May 232016

The Duchess was in her green Catherine Walker coatdress for today’s engagement at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show.

©Splash News

©Splash News

HM wore pieces by Angela Kelly for her 51st visit to the Flower Show.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

It’s the first trip to the show for William and Kate.  

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail and Mail Online

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail and Mail Online

Harry has previously attended the event; below you see Kate and her brother-in-law looking at an English rose exhibit. 

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

There was no shortage of royals at the event. Sophie of Wessex wore a floral print by Alexander McQueen

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail

  Princess Anne, seen visiting the herb garden of St. John’s Hospice.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice arrived with their boyfriends and close friend Holly Branson. 

Emily Nash, Hello! (@EmyNash)

Emily Nash, Hello! (@EmyNash)

Also at the Flower Show this afternoon (but not seen in photos here), the Duke of Kent and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, and the Gloucesters.  

This year there were many special displays/exhibits/events related to the Queen’s 90th birthday. Below, a profile of HM.

Guernsey Flowers Twitter (@GuernseyFlowers)

Guernsey Flowers Twitter (@GuernseyFlowers)

This angle shows the Queen, Royal Patron of the Flower Show, looking at the camera from the other side of the display. 

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Emily Nash of Hello! shared this photo of the three royals peering into an exhibit. 

Emily Nash, Hello! (@EmyNash)

Emily Nash, Hello! (@EmyNash)

The displays are created by a broad array of exhibitors and vendors.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Below, part of Welcome to Yorkshire’s display.

Welcome to Yorkshire Twitter (@Welcome2Yorks)

Welcome to Yorkshire Twitter (@Welcome2Yorks)

This colorful exhibit showcased a variety of cacti. 

Royal Horticultural Society @The_RHS

Royal Horticultural Society @The_RHS

The Duke and Duchess, along with Prince Harry, arrive at the Deliflor exhibit. 

Kate William HarrY Deliflor Booth Exhibit Royal Chelsea May 23 2016

The trio were viewing the new Princess Charlotte Chrysanthemum.  

Rebecca English The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

Rebecca English The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

Perhaps more properly referred to as ’Rossano Charlotte,’ the flower is distinguished by the light green tips you see on the pink petals. 

Royal Photographer Mark Stewart  Twitter (@RegalEyes)

Royal Photographer Mark Stewart Twitter (@RegalEyes)

It was created by Deliflor, the largest breeder of chrysanthemums in the world. Princess Charlotte flowers will help raise funds for EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices).



Deliflor and Beekenkamp Plants, a sister company, are donating 50% of royalties from plant sales to EACH. The timing is ideal in terms of publicity for EACH, more on this below. If in the UK the plants are available at some Waitrose stores; the company told me customers planning on making a special trip to buy this item should call first in case the store has sold out, the specific product line number at Waitrose is 487743. (Store contact info is here.) Deliflor tells me the mums will be available in the US. If interested in buying the flower you can try contacting your local nursery; Deliflor also said that for specific info, contacting their office in Colombia is a good idea; that email is   

Another highlight today: the Field of Poppies. 

5000 Poppies RHS Chelsea Flower Show Facebook

5000 Poppies RHS Chelsea Flower Show Facebook

The tribute features featuring 320,000+ individually crocheted poppies. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

This shot by Something Different shows the scope of the project.

Chelsea Flower 5000 Poppies Panorama View via Something Different Twitter May 23 2016

Something Different Twitter (@FSDifferent)

Here you can see the individually crocheted poppies.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

ITV News Twitter (@ITVNews)

Here’s how things looked just a few days ago.

Knitting for Victory Chelsea Flower Show

Knitting for Victory Chelsea Flower Show

The 5000 Poppies story is remarkable: two Melbourne-area fiber artists started making some poppies with no expectation they would ever be involved in something of this magnitude.

Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight set out to crochet a humble 120 poppies to “plant” at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne Australia for Remembrance Day in 2013 in honour of their fathers Wal Beasley (14/32nd Battalion – Australian Imperial Forces) and Stan Knight (Queen’s Own West Kent Regiment – British Army).

It was this simple tribute of love and honour that sparked a massive community outpouring with an estimated 50,000 plus contributors to the project and hundreds of smaller localised installations throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Knitting for Victory Chelsea Flower Show Facebook Page

Knitting for Victory Chelsea Flower Show Facebook Page

The person responsible for creating the exhibit’s look is designer Phillip Johnson, a previous “Best Show Garden” winner. He figured out a way to turn 300,000+ of these….

RHS Chelsea Facebook

RHS Chelsea Facebook

Into the red carpet and surrounding “flowers” that a group of Chelsea Pensioners visited this morning.

RH Chelsea

RH Chelsea

You can see more at the Flower Show site here.

There are also non-floral intensive exhibitors. Below, the Moloh stand at the shows.

Sybil Dancer Twitter

Sybil Dancer Twitter

The floral explosion isn’t limited to the actual Flower Show; retailers, restaurants, all manner of entities and organizations get in on the fun. Say hello to Harold; created by Peonies and Pinstripes Flowers, he’s on display at Duke of York Square. (One of my favorite places to shop when in London.) Harold is part of this year’s Chelsea in Bloom event, showcasing unique floral-related displays and events.

Pinstripes Flowers, Duke of York Square

Pinstripes & Peonies Flowers Twitter/Duke of York Square Twitter

In plans timed to coincide with the Flower Show Catherine Walker is showing its collection outside in a series of florally influenced ‘pop-up runways’.  More from People magazine:

May 25, across three locations on King’s Road (a favorite shopping destination of Kate’s and her sister, Pippa Middleton), nine models will parade down the busy high street wearing exquisite evening dresses from the house’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, teamed with elaborate and unique floral head pieces (made from real flowers!) and theatrical makeup, all inspired by the English country garden. 

Catherine Walker via People Magazine

Catherine Walker via People Magazine

Now to what Kate wore for her first visit to the Flower Show. Many recognized the piece right away, the Catherine Walker coat-dress was initially seen at engagements in Canberra during the 2014 royal tour.


All Photos © Stephen Lock/i-Images

The bespoke piece was created with elements from the Evelyn dress and Lara coat, as shown below (from our 2014 post); we refer to these as “new math” fashion equations.

Catherine Walker/Catherine Walker/i-Images

Catherine Walker/Catherine Walker/i-Images

These two photos by Rebecca English show the back of Kate’s coat, as well as offering a glimpse of how her hair was styled.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online

An oft-raised question here (and in many fashion blogs about celebrities) involves Kate’s handbags: “What does she have in there?”

©Kate Green/WPA-Pool/Splash News

©Kate Green/WPA-Pool/Splash News

It looks like one of the things she carried today in her LK Bennett Nina clutch was a tissue or hankie. It’s possible she was dealing with allergies; that’s probably quite a challenge at an event like this one.

LK Bennett/Splash News/LK Bennett

LK Bennett/Splash News/LK Bennett

While Kate uses the bag as a clutch, it does have a snake chain one can use to carry it; the chain has a 24″ drop.

The Duchess was in what has become her ‘go to’ shoe style, the Fern by LK Bennett.

©Splash News/LK Bennett

©Splash News/LK Bennett

She wore her leaf shaped Lauren earrings by Kiki McDonough.

© Splash News/Splash News

© Splash News/Splash News

A closer look at the product.

Kiki McDonough

Kiki McDonough

As well as her Cartier watch.

Many thanks to Emily Nash of Hello! and Rebecca English from The Daily Mail, they generously shared photos and video today allowing us to get this published without an interminable wait for photos. .


As mentioned above, the timing is outstanding for any additional focus on EACH; Children’s Hospice Week officially began today. The Duchess sent a letter in support of Children’s Hospice Week. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

One other newsbyte today, word that NBC will start broadcasting Royal Ascot next year. More from the network’s news release:

NBC’s Sports Network will present live coverage of the mid-June event for five consecutive days (Tuesday-Saturday), for at least 15 hours each year. All coverage will be streamed on NBC Sports Live Extra, NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs.


  79 Responses to “Kate Brings Back Green Catherine Walker for Chelsea Flower Show”

  1. I didn’t like this in New Zealand – the reason why was because she confided she was hot, yet didn’t take it off to reveal that lovely dark green & white floral tea-dress beneath!!! She has worn it since but I took little notice; is it really a ‘coat-dress’ – designed to be worn all day with no day-wear underneath? Normally, day-wear won’t take another day-weight garment underneath without looking ‘bunched’.
    On this occasion, I think the block colour & green in particular was to stop competing with flowers, green being a good choice there. I love the line & flair – the chunky belt cuts her longer body up well & legs then look good. (I can’t wear big chunky belts as I am short-waist which I didn’t like in my trendy youth, they dig into my ribs/hips). I do think a summer dress would have done as it was warm though? As Kate has liked black/white prints since her teens this would have stood out well – maybe the new print Cezanne dress photoed in around London?
    Talking about London – has anyone any info on the light blue maxi skirt she wore in Kensington Park?

  2. I love this coat dress on Kate! It’s such a beautiful shade of green and it fits her so beautifully.

    My favorite part of this whole post is the post about the poppies. I always look forward to the post about the poppies every May as each year the Royals seem to do something different (the glass ones from last year!) but this year I love the poppies even more as it puts fiber arts like knitting, weaving and crochet into the lime light! I crochet myself and I love how intricate and different each of those poppies are. If they sell these poppies like they did the glass ones, it really IS getting a unique, very personal gift.

  3. My friend and I were speaking about Kate’s clothes and I predicted what she would wear to the flower show and the opening of the playground. Im not saying i’m psychic lol i’m saying that her clothes are so predictable. Its like Kate has a book on how to be royal and she’s following it word for word.Consider how she dresses George and Charlotte and then look at the other royal children, it’s like she is stuck in a time zone and is scared to think beyond that.

  4. While I really like this colour on Kate and think it is ideal for the occasion the neckline of this outfit makes me feel uncomfortable. It is so very high and buttoned up looking. Showing a little bit of skin would in my opinion improve this outfit immeasurably. Kate seems to be following the Queen’s lead in wearing bright easily seen block colours when out in public. They suit her with her colouring and she certainly is visible – a necessity I guess for many royal events.

  5. I liked the coat and the clean collar but wonder if it was the best choice for Chelsea Flower show.
    LOVED the info on the poppies!

  6. Great post, as usual!

    I find that the Duchess looks perfectly understated in that queen-consort-in-training way. What I don’t understand is why so many comment on her, or any woman, needing to show some skin.

    We each need to do what feels right for us, and with that kind of spotlight and the Queen around, I’d likely zip up into my designer shell, too. By now, I expect that Kate would know what is right for her and her role.

    I do find the belt over-sized somehow. Does anyone know for sure if Kate is short-waisted (shorter torso making the legs look even leggier).

    • No. She’s quite long-waisted and has rather short legs relative to her torso.

    • I understand she feels better with something high-necked here. But generally i’d advise any woman to wear something that makes her neck look as long as possible. This dress kinds crops it off visually somwhere in middle which doesn’t look flattering to my eyes. Green can be beautiful but I find this one a bit to grasshopper-ish for the duchess.

  7. A vibrant green was a spot-on choice for a flower show and I’m delighted to get another look at this particular coat. I love its fit on Kate, and all the detailing works so well. The broad belt is fabulous and I love the zip front on the gentle funnel neck. The stitching detail down the length of the zip adds welcome texture with a subtle touch. Kate does love her top-stitching.

    The knee-skimming length is spot on and I also much prefer the outfit without platform shoes. Possibly the pale nude tones make the platform seem more clumpy, while these nude LKB accessories work just fine

    And it was a very apt touch to reflect the horticultural theme with leaf-shaped earrings. All said, a very welcome repeat for me.

    • I’m so glad to find someone who appreciates this dress as much as I do. I agree with all your points, ElizaMo. It was a brilliant choice and I was thrilled to see her wear this again.

      • I’m glad two of us at least are fans, as quite a few here seem to have problems with this one. I find the ‘zipped up’ look in particular consistent with Kate’s sporty look, when she’s sailing for instance .

  8. Chelsea is the start of the Summer Season in London and a lot of effort goes into the flower show. It’s fun and formal at the same time. I think Kate looks too zipped up and dull. Green suits her but it needs a bit more effort. Accessories!

  9. I love the color green and Kate wears it so well. The color makes a nice backdrop to all of the colorful flowers. She looks lovely, as usual!

    Still, I would rather see her in a dress than this closed up, long-sleeved coat. Is it freezing there? Also, I think a flower show is an occasion where something lighter and more fanciful would fit in.

    I like the Queen’s outfit – such a pretty, soft color.

  10. I think the dress is lovely. Although she is such a slender girl that I think the skirt could be less full and that would make the dress more attractive on her. At least to me.

    The thing I want to discuss (i.e., rant) is her shoes. I am fed up with the shoes! The nude shoes have got to go. I wish she’d put some more effort into her shoes. It seems like she wears them when she doesn’t know what color to wear.

    Several colors would look good with this green and it doesn’t have to be a neutral. I’d like to have seen a navy shoe, the right shade of orange, or even a light, pastel pink. All would have looked good with this dress.

  11. This outfit would look 10x better with a more interesting shoe. Manolo Blahnik does really nice floral prints, which would have been an event-appropriate choice.

  12. I am not a fan of this coat or dress or coatdress. The neckline is fit for a nun and the belt looks like cardboard wrapped in fabric.

  13. I, too, loved Sophie, Countess of Wessex, in her floral print. The Queen looked absolutely stunning. I think Andrew & Fergie’s daughters are getting better in their choice of style, but need to be more aware of their figures when choosing dresses. As for Kate…I didn’t love the color or style the first time and think she could have found something lighter for this event. Except for the recent Asian trip, when I loved her clothes, I feel that her choices have been “off” recently.

  14. Well of the two “green bathrobe coats” in her wardrobe, this is my favorite (although still don’t love it) and I actually think that if she would just wear it a bit unzipped–not enough to be immodest but enough to alleviate that completely buttoned up to the neck look—that this might have been a win. The shoes and clutch are great and so is her makeup although the hair is bordering on twee. The skirt hits her at a great spot as opposed to the midi skirts she has so often worn lately and I think the color looks good on her and the belt is very figure flattering.

    I will say that she and William seem very happy together and that is always a positive given his parents’ history.

  15. I think it’s quite poorly tailored and the colour just overwhelms her. Not a favourite.

  16. Like the color of the coat dress. The wide belt looks great on her long torso. The overall shape of the garment is great. Don’t like how zipped up it is. But since it is what it is, and Catherine likes it, then my suggestion would have been to wear pink, magenta, burgundy, eggplant or purple shoes and purse. I’ll bet Queens Maxima and Letiza would have thrown some color into the equation. Certainly Queen Elizabeth does not shy away from strong colors. .And you may not believe it, but some brightly colored accessories would actually tone down the green that is bothering so many.

    PS – didn’t care for today’s hairdo.

  17. As usual the duchess is lovely. But I must agree with the other posts. She needed to unzip the neckline. It looks so suffocating. And I must wonder again why she does not use the beautiful jewelry available to her? A jewel basket or floral brooch would add so much. Especially on a spring day! Does anyone know why she never wears much jewelry?

    She is so adored and every one longs to see her in a bit more flair. I wish there was a pic of her next to the Princess Charlotte flower. It would have looked so lovey next to her green coat dress.

  18. I want to say this as an avid gardener. The Chelsea Flower Show is our Oscars, BAFTAs and Tony Awards rolled into one. It is the event we all adore and can’t wait to see. It’s a lot of walking on uneven surfaces, getting down to look at plants, admiring the little hidden nooks and crannies. You do not do this in stilettos, in the same way that you would not wear stilettos to sail a boat.

    Look at every other woman who is there: they are wearing sensible shoes. Wearing heels to the Chelsea Flower Show demonstrates that you do not take it seriously, and are only there to be seen. It’s a mistake, especially in the presence of the Queen.

    • I agree. My first thought was how on earth do you navigate this type of event in those shoes? I understand the choice of the dress better–solid color against the floral backdrop of the event—but surely there was a good shoe choice available in a flat ,

    • Perhaps so, but in terms of a criticism pointed only at Kate, this seems a bit unfair. Sophie (whose outfit I love) is wearing similar heels and Bea and Eugenie’s are even higher/pointier. In terms of Kate’s shoe collection, the ol’ reliable nude heels are, relatively speaking, a quite safe/sensible choice. And, I mean, she IS there to be seen. They all are. (Kate could have worn one of her pairs of wedges, which I see several ladies have opted for and work well for avoiding sinking into the grass/dirt. The fact she didn’t might mean there’s something to the rumor that HM doesn’t care for them — makes sense she would avoid wearing them at an event they attend together.)

      • I noticed that the Yorks also were wearing heels (I think they wear heels to the beach) and you don’t often see Sophie without them. But I’m willing to bet that as Sophie gets more into cycling, that we see her wearing different shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kate in a shoe that wasn’t a stiletto or a sporty shoe. She doesn’t seem to own Ferragamos or Roger Viviers or something smart but also sensible.

  19. I do like the colour of this coat dress and most of the cut but,I have to say I am really disappointed that she is back to the zipped or buttoned to the top fitted coats. Wear a dress with a coat open over it,like the Queen or,a dress with a short jacket that actually works with the dress. And, for goodness sake, take advantage of some if the gorgeous brooches or necklaces available to you to at least make these one dimensional,buttoned up, one colour coats have some interest.

  20. I LOVE the color of this coat. It is gorgeous and so appropriate for the event. I do wish she had worn a dress in this color instead of being all buttoned up in a coat but at least it feels more appropriate than the last time she wore it (weren’t the boys not even in suits? I could very well be mixing events). And I love that picture of the Queen looking through the exhibit!

  21. Well, say what you will about this but in terms of “branding” herself this is doing a great job in being just utterly recognisable as “Kate”: the tailored coat dress (…hardly anything signalling “traditionally British” as much as that), the mid-length A line skirt, the monochrome colour block…its pure Kate like it or not. In fact ….and I don’t mean to make fun of her by saying this: in combination with her signature full, brown hair, demure make up/styling and classic stiletto shoes, one could base a “south park” cartoon on this and recognise her in 50 years time from now….The way one would recognise a Jackie Kennedy comic figure in a boxy ,yet slim suit and a pillbox hat. Yet I cannot help but find it a tad too “serviceable” compared to Catherine Walker’s original design or the sophisticated outfits of Beatrice and Eugenie. But I know its a downer to be compared to other ladies so I won’t do it. It’s Kate’s own style and that’s how it should be. She looks lovely here as always.

    • ….and yes I’m aware she could’t wear a neckline like in the original Catherine Walker dress to an occasion like this. It makes total sense she had it changed.

  22. I love this coatdress – very smart tailoring and I just adore that zipped up neckline. Zippers are trendy right now, too. People are commenting that she should have showed some skin – perhaps it was chilly and maybe a thin person like Kate wants to feel snug. I don’t think green was a good choice because there’s so much green in the landscape already, but it seems that Kate likes to be unassuming and blend in, so I respect her choice.

  23. I am never one to think comparison is a valid critique, however I cannot help myself here…..Catherine looks beautiful as she always does, and the color and cut (from the back, at least) are lovely, BUT…… it’s virtually impossible for me to ignore the other royal women at the flower show today, and compare – the Countess of Wessex – *outstanding* style; Princess Beatrice – what a spectacular and interesting skirt, and shoes that are utter fabulousness; Princess Eugenie – the little floral inserts in her skirt are perfection for a day at the flower show. Catherine looks far too buttoned up and uninteresting. I also don’t like to sound repetitive in my comments, but I just need to say it: why, oh why will she not be even a smidgen more adventurous in her choices of footwear? And I’m writing all of this while thinking about myself as a young mother, and the struggle it was to even get my hair blown dry on any given day, let alone look like the Duchess does even in paparazzi snaps…..I feel guilty criticizing, but she’s so very beautiful and seems to have lost a bit of the pizzazz and daring in her wardrobe she used to carry off so well.

    • While I am not a fan of that green coat dress I also do not like Sophie’s choice and found Eugenie and Beatrice’s choice just fair:)

    • Oh NO! And of course, when I mentioned the Royal women, I *never* meant to leave out the Queen! She looked wonderful as ever – timeless, regal, and fresh as every daisy in the flower show!

    • Becca
      I too am not a fan of this outfit, but I am not a fan of Sophie’s or particularly of Beatrice and Eugenie’s. Sorry but Eugenie and Beatrice did not exhibit to me, a spectacular display of fashion, IMHO of course. Their choices were fairly pedestrian to my eye. But to each their own:) In my view Anne’s cape was wonderful, and the Queens coat, not the dress. That is about it:):) Oh loved the peach/orange coat the Queen wore at a much earlier time.

    • This is a really interesting comment! I write at which compares life with two small children to the Duchess of Cambridge’s and agree with you entirely – how DOES she do it with small children (even with staff, etc. abounding?!) I also wrote an opinion piece for the Mail Online entitled, ‘She’s a Duchess, not a Temptress’ because I think we need to cut her some slack – it’s hard enough to remember to shave your legs let alone try numerous outfits on when you’re looking after a baby and toddler, like she (and I, and many more of us) are! I also think she looked beautiful and thanks What Kate Wore and all the royal reporters for all the pics.

      • I am looking forward to visiting your site. I know she must have lots of behind the scenes planning/research/charity letters/involvement & appointments with staff to co-ordinate & preside over her own royal attendances & meetings and to co-ordinate with other royal members, like today to say the least. Wants to fit in time with family as well as all this, works a lot more than people know about really, which is why she needs so many nannies.

  24. Not loving this choice today as she blends into the greenery too much. She’s the same colour as the lawn and the leaves.

  25. I recall that many people were extremely vocal about their dislike of this green coatdress the first time the Duchess wore it, but I rather like it. That’s probably because I’m generally a fan of coatdresses, and I don’t see much to object to here. The collar design is perhaps a little infelicitous — too plain and prim, especially in combination with the long sleeves — but otherwise, I think the look is a success. The green works nicely in the context of a flower show, though I admit I’d rather expected the Duchess to wear something seen before but floral — possibly that really charming green and white Suzannah tea dress that she wore for the photos celebrating Prince George’s 1st birthday.

    I’m glad, however, that she didn’t go as floral as Sophie Wessex’s dress, which is interesting but a bit too frou-frou for my tastes.

    In any case, the Duchess usually does coatdresses well and has successfully carried off more than one other full-skirted example. I think this one worked.

    But the hairstyle didn’t. That schoolgirl style is really leaving me cold these days, and this example was particularly unflattering. It’s something about the part in combination with the way that the Duchess’s hair is scraped back and pinned along the sides. I wish she’d have it trimmed again, to the slightly shorter length we saw earlier this year. It would be easier to manage when worn entirely down.

    I love the fact that those crocheted poppies are all different, brimming with individual creativity and character. That renders the exhibit far more interesting than it might otherwise have been. It’s a project with personality not merely commemorative pathos.

    • I do not think she needs her hair shorter but I agree this particular method of styling is very young. She has worn her hair pulled back in much more of a sophisticated way. This was just not a good execution of that type of hair style.

    • I agree re: the hair. If the hair around her face is the issue, a half up/half down style would look much more polished.

    • I don’t have a particular problem with Kate’s hair worn like this, it must be much less hassle than going for a more formal option. This is the neatest way to keep her hair out of her eyes, and she was going to need clear vision to peer at quite so many flowers.

    • I posted my main comment & then had to look for one which mentioned the flowers. I am awed by the proliferation of so many and the work having gone into them, again by so many. My late Mother loved Chrysanthemums & grew loads in our greenhouses, they are known as funeral flowers in a lot of Europe but British people don’t consider themselves Europeans.
      And Susan, I love the photo of the cacti in bloom – I love cacti too – flower bloom is something I don’t get in Britain, they need a specialist environment for this, I’ve only ever had tiny, tiny flowers – rarely. Same with sunflowers, they don’t seed as they need a long slow build-up to an intense hot summer – ha ha – not in the British Isles!!!
      I’ve copied the photo & put it in my bedroom. I hope you don’t mind. If you do, please say & I will remove/not copy; I will come back to this post to see if you object. Thanks.

  26. Well if your gonna hate to see a repeat outfit this is the moment. I dont know if its the color or that zipped up to the top deal but this was a no before and a no today. So many cute floral prints right now :( Have got to say her hair looks great lately and she is always lovely even if i hate that coat.

  27. This coat is a favorite of mind. The color is perfect for the occasion, so vibrant. No need for the Duchess to wear a flowered dress. She would blend in rather than stand out.

    I’ve never been a fan of chrysantamums but the Charlotte ones are pretty with the pink with green tips. I’ll have to wait for the faux version though since I kill all living plants.

    • I don’t kill all living plants myself, as weeds have no problem flourishing under my care. However where chrysanthemums are concerned I steer well clear, they’re for experts only in my view. Here in the UK the poor things have to be lifted every autumn to be tenderly cared for in a greenhouse. If I were to be tempted by one though I would like this one very much as it does the colour combination of pink with green tips so well. An elegant flower for a soon-to-be elegant princess :-)

    • If there were an Order of the Black Thumb, I’d be the recipient of it — trebled, encrusted, and with (dead or dying) oak leaf cluster. I once attempted a garden that my brother dryly described as “Death Row”. Really, I think I must have been cursed at birth by an evil fairy, or perhaps I committed some terrible horticultural sin in a previous life.

      I do like to visit flower shows but only to sigh with envy. And it’s best that I not get too close to anything on display. It’s likely to wilt before my very eyes.

  28. A beautiful flower brooch would have given this look a bit more pizazz. Surely the Queen could have lent her one?

  29. I like this dress a lot – the color is wonderful – but I don’t like the shoes. A neutral shoe is fine if it’s a good one. An **interesting** one. These shoes,expensive I’m sure, are just not right IMO.

  30. Great post and photos!
    Excellent job on the poppies’ section, it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the color of the dress, although the belt not so much

    Thanks for the hard work!

  31. Dress is nice but would really like to see Kate take a bit more of a fashion risk as there are some lovely outfits around but she really does play it extremely safe. However, I assume because she is so heavily criticised for whatever she puts on so maybe she just tries and play it safe. I also wonder why people keep commenting on her weight. As a naturally thin person myself I find it quite amusing when people keep telling me to put weight on without a thought about their comments. I just wonder if I was obese or overweight whether they would make the same comments. Please be mindful sometimes your comments can be very nasty and uncalled for. Take a minute and put your own profile out there and then deal with the criticism. It’s not nice!!

    • Thank you for saying this, Karen! Shaming women for how their bodies look is unproductive and uncool. We all come in different shapes and sizes and thank goodness for that or it would be a boring world.

    • Well done! I am overweight but, while I don’t like it, it doesn’t worry me what people say about me looks-wise. If you can do everything you want to physically, just accept some people are jealous that either they cannot or that they feel don’t look as good in the clothes – they may look as good but they don’t FEEL they do; I’m sure you look as elegant as Kate does in her attire (and let everyone else whistle to the wind)!

  32. Great color on Kate.

    I wonder if Bea and Eugenie have been taking style tips from Kate. They both look very lovely and understated.

    • I’ve thought the same thing — both Beatrice and Eugenie seem to be upping their style, and it’s lovely to see. One of them (I’m embarrassed that I always get them confused) had a beautiful swept back hair style — the Daily Mail had a close up and it was lovely. It does seem that she’s influencing them perhaps, which is clearly working!

    • My guess would be that Bea and Eugenie are very competitive with Kate. So it is not so much that she is influencing them, but rather that they put way more effort in their looks now that she is around.

  33. I loooove this coat dress! Such a great colour on her. Oh course, I think I love it more because it was what she was wearing when I saw them in person at Parliament House!!
    Not to nitpick about weight because I try to avoid that, but I do think her figure has slimmed down somewhat since she last wore this outfit. Still, when I saw it then and even now, I maintain that she was not as sickly stick thin as photos would have you believe, so perhaps I should bear that in mind this time too.
    The earrings, while definitely not favourites of mine, are a cute touch. I hate how she has her hair though! It looks so little girl-y pinned back like that.
    Sigh. Really, I am so glad this outfit got another look-in.

  34. NO ! just no- the colour is pretty but worn as it is zipped up to the chin is awful.

  35. I would have liked to see one of Kate’s floral dresses today. It should be warm enough for her to wear the Jenny Packham dress she wore in Santa Barbara back in 2011, right?

    • Can we go so far as to ask to see a dress instead of a coat? Coats are not outfits!

      • But they are, especially if they are coatdresses, which are dresses in and of themselves — simply dresses styled like coats.

        And as we’ve discussed several times here, when it comes to royals, even coats worn OVER dresses, as outerwear, are part and parcel of their outfits — not mere afterthoughts to be ignored in favor of whatever is worn underneath.

  36. I’ve never been a huge fan of this coat; the skirt hangs beautifully, but the bodice looks poorly-tailored and the high neckline isn’t to my taste.

    Still, a fitting colour choice for the day! And the nude shoes look good with it.

  37. I think this would have been a good opportunity to bring back the Asprey Woodland Charms necklace.

  38. The color of this coat is so vibrant and great for the occasion, but, the neckline is so high that it comes off as severe. I think it would look nice unzipped a bit with patterned blouse.

    • I wonder if it would work unzipped a bit? It would definitely soften the top. I wonder why she feels it needs to be zipped all the way up — maybe she tried it zipped down and it didn’t work :)

  39. The Field of Poppies and the display of the Queen’s profile are absolutely stunning! I wish I could go to this…everything looks so beautiful.

    I liked that Kate wore her Kiki McDonough leaf earrings today…very fitting ;-)

  40. I’m surprised how much I like the Walker on her this time around. I”m not a huge fan of the designer, but that wide belt and neck design are modern and crisp. It fits her really well, the skirt falls just right. It looks younger than I remember Walker looking on her. And bright green always looks good against her chestnut hair. Looks like she’s having a grand time! What fun to have a flower named after your daughter …

  41. It’s a great color on her. But the long sleeves combined with the zipper going all the way to her throat is just too much! It looks like the dress will literally choke her with one wrong move. And with no skin exposure at all, the color just overwhelms her – it’s wearing her, not the other way around. I hope that if we see this dress again, it will be after some edits. She has done that in the past with some of her looks and I think this one is a great contender!

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