favorite thing is about Kate’s fashion. It might be a specific item or designer(s), the fact she shops at stores like Topshop and The Gap, or anything else at all, whatever you find most appealing about Kate’s style.
  • For a 2nd entry follow WKW on Twitter and let us know you did in a comment (or that you already do follow WKW on Twitter)
  • For a 3rd entry follow our sister site, What Kate’s Kids Wore on Twitter and let us know you did with a comment (or that you already do follow WKKW on Twitter)
  • For additional entries upload the calendar cover shown below to any of your social media accounts with the hashtag #WKWCalendar (and let us know you did via comments; if posting on Facebook remember to set the post to ‘public’ or we won’t be able to see it!)

The contest is open internationally. We will take entries until midnight Monday night, the 7th. We will do a random drawing Tuesday morning and then get in touch with the three winners. (Please be available via email, winners have a 48-hour window to respond to our email alerting them they have won.)

  216 Responses to “The 2016 What Kate Wore Calendar Has Arrived & We’re Giving Some Away!”

  1. I love that she’s a real person. My favourite outfit this year was the one she wore just after she had Charlotte and played with Prince George at the polo match. I had also just had a baby and was feeling badly about my body. I was so happy to hear my style idol wasn’t out of her maternity pants either! I don’t think I’ll ever forget that!

  2. I love Kate’s timeless and classic sense of style :)

  3. She’s a princess!!! What’s not to love – the tiaras are my favorite!!

  4. I love that she chooses affordable clothes that the common women can wear too!

  5. I love that she has pieces that anyone can own and pull off — dark skinny jeans, Breton top, Sebago boat shoes, Gap and Zara items, RayBans, mint velvet plimsolls. All items I have copied and love! Everyone can have a little of Kate in their closets!

  6. Such a great idea!

    I always loved her minimalist & timeless looks. I started following after I saw the Olympics and bought the Bobbi Brown Sandwash pink lipstick, skinny jeans and Corkswoon wedges. After that I was hooked! Hope to win a calendar!

  7. I love Kates simplistic elegance. She proves you don’t have to be showy to have style and class while creating timeless looks.

    Following both on Twitter. Love your posts and have been searching for a new Kate calendar. I never found dead one for 2015 and am still hanging on to my 2014 one because I could never throw Kate away.

  8. Love her style. Always classy and professional. HRH always dresses properly and is very down to earth, not to mention a very beautiful lady.
    We have been following the Royal Family since Princess Elizabeth became Queen. The Cambridge’s are a joy to follow, including their children.

  9. I love Kate’s classic but modern style.

    And I follow both accounts on Twitter. My username is @ aimmers514.

  10. I love that Kate honors Diana in timeless fashion with somewhat of a modern twist. She is very much a “People’s Princess,” and Diana’s legacy is continued not just in Kate’s fashion but how she conducts herself in royal engagements. She’s truly a Cinderella story!

  11. I uploaded the cover of the calendar & used the hashtag #WKWCalendar in a post…gorgeous calendar!

    My Twitter is @lizropo310 & here is the link to the post

    Thank you!

  12. I also follow WKKW on Twitter…love it! My Twitter is @lizropo310

    Thank you!!

  13. I follow WKW on Twitter & have for years! My Twitter is @lizropo310

    Thank you!!

  14. My favorite thing about Kate’s fashion is that it’s timeless & classic but yet she still has fun w/bright colors, patterns & lace!

    Thank you!!

  15. I just received my Kate Calendar for 2016 — it is every bit as gorgeous as I had hoped. Thank you so much for doing one. The photographs are fantastic.

    I love following Kate’s style. To me, she always looks elegant and appropriate. The Royal Family is very lucky to have her!

  16. My favorite thing about Kate’s style is that she is still classic and elegant in a world that is obsessed with looking wacky and (not to be too rhyme-y) tacky, I’m looking at you Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Today, celebrities wear clothes to showcase their inner Her style demonstrates modesty and tradition, but also poise which is very refreshing.

  17. I follow WKKW on Twitter too- they are so adorable!

  18. I follow on twitter

  19. I love Kate’s effortless yet attainable style. All of her outfits are so elegant and simple- a true style icon!

  20. Elegant, classic, beautiful….

  21. The calendar looks great! What I like about Kates style is that she dresses appropriately to her role, and as a mom-of-two. As an ex-pat Brit, I appreciate that she is not trying to be too fashionable, like many call for. She’s not a Victoria Beckham or a Heidi Klum, she’s a future queen. She is developing her own style and doing it very gracefully considering the scrutiny she is under.

  22. Kate is a very down to earth women and she reflects that on her clothes by wearing ordinary outfits and mixing them up with some out of the box accessories. She continues to surprise with her clothes choices by her originality!

  23. Kate is elegant and timeless and I love how she recycles her outfits
    Great inspiration for us ” ordinary working girls”
    I have followed her since the day of the royal engagement

  24. Kate’s style is so elegant and classy! She can easily mix high&street brands and be as flawless as ever!

    I follow both WKW and WKKW, plus I’m going to share a pic on Instagram and on Twitter too!

  25. FYI – hip hip hooray!!!!! – says:

    Our friends at @WhatKateWore launched a 2016 Kate calendar with @Regaleyes photos! Lovely!

  26. Catherine walks the royal ‘fashion tightrope’ with style, grace and always a big, warm smile! She seems to have remained true to herself thus far and in the end I think that’s the most important. I’d describe her style as ‘classic with a modern twist’. I like the message she sends to the young – that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to be sexy – that’s it’s classy to be ‘covered up’. Our young women of today need someone to look up to, admire and emulate as I did back in the 80′s with Diana.

  27. I love that Kate wears timeless and practical clothing.

  28. My favourite part of her fashion sense is her coats. I always look forward to cold-weather seasons simply to see what gorgeous pieces she will pull out of her closet –especially the older ones from the days when she was a young lady and royal girlfriend.

    I’m following you on both twitter accounts as @cathiemaud!

  29. Susan, this is THE BEST news! I’ve had a Kate calendar for a few years now, and the former purveyor stopped making them this year. My best friend and I always gift them to each other for Christmas and we were really sad to stop.

    Thanks to you, a friendship tradition continues and a shared love of Kate style will keep our long-distance friendship together every month of the year.

    Because what’s not to love about Kate Style? Classic, elegant, with that sense of fun always present.

    Thanks so much!

  30. I appreciate the Duchesses style because it’s timeless, elegant, and always approachable. And her casual style shows she is really just one of us, you know that one friend you have you’d like to borrow from her closet all the time!

    I follow WKW on Twitter
    I follow WKW on Pinterest
    Will be hastaging on both!
    So excited about the calendar, I will buy one if I don’t win the drawing!

  31. I really love that she seems to research events, and complements them with what she is wearing. I also like that she is not confined to a certain price point or designer, and actually highlights less well-known ones for us to discover.

    Btw, the calendar project is a really great idea. Perhaps you’ll do a desk diary in the future, that’d accommodate more pictures, and give style inspirations.

  32. Always appropriate, elegant, and approachable.

  33. I love her simple and classic style!

    I follow WKW onTwitter

    I follow WKKW on Twiiter

    I have tweeted using the #WKWCalendar hashtag

    Thank you!

  34. Kate’s sense of style is exquisite and classy and she sets a great example for other young women like myself to be confident while dressing conservatively. She illustrates that you don’t have to dress ultra revealing, contrary to pop culture today, to be beautiful and sexy.

  35. What an impact Kate has had – from her causes, the example she sets loving and supporting her family – and she presents this support through her fashion. She respects her position by wearing elegant, timeless pieces that work. She says, in all ways, I care, I am here.

  36. The thing I love most about Kates style is the confidence
    she shows with her height she has such a casual elgance
    with all her fashion choices, and makes it easy for us to emulate some of her outfits because of where she shops.
    I wish the entire Royal family and the Middletons a very merry christmas and happy new year! Good luck to us all in this special giveaway.

  37. I like her jewelry, especially her earrings.

  38. I love how Kate’s simple, easy and elegant style is so easily attainable, at different price-points. Also, her hair and makeup always look so natural- she never looks like she spent too much time preparing for an event!

  39. I love the fact that she wears beautifully elegant outfits and that she often wears bright colours; We suit similar colours and I often wish that I could wear her outfits!!

  40. In a world of Tacky (booty-baring) Kardashians, there’s Timeless Kate. Simply stunning. Always leading trends, never following them. Elegance personified. Or in Kate’s case, “princess-ified.” She elevates all of us with her pitch-perfect sense of style.

  41. Kate is the perfect 21st century princess, no matter what she wears.

  42. I enjoy the way Kate manages to look modern and classic. Also, her hair, nails, and makeup are never overdone.

  43. I really like her taste in earrings.

  44. I love Kate’s style and she is just such a beautiful person inside and out. She is stunning and looks great in everything she wears and I live her choices in shoes!!! I could live in her closet I’d be one happy lady!!!

  45. Calendar share on twitter (@tchoutchou14)

  46. I love shoes so i love kate’s shoes, particularly her LK Bennett.
    I didn’t know your twitter so now i follow ;-)

  47. What I love the most about Kate is an up-doo and clean lines like the McQueen blue coat at Easter 2014 – sublime! One of my favourite all time outfits. This is Kate at her best.
    Following: What Kate Wore on Twitter – @Royalspectator
    Following: What Kate’s Kids Wore on Twitter – @Royalspectator
    Posted Calendar cover on IG and tagged #WKWCalendar and @WhatKateWore (account is Private so hope this gets to you)

    Fabulous calendar and a great give-away…thank you!


  49. I follow What Kate’s Kids Wore on Twitter: @zoeydahling

  50. I follow What Kate Wore on Twitter: @zoeydahling

  51. I like the way Kate balances traditional “princess” clothing rules while still keeping things fresh, modern, and age appropriate.

  52. I forgot to mention I also follow WKW on FB :)

  53. What a cool giveaway! I love Kate’s classic style, and how she rewears pieces just like the rest of us do :)

  54. I love how absolutely classy her style is. She does a wonderful job of stepping up to the plate and choosing modest, occasion-appropriate, flattering, and beautiful outfits. The Duchess is my favorite fashion inspiration!
    The calendar is beautiful and I am adding it to my wishlist!

  55. I follow on twitter @retirewithme

  56. I love how she knows how to dress to flatter her figure.

  57. I love how Kate is so commanding in her high heels. I’ve never seen her wear a heel under 3.5 inches!

  58. I like that her fashion sense is so relatable. I can buy some of the things she wears, and even though we’re different sizes and shapes, it still looks alright. I also follow you on Twitter: @Dr_AHL.

  59. I love Kate’s style because it is classic and simple. She avoids anything too modern, fussy, or revealing, and her image is the better for it. I feel like her sartorial choices will stand the test of time and fading fashions.

    I followed WKW on Twitter as well as WKKW, and I have tweeted the calendar cover photo.

  60. The DoC has a ton of self respect, family respect, country respect and tosses in more event awareness in subtle and obvious ways.

    IMHO the same applies to our precious leader – Susan!!!!

  61. Follow you on Twitter already, and I’ve started following the kid’s twitter account too – I’ve been wondering about Charlotte’s dress and am off to read that post!

  62. I also shared your post on Facebook.

  63. I love Kate mostly because she is only 4 days apart from me in age and for that reason I find her style fascinating – WWKW is often my thought for events!

  64. I love that Kate often ties what she’s wearing to whatever/whomever she’s visiting. Her style is always appropriate, and she’s an example to others.

  65. What I love is how she mixes high cost items with ordinary accessories.

  66. And I posted about it on Facebook here:

    I did make the FB post public, but I’m not sure how private my actual profile is so if you can’t see it, just send me a tweet & will try it again! :D

  67. Oh, I have always wanted a ‘Kate Calendar’. I will still buy one even if I don’t win. How exciting for WKW to be partnering with the Mark Stewart!

    Without a doubt, my favorite part abut Kate’s fashion, is that no matter what the occasion, Kate can dress modestly and still look like the perfect lady and Princess that she is. I love how I feel lovely and confident when my non-pregnant self shows up to church wearing my Jojo Maman Bebe Cream Princess Line Maternity Coat while my peers wear leggings and camisole. Kate has brought so much positivity into my life. You know, the love is real!

    I follow WKW and What Kate’s Kids Wore on twitter, and I have shared the lovey news of the calendar on Twitter as well.

    Best of luck to all!

  68. I’m not sure why I was not following What Kate’s Kids Word but I am following on Twitter now! Under @Miss_Mousie as well!

  69. As you know, I have been following you on Twitter for years, as @Miss_Mousie! :D
    The first account I followed!

  70. I always know exactly what comes to mind when people ask me why I like Kate’s style so much~ she keeps it classy. It doesn’t seem to matter what she wears these days, it always has that undertone of a classy lady!
    In many ways, I see a bit of Audrey Hepburn in her, but with that lovely little mischevious/wild streak & I love it! :D

  71. I like that Kate has kept her fashion sense very real and very modern. She not only recycles her outfits, but she has not strayed too much from her early fashion philosophy of wearing what she finds comfortable, pretty and functional. She very much injects a lot of herself and her personality in her wardrobe and in a world of fake people, I find that to be refreshing.

    I already follow WKW and WKKW on Twitter.

  72. I love that Kate wears designer pieces and off-the-rack. And she is always dressed appropriately for the occasion.

  73. I love how beautifully she looks with understated elegance, taste and feminity.

  74. I also follow on Twitter!

  75. I love Kate’s elegance.

  76. I also follow WKKW on Twitter.

  77. I follow WKW on Twitter.

  78. I love all of Kate’s fit and flare dresses!

  79. I appreciate her natural beauty, the fact that many of her choices can be replicated for those on a budget, and the simple fact that she (for the most part) dresses appropriately for the occasion. She seems to want to highlight the event, not her wardrobe.

  80. I love how Kate sticks to ‘non-fashion’ or the classic styles which suit her best and best reflect the traditional role she has to play and interpret for the 21st century. She wears what’s comfortable for her with the occasional nod to fashion, but never its slave.

    Already following WKW and WKKW on Twitter and Facebook and definitely not hung up about winning a calendar having got mine on order. So so delighted Mark Stewart is dipping his toe into releasing quality pics of Kate. At the moment it’s an awful job to dig through a small mountain of Hello magazines to check on previous outfits. Hope this is the start of more, I’d love a big picture book to relax by after a hard session on the screens!!

  81. I love that Kate is always impeccable and perfectly dressed on every occasion. What I love more is how many of her pieces are accessible (somewhat) to everyone, even through a repli-Kate.

    She has made me dress more elegantly and less “thrown together” . For that, I thank this blog. This blog has enabled me to step up my game . I even choose better outfits when I walk my dog. Thanks S.

  82. I love that Kate repeats her outfits, even from years back, not caring if they’ve been photographed a million times. She’s a great example of how all celebrities should behave!

  83. I love her elegant classic style and her smile. The smile is her best accessory.

  84. The thing I love most about Kate’s fashion is that she keeps it CLASSY!! Kate is such a good role model for young girls, showing them that you don’t have to “bare it all” in order to look beautiful!

    I have followed both WKW and WKKW on Twitter! My Twitter handle is @erintweets

    Fingers crossed! :)

  85. Followed @KatesKidsWore from @mostlyyalit

  86. Already follow on Twitter! @mostlyyalit

  87. I love the amount of thought put into Kate’s wardrobe for each occasion – and that every piece still showcases her classic and understated elegance!

  88. I love her classic, timeless style, and I appreciate that she re-wears outfits, even at important engagements. And while I always love to see her dressed up, I really love her “off-duty” style as well!

  89. I love that she looks as comfortable when she’s wearing her skinny jeans as she does for an elegant occasion.

  90. I love how Kate wears a variety of high end designers that I love looking at her wearing, yet are a dream for most of us to own, yet she also wears mid range or more affordable fashion and accessories that we have a better chance of buying for our very own!!!

  91. Kate’s fashion is timeless & mostly every size woman can wear her style. I love it when she wears something I can afford. Ex. Azuni earrings.

  92. The love her lace sheaths!! I also followed both Twitter accounts.

  93. I love the fact that Kate remains true to her own style and re-wears her favorite items. Kate is also a great role model for young ladies in the modest way she dresses. Love the calendar!!!

  94. I love how Kate doesn’t follow Hollywood styles but far outshines them with her own timeless style. A lot of us laugh at pictures of what we wore 25+ years ago but I don’t believe she will!

  95. Shared on Twitter too :)

  96. Just posted on Facebook!

  97. What I love most about the Duchess’s style is that it is “her”. She doesn’t follow every fashion trend that comes around, she sticks with what looks good on her and what I assume she feels comfortable in. She always looks classy and appropriate no matter what occasion. And she is not afraid to rewear what she already has.

  98. Kate is worth everything in a world wear fashion is so far gone for young girls and young women to look up to for fashion goals. What would we do without her! I love her modest choices, I love her colour palets and her understated beauty. Everything she wears from casual to formal is classic and I just love it. Thank goodness for Kate!

  99. I admire Kate’s sophisticated elegance.

  100. Thank you for the giveaway.

    I love how she accomodates the ocassions to her personal preferences. She is loyal to her fave brands. I love all her JP choices.

    I have already followed you on twitter, did the same with your kids account.

  101. Following you already for quite a while, apart from on Facebook and Twitter it seems. Lovely blogs, well informed always. I like Kate most when she wears a bit of colour, and would love if she would go for a bit more patterns.However she always looks totally elegant. I do love her hairstyles!

  102. Her classic elegant style that is still modern and that she is ALWAYS dressed approproately for the occasion of the events!

  103. Hello !
    My favorite dress is Kate’s wedding dress ! that is the first time I decided to follow her on your website and the French one Le Boudoir, I also love how she is always perfect, I wonder how she does it ! I hope she will wear again her gold and white dress from the Asian Tour, which makes her look like a French painting in Le Louvre.
    I follow WKW on facebook and Twitter and I am going to see what WKKW looks like ;-)
    Maud from France !

  104. I love that, for daytime outings, she wears classic styles that I could wear to events that call for business attire. She’s not too fashion-forward. In terms of black-tie wear, the teal Packham is still probably my favorite!

  105. I love how her style is simplistic in a beautiful way.

  106. I love the fact that she always puts so much effort into dressing appropriately for every occasion, often wearing something that compliments her hosts. At the same time, she is also very sensitive to not letting her outfits distract attention from the significance of the event/engagement. She is also always impeccably groomed.

  107. I love that she has an innate sense of regal style, effortlessly impeccable and elegant.

  108. I love everything Kate wears. My favourite would have to be anything Jenny Packham.

  109. I like that her style is classic and that she “recycles” outfits!!

    Also, I posted the cover on FB.

    Thanks so much for all your posts!!!

  110. I also followed WKW on Twitter (a new way to find out what’s going on in Kate’s closet)

  111. My favorite thing about Kate’s style is that she makes classic, traditional pieces look up-to-date and glamorous!

  112. Oooh, delicious. This is such a great idea.

    My favorite thing about Kate’s style – hmmm, do I have to pick one? I guess it’ll be that she can rock an out-doorsy look as well as a designer dress.
    Close second: That she’s not afraid to rewear.
    Worthy of note: I do so love how much I’ve learned about dressing myself from the community discussions here!

    I’m a follower on twitter as well

  113. I love that Kate’so style is so approachable. She does s great mix of affordable and high-end pieces that I can take inspiration from. She’s helped me realize good taste and style isn’t all about name brands, but presenting yourself well.

  114. I love her classic style and the way she can pull off designer and high street fashions :)

  115. 1) My favorite thing about Kate’s fashion :) I love that a very good amount of what she wears like a lot of her casual clothes are available for fans of hers to buy as well. I have several “RepliKate” items as well as exact things she owns and it truly makes me so happy that i am able to purchase the same as Kate. She is absolutely timeless and I love having her as my rolemodel including Fashion wise! Very feminine and classy, so pretty. It just makes me happy! :)

    2) I am following WKW on Twitter! (And FB\IG)
    3) I am following WKKW on Twitter! My Twitter is @maplemae_
    4) After I post this I am posting the picture on Instagram my account is @maplemae_

  116. I love how impeccably tailored all her outfits are!

  117. I love Kate’s classic style.

  118. I love Kate’s classic style, not fussy or too avant garde.

  119. I live that she always elegant and stylish and I envy her hair. I loved her wedding gowns and that gorgeous gold and white gown on the Malaysia tour.

  120. What I love most about Kate’s style is that she wears clothes so well. She’s got the perfect figure for most designs, her clothes are always perfectly tailored and she shows tons of confidence. Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. I love that she recycles clothes. She’s so down to earth and yet elegant at the same time.

  122. She always gets it right. I love that she wears the same items over again, but it never looks tired or over done. She’s a style icon!

  123. I love how attuned she is to the countries she visits. Never overdone, it is the little touches that impress…the maple leaf hat in Canada, the fern appliqué on her dress in New Zealand, the choice of a designer of the same nationality as the host nation. So perfect!

  124. I follow both accounts on twitter and i love that kate recycles her clothes!

  125. I love Kate’s attention to detail in choosing the right color, design and overall look that will respect the occasion or country. I’m thinking of her gown in Malaysia, her red frock on arrival in New Zealand, her maple leaf hat and complementary dress for Canada Day and so many more. I know that her fashions in India will be amazing.

    I am also following WKW and WKKW on Twitter (@miracle_barbara)

  126. I love the fact that Kate’s style is underrated, conservative and timeless. These are all qualities that I am trying to emulate. I also love the fact that she recycles so many pieces, which is a true testament to her classic style. It always reminds me to stay away from cooky trends in favor of options that will last for years to come, which is a lifesaver!

  127. I follow WKW on twitter! I also bought one of the calendars already – I sincerely hope this is not offensive but I have a white elephant gift exchange coming up in one week and since no one else I know follows the royals I think this might be a funny gfit in that context. The party’s theme is “As Seen On TV” gifts so basically a contest to find the randomest things ever. But there is a little girl of one of my friends that I have a hunch will actually LOVE the calendar so I’m hoping she ends up with it :).

    And I’d like to win one for myself ;-).

    Thanks Susan!

  128. I already follow WKW on Twitter and also WKKW

  129. I still think Kate’s wedding dress is by far her best look, and I love that she bought back lace sleeves!

  130. I love her classy style for the dresses she chooses, especially the pieces by Alexander McQueen. She is timeless!

  131. I love Kate’s classic yet modern dresses. I am in dressy clothing most of my week and always try to take cues from her style

  132. Just started following what Kate’s kids wore on Twitter!

  133. I love Kate’s style because it is classic, chic and comfortable! I recently purchased boots I saw her in and not only do they look good – they are really comfortable.

    (Following WKW & WKKW on Twitter – @curlyfitnalu)

  134. I think that Kate is simply timeless with her look and always looks very elegant, pretty and yet refined in everything she wears. She always looks so comfortable in her own skin, and how she manages to look so polished and well rested with two little ones is beyond me!

    I love that she recycles pieces and often wears garments that are from the high street. It makes me feel as though she is so approachable and down to earth, and could be a good girlfriend of mine!

  135. I follow WKW and What Kate’s Kids Wore on Twitter. I also posted the calendar cover to Twitter.
    My favorite thing about Kate’s style is that she always stays true to herself. She sticks with looks that she likes and feels good in. She knows what looks good on her body and isn’t afraid to re-wear something from years ago, as long as she feels good in it.

  136. Just followed both twitter accounts! Did not realize you were on there too. Love following instagram and your facebook page. My favorite thing about her style is how she can choose outfits that are classic with a modern twist and there always seems to be an intentional choice behind her ensembles for every occasion. My favorite dress thus far was the hand-painted Jenny Packham dress from 2011:

    Thank you for the dedication and hard work of bringing us everything Kate/Catherine/Duchess of Cambridge!

  137. Kate’s style is classic, elegant, and timeless. A lot like I would imagine her to be in real life!

  138. I just adore her simple elegance so much

  139. I love Kate’s fashion for her classic, elegant, modest look. She’s always so respectful with her clothing, and it seems like she puts a lot of thought into what she wears. I myself am a more traditional, modest person, and one of the reasons I grew to love Kate was when I realized that we have similar tastes (we could probably enjoy a day of shopping together!) and that there are other women who dress modestly and rock it. It’s so refreshing to follow and admire someone who shows the world that you can be modest and classic while still looking modern and fashionable, especially in a society that seems to look down on women who choose to cover up more than others. To date, my favorite look of Kate’s is her teal Jenny Packham gown. That entire look showed the world what a beautiful, elegant, and modest woman she is.

    I’m also following both WKW and WKKW on Twitter.

  140. My favourite thing about Kate’s fashion is that she has made ladylike cuts hemlines fashionable again! She wears simple, classic styles and tasteful jewelry, making it all very doable yourself.

  141. I love that she always looks so lady like, but not boring or prudish. And that she is natural looking, unlike movie star type celebrity’s who wear so much makeup and look half plastic.

  142. I love how she isn’t just afraid of rewearing clothes but also puts a new spin on a previously seen look. She knows what she loves and her confidence flows through!

  143. Kate bought classy back.

  144. My favorite thing about Kate’s fashion is that it’s timeless and classic. She always looks classy!

  145. I shared and hashtagged! My favorite thing about Kate’s style is that she wears such simple but timeless pieces that are tailored to fit her.

  146. My absolute favorite thing about Kate’s style is how it seems very natural, her style hasn’t changed a lot since she’s been in the public eye. Of course she has grown and matured, which naturally her style will too. I just think she is effortlessly beautiful, fun and athletic.

    I am already following WKW + WKKW on Twitter!

    PS – Thank you for making these calendars, they are lovely and I must have for the new year :)

  147. Seen Kate a few times and she always looks stylish – whether in high street or designer and is certainly helping the fashion industry

  148. I love that Kate has stayed true to her style and hasn’t changed everything about her look to follow trends. Even if some people do consider it boring.

  149. She shops at Bicester Village! Might meet her there one day!

  150. My favorite thing about Kate’s fashion is that she proves that dressing modest and classy doesn’t have to be boring and unattractive. She is a great role model that way.

  151. I absolutely LOVE Kate’s Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon wedges. I think the way she styles them always looks so elegant and effortless. I love them so much that I bought a pair of my own! Best fashion staple decision I have made–hands down.

  152. I follow what Kate wore on Twitter!

  153. Her style is effortless and classic and has a mix of designer and mainstreet labels! A representation of her: regular woman/mom plus princess all in one!!

  154. I love Kate’s outfits because she know how to mix high street fashion and haute couture, and is a great ambassador for British stylists.

    I’m following WKW and WKKW on Twitter. Congrats on both sites!

  155. I love her coat dresses especially the Alexander McQueens! Swoon.

  156. As someone has already said, I love the casual outfits, great ideas for my own life. Furthermore, I absolutely love her Kiki McDonough earrings, especially the diamond hoops with gemstone drops.

  157. The fact she has the best coats

  158. Kate’s style is classic elegance. Her outfit choices are always effortless and timeless which appeal to those of all age groups.

    I follow WKW on twitter.
    I follow WKKW on twitter
    (my twitter handle is @evdl15)

  159. My favorite thing about Kate’s fashion is that she always looks great without putting everything on display! It’s so nice to have a classy role model in these modern times.

  160. I love that Kate’s style is approachable. Her clothes are not outside the realm of possibility for most people and can be replikated and worn to work, weddings, family dinners…

  161. Just tweeted the calendar pic and link.

  162. Also following on Twitter! Also following WKKW on Twitter and Facebook!

  163. I already follow you on Twitter and just started following What Kate’s Kids Wore. Thanks for your great info. The thing I like most about Kate’s fashion style is the fairytale part. What I mean by that is seeing her wear clothing and jewelry I could never afford and living vicariously through her.

  164. I uploaded the picture onto Twitter. (@MollyMaka)

  165. I’ve just followed WKKW on Twitter (@MollyMaka).

  166. I already follow WKW on Twitter (@MollyMaka).

  167. I love the classic feeling of Kate’s fashion. She’s not afraid to go outside of the box, but she knows what looks good on her and what she likes. She feels comfortable in what she wears.

  168. I love how her style is approachable. Nothing too crazy, but nothing too ordinary either.

  169. Also I shared this on my Facebook page.

  170. I shared the calendar hashtag and photo on my Twitter, here:

  171. Love. This. My favorite thing about Kate’s fashion is that so much of it is accessible. She makes a lot of timeless choices and influences my fashion decisions!

  172. No need to enter me, but warm congratulations to Susan and to Mark! The calendar looks beautiful.

  173. I followed @KatesKidsWore with my Twitter account @BronwynMaye.

  174. I followed @WhatKateWore with my Twitter account @BronwynMaye.

  175. I just love Kate’s coats!

  176. Love the calendar! For the past two years, I’ve made my own Kate calendar with some of my favorite shots of her and the Cambridge family throughout the year. Love that there’s an “official” one this year!

    I love how classic Kate’s style is. She nearly always appears in ensembles that will stand the test of time, rather than simply appeal to the trends of today.

    I already follow both accounts on Twitter!

  177. I love Kate’s style because it is so classic. She buys staple wardrobe pieces and everything looks timeless. When you invest in good pieces, you always look great!

    I follow What Kate Wore on Twitter, and What Kate’s Kids Wore on Twitter :)

  178. I love how Kate wears coats indoors at engagements and never seems to get hot!

    I follow both you and Regal Eyes on Twitter!

  179. This is just a wonderful idea, congrats Susan and Mark! My favourite thing about Kate’s fashion must be that she made add more dresses into my own closet! (And I love all her outfits, earrings, basically whatever she picks haha).

  180. I love Kate’s style! It’s classy, elegant and timeless… Her wedding dress was simply marvellous and I do have a soft spot for her coats!

    I follow both WKW and WKKW on Twitter :)

  181. I love that Kate’s style is so classic!

  182. I love how she re-wears favorite pieces and accessories instead of always sporting something new.

  183. I bought one for a friend already, but I wouldn’t mind winning one for myself! I follow you on Twitter. My favorite thing about Kate’s fashion is that she focuses on being appropriate and stylish rather than chasing trends.

  184. My favourite thing about Kates fashion is that she is elegant, accessible and always puts thoughts into each outfit depending on where she is going.
    My most indulgent (on my ‘if money were no object’ list!) outfit would be the teal Jenny Packham full length gown. It had everything, elegance, indulgence, and it flowed as if Kate was gliding – sheer perfection in my eyes! And it had everything I love in a dress – the colour, the lace, the sparkle. Beautiful! And it was a dress that just shouted out ‘What Kate Wore’! And a Kate calendar on my wall – would make my 2016!

  185. I adore Kate’s eye-catching yet always classic style. Simply impeccable.

  186. I love how classy Kate always is, but especially how she takes special care to incorporate designers and/or design from the countries she is visiting. It shows how much preparation and thought goes into planning her outfits, which makes reading about them here all the more fun!

  187. My favorite articles of Kate’s fashion are her plethora of lovely coats.

  188. Great calendar!

    I love how Kate’s fashoon choices are so accessible. Yes, there are the clothes from high street stores, but Even those that aren’t from the high street are simple lines that can be easily ‘replikated’ or tweaked to suit individual style (and budget!)

  189. Also, I’m following both Twitter accounts now!

  190. Favorite thing about Kate’s fashion is her use of coats. So fabulous!

  191. I love Kate’s casual looks the most. They inspire me a lot for my daily fashion choices!

  192. I appreciate that Kate’s style is so classic and modest. In today’s age of the Kardashian clown show, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a fashion role model like Kate.

    I am following WKW on Twitter.

    I am following WKKW on Twitter.

  193. I love that Kate’s introduced me to so many new designers who I’d never heard of before — Hobbs, LK Bennett, French/London Sole … (And I already follow you on Twitter!) :)

  194. I follow WKKW on Twitter. Thanks! : )

  195. I follow WKW on Twitter.

  196. I love that Kate’s style is timeless!

  197. Shared pic on Instagram tagging you and using the hashtag. Thanks for all the chances to win!!

  198. I like that he wardrobe is simple. It’s never fussy or ott – just easy. I follow on Twitter too!

  199. I love Kate’s style, period. She can never go wrong with anything that she wears.

    P.s. I already follow WKW on twitter :)

  200. I LOOOOOOOOVE Kate’s style! I always seem so natural and not like she is trying to be stylish! Every time she steps out, it is like a homerun! and that Mcqueen wedding dress?!? Amazing!

  201. I like that she’s always dressed appropriately. She’s proof you don’t have to show everything to look amazing.

  202. I love that Kate has inspired so many people (myself included) to punch up their looks.

  203. My favourite thing about Kate’s fashion is that she dresses in an incredibly elegant and respectful manner. Obviously this is a requirement because of her Royal role, however even in her pre-engagement days we see her style as reflecting a very classic and tasteful manner that I admire amongst a world full of women that dress in a way that devalues themselves. What a great role model Kate is!

  204. Also following along with WKKW :)

  205. Faithful follower on Twitter as well!

  206. Kate is simply stunning. Her looks are elegant and classic regardless of what she chooses. She is truly a style icon! :)

  207. I appreciate that Kate has kept wearing her clothes from long before she became a Princess.

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