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Kate hit a home run with tonight’s look for a gala fundraiser in Mumbai.

Taj Palace

Taj Palace

The dinner was the hottest ticket in town, attended by a who’s who of Bollywood stars, athletes and other celebrities.  More on the event from The Daily Mail:

This evening’s event is being thrown by The British High Commission in partnership with the British Asian Trust – Prince Charles’ charity – and the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, where the Duke and Duchess are staying in Mumbai after arriving in India this morning for a seven-day trip.

Below you see Kate with two superstars, actress and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (l) and Shah Rukh Khan (c). To his left is actress Madhuri Dixit, also a superstar.

Monsieur George (@riaangeorge)

Monsieur George (@riaangeorge)

The Mirror has more on the origins of tonight’s party:

The fundraising event has been organised by the British Asian Trust whose members include Syco executive Sonny Takhar who works with Simon Cowell and One Direction.

Sonny said: “It would be remiss of them to go to India and not experience Bollywood culture because it’s such an important part of the cultural fabric of the country.

The Duchess chose a piece from probably her go-to party frock designer, Jenny Packham, but it had a local element.

Splash News

Splash News

The material was hand-beaded in India, a significant undertaking wherever it was accomplished. The bodice of the gown was covered in beads and sequins.

©Splash News

©Splash News

While a matching cape was also embellished with the shining, shimmering beads, but with a very light hand, creating a soft, almost ethereal effect.

©Splash News

©Splash News

Once again that rich, regal blue was an outstanding color for Kate.

UK in India (@UKinIndia)

UK in India (@UKinIndia)

Kate and William with some of the stars attending tonight’s function.

UK in India

UK in India

After dinner William delivered remarks.

UK in India

UK in India

From The Mirror’s coverage:

…he revealed that Kate told him when they were married that India was at the top of the list of places she wanted to visit.

“When Catherine and I were married, India was the first place on Catherine’s list that she told me that she wanted to visit,” he told attendees.

“Two children and five years later, we have finally made it – and we are both honoured to be here.”

A closer look at Kate’s hair.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

The Duchess accessorized with a custom bag made to go with the gown.

© Splash News

© Splash News

And she wore a new pair of evening sandals, you can just see a bit of them below.

©Splash News

©Splash News

Here are two different styles by Prada: on the left, a higher-heeled Blue Version (€620, about $700, at Prada online); on the right, almost the same shoe, but in black with a slightly lower heel ($750 at Neiman Marcus). I really can’t tell which Kate might be wearing from the one photo I have. Tomorrow I will effort another look at things.

Prada Wavy StrappY Sandals Kate Blue Pakcham Gown Heels Mumbai April 10 2016 Bollywood Gala

There was another local element incorporated into tonight’s ensemble. The Duchess’s earrings are by Amrapali, an Indian company.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

They are something of a departure for Kate, with a heavier appearance than many of the earrings she is most often seen wearing. We thought that perhaps a match was found for the style; but while close, it wasn’t a perfect match. Below you see a pair of Amrapali earrings recently sold on flash sale site Gilt.com.


Splash News/Gilt.com

That pair was described as “lapis and diamond double oval drop earrings”. Input from those more experienced with this sort of thing noted that Kate’s pair (you see just one earring in the image above, on the left) has a small stone in between the upper and lower portion of the earrings. The shape of Kate’s is a little different as well.

Splash News

Splash News

And a look at the gown without the cape covering it.


Thanks to Susan Courter Christin Zipfel and What Would Kate Do for their ID skills today!

Do you have a favorite of today’s three looks?



Here is tomorrow’s agenda from our Royal Tour 2016 section of the site.


  • GREAT campaign event at a bar/restaurant/internet cafe called The Social where the couple will meet young entrepreneurs
  • Flight to New Delhi
  • India Gate: Kate & William lay a wreath at this site, a war memorial.
  • Gandhi Smriti Museum: The Museum houses Old Birla House, where Mahatma Gandhi lived the last several months of his life and where he was assassinated in 1948.
  • Queen’s Birthday Party: This event at the British High Commissioner’s residence will be “Attended by hundreds of VIPs from the world of government and politics.” William delivers remarks allowing him to “personally pay tribute to his grandmother.”

: Please forgive any typos, errors or other issues; it’s been a longish day and I will handle any such challenges in the morning.


  • A Mirror story titled ‘Kate Middleton showcases the best of British and Indian fashion’ may be read here
  • The Daily Mail’s photo-heavy story is here,
  • People magazine’s story is here, PopSugar’s photos are here,
  • The Hindustan Time’s photo gallery is here,
  • Click here to read The Mirror’s piece with a look at some of the biggest stars at tonight’s gala


  88 Responses to “Kate Glitters at Gala Fundraiser in Royal Blue Jenny Packham”

  1. Hi! Just wanted to pop in and add that in the picture with Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan, you should also probably add the name of the person to Khan’s left, the incredibly glamorous actress Madhuri Dixit, probably one of the biggest female stars India has ever seen. Cheers!

  2. As usual Catherine looks stunning & I adore the sapphire blue. The earrings are perfect – so Bollywood. Someone mentioned she should be wearing diamond earrings — no, no – they would not be right. I for one like the cape/shawl. And her intricate undo is lovely. Huge win.

  3. So excited to see an updo. I get frustrated that she doesn’t do up or half-up more since she seems to have hair wrangling issues so much of the time when she wears it down.

    The blue of this dress is gorgeous! And she knows what works for her. As someone with a similar long-waist-ed figure, I know that this kind of high-waist-ed style makes me look much more proportional – so I’m sure that’s why she goes for it again and again.

    My favorite detail of the whole thing is how the sleeves of the shawl/cape fall against the plain fabric of the skirt. Just gorgeous! I do agree with other comments that I think a contrasting clutch would have played better here.

  4. Love this dress! Agree with most of the comments – the shawl was overkill. Glad she’s picked out some new shoes as well. Would have loved to see her in a Sari, but since I’ve actually worn a Sari for a wedding before, I can tell you those garments are NOT easy to wear. I’m sure she picked this because it’s effortless.

    Susan – you’re killing it with this coverage! Thank you for all your hard work!

  5. From the side, it does not look like Aish Ray – it looks like Kajol. *but too lazy to google pics*

    Love all the looks of first day. My fave is the McQueen dress. What a striking red, and peplum and a front split, who’d have thought! Two of my favorite dressing elements.

    The Dongre dress is nice, although it would have been more interesting to choose one of the shalwar kameez. But perhaps she does not want to look too costumey, too soon. The evening dress is not a standout in my opinion. Lovely and striking color, but the style could have been more daring considering she’s mingling with the Bolly elite.

    Her evening makeup, however, is very interesting. It has the usual elements of dark liner, but her lip color is a peachy gold, not something I recall seeing previously.

  6. Love the color and highly appreciate the fact that Kate wore what closely resembles a Lenhga Choli (Skirt & Blouse, though there is usually few inches gap between the two) or maybe an Anarkali (where the shirt is long till the ankles and worn with tights) with a Dupatta. The shawl or cape is called Dupatta which Indian women wear with Salwar Kameez (Long shirt & trousers) or lehnga (Long skirts) or Anarkalis with Churidars (tights).

    However, I don’t know any Indian girl or young women who will be THAT much covered. So you ll either have no sleeves, or cap sleeves, tummy showing, or deep necks or something! Especially if she was planning to carry that Dupatta she should have gone for smaller or no sleeves or just loose the Dupatta altogether. The picture of her without it looks so much better.

    The embroidery is very very OK considering the exquisite and beautiful embroideries we have all grown up seeing and I wish there was a better portrayal of Indian craftsmanship. Too much blue with the Amrapali earrings. I mean Armapali has killer designs and jewels! Being an Indian, this being a wannabe Indian outfit, its hard to love it. :)

    Loved her hair though :) I knew it would be very difficult to have her silky blow dries last in the Indian heat and humidity :)

  7. WOW!!! Amazing look all around. The shoes and the earrings are different for her– love them both! The dress is stunning. The first thought I had was “it’s the blue from her engagement dress!”

  8. I don’t know about this one. I think this dress looks like it was made for someone much older than Kate. I can’t believe I’m saying that because I normally love everything Packham. In the picture with “some of the stars from the party” Kate has the least interesting/glamorous dress among those women, in my opinion anyway.

  9. The Jenny Packham dress is my favorite so far of this tour. She looked stunning and the embroidery was amazing. I really hope her ears weren’t hurting her too much at the end of the gala…those earrings looked beautiful but also really heavy.

    I was not a fan of the other two outfits. I know she’s paying tribute to India but to me it just seemed like she might have been trying too hard or something…especially to do two patterns like that back to back, I think it would’ve been better to space it out a little. I just hope she doesn’t over due it with the pattern dresses as that may get old fast with this tour.

  10. Well, I’ll agree that the Duchess looked striking in this gown, but it was a rather safe choice, both in terms of design and color. Of course she looked splendid in that intense blue, as always, but I would really have liked to see her go in a rather more original direction for this gala. The full-skirted Packham silhouette is so standard for her; I think a slimmer, sheath style, perhaps similar to that of the silver and pink dress she wore early in her marriage and that everyone loved, would have excited me more.

    I have to point out that with a long-sleeved dress, a matching cape/shawl wasn’t really necessary. It was overkill, in my view, since such accessories work best with sleeveless or strapless dresses. I also think that the scalloped edges were necessary. With all the beading, the effect was busy.

    What made the look were the hairstyle — truly elegant and just right — and the earrings. I’m a little surprised by how much I liked the latter, since I rarely wear anything quite that conspicuous and colorful myself. However, they worked wonderfully in the context, and I was impressed. A fine choice.

    • I’d agree with you about the safety of the choice and it is tempting to look for more variation. I can’t help recalling how very little the Queen’s style has changed over the years and yet she is applauded for her consistency.

      So I suppose maybe safety is a royal thing, and tough for Kate to keep thinking up something new. The pressure on her must make her reach for safety and a uniform at times.

      I quite liked the scalloped edging on the shawl as it looked pretty around Kate’s neck. I’m easier with the shawl than some since it relates to traditional Indian wear, another style which has basically remained the same over centuries!

      Like yourself I was also surprised to like those earrings as generally I’d have found them de trop. But I guess you can’t really go OTT once you’re in among the Bollywood crowd.

      • The Queen is nearly 90. At her age, consistency is a fine thing and what her constituents (if I may call them that, in preference to the outmoded “subjects”) expect of her. It’s part of her job.

        As a younger woman, however she was more experimental. Her great-granddaughter-in-law is not a future monarch, merely a future queen consort and possibly a future queen mother. She can afford to, er, fool around, even though, as I’ve acknowledged, she really not wish to do so, because her instincts are, very clearly, “Home Country Traditional”.

  11. Wow she is off with a bank! I have said it here a million times, I am a sucker for loud prints so Kate did not disappoint =P

    All three looks today were just stunning. She looks great it bold colors and the fact that she looks like she is having a marvelous time completed the looks.

    That gorgeous royal blue was just perfect on her. Her dress was so opulent and lovely. I like how even though her gowns carry a signature Jenny Packham look, they are always I loved the small train and all the exquisite beading on the bodice. I just cannot get over how gorgeous that blue was on her! But, if I had to choose a favorite, even though that gown was a perfect ten, I just loved her second dress of the day. It just looked so breezy and comfortable and the wedges really topped it off. Kate looked comfortable yet so fashionable so I have to go with that as the favorite of the day.

  12. Gorgeous! Love the beading, the shawl – and the dress is even prettier without it. The earrings are a statement, and fit the Bollywood setting.

    While Kate wears a lot of blue, in this case she stood out from the crowd in a beautiful way. And it’s certainly a flattering color for her.

  13. What a lovely look head to toe! The color is gorgeous on her and her hair looks so great up.

    As to the earrings, I think that many things in the royal collection are a bit too fussy and intricate for this gown, which in my opinion looks so much better with the strong clean lines of these earrings.

    I think the shawl is gorgeous and the dress underneath was beautiful. To those who mention the same silhouette being worn over and over, in my mind that is the mark of a woman who knows what looks good on her figure and what she is most comfortable with. I also think perhaps she is trying very hard to not offend her hosts who often have a more conservative approach to dressing.

    • Agree with you heartily about a woman sticking to what suits her, I’m happy for Kate to do that as well. Not sure about conservative dressing among the Bollywood set though, as Indian costume allows for plenty opportunities to bare the flesh ;-)

      • And let me assure you that the Bollywood set was at its conservative best here as I guess they feel compelled to look *Indian*. Even normal regular young Indian women do not cover up as much as Kate! She did go bit overboard on this one :)

  14. Stunning. Add this to the Iconic Looks file!

  15. First, I want to say thanks for all the hard work in keeping up this blog, especially during a tour like this. It’s such a treat to be able to come here and read all the details so quickly. You are my go to source for anything Kate wears! I don’t post often (maybe only twice ever?) but felt compelled to say this!

    Well, I’m kind of disappointed in what Kate’s chosen so far. Thought the McQueen and Dongre dresses looked a little…inexpensive. I suspect that photos probably don’t do the Dongre dress justice. The colors look washed out to me. And I thought the McQueen print was just odd.

    The gown was ok, though I agree with others that the silhouette is same old….and agree with the matchy matchy comments. I understand she used a shawl to look more “traditional” maybe, but wished the dress were more daring. And the earrings were too clunky in my opinion.

    Wish she would try some other shapes, maybe something more architectural. Not always flowy. Someone mentioned the Erdem dress. That was a really neat piece. All the architectural details – and the bold print. Really unique. Not at all like these Packham gowns I can get a knock off of at my local mall.

  16. I think Kate looks absolutely stunning in this dress, such a fabulous colour on her. The exquisite beading and lacework coupled with the use of a shawl make this the third outfit in succession she has referenced India’s rich textile heritage. She’s clearly worked hard on her tour outfits.

    The pensive shot of her with the huge pink bouquet and minus the shawl is one to treasure. So beautiful. It was such a treat to see the full bodice with gentle neckline and the long sleeves showcasing more of the beadwork.

    The earrings are gorgeous. On the large side certainly, but when in the company of Bollywood’s finest I think it is time to bring out the major bling. I’m a bit surprised she didn’t use anything from the Queen’s treasure chest, but I think she was right to stick with something less intricate given the delicate complexity of the dress decoration.

    And I’m delighted we have a new pair of evening sandals. Looks like both the Sledges and the Choo silver evening sandals have had their day.

  17. A Disney quote comes to mind while I look at Kate’s dress with and without the cape. “NO CAPE!” Sometimes Edna Mode knows best.

  18. I loved all three of Kate’s outfits today. They all suited the occasion and the fabrics used in all three were lovely. I love Kate in that beautiful blue and the lapis earrings were a different and stunning look for Kate. To me she looked like a real Princess today and as always acts with grace and dignity. Her style remains on the conservative side but that is appropriate for someone in her position representing the Queen and showing respect for her hosts. Looking forward to the rest of the tour.
    Many thanks Susan for your amazing work putting such interesting and comprehensive coverage together for us all to enjoy.

  19. Although I would have preferred some beautiful diamond earrings, I think that this is the best that I have seen Kate look for a while. Whilst I adored her gorgeous long hair from a couple of years ago, I feel that her current style, when worn down, is all a bit 1970′s Farrah Fawcett, and too heavy for her slight frame. She looks so much more elegant when her hair is worn up. I am a huge fan of Kate and have been ever since she was dating William but even with her lovely looks, figure and clothes, she just doesn’t dazzle me like Diana which I can’t fathom why as she is more attractive than Di was.

    • Diana took more fashion risks, imo. It’s like Kate dresses for work, almost always playing it safe, while Diana dressed for pleasure. Either way of dressing has its pros and cons.

      • I think Kate is so conscious of her royal role that it must inform her choices and keep her on the conservative side. She still seems a snappy dresser when off-duty.

  20. Thanks for all your hard work, Susan!

    I liked both day dresses, but I absolutely love this evening one. The color is divine and that beading is amazing. It’s perfect for the event—totally stunning! I also really like the cut of the neckline, so she can show a little skin. I love the draping of the shawl as well.

    While I agree that the bodice is a bit slack, it doesn’t ruin the overall look for me. I decided it’s probably because I don’t expect Kate to wear bodices that make her look busty or like she’s wearing a big push-up bra. Yes, she occasionally wears evening gowns that highlight her décolletage (the inky Packham comes to mind), but highlighting the area is different than pushing up one’s chest unnaturally. I wonder if a couple of photo angles overemphasize the bodice, so it makes it look “worse” than it really was.

  21. Finally a gown win from the Duchess.The color that is striking and that she wears very well.The bead work is pretty.Not a fan of the rather clunky looking earrings.

  22. I’m so disappointed that she didn’t wear a saree or lengha (traditional indian skirt and top), but the colour was beautiful. She did look a little frumpy in that dress though.
    Also, FYI, in the second picture, the other woman is also an extremely famous actress named Madhuri Dixit.

    Great job on the coverage! :)

  23. I think those shoes may be from Loeffler Randall. They look like the Amelia shoe. Check out pics here http://theroyalpost.com

    Loving the looks on day one!!

    • I know we looked at the Loeffler Randall last night (this afternoon…schedule is a little goofy), it’s very similar. I didn’t think the portion over the toes worked as well as the Prada, but will look again later this morning.:)

  24. I love the color, and love the blend of Western and Asian style. I am not 100% down the trail with the shawl. I suspect that it was intended to be worn draped over one-shoulder Indian-style. Might have been better.

    Also to those decrying the lapis earrings and who are calling for more jewels from the Royal vault; remember that many were provided or gifted by Indian rulers to the British crown. And as such there are political sensitivities attached that have been widely reported. Best at this juncture to steer clear. Anyway, luv, luv the lapis.

  25. Great big heart eyes. I am sure I could find little details to pick at or change, but all the outfits today made me smile. I love the bright colors and patterns and intricate details, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the tour. I only wish it were longer than a week!

  26. Kate lined her waterline!!!
    I noticed something different on her eye makeup and had to look closers. Her bottom lids are lined on the waterline.
    I would have loved a brighter lipstick with this dress or a very dramatic eye.
    Loving the colors so far, can’t wait for the rest.

  27. Since my first post didnt get approved (not sure why–there was nothing hateful or offensive about it) ill try again! I thought everything except the anita dongre look was disappointing. The mcqueen i felt was too tacky and very loud. It didnt suit the events she was doing. The blue gala gown was horrible. Kate could have picked from various modern indian designers but she chose jenny peckham–what does jenny peckham know about indian fashion? So the beading was done in india? big deal–that beading design is outdated is just very ugly sorry to say! She could have picked an indian designer like mannish malhotra, ridhi mehra, sabyasachi– look these designers up! they do amazing modern designs that would looks amazing on kate. Not the greatest start in all honesty.

    • I thought the same thing about the beading done in India – HEAPS of designers outsource their beading to India, it’s cheaper and there are an abundance specific beading workshops to use. it’s like if I wore something from H&M in Bangladesh and proudly proclaimed “this shirt is from Bangladesh!” or something.

  28. Even the queen wore much more beautiful gowns and lipstick!!


  29. I am actually tired of seeing the SAME silhouettes all the time! I think the duchess needs to change designers frequently. I’m sure Jenny and Kate share a good working bond however, Jenny packham needs to come up with different silhouettes for the duchess before it gets too boring. Princess and Queen Elizabeth back in those days her younger days wore such amazingly well crafted, well designed gowns!

    this whole ensemble is way too matchy matchy.

  30. Kate is a beautiful lady – there is no question about that and the blue gown suits her very well. But the beading/threadwork on the Jenny Packam gown does not fall well. The work, even though intricate, is not the best that India can produce. She could have worn a more elaborate gown with zardosi work and with an open neckline etc. The occasion called for nothing less.

  31. The shoes! Please make them be blue. In the picture they look black. Even with my budget, I do not wear blue and black, with Kate’s budget she really should own a blue shoe.
    Can someone explain the 3/4 sleeve requirement to me? It seems to make anything over take her small frame.
    Thanks Susan for all your hard work!

  32. I think the shawl adds a lot to this dress when it’s seen in context (as in the photo with the other women.) Indian fashion tends to feature a lot of softly-draping fabric, and that’s apparent in the other women’s outfits. A less draped garment might have looked rather plain.

    Personally I love the earrings, and I think they add a sense of fun that is appropriate for the occasion. I don’t think there is anything childish about her look here — but then, I didn’t think she looked matronly last week either.

  33. I love the color of this dress and the beading, but it looks like a gown for a much older women. This dress had long sleeves, and so I don’t know why she needed the shaw. A lot of people are saying that she had to be covered up, but this is clearly not so if you look at the way the guests were dressed. This gown would have looked much better with a cap sleeve and the shawl over it. It’s gorgeous in it’s details, but boring for a gorgeous 33 year old Duchess. Also, I really do not think that she has a stylist because if she did a lot of her outfits would look a lot better on a person who looks gorgeous wearing a potato sack. Just my opinion.

  34. Loved the deep color, the gorgeous beading, and her hair style. Her best accessory was the beautiful beaded bag and her glowing smile. The shawl was a miss–too much when her gown had beautiful long sleeves. Not for modesty as several guests had plunging necklines or showed their midriffs.

  35. Gorgeous, very Indian, colour and beading; the high waisted bodice and tapered flowing skirt is a great shape for her. I think the shawl is a beautiful touch but why a shawl and sleeves on the dress? Keep the shawl, dump the sleeves and create a more interesting cut for the neckline of the bodice. Compare this to the previous JP dress she has worn – this is by far the most conservative and covered up.. I like the big earrings – they counterbalance the delicate dress. A pretty earring would be boring. Contrasting “texture” feels modern.

    As beautiful as the dress is, it feels like something she would wear at a state dinner. Its a Bollywood party! She could cut loose a bit. In the group pictures, Kate is the most conservatively dressed. It looks like she is coming from a country where women are supposed to be covered up. Many Anita Dongre creations are sumptuous and elegant but more modern and youthful. Maybe she should have gone with one of them and kept this one for a more formal occasion.

  36. I absolutely loved all three looks today and I haven’t really LOVED any of Kate’s looks since the blue Christopher Kane back in October. Lately there have been a lot of repeats (which I understand there must be repeats but they are of course less exciting) and drab colors. These three looks were so bright and colorful, and so different from what Kate normally wears, really a risk for her I think to get out of her comfort zone, but she looked completely confident and happy today. Some have commented that the shawl was too much, but I thought it was lovely and absolutely appropriate for India. We should rememeber this was a Bollywood event and not the BAFTA dinner in LA or a state dinner at Buckingham Palace. I think in her own way she was paying tribute to traditional Indian dress and mimicking the wrapping of a sari but in keeping with Western wear. She stood out, but blended in. Perfection.

  37. She is so gorgeous and flawless as always! Your blog is wonderful, your attention to detail is great and very much appreciated. Thank you and well done as always!

  38. Kate looks beautiful in blue, but this particular dress and shawl aren’t flattering. A figure camouflaging outfit like that is fine for a large, curvy woman, but it does nothing for a slender woman like Kate who looks best in a dress that outlines and highlights her enviable figure. Perhaps a contour bra would have helped.

    • Dearest Nancy,

      Curvy women aren’t necessarily large. Also, neither large nor curvy (or both) women need to camouflage their bodies. Your fat shaming reflects poorly on the blog… and yourself!


  40. She looks beautiful as always, the blue is stunning and it is nice to see her in an open toe shoe. I also love her hair in the updo.

    I think the shawl and matching purse are a bit dowdy for her though. I found an image of her without the shawl and the dress has beautiful sheer, long embroidered sleeves. They provide a much better balance for the full skirt- the shawl is too much. I also think a metallic bag would have been nicer than the matchy-matchy one!

    Still, my favorite look of the day! Thank you for all your updates! I am so looking forward to this week!

  41. This dress is gorgeous and perfect for the occasion and love the hair in that twisted updo. But the earrings are a huge miss. Clunky and cheap looking. Overall though, I liked all the looks for Day One.

  42. I absolutely love a rich blue colour on Kate. I think she looks simply lovely, as always, in that beautiful dress. I love the hair and the earrings are gorgeous.

    I hate being negative but I must say I am so tired though of seeing the same makeup, day in day out … night in night out! I think it’s too much black/grey/brown and hides those stunning green eyes she does have hiding there. She’s obviously staying with something she’s comfortable with but I think it’s getting very boring. I am certainly no cosmetics expert but I think she needs more colour and to find the right shade of lipstick … or something.

  43. Love, love, love the dress. Stunning and perfect for the country and occasion. Love the hair and the matching clutch. Love the shawl! She’s radiant! And we get new sandals!! Just wish the earrings were more delicate — maybe something to match the beading rather than something so chunky. But a home run otherwise.

  44. I think Catherine looks gorgeous in this dress and love her hair. I like all of her looks today.

  45. Wonderful color on Kate. I’m afraid I feel like the fabric overwhelms her, and would like to see a bit more of the dress without the shawl.

    Thanks for all your work today, Susan!

    PS: I think the Wavy prada sandals are also available in navy blue: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/prada-wavy-sandal-women/4202543?origin=category-personalizedsort&fashioncolor=NAVY%20SUEDE

    • The picture with the huge bouquet of pink roses shows her without the shawl. I wish the bouquet wasn’t hiding the dress!

  46. You have done an amazing job Susan!
    Thanks for all your efforts!
    Sleep well and thanks for the amazing coverage

    I can’t tell you I have a favorite gown, since all three were perfect for the venue and event.
    They are also so different from each other, so that makes it more difficult! :)

  47. I almost love this dress. The beading, sleeves, and color are wonderful. I just wish the neckline had more of a daring ballerina neckline. The neckline here is not very flattering on her chest and makes her laugh ok a bit childish. Reminiscent of Quavenzhane Wallis’s 2013 Oscars dress.

  48. I happen to love all of the outfits from today, especially the Blue evening gown! She looks simply stunning and very regal without overdoing it. I loved all of the color we saw from her today as well with definite thought put into each garmenr for each event. She stood out without trying too hard. for her evening wear I loveher hair up and I think the dress is very elegant and appropriate she looks young amd fresh and very regal! Well done and I can not wait to see whatelse she has planned for this trip!

  49. It’s a lot of dress.

    Pros: the color is beautiful. The beading is splendid. It is as glamorous as Kate has ever looked. The earrings are amazing. This is the kind of statement we need to see from her.

    Cons: it kind of flattens her out. Beaded dresses can be very heavy. The shawl wasn’t necessary, since the dress had sleeves. It would have looked slightly less costumey without it. Also, Kate could have worn royal jewels instead of semi-precious ones.

    • She looked wunderfully glamorous tonight. And with the intense scrutiny on her I think I can understand her going for a safe option and sticking with Packham. I ca enjoy this one and also look forward to the day she goes for a change!

  50. She looked every inch the princess. Wonderful colour, style that suited her. 100% success. I can’t see why anyone could complain nd what ‘the dress wore her” is something I have never understood. Many people have used the expression but I don’t understand it.

    Spot on for all 3 events. Well done Catherine, and well done for the blog.


    • I totally agree. I was actually looking back on this site again to make the exact same comment … “that I don’t understand ‘the dress wore her’ comment”. It has a fitting bodice and is a floor length flowing/flaring dress. It fits perfectly and looks lovely.

    • Oh please may I join with you guys in applauding Kate’s choice here! She hasn’t put a foot wrong on this trip and I can’t imagine the pressure she’s under. These outfits have been varied and delightful and sooo appropriate for her royal role.

  51. I can not choose a favorite look — I thought she looked splendid in all three outfits. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this such an enjoyable experience!! It is greatly appreciated!!

  52. Of all 3 looks today, this was my favorite. Royal blue is an excellent color on the Duchess of Cambridge. Absolutely love the dress – the sequins and beads really makes this dress. Not a big fan of the earrings but I also do not like large earrings either.

    This is the first time in a long while that I have loved what she has worn. It occurred to me that while she has made sensible choices they were lacking in “fun”. It’s hard to explain really but I just feel she looked professional in all three but yet they were fun all at the same time. It is not necessarily the prints as I think the Queen dresses fun because of her use of bright colors. I know some may disagree with me but I am actually glad she wore a wedge again. It took me back to 2011-2012, which were her best fashion years I think and she dressed professionally AND fun back then. All 3 a hit in my book today.

  53. Sigh. The color is beautiful, and I like the beading, but this is another dress that wore her, rather than the other way around. I blame a lot of it on the shawl, because we don’t get to see the dress without it. The skirt is so very full, as well.

    Her hair looks pretty, but it doesn’t wow. Finally, the overall look is so monochromatic.

    Overall, this isn’t a miss, but it could have been so much more. A princess at a Bollywood party should not have to hold back, and whoever is dressing/styling her holds back.

    • Thank you. I read comments on FB about how she couldn’t show her décolletage, but come on, at least one of the lovely Indian women were in the photos I saw! She looked so covered up and hindered next to them. I want her stylist team to be rejuvenated by some new, kind of risky, blood. I would’ve let her arrive in red, play in a light robin’s egg blue or a nice yellow, and then dressed her in a gold or vivacious red for this gala with a dress that doesn’t have the same shape as all of her other standbys. I feel like the she tried that one (in my opinion, unfortunate) Erdem, got a bad public reaction, and decided to play it safe. Come on, Duchess!! We are rooting for you! We love you no matter what you wear.

    • There are some pictures of her without the shawl on if you’d like to see more of the dress. The only photo in this WKW post is where she is holding the flowers.

      • Yes! I found that on Twitter after I posted. After seeing the BEAUTIFUL sleeves, I cannot fathom why she wore a shawl :(

  54. Objectively, I think this is a beautiful dress, but it doesn’t really work for Kate. It sort of hangs on her slim frame in a unflattering way. I did see a photo of her on Twitter without the shawl, and she looked so much better.

    I agree that the earrings are kind of heavy for her. She may have been eager to incorporate at least one Indian company in this ensemble (the others being British and Italian), hence the selection of these particular earrings.

    • I was unsure of the earrings at first but have decided I like the balance they give to all the petite and “frilly” beading on the dress and shawl. I think the hair helps balance the dress also. I think Catherine looks gorgeous in it, my only complaint is her posture, which is an ongoing issue for her.

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