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We had a pleasant surprise today, new photos of Kate on her way to church services at Sandringham.

©Terry Harris / i-Images / Polaris

©Terry Harris / i-Images / Polaris

She joined William, Harry, and other royals at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

Sandringham Estate

Sandringham Estate

It is the parish church for HM, the Duke of Edinburgh and other royals when they are at Sandringham. Of course, the church is used for other events, such as Princess Charlotte’s christening this July.  



Her Majesty rode to church this morning, while the Earl and Countess of Wessex, Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall and others walked. Below you see the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence greeting well-wishers.

©Terry Harris / i-Images / Polaris

©Terry Harris / i-Images / Polaris

It looked like most, if not all, of the royals stopped to speak with crowds along the path. More from The Daily Mail:

The Duchess was seen accepting a bouquet of yellow flowers from well-wishers who had lined the road to get a glimpse of the Royal Family.

She looked delighted by the gesture, beaming widely and carrying them with her as she walked beside Prince William.

©James Whatling/Splash News

©James Whatling/Splash News

It was a chilly morning but Kate seemed comfortable in a turtleneck (polo neck) beneath her suit jacket.

©James Whatling/Splash News

©James Whatling/Splash News

Kate’s fitted jacket is single breasted with three closely placed buttons at the waist, princess seaming, and button detail on the flap pockets.

©POLARIS/Splash News

©POLARIS/Splash News

The most distinctive element of Kate’s skirt: the multiple gores, or panels. I counted four or five per quarter-skirt, that is 16 or 20 in total. Additionally, some of them are cut on the bias, making the skirt a *major* feat of engineering and tailoring.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

Later today I should be able to do some looking about for any current styles resembling the Duchess’s suit. It’s possible it is a bespoke piece, or something she has had for some time, but it will be fun to look around.

An obvious place to start was Katherine Hooker, a favorite of all three Middleton women. Below we show Kate wearing the Contrast Coat to the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2006; that same coat re-styled in 2011 for her first official engagement with Prince William following the couple’s engagement announcement; on the far right we see the Duchess in the label’s Alexander Jacket at Cheltenham in 2007.



Kate and William at Cheltenham in 2007, Kate wearing a suit from Katherine Hooker.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

Both pieces are excellent examples of the terrific tailoring offered by Katherine Hooker, with heritage pieces in exquisite luxury fabrics. Beyond those common elements the pieces are dissimilar; the jacket’s design is different, with a band across the back at the high waist; the distinction’s in the skirt’s design can be seen in this photo.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

However, the styles shown above exemplify the same overall look and feel as Kate’s suit today. All are outstanding examples of the ‘country’ portion of a classic British wardrobe suited to the ‘town and country’ lifestyle Kate and William have.

There are many companies still offering pieces consistent with this look, including boutique shops like Really Wild and Country Attire, as well as DubarryViyella and Austin Reed. Below we share a few examples of similar styles that are produced in much greater volume than the Katherine Hooker garments; below left, the Viyella Moon’s Purple Herringbone Jacket at House of Fraser (£129, free shipping to US for orders totaling more than £120), and on the right you see the Joules Blue Tartan Blazer at Country Attire (£158, free shipping to the US).

House of Fraser/Country Attire

House of Fraser/Country Attire

The tweedy look isn’t limited to UK heritage brands; below you see two Dolce and Gabbana skirts from this fall’s collection.



UPDATED DEC 28: A huge Tip of the Tiara to Janet Evelyn on the WKW Facebook page , she IDed the suit as Michael Kors.

WKW Facebook Page

WKW Facebook Page

Our thanks to Evangelina Thomas from the FB page, she was kind enough to email photos of the suit to me last night.

It turns out the pieces are from the Michael Kors Collection, the designer line from Michael Kors with more upscale styles and price points. The jacket is the Virgin Wool Plaid Blazer, still available at Stylebop.



The piece is described as “A vintage-inspired equestrian silhouette informs this elegant wool blazer.” It features the fitted silhouette Kate favors, as well as notched lapels, flap pockets and a four-button single-breasted style. From the a/w 2015 line, the jacket was originally priced at $1555, it was most recently discounted to $1088, a 30% markdown.  



The matching piece is the Guncheck Wool Trumpet Skirt in ‘slate and claret,’ that is the Kors term for the color. Below, the Trumpet Skirt as shown on the Michael Kors website, where it is now sold out. Originally priced at $995, the piece most recently sold for $495.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

It was described on the Kors website as the “…epitome of under-the-radar luxury. Crafted from heritage guncheck wool, the trumpet silhouette guarantees a flattering, feminine fit.” A closer look shows the multiple panels in the skirt.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

The suit was shown in the Michael Kors a/w runway show, as well as several pieces in the same pattern but a different colorway.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

There is a matching skirt that was also available at Stylebop. The Check Print Wool Pencil Skirt initially sold for $525, it was discounted 30% to $367.



This is the second time we have seen Kate wearing Michael Kors. The first time was for Anzac Day cereminies on tour in Australia, the designer’s Indigo Twill Swing Coat




Many will recognize Kate’s hat, it is the ‘Fairy Tale’ style by Sylvia Fletcher for Lock and Company. If measuring only by the number of times the piece has been worn publicly, then the Fairy Tale must be considered Kate’s favorite hat. Below, the Duchess wearing the style (from left to right): for Leicester engagements with HM and Prince Philip in March 2012; on St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish Guards in March 2012; on the way to church at Balmoral in September 2013; Remembrance Sunday November 2013; the wedding of friends Lucy Meade and Charlie Budgett in May, 2014; for Remembrance Sunday in November 2013; and again today.

Lock & Co./

As Shown

Kate accessorized with her Catherine Zoraida Fern Hoops Earrings

Catherine Zoraida

Catherine Zoraida

She also carried her black suede Mulberry Bayswater Clutch Wallet.



The Duchess wore her go-to ‘Rhumba’ boots from Aquatalia. Sold out for some time now in the US and Canada, the boot remains available at Russell and Bromley where it is known as the Hi and Dry (£415, about $620).

Russell & Bromley/

Aquatalia suggests its ‘Raine’ as a substitute for the Rhumba. That style is shown below at Nordstrom where it is on sale for $435, discounted 35% from the original $650 price.  At Aquatalia the discount is steeper, the Raine is selling for $390. Nordstrom has been offering price-matching throughout the holiday shopping season, it’s possible they will meet that Aquatalia price. We also show a good copyKate from Aquatalia for Kate’s ‘Royal’, the ‘Danele’ in espresso suede. The style is also on sale at Nordstrom, priced at $297, a sizable markdown from $495, the initial selling price; Aquatalia also has the Danele on sale for $297.



Some additional quick sales items to share:

  • The maternity style of Kate’s ‘Naomi’ dress is on sale at Madderson London, now £138, just about $200. (The standard size frock is sold out.)
Madderson London/Splaash News/Madderson London

Madderson London/Splaash News/Madderson London

  • Thank you to Christin on Twitter, she let us know Kate’s ‘Natasha’ coat by Seraphine is on sale. Originally selling at £229 the coat is now £183, about $275.
Nils Jorgensen/i-Images and Seraphine Courtesy Photo

Nils Jorgensen/i-Images and Seraphine Courtesy Photo



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  1. hi
    where to purchase Kristin Magnusson acorn necklace?

    website seems to be down

  2. Pippa stepped off a private plane in St. Bart’s on Friday in a navy sneaker with white laces. Seeing as the Middleton women share same taste in clothes and accessories was wondering if this is the shoe in the family portrait. Does Kate own a pair too? It has a distinctive toe pattern for identification.

  3. I love the vintage yet comfy feel of this suit. I do wonder if a pleated skirt would have been more flattering to her figure. Zac Posen has a somewhat similar suit in his pre-fall collection for Brook Brothers that features a pleated skirt:

  4. I love this suit, but I don’t like how it fits on the duchess. On the model, the jacket hits mid-hip and the jacket hem lays flat on the skirt. The belt creates a really nice shape, and I love the vintage styling. On Catherine, the length seems shorter and poofs out away from her body, almost looking like a peplum jacket, but without the defined waist. A belt would help, but I think she needs to have the jacket taken in at her hips. As a previous poster mentioned, the slim fit on her athletic shape is not as flattering as a fuller skirt from the waist would be. So if I could tweak this suit, I would either change the fullness of the skirt OR take in the jacket and magically add length to it.
    I like to imagine that her hair looks frizzy and undone because she had a nice sleep-in with William or had extra cuddles with George and Charlotte instead of doing her hair. I hope she had a happy holiday with her family and enjoyed herself despite needing to be “on” for the public and her in-laws!

  5. Lovely classic look for Kate. The skirt is a wonder of construction and the whole outfit perfectly suits the occasion.

  6. The Michael Kors skirt suit is really quite lovely!

    • I like the whole outfit. I wonder is the skirt lined, it should be:) I love shorter jackets they do look wonderful with pants and jeans etc. The jacket is a real staple. Catherine looks great, I love seeing her more “natural” hair. She just needs to find a great style that works with her frizz and curl that is a bit easier to work with. I have a great friend with similar hair and it takes a great amount of work to have it not just look like a giant frizz ball around your head. ali

  7. I do prefer the styling on the model (vintage) to the way Kate wore the suit.
    I would have liked to see it belted with a black belt to pull in an element of black in the middle not just with the hat and boots.
    I understand the boots due to the gravel roads and low temperatures but I would have enjoyed seeing the claret hat from 2011 with this suit.
    The earrings also did not really work, nothing about this outfit suggests gold would be a good accent. Her pearls would have been a better choice.
    Overall, it is a nice suit, the skirt is perfectly fitted to her, the jacket looks a little loose around the bottom and the turtleneck and boots were needed for the weather.
    I think this maybe the end of a pretty hectic season for her, hectic year so I’ll applaud her atleast making an appearance when she would rather be inside by the fire.

    • Oooooh, jennb, the claret(I always refer to it as aubergine) hat would have been terrific, I think. That’s a killer chapeau! Hope we get to see that sometime.

  8. FAbulous tailoring, beautiful tailoring, tweed-like with is so British and appropriate for a walk to church. Even though I agree with others who think long skirts are outdated, it’s a beautiful cut for a skirt and kind of refreshing to see her in a different silhouette. She can pull off anything really, and the cut and quality of the jacket and school win the day regardless of anything else.

  9. I must be the only one who didn’t care for the outfit with all my heart as much as I felt about her green coat from a couple of days ago. Something wasn’t working for me but I can’t quite put my finger on what…

  10. I absolutely love this on her! It was such a nice surprise to see her in that length skirt, which is tricky to pull off but someone as tall and slim as Kate is looks fabulous. I adored the color and agree with everyone else’s comments about what a nice “swish” the skirt had when she walked. She also looked warm and comfortable.

    I admit I was disappointed to read it was a Michael Kors piece; it looks so quintessentially British. I realize that it was from his high-end line, and I don’t know if it is the same in the UK as it is here in the US, but his lower-priced handbags and shoes/boots here in the US are ubiquitous and awful. Very much like Coach became a few years ago: absolutely covered in logos, big, gold “MK”s even on the more plain leather bags and boots, very garish and tacky. And often on the clearance rack at mid-level department stores like Macy’s this time of year. So it was surprising for me to see the ID, but I guess like Ralph Lauren and Mark Jacobs, the higher-end collections exist in a different world from the more budget lines. I personally feel that it dilutes the brand, but I know a lot of their sales come from handbags or wallets or shoes or fragrances, from women who cannot afford suits like Kate’s but still want the cache of the designer name.

    Regardless, this suit is beautiful on her. I have a question, though: is the jacket pictured above in the same “claret” shade as the skirt below it? I know that lighting can play tricks with your eyes but the jacket doesn’t look “purple” to me at all, while the skirt looks more like the shade Kate was wearing.

    Most importantly, thank you for such a detailed, thorough, wonderful post on a dreary, post-Christmas day!

    Happy New Year to all WKW readers!

    • I agree that the MK mass market items aren’t much to admire. Unfortunately, most designers do offer such items, because they can’t possibly make any real money solely from the sale of their high-end clothing. The junk funds the jewels, to be blunt. Kors really does produce some gorgeous high-end pieces; they amply compensate for the garish bags, boots, and what-have-you.

      Incidentally, while I don’t much care for the direction Coach has taken, last time I checked they were offering heritage bags based on the classic Bonnie Cashin designs of the 70′s and 80′s. I’m still devoted to their (logo-less) simplicity and subtlety. If my vintage Cashin-designed briefcase ever gives up the ghost, I will bury it ceremonially and mourn for a very long time.

      • Agree agree about the designer stuff. Coach is very very hit and miss on quality, Kors yuck, Lauren yuck actually all of them. They have three to six labels and brands they sell under. But frankly even the high end if all these designers is not often that well made. I am in shock when I go to buy a high end clothing item and the fabric is not that great or the plaids or stripes are not matched perfectly and there is no lining and there is a puckered seam. I swear you gave to look for a small up and coming designer to get any quality if actual produced item. Ali

        • I think quality of workmanship has become a general problem with ALL designers, one that affects even their high-end ready-to-wear lines. I had a relative who was well able to afford high-end clothing and who complained that the expensive clothes she was purchasing in the 90s and early 2000s weren’t remotely as well made as the mid-priced items she’d bought in the 1950s. (She was complaining specifically about Armani.) Having closely examined those items my mother saved from her 1950s wardrobe, I think I know exactly what she meant.

        • Really? I have a RL bag and wallet that I use almost daily and I think they made very well and easy on the eye. They are two of my favorite pieces. Plus I have several RL leather gloves that take me through the winter. Well constructed and the leather is like velvet.

          • Faith I have some lovely items from Calvin Klein, and some Gucci/Fendi items with logos (reasonably subtle, I think) that I cherish. These lines can be absolutely wonderful, but sometimes they are just trying to capitalize on the designer name while selling cheap goods.

            • Faith do not disagree but as Lili said it is certainly not a sure thing anymore. You are right Lili about the workmanship being an issue for all brands. I should have generalized and not just pulled out a few names.:)

            • Definitely. Some designers have gone down the tubes with their lower end lines, but Calvin Klein has some lovely items that I, uh, own. I’d love to own more Calvin Klein but, sadly, I don’t fit into most of Klein’s stuff because I’m so tiny. It’s the same with Michael Kors. Occasionally I find something I really love and…no 0s or extra smalls. *sniffs* *sobs*

              I mean, yes, I could always take a 2 and get it tailored down to a 0 but sometimes you’re talking about a total repattern and that’s just insanely expensive. Even I’m not that insane!

      • Lili and Ali, very glad you agree. After I posted the comment, I second-guessed myself and whether or not it came off as too snobbish – which was not my intent, but I figured that anyone who likes Kate and her style enough to be reading this and commenting, probably is not a fan of logo-emblazoned pieces to begin with!

        I don’t know if either of you have read this book, but I highly recommend it; it describes so well exactly how we got here, to the point where designers are selling under so many different lines in an attempt to reach every price point. It was an absolutely fascinating read and I really enjoyed it:

        And Lili I am off to because I didn’t know about that heritage line but I must go check it out! Thank you for mentioning it. My mother has a very simple, early Coach handbag, plain black leather, and 30-something years later, it has worn so much better than anything I’ve purchased over the past decade or so- you just can’t find quality pieces like that very often anymore!

        • Sheila, Coach is currently selling small crossbody bags with the old Cashin-style design. Look under “Legacy” or “Classic”. Some years ago, they brought back the Willis bag for a while, and I snapped up one. I wish they’d do it again, because people keep asking me how they can get one, and I have to direct them to eBay, where vintage examples are sometimes available.

          • Yes, as little as I care for new Coach these days, I love all my vintage coach purses, Hard to believe they have existed and been loved for more than 4 decades by someone else and me. LOL

            As for Michael Kors, he’s the first American Designer I learned by heart during my younger days. His cashmere and wool are particularly well known, as far as I understand. As for those lines named after part of his name, either this or that, stuff you find at Macy’s, are something else.

            • I think that one needs to inspect things closely before purchasing. I have two pairs of Kors boots that are very well made and extremely comfortable – the logo very indiscreet. The important thing, I have found over the years, is to consider the workmanship and the use that said clothing item will receive as well as how it fits one.

              I do not fault those designers/manufacturers who desire to promote their lines by emblazing their work with their initials, a symbol, etc. It is always up to the individual whether they desire to be a walking advertisement for that designer.

    • I don’t think you came across as snobbish at all. Here in the US, I try to support US designers who have garments made in the US. This is not easy these days. However, it’s kind of become my mission lately. I am now shopping the Worth brand. Just an idea, but if you are in the US an efficient and cost effective way to get quality garments is to find your local rep and buy from them at a showing in their homes. This is a concept that is catching on here and I love knowing I am supporting New York and the garment district. A few pieces a season will build a quality wardrobe for a lifetime.

      Maybe there are other brands doing this but I just thought I’d throw that idea out there if any one is interested. It seems like every time I find a new designer, they take off and hit mainstream and I’m off to find another person. I got fed up.

      • I looked at the Worth site. US designers but I did not see anything on the site indicating the clothes are manufactured in the USA. Is that what you meant when you said made in the US? Not doubting you just could not find is stated anywhere. Thanks. Ali

  11. I am again impressed by the Royal’s stamina and willingness to serve. I wouldn’t want to walk to church twice on Sunday and do a complete wardrobe and hair change between. No staying at home in their jammies for these folks!

  12. My complaint is the boots…the sagging black boots with the length and fit and color of the skirt do not work well, in my opinion. I much prefer how the skirt is styled on the model with her Mary Jane type heels. She styled her 2007 suit similarly and I’ve always thought it looks wrong. Mid-calf is a super tricky length…but it can be really elegant and classic looking (which is a style she favors). But she needs different shoes (perhaps ankle books) when she’s wearing that length.

    Her hair looks the way I imagine her hair to look when she styles it herself. She rarely wears it so straight. It looks more like regular human hair…instead of her typical super human glossy locks. :)

  13. I love this beautiful suit! It’s such a classy look, and a nice change from the usual coat outfit Kate wears. The plaid is so subtle and pretty. I love a suit, and this updated one is a winner.

  14. Nice outfit on Kate. What really struck me though was the photo showing Princess Anne. Lovely color on her & terrific hat!

  15. A perfect outfit for a English country Sunday church. And I love that she wore the Fern Leaf Earrings with it. They added a nice light touch to a very classic look.

  16. Ok, I am in the minority here: it is a beautifully constructed suit, but I do feel that it is way too old for her. Like at Cheltenham (those photos always makes me cringe) it does seem as if she is trying to look like a “royal in the country” in rather than letting her natural flair shine. Even booties rather than tall boots, or a mis-matched jacket/skirt combo, would have added some “zip” to the outfit.

  17. Jacket and skirt have been IDed on Duchess Kate blog as Michael Kors Fall 2015.

  18. New or not, this suit looks dated. Best to leave trumpet skirts where they belong: in the past. Otherwise, the Duchess looks gorgeous.

    • I agree, the style does look dated. I personally feel that dresses and skirts are not flattering once they go below the knees. They just look very heavy to me and it throws off the proportions. The color choice feels a little sad to me as well. Unfortunately, this is a “miss” for me. Love the hat though.

    • Love love the fairy tale hat covering her fringe and injecting youth to this very tailored very squire-ish ensemble. I will say claret and slate is brown to me. Possibly wet Rhumbas from the grass etc or brand new ones. They certainly looked smarter than their usual faded toe self. I’m enjoying the fringe banned from public events since Christmas. She disn’t need earrings. There’s nothing to colour up brown (claret and slate)

  19. Well, we now have a designer name for the skirt suit — Michael Kors it is — and a very fine piece of tailoring at that. I could scarcely believe the extent of the patchwork effect in all those skirt panels, thank you so much for the clear illustration. It would be tricky enough to pull off in any fabric, but tweed would be a nightmare. It can fray easily and being sturdy the seams might be more bulky and unmanageable. However, once assembled, I can imagine the skirt would have a lovely swing to wear.

    I’m not sure that Kate is the best model for the suit, though we don’t have particularly good photos. I think her shape suits a fuller flare starting closer to her waist. This long line before the flare emphasises her flat hips and gives a droopy rather than a fully polished look, especially with the below-the-knee length.

    And the lack of fullness at the waist means any redeeming fullness in the jacket is left hanging somewhat at half-mast. Overall, I love the fabric, the black and red check is attractive and so practical of course, combining both warm and cool palette for a wider range of contrast accessories. And a royal in a tweed suite for Sunday church — what could be more appropriate?

    I’m also lost in admiration at the gallery of previous FairyTale hat outings — a classic of its kind! I could only recall about three of the previous occasions, but this is definitive. It might need to be copyrighted ;-)

    • You nailed it, ElizaMo. I was scratching my head when typing my reply…something isn’t quite right, and what’s that…now I see yeah the shots of the suit somehow showed it was a bit ill fitted on our Duchess. and that hat didn’t go with the suit, IMHO. If the suit were a lovely coat dress, now that would have been a different view….

      • Hooray for Michael Kors! His designer line is known for a real loyalty to classic design, and this fits the bill. Kate can easily wear the jacket with black trousers. a black pencil skirt or even jeans. It’s a wonderful country look. Even though it’s from fall 2015, there are six Kors outlets in the UK. I would not be surprised if one of Kate’s Kors pieces was bought at an outlet.

        • Glad if I helped nail it for you TW3 :-) I agree with Brenda also about the Michael Kors take on classic design. That could be one versatile jacket to own.

    • ElizaMo, I couldn’t agree more with you on your comments of the MK suit. First on its very fine tailoring and secondary on the fit on the duchess or rather the incompatibility of the shapes of the skirt versus her athletic body shape, I.e. Her hips. The skirt looks rather shapeless at the back and not so flattering on her. I often don’t comment as I love almost everything she wear and I’m afraid my comments would be perhaps boring to some. Overall she is beaming! Can’t wait for spring when she goes on tour!

      • Lovely to meet you Penelope, hope you come back here soon! I remember quite well the nerves I had before first posting here, but once in I found it was lovely :-) Personally I’d have said that some of my own posts were well on the way to epic-boring but I guess we’re all a bit insecure in our own ways.

        As you say, Kate sports the figure of an athlete, which is confusing in some ways. With the figure she has it would be easy to think she would focus on fashion and get every outfit perfect, but she instead she shows that clothes are only one of her priorities and are fine with her as long as they do the job on the day.

        I don’t think this suit is great on her, though I bet it would look better in different photos. But it still more than passes muster for the occasion!

  20. Make like Kate in a tweed suit by Michael Kors Collection

    Michael Kors Collection Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

    Shop the current collection at Net-a-Porter

    Buy now
    Christmas is for family time, but for the Royals it also means rather a lot of engagements!

    The Queen and co have already attended church once this week on Christmas Day, but they appeared again on the Sandringham Estate for the Sunday service.

    The Duchess of Cambridge kept her look demure for the occasion in a purple tweed jacket and midi length skirt, teaming it with a fascinator and her favourite Aquatalia suede knee high boots.

    Kate’s suit is by Michael Kors Collection, a label she has worn once before (in Australia, FYI) and we love the aubergine hue. The ensemble was fairly understated, but perfectly appropriate for the occasion.

    Unfortunately for all you dedicated Duchess fans, her exact jacket isn’t yet available to buy, but click (right) to shop the current line at Net-a-Porter.

    Or browse the similar jackets below by the likes of Viyella, L.K. Bennett and Vivienne Westwood to get the look. You’ll be looking royally fabulous in no time at all!

  21. Smart,structured outfit and that’s one of my favorite hats on her.But I can’t decide which color is her outfit?Brown or purple?Could these pieces be from ‘The Really Wild’clothing company?Just guessing here…

  22. Except for the earrings which really aren’t classic enough for this outfit, I think the hat, turtleneck, boots and especially the suit, are a perfect outfit for a country setting. The suit harkens back to the tweedy, hunting look, but has a modern flair and swing to it. The skirt is exquisitely tailored and is a design masterpiece. If I had a country estate, this is what I would be wearing for going out and about…if only!

  23. At first glance, this looked like the tweed suit she wore at Cheltenham in 2007 before she and William separated. This is a much superior suit. It is a beautiful russet tweed where the other one was a ho-hum brown. The skirt is wonderful and the tailoring is superb for her figure. I foresee her wearing this again on chilly days in Scotland or out and about. Again, when Kate appears with the rest of the BRF, she tries to wear muted colors and tries to blend in (there’s no “I” in team!). With the exception of that beautiful burgundy coat and hat for Christmas 2011, Kate has stuck to more autumnal colors and very conservative looks. She wants the attention on Her Maj not on her. With all the other royal ladies walking with her, Kate definitely knows she is the junior member in their eyes…

    • Hmmm Kate muted and blended and behaving like a junior. In reality her clothes receive most coverage. She doesn’t even have to try by wearing brighter, shorter or more fetching. Even re-runs like her hat this morning is featured here showing all the times she donned it. She doesn’t even have to switch boots. Kate is comfortable in her status. She just isn’t competitive. She is destined to outrank those who outrank her anyway.

  24. I can’t remember ever seeing Kate wear a midi skirt and jacket like this before. (Though I do not remember her clothes nearly as well as many of you.) I really like the variety this new style could lend to occasions where she usually wears a long coat. It’s still appropriate for the cold weather and there are a variety of smart tailoring and design options available, as evidenced by the many pieces on this skirt.

  25. The tailoring of this suit is impeccable. The hat is a familiar one. Her hair, however, looks very different. Has she had highlights put in? I’m seeing several colors and textures in these photos.

  26. What a wonderful surprise!! I spy a fourth button on that jacket :)

  27. I love the way this outfit fits her. It fits like a dream, and the skirt swishes so nicely.

    I think the Mulberry clutch is also a favorite of hers, along with the hat!

  28. This is a great look for the Duchess. From the pretty color to the beautiful tailoring, the suit is a modern take on classic country chic, and its perfectly styled with the black beret and boots. My only quibble would be that I might like the jacket to be more closely fitted so that there is a greater contrast with the full swing of the skirt. Otherwise, an exquisite choice for a morning service in a country church. Hope to see it again.

  29. I’m glad to see the hat, but I suspect that this suit will elicit mixed reviews. I recall that when the Duchess wore a quite similarly cut brown tweed suit, with a midi-length gored skirt and boots, to an event (polo?) before her engagement, the fashion press and other observers expressed almost universally negative opinions.

    Part of the problem may have been that the midi length had not yet re-emerged as the trend it is at the moment, so people simply thought that the brown tweed suit looked dowdy.

    My tentative opinion is that look here is attractive and very suitably “country”. I admire what I can see of that apparently beautifully fitted jacket and of a skirt that appears to be wonderfully cut and tailored as well. However, I wish I could see the entire ensemble from the front and get a better sense of the fabric. Until and unless I can, it will be difficult for me to express a firm verdict.

    • Like you I find myself missing a better front view of the outfit, something doesn’t click for me. The hat looks a bit small perched on top of her head — maybe not big enough to complement the flare of the skirt. And I think the boots may be a tad dressy, there’s runway pic of the skirt with more chunky footwear which make me wish Kate would sometimes reach for a different pair of boots from time to time.

      • PS Picture nicked from Duchess Kate blog — apols for not leaving credit.

        • Ah, now that I can see how Kors intended the suit to be worn, in a very “vintage-look” manner, I have to say that I don’t think the Duchess quite wore it to advantage.

          I love the vintage look myself, but it would be hard for many women to pull off. You really do need the right accessories, including the right shoes, and hairstyle. The Duchess could certainly do it, but she’d need to be rather more daring with her shoes and wear an updo. And that fur collar effect might inspire outrage from the animal rights protesters, who I’m sure had plenty to say about the Queen’s two fur trimmed outfits on Christmas Day.

          But I’m a Kors fan — I loved that blue tweed coatdress the Duchess wore earlier — and this suit worn as envisioned by him genuinely delights me!

          • Thanks for replying. I agree it’s a tricky outfit to accessorise. I was interested to see the studio shots above suggesting a heavy platform shoe as another counter-balance for the trumpet skirt. The fur collar works as well and I suppose there’s always fake fur for the politically sensitive.

            Am right with you on that earlier Kors coat, one of Kate’s best. Full flare from waistline helps fill out those slim hips.

            Btw the Queen wore fur to die for on Christmas Day — did you see? A truly imperial quality full coat. Sensational.

            • Well, Kors was clearly going for a 1930′s look in terms of the way he presented the suit on the runway, and shoes back then weren’t the most elegant items. It’s a coincidence, but I’ve recently been looking at old posters for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, and on some of them are illustrations of women dressed in a not dissimilar fashion, in elegant belted suits.

              Today, we’d view 1930s-style shoes as “edgy,” I think.

              Yes, I saw the Queen’s red fur-trimmed coat. It really was trumpeting monarchical style and status, wasn’t it?

            • Tbh Lili it was more the full fur coat the Queen was wearing on her earlier trip to the church on Christmas morning — it would have done a Russian Empress proud!


              • Right, I did see that regal full-fur coat. The red fur-trimmed coat simply made a greater impression on me.

                I’m feeling rather like Alice, the way we’re being so oddly squeezed here — or perhaps I should simply accept this as an interesting post-modern experience….

          • I love Michael Kors on the Duchess too. That’s a great brand for her- elegant, modern, clean lines without too much frou frou. I love this suit on her- some high heel booties would be swell on her too!

  30. I love the long skirt with fitted jacket and high boots! It’s got a vintage 70′s look about it, but I think it’s both classy and stylish. It looks fantastic on her – the cut and design is very flattering and I’m sure it was lovely and warm, too. What is the fabric? It’s not tweed but has a more country feel about it and seems very appropriate for the location. Unless I’m mistaken, both the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Anne’s husband are wearing “country” coats, too? Hard to tell from the pics, tho. I love the whole look except the earrings, which don’t seem to fit, however you really don’t see them very much as her hair is down.

  31. She looks fabulous in a long skirt! Very pretty details in the skirt’s style.

  32. I absolutely love this outfit. The only thing I do not like are the earrings. I think her pearls, Citrine or even the sapphires would have looked.much better. These earrings are ok, just not with this outfit. But I love the mid-maxi skirt with jacket and boots. Reminds me of the ones I wore in high school in the 70′s.

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