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The Duchess was in a new dress by Roksanda Ilincic for the Patron’s Lunch, the final event in an extended weekend of celebrations officially marking the Queen’s 90th birthday. Today’s lunch was designed as a way to thank volunteers at all 612 charities the Queen has connections to, while also recognizing HM’s contributions to charitable organizations throughout her reign.

© Stephen Lock / i Images

© Stephen Lock / i Images

The day did not begin auspiciously as seen in this picture my friend Autumn shared.

Autumn Brewington @AutumnSan1

Autumn Brewington @AutumnSan1

It was a soggy, sodden scene in London.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Crowds were not as large as expected.

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

But those braving the weather were in high spirits.

Kensington Palace

Girl GuidingLaSer Twitter

Royal photographer Tim Rooke shared this photo of HM and Prince Andrew taking a look at conditions prior to venturing out this afternoon.

Tim Rooke Twitter

Tim Rooke Twitter @RoyalFocus1

Even Prince George had something to say about the inclement weather. From Richard Palmer of The Express:

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.37.24 AM

Kate arriving on The Mall.

The Duchess chatting with representatives of The Tusk Trust, the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Retail Trust.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Royal family members spoke with representatives from a broad spectrum of charitable organizations. Here you see Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie with UK Scouting volunteers.

Hannah Kentish, UK Scouting (@

Hannah Kentish, UK Scouting (@HPKentish)

Princess Anne. 

©Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

©Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

Lady Louise Windsor did her first solo walkabout this afternoon. She is 12 years old, the eldest child of Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex. 

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

Sophie was wearing Azzedine Alaïa. (If interested in specifics HRH The Countess of Wessex blog is sure to have all the details.)

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Gordon Rayner of The Telegraph noted that Prince William was “literally shaking every hand as he goes down The Mall.”

© Gordon Rayner, The Telegraph @GordonRayner

© Gordon Rayner, The Telegraph @GordonRayner

Mr. Rayner added that Kate was doing the same thing. 

Gordon Rayner, The Telegraph @GordonRayner

Gordon Rayner, The Telegraph @GordonRayner

Prince Harry. 

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

HM wore a floral silk dress and coat by Karl Ludwig in a color called “deep cerise.” Her hat was by Angela Kelly.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

In this quick video clip from Victoria Murphy of The Mirror you can just hear the crowd singing Happy Birthday to the Queen.

The skies did brighten, and the sun peeked out as the day progressed.

©Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

©Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

In this screen grab from Sky News you see how the crowd grew from the sparse attendance seen at the top of the post. 

Sky News

Sky News

After greeting people royal family members were seated in a covered area.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

The Queen spoke to the thousands who braved the elements to help celebrate her birthday and patronages. From The Evening Standard’s coverage:

Addressing the Patron’s Lunch in The Mall – dubbed the world’s biggest street party – Her Majesty said: “To everyone here today, and to those holding street parties elsewhere I would like to say thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement that you continue to give me.

Prince William also addressed the crowd, saying “Granny, thank you for everything you have done for your family.” 

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

“We could not wish you a happier birthday. Thank you for showing that the Great British public doesn’t let a little rain spoil a good day out.”



Prince William and HM enjoying the events. 

© Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

© Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

There was also a parade with displays grouped by decades representing the Queen’s life. Below, the Royal Yacht Britannia. 

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

 Chelsea pensioners. 

The Royal British Legion (@PoppyLegion)

The Royal British Legion (@PoppyLegion)

The Southern Highlanders Pipes and Drums. 

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Curious about what was on the menu for today’s lunch? This diagram from The Daily Mail identifies many of the items.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail

One more quick video.

There was a separate UK event today called The Big Lunch. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall took part in a Gloucestershire Big Lunch, that is why you do not see them at the London function.

Clarence House

Clarence House

For today’s celebration the Duchess wore Roksanda Ilincic’s Marwood Color Block Dress.

©i-Images/The Outnet

©i-Images/The Outnet

The garment is wool crepe with blocks of color in ‘Roksanda blue, sorbet and blush.’ It features a round neckline, short sleeves and an exposed zipper. Kate has changed the zipper on her dress to a full-length version, the dress seen at The Outnet has a more standard length. My guess is that Kate purchased the piece off the rack and had the zipper changed by a seamstress or tailor.

©Mirrorpix - Splash News / The Outnet

©Mirrorpix – Splash News / The Outnet

Originally the dress was priced at £980 (about $1400); most recently it was carried at The Outnet where it was £490, a 50% discount. (The Outnet is the off-price arm of Net-a-Porter.)

Previously we saw The Duchess wear a color block design from Roksanda Ilincic when arriving in Australia in 2014, although that garment was customized. The biggest change was reversing the color scheme: all of the white material became yellow and everything that was yellow became white in Kate’s version of the dress.  She also had the neckline squared off and excess fabric in the sleeves removed.



There are a large number of pieces still left from this group, including a Pastel Pink Color Block Dress ($765), Belted Color Block Gown (£565), and Strapless Wool Crepe Dress ($694). (Princess Beatrice owns the frock on the far left.)

The Outnet

The Outnet

The Duchess accessorized with familiar pieces, including her Nina Clutch from longtime favorite LK Bennett.

Splash News/LK Bennett/Splash News

Splash News/LK Bennett/Splash News

She also wore her LK Bennett Fern heels; the Fern has a pointed toe and heel that is just under 4″.  It is almost entirely sold out on the LK Bennett UK/International website (£195).

©Splash News/LK Bennett

©Splash News/LK Bennett

The style is expected to be available on the US website (and in-store) very shortly. The retailer suggests those interested in the shoe register their interest via email. (Send an email to: US.Customerservices@LKBennett.com)

LK Bennett Fern Shoes Graphic

LK Bennett

In this photo you can see Kate is wearing her Mappin and Webb ‘Empress’ pendant.

E. Howsley via KateMiddletonStyle.org

E. Howsley via KateMiddletonStyle.org

A closer look.

Mappin & Webb/Splash/Splash/Mappin & Webb

Mappin & Webb/Splash/Splash/Mappin & Webb

The Duchess wore her hair partially pulled back.

©Splash News/Splash News

©Mirrorpix, Splash News / Mirrorpix, Splash News

A few separate notes, beginning with word that Prince George thoroughly enjoyed himself at yesterday’s Trooping the Colour fly-past.

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

The other item involves Friday’s National Service of Thanksgiving. You may recall the Queen arrived at St. Paul’s Cathedral more than 10 minutes late. Gordon Rayner reports HM was not interested in being late again today.

…the Queen was in no mood to keep 10,000 rain-drenched charity workers waiting for a minute longer than necessary….

Anxious that her speech at The Patron’s Lunch should be on schedule, Her Majesty felt the driver of her open-topped Range Rover was processing too slowly down The Mall. At her urging, the Duke of Edinburgh banged on the roof of the car to alert him to pick up the pace, and the event was quickly back on track.

Come back for another visit tomorrow, when we expect to have Order of the Garter coverage.

NOTE: We are seeing an increase in comments about the Duchess’s weight, a topic we elect not to discuss here. In isolated instances there may be a plausible reference to the topic, but only as it relates to the fit of a garment. Noting something is loose (or, as has happened, snug) and in need of tailoring is far different from talking about Kate being frail, too thin, etc. Lately I have approved some that fall outside of this definition because editing them and then also dealing with emails asking for an explanation about why a comment was edited (this happens more than you might imagine) is time consuming and energy sapping. Please be mindful of this going forward. If you have any questions this link takes you to the comment policy page; remembering the “When in doubt, leave it out” mantra can also be helpful.


  77 Responses to “A New Roksanda Ilincic Frock for Patron’s Lunch on The Mall”

  1. Uh, huh ]:)

  2. ]:)

  3. Is she wearing three rings? Obviously her engagement and wedding ring, but what’s the third?

  4. The Duchess loves this kind of silhouette and I think it fits her well but I’m not really fond of that orange/salmon part in the middle ! In my opinion the association of yellow and white for the Australian Tour dress was better than this blue and orange mix…
    About the shoes, though I’m usually tired of her nude heels, this time they worked well with the dress!

  5. Wonderful. Another BIG HIT in a matter of a few days. Bring it on !!!! Young, classy, sexy, modest, vibrant – all in one. !!! Great length – I wish that she will always wear knee length dresses and I am a big fan of a pencil type dress/skirt as it shows her very good and well toned body better than her A-type dresses.
    Love that her hair is away from her face the last few days as well. She is beautiful but always hides her lovely face with her hair.
    Well done Kate!!

  6. I just want to say that I find it interesting how divisive this dress is here. I personally like the dress. I think it’s fresh and youthful, although I’m not a big fan of the colours or the exposed full-length zip.

    I also think it’s great that everyone here is able to share their opinion and no arguments erupt. This is such a refreshing corner of the internet. Kudos to Susan for all her work in keeping it that way!

  7. Hideous dress on a beautiful lady x

  8. Like many have said already, I love the designer and the dress but the alterations seem to have placed the orange panel too low.
    Would be more flattering if placed higher.

  9. The dress is young, sporty, well fitting and different. But her shoes are just too dressy for this dress! A peep toe pump if she has to have on a pump- a fun wedge or a pair of her beloved espadrilles. and that little straw box clutch we saw her carry all last summer. Her hair style is also less formal. Why can’t her people polish up the things she loves- she’s so beautiful but yet rarely completely put together.

  10. While I love seeing the Duchess in something other than a dresscoat, this dress is not my favorite. In looking at the designer’s photo (even without a model), something about the placement of the middle panel looks strange to me, though I do like the blush stripe down the one side as a detail. This dress doesn’t work for me in general, and the alterations don’t help. While the upper body looks ok, the fit on the lower half seems too baggy, especially when you compare it to the fit of the yellow/white colorblock dress. That look was a huge win compared to this one.

    One note about her hair: some people are complaining about the half-up look, but many have also complained about her bangs and hair falling in her face in the past. You can’t have it both ways. While it might seem a juvenile look to some, I don’t agree. I think it provides simple and practical balance to keeping her hair back. Also, I don’t see the Duchess ever going super trendy when pulling her hair back. She leans towards classic styles, which will help the photographs stand up over time. I think she is very cognizant of that when making her choices for public appearances.

  11. Kate seems to be rubbing off on Princess Eugenie and Beatrice (I am not in love with what they have worn this week but they both look more classic and modern which plays up their pretty faces rather then detracting.) I like what they are wearing today and I think all three ladies look young, sporty and fresh.

  12. It seems like my other comment never posted so I’ve had time to think more about this outfit.

    I like the freshness to this dress v what she wore Friday. It’s very becoming. The colors are nice too. The shoes need to go. And for some reason, they did A LOT of altering to this dress yet it still didn’t fit right across the middle. Way too much fabric and it makes an unflattering look.

    As for her hair, she needs to find a new 1/2 up style. This one is cute on tweens but shouldn’t be anywhere near a 30 something.

  13. As someone who feels awkward in bold jewelry, I can understand her penchant for dainty pieces – though I agree her daytime outfits would look more striking with bolder jewelry. What I can’t understand is her preference for pumps (or court shoes as they say in England). She definitely needs to break away from that very tiresome profile. There are so many other options that would break out of the executive woman going into the boardroom look. And after seeing the condition of her feet in India (i.e. bunions) I can’t even understand how she wears the shoes she does.

    Kate wears blue very well and all tones of blue. I prefer this dress over the Catherine Walker coat dress on Friday. The coat dress was too matronly for her; it looked like something her mother would wear and I don’t mean that as a compliment. In general Catherine Walker designs tend towards the matronly, conservative look — almost a throwback to the 1980s-1990s when Diana wore her frequently.

  14. I quite like this dress. I like colorblocking and this is a nice spring-y color combination. I still would like to burn her nude pumps with fire though.

  15. I think she looks fantastic in this dress. It seems that it has been shortened, which was a great move. The salmon portion looks like it has been altered as well and we can plainly see that the zipper has been changed. Maybe the ultimate goal was to make it shorter and all of those things had to be changed in the process. The look is lovely and youthful, regardless. I think the hair out of her face is flattering and but I think today the plan was for what would work best in the rain.

  16. I love this look, even with the full zip. There’s something sporty about it that really suits her. I don’t care for this hairstyle but given the wet weather I can sympathize. An updo would have been too dressy, I think.

    And that colour on HM is absolutely fantastic. She always looks perfect, in my opinion.

  17. Love the color blocking and side stripe adds fresh details. The full length back zipper is not my favorite – add the big hoop at the bottom and it just looks odd to me. I too did a double take on the thumbnails at first with the pink around the waist looking like a bare tummy. Yikes.

    I for one like her hair like this very much. I so much prefer when she pulls it back so that it doesn’t blow into her face and give her issues, and so that when she leans forward it doesn’t cover her face. Just because she’s over 30 doesn’t mean she has to get her hair shortened/layered and wear it in the same “style” every day.

  18. I am glad Kate chose something a bit more casual for this engagement and although I do understand some of the less than positive comments about her hair, I think it was a great way to keep it out of her face in the rain—I might have gone with a ponytail if I were in her place.
    The jewelry with this dress was fine with me and I think the makeup and shoes were good too.

    The dress is youthful–no matronly vibes here—-I think that the alterations that were done made it fit her better than the original design would have and I am thrilled that it was shortened to knee length. This is why the block around the waist had to be narrowed or it would have thrown off the proportions of the dress.

    Youthful, appropriate and a big smile on her face–a win!

  19. I think this is a very nice look, and I like the dress.
    Yes, the salmon colored piece seems altered, probably to make the dress a little bit shorter. So for that, they must rip the orijinal zipper out too. If they had added the old zipper it would have gone some inches in the blue part, so maybe that’s why they added the full zipper.

  20. I like this dress ands think it suits Kate. Blues always look good on her and as someone who bemoans her more mumsy styles, I like that she embraces colour blocking and these shades work very well together. I also think the full length zip works and is a good way to alter the dress.
    I wish she had gone for different accessories with this dress which could have really elevated her look.
    The Queen has looked fabulous every day during the celebrations. This cerise is wonderful on her. She is a very smart lady.

  21. I love this dress – pretty, modern and youthful!
    The Queen also looks lovely in her cerise outfit.
    Lots of royalty for this event, all looking cheerful and friendly.

  22. The blue is quite pretty against Kate’s skin, although the pinks are quite odd to me (I still struggle with color blocking.)

    Look at little Lady Louise Windsor! She looked adorable in her jacket with the petticoat-like ruffles in the back! It’s so age appropriate for her, especially with the single braid in her hair. I wish I had that kind of flair at 12!

    Thank you so much for taking the time and addressing the issue about comments. We love seeing WKW being a positive place!

    • LL’s coat is very cute. Eye catching chojce for a tween. I love all the detail in the back.

      • The detail is what struck me. I love the the sort of Victorian flair to it.

        • Yes, exactly. I’ve seen a few little girl dress with the same design element as well as gorgeous ruffled bell sleeves. Almost made me want to have a little girl again :-)

  23. Not really a fan of this dress, and I am SO over this hairstyle. Someone else mentioned that it looks like a hairstyle a 12-year old would wear, and they were right. She’s worn her hair like this so often ever since the India trip, and it’s just so boring and not particularly flattering either. I just don’t get it. Her hair was always on point every single time back in 2011 and 2012. The change is hairdressers has been obvious, and it seems this one is not very talented or inspired.

  24. Hi, any idea what Beatrice wore yesterday? Her outfit was grew and I’d love to know more about it?

  25. I am enjoying this dress. I really like seeing Kate have fun with color, and while I understand some people’s hesitations to like the color combination we see here, I’m happy to see Kate trying out something new.

    My one fault with her look is the jewelry. She should have worn her fern hoops and a yellow gold pendant. The white gold pieces are too cool toned and the designs too intricate for such an eye-catching dress.

  26. I thought the much altered yellow Roksanda Ilincic dress on the Australia tour was terrific and the alterations were very smart. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about this dress, or the rather bewildering changes to it. I’m not a fan of colour blocking but at least the original design is well proportioned and is both modern and sophisticated. Shortening the length, moving the colour block panel up higher (and thus changing the all important proportions) and extending the zipper full length all give it a more juvenile feeling to it. Compare the side by side pix of Kate from the back with the model. The girlish hairdo reinforces that feeling. Unfortunately the fabric seems to hold wrinkles. Finally, the dress is too big on her – it bags in both front and back. Given all the alterations, I’m surprised they didn’t take it in to keep the original designer’s close to the body cut. Again compare the fit to the model. Or to the yellow Australian dress which fits Kate beautifully and feels so much more sophisticated. As for the accessories – well, plus ca change.

    • I don’t think the colour block will have been moved up, I would have thought Kate’s long waist would have caused it to fall at a different point. To that extent I’d have thought the colour proportions were unchanged albeit sitting differently on Kate.

  27. I like this dress because it is fresh and young. It is the DoC’s go to silhouette which always flatters her. I will say that I find the shades used a bit anemic and not her most complimentary tones. Too bad for the dainty matched set as well. This dress calls for a bolder choice in jewelry. I won’t complain much about the hair because it was a wet day but I will say that this is how my tween styles her hair for school most of the time.

    I know this sounds rather negative but I did like this dress.

    • I myself like the relatively subdued colours used on the dress, in fact, I was surprised to see how well they stood out against the background of the crowds. It’s a subtle and unusual combination and still gives Kate a touch of hi-viz.

      I’ve been puzzling over jewellery — do you suppose bright bangles would work? The model looks to have something like that. And leave the neckline unadorned, there’s enough contrast in the dress after all.

      • Yes, I think I would have done big earrings + a coordinating cuff (or bangles) and gone without a necklace in this dress!

      • @ElizaMo: This was a chance for her to bring back her gold charm bracelet, the one that has her initial on it.

      • I think her Mirabelle Lolita earrings would have looked nice with this dress., ElizaMo. Certainly, bright bangles would have worked or a sustantial gold bracelet, if she had worn the Lolita’s.

        Surprisingly, the dress colors did stand up nicely in photographs. I just think a redhead or a blonde would have looked exceptional in the dress while Kate really shines in more jewel tone shades of blue. I enjoy reading all the varied perspectives though. Makes me think outside my box:-)

      • I have to admit I’m still puzzling on this one. Kate isn’t really a bangles sort of person – Michelle Obama would have no problems here! I think a cuff like the model wears would be good. The Lolita earrings might look nice but not sure so practical when working the crowd. Something more like her Trooping pearl shapes but in a solid colour like the blue of the dress maybe.

        Thanks for coming on board with such great suggestions!

        • I think Kate Middleton’ s Jewelry charm bracelet suggestion is right on the money. Not a bangle or cuff but a substantial bracelet that would stand up to the modern lines of this dress.

  28. Love the cut and colors of this dress. I think the original design with the zipper half way down the back and the kick pleat was better than the altered full-length zipper. I wonder if she thought it was too derriere-hugging before? Look how cute the sandals are on the model wearing this dress. I wonder if Kate will ever get more adventurous with her daytime footwear.

  29. I love this dress, and I’ve loved everything that The Duchess has worn over the weekend including the Mouret from the Sports Aid function. I think she looks great in blue! I love the color blocking on this dress, and I hope she continues to wear Roksanda Ilinic; I love the silhouettes and the tailoring.

  30. Wow. A simple color block in colors I usually don’t care for blows me away when its worn by the right person. Way to go Kate, well done.

  31. Us fashion watchers have had a wonderful week! She has looked magnificent and appropriate through all these celebrations. I think the balcony pictures will become iconic. Her hat was splendid next to the baby Charlotte.

    Today’s dress was again perfect for the occasion. Pretty and summery.

    Ps I thought Lady Louise’s coat today stole the show. As well, Princess Eugenie looked consistently fabulous throughout the celebrations

  32. As a seamstress, I would guess that the full length zipper was added so that the dress could be taken in all down the back. The pale peach stripe down one side would have precluded taking in at the sides. It also looks like additional tapering was achieved by continuing the back darts down through the peach waist section and down over the buttocks a bit on Catherine’s version.

  33. Really not a fan of this look at all. I find the stripes on the sides of the dress very odd. Really dislike the twisted and pulled back hairstyle, looks like a 12 year old girl. I wish Kate would bring back her trusty Sledge heels, they look much more youthful than the Fern style. This is a fashion fail in my opinion.

  34. I am in love with this dress.
    fresh – young – cool!!!! Kate has been on a roll this week.
    like her hair off her face also. She has looked great on a great weekend.

  35. I am another long-time lurker and absolutely love this site. This is my first posting. I thought Kate’s outfits over the weekend have been thoughtful and appropriate for each occasion. The colour block dress would make her stand out in the crowd and is designed not to be too showy – it is HM’s day. I assume the hairstyle was also chosen because of the wet conditions and keeps her hair out of her eyes so people can see her face properly. We are so lucky to have her as a prospective Queen!

  36. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie look so pretty and healthy. And happy. Good for them!

    • You know, the York girls are actually quite pretty with beautiful, radiant skin. But 9 times out of 10 they dress hideously. Not just, oh, I don’t like that dress…but seriously ugly clothes. Beatrice’s coat at St. Paul’s the other day is a perfect example. Eugenie has several times in the past year or two stepped it up….I liked her red dress the other day. I just don’t understand how two young women with large wardrobe funds can so consistently get it so wrong.

      • Bea and Eugenie try much too hard to be “fashionable.” They could use some tips from Kate on dressing in a more understated way. Conversely, Kate could certainly take some tips from Bea and Eugenie on taking a fashion risk every once in a while – with footwear in particular. I was so glad to see her wearing red heels today.

  37. I like the dress. I wonder about alterations. It’s shorter than on the model (yes!), I see that the longer zipper was added. But does it appear to anyone else that the salmon stripe is thinner and higher on Catherine’s dress?

    I think the color block belted dress also would suit Catherine very well.

    I applaud the policy of not commenting on her weight. And thanks for the reminder. Body shaming is very invalidating and unwelcome. However, it should be noted – IMO – archived photos of past outfits posted against current photos, make the statement visually. But maybe cannot be avoided.

    • Lolo, yes, I DID think more than the zipper was changed on the Duchess’ dress. The salmon band is far smaller on her dress than the model. Given the drastic changes on the dress from the Australian tour it’s not a stretch that perhaps the designer is at the ready with requested changes. I like the wider salmon band on the model’s dress, and the full length zipper on the Duchess’ dress.

  38. This weekend has been so much fun, and I think the Duchess has done a great job in all of her choices for the events. It has been lovely to see all of the royals enjoying themselves as a family.

    Your blog is always positive and classy as well as informative. I appreciate how you keep silly and useless comments, especially about Kate’s weight, away from the discussion. Thank you for the work you do, and I’m really looking forward to your post tomorrow!

  39. Oh I’m so, so happy to see her in an Illincic! Bravo Kate, the past few days of fashion have been stellar, modern, and fresh! And you look so happy. This is a fun dress, a nice change. I’m curious, doesn’t the coral part in the middle look much lighter on Kate’s than in the photos of the dress from retailers? Did she have the color altered as well?

    I’m with those about the hair. It’s lovely when she has it back, but I’m thinking Canadian tour era on that, not the little piece isolated and twisted back the way it’s being done now. She used to take the whole top part back, or poof it up together. I guess her more recent stylist is suggesting this? From the front it looks fine, but funny from the side this way.

  40. Longtime reader and first-time commenter here…just to say gosh, don’t the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie look beautiful and happy in that photo of the two of them together. I love their stripes.

    Kate is almost always perfection in my eyes, but the standout wardrobe item of the week so far is definitely yesterday’s hat. :)

  41. Well, this is, of course, one of the Duchess’s favored silhouettes, a short-sleeved sheath, but it’s given welcome visual interest by the color-blocking. I quite like it and have become, in general, a Roksanda fan purely via the Duchess’s wardrobe. I don’t like this item quite as much as the yellow and white dress worn on the Down Under tour, but it’s still fun, and the Duchess looks quite nice in it. I think it was an admirable choice for the event — not too dressy and made slightly whimsical by the color blocking and the long zipper.

    Unfortunately, I’m not in the mood to discuss fashion at any greater length at the moment. I hope no one minds if I say that I can’t get the victims of the appalling crime in Orlando out of my head. They and their families have been in my thoughts all day. To our British participants, your politicians’ words on the subject were much appreciated, by me at least.

  42. I get it that colour blocking is considered a youthful and trendy look. I did however, almost do a double take on first glimpse of Kate’s dress with the pink middle. For a moment I thought she had a bare midriff and in several more of the shots it looked the same. Imagine how it looked from across the road. It would have been more appropriate to have some colour other than pink, that is too close to flesh colour, in the middle.

    Can’t say I am any more enchanted with the visible zipper. As I mentioned a few days ago, it takes away from the sophistication of the dress. Although today’s look is more casual so it perhaps works better.

    The polished look of the up do hair, off Kate’s face is gone, but it helped that some of it was taken and clasped at the back. And for once the jewellery matched…this is good, as it so often doesn’t.

  43. What a nice dress! The colours really suit her and even though it’s *more* blue, it’s nice to see her in a slightly different colour. Interesting customisation too. The jewellery could’ve been changed or left at home though, haha.
    A minor complaint- I do wish she wouldn’t wear her hair like that. It looks so jeuvenile and is really jarring against the clean sophisticated dress.

  44. Yes more Roksanda Ilincic please! Thumbs up!

  45. I have to say this dress is one of my least favorite looks that the duchess has ever worn. This color combination is really odd. And I don’t understand the pale stripe on the side of the skirt or why they changed it so the zipper covers the whole back of the dress. It just seems like design for the sake of design, but it doesn’t actually enhance the dress – I don’t get it. Not a winner for me but she still looks gorgeous.

  46. I like the dress very much. It’s a lovely color, nicely accented, and fit perfectly. I think I’m just going to concede defeat on the jewelry front: Kate likes her dainty pieces, so so be it.

    I loved what HM was wearing and didn’t Lady Louise look adorable? She must be very poised to be meeting crowds at age 12. Of course, her dad was briefly an actor and her mom a PR, so she has lots of coaching.

    Beyond fashion, I want to comment on the optics of HM & Prince Philip in one vehicle and the princes and Kate in the other. That is HIGHLY symbolic and shows how much confidence HM has in the three of them. I’m sure Charles’ staff is seething that he was sent off to the country on such a visible occasion. But, it shows William, Kate and Harry as a valuable unit.

  47. The zipper was changed because the orange panel was moved and changed on Kate’s dress.

    • I am not sure the panel was altered, I think the fit might be due to Kate’s proportions. However even if the panel was modified why would the zipper need to be changed? Thanks for any tailoring advice:) If the panel and zipper were changed wouldn’t that mean they took the dress apart, resized the pieces, put in a whole new zipper. Maybe it is a bespoke piece based on the off the rack item? Was not sure her fabric is the same as the off the rack one shown. Anyway lots of questions for anyone with a better eye or better at reading fabric descriptions etc than I am:)

      • Like you I don’t think the larger panel was moved, Kate’s long waist would have pulled it up. But I was impressed by LindaB’s insights above on replacing the zipper as a means of taking the dress in without losing the vertical stripe, plus the extended seaming to improve fit on Kate.

        • Easier way to take it in: buy one size smaller. So I think she simply wanted this new zipper

          • Hee hee. All the alterations made me wonder if was actually altered or a bespoke piece. That many alterations does not make much sense. If it was altered the band may have been reduced to keep the proportions of the band to the lower half the same. You could easily shorten at the hem.

    • The panel was shortened, as Kate already has a long waist and wants to minimize it to make her legs look longer and in proportion. The zipper going all the way to the hem also helps with the illusion. If you do anything with the panel, the zipper needs to be replaced anyway.

  48. Another pitch-perfect choice by Kate – she’s lining up some winners these days. I love the asymmetric Ilincic colour-blocking and I’m impressed Kate managed to pick one out with quieter colours than some of this label’s offerings. The blocks of colour and the exposed zip give a sporty vibe which suits Kate’s temperament and she can wear a tailored sheath to perfection.

    After three consecutive days, Kate appears to be glued to that pendant. It pales into insignificance against such bright colours and clean lines, jarring with the general design. It would have been better left off altogether. Love those shoes, and glad to see hair away from face for working the crowds.

  49. Kate looks fantastic in the blue colour block dress. Much more edgy than the ” blue coat dress”. Hope to see her in more in a similar theme very soon. She can carry it off being so tall and willowy if anyone can. Rocking the blue!

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