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Kate brought back several key styles for today’s Order of the Garter ceremony.

© Matt Dunham/WPA-Pool/Splash

© Matt Dunham/WPA-Pool/Splash

The weather impacted the day’s events. You can see how threatening the skies were in this photo shared by Angus Fanshawe on Twitter.

Angus Fanshawe Twitter (@AngusFanshawe)

Angus Fanshawe Twitter (@AngusFanshawe)

For the first time since 1971 the usual procession to St. George’s Chapel was canceled. Below, part of last year’s procession.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

The Scottish Guards on duty today at Windsor.

© 2016 MOD Crown Copyright / Cpl. Lee Matthews

© 2016 MOD Crown Copyright / Cpl. Lee Matthews

HM arriving.

© 2016 MOD Crown Copyright / Cpl Lee Matthews

© 2016 MOD Crown Copyright / Cpl Lee Matthews

You can see just a bit of the iconic velvet robes and plumed hats worn by the Knights in this image of Prince William and Prince Charles.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Kate, the Duchess of Cornwall, Knights, and guests.

© 2016 MOD Crown Copyright / Cp. Lee Matthews

© 2016 MOD Crown Copyright / Cp. Lee Matthews

The Order dates back a very long time. From the Royal Family website:

In medieval times, King Edward III was so inspired by tales of King Arthur and the chivalry of the Knights of the Round Table that he set up his own group of honourable knights, called the Order of the Garter. Nearly 700 years later, the Order is the oldest and most senior Order of Chivalry in Britain. The Knights, now both male and female, used to be limited to aristocracy, but today they are chosen from a variety of backgrounds, in recognition for their public service

Now to what Kate wore for this year’s event, a bespoke ensemble by Catherine Walker. The coat features a fitted bodice, shawl lapels, oversized self-covered button closure, and three-quarter sleeves.


©Splash News/i-Images, Polaris

Kate’s coat has elements of multiple Catherine Walker pieces, so we did another Fun with Fashion Math. The garment incorporates design components from the Chloe, Rouleau and Loire coatdresses. The diagram really doesn’t have the proper skirt as seen in Kate’s bespoke version.

Catherine Walker/ i-Images, Polaris

Catherine Walker/ i-Images, Polaris

Olivia Marks has a fashion piece in The Telegraph about Catherine Walker:

French-born Walker first started working with Diana shortly after she married Prince Charles and went on to design over 1,000 dresses for the Princess, including the black dress she was buried wearing.

The Duchess first wore the ensemble in July of 2011, as she and William were leaving Canada during the North American tour.

© Polaris/Splash News

© Polaris/Splash News

This portion of The Telegraph story addresses the topic of the designs ‘aging’ Kate, or appearing ‘matronly,’ a topic generating substantial debate almost any time Kate wears this label.

“No one could ever accuse Catherine Walker of making her clients look youthful but impeccable dependability is the signature of this designer – and of the house that bears her name,” explains The Telegraph Fashion Director Lisa Armstrong of Walker’s enduring Royal appeal.

“The label guarantees a statuesque perfection that looks as good in photographs as it does across a crowded cathedral or state ballroom.”

Kate wearing Catherine Walker at Friday’s Service of Thanksgiving, and Carole Middleton in two of the company’s designs.

© Polaris/

© Polaris / PA Wire / Nunn Syndication, Polaris

Kate’s vibrant red hat is by Lock and Company, initially seen when worn to the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant in 2012.

© Splash News  / Splash News

© Splash News / Splash News

A closer look at The Duchess’s intricate updo.


©Nunn Syndication / Polaris

We saw a new pair of heels, another Gianvito Rossi style.


©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The heels are available at a variety of retailers with two different heel heights, 105mm (about 4.1″) or 100mm (roughly 3.9″).  I’m not sure we’ll ever know whether Kate wears the 105mm or the 100mm. The pumps (also called ‘court shoes’) also have different color names at some retailers. And at one, Net a Porter, the shoe is referred to as both claret and burgundy.  Below, the 105s.

Harrods /

Harrods / Net-a-Porter / Gianvito Rossi

When it comes to Gianvito Rossi colors the names can be confusing, especially when styles may only be called the Gianvito 100 or Gianvito 105. Tiffany C. pointed out on the Facebook page that while multiple retailers take delivery of the the same shoe, some may use their own color name, or be given an ‘exclusive’  color name by a vendor. Below, the 100mm heel height.

 /Luisa Via Roma

Harvey Nichols /Luisa Via Roma

She carried the red clutch by Alexander McQueen again, it was also first noted at the River Pageant.


©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Andrew Parsons, i-Images

It was in the jewelry department that Kate really wowed today, surprising many of us by wearing her diamond acorn drop earrings by Robinson Pelham for the first time since her wedding.

©Splash News/RobinsonPelham/Polaris

©Splash News/RobinsonPelham/Polaris

The Duchess wore the diamond bracelet we have seen on important occasions.


©Splash News / i-Images / Polaris

A look at Kate’s past Order of the Garter ensembles, along with today’s style. In 2011 she wore a Katherine Hooker coat; at the 2012 event we saw the return of her much loved Alexander McQueen ‘Samurai Folds’ coat; in 2014 the Duchess was in a bespoke Christopher Kane coat. (She did not attend last year because of Princess Charlotte’s birth. In 2013 Prince George’s impending arrival precluded her participation.)


©Polaris / PA Wire / PA Wire / i-Images

A new engagement for tomorrow has been added to Kate and William’s calendar:

We will see you then.


  104 Responses to “Kate in Rich Red Pieces & Diamond Wedding Earrings for Order of the Garter”

  1. Absolutely love her earrings!

  2. Love the shoes!
    Love the hat!
    Love the updo!

  3. Kate really wowed! Red complements her perfectly. Down with all these Roksanda Ilincics! They make her look Andy Warhol-ish

  4. An elegant ensemble which matches rather nicely with the hat. I think Kate is starting to realize that hats look better with her hair up, and maybe we can also assume that her current hairdresser is better when it comes to intricate, sophisticated hairdos, whereas she might lack inspiration where other styles are concerned (I have Sunday’s style in mind, which we have been seeing quite a few times over the last year or so).

    The red pumps were such a surprise for me, and as a shoe-lover I am all for her assembling a collection of colourful shoes! I have a feeling that after trying several designers she has found the style that gives her the most comfort (well as much comfort as a 4 inch heel can give anyway), or the best fit, that must be why she is buying it in several colours. Or she’s been reading the WKW comment section :)

    The biggest surprise however comes from the earrings. Although we haven’t seen them since the wedding, they must have made a few appearances at family gatherings – Sandringham, Balmoral, Windsor, etc. To me this feels like a lovely reminder that the Queen’s birthday celebrations over the weekend were also a family event – even though the Order of the Garter has no connection to the other events whatsoever.

  5. It is actually the Scottish Guard, not the Irish Guard as you commented on one of the photos. My brother was in the Scottish guard and that is the uniform he wore when he would do the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace.There is a huge difference between the two, intact many of the Scottish Guard were killed when called into Ireland to keep peace during the orange war. I felt it important to clarify this.

    • Eeek, you are wonderful to let me know. That is how the MOD captioned it, I’ve jumped into post and made the correction, *thank you*.

  6. I really like this look. The coatdress is not one of my favorites (I don’t like the buttons really) but the complete look is very polished and sophisticated. Love seeing the red shoes; the nude shoes did not really work in Canada in my opinion. I think she has done very well over the past few appearances in terms of picking outfits that are classic but not stuffy. The dress for the service on Friday was probably the biggest misstep but even that was lovely overall. I like seeing her with her hair up, especially with hats, I think it lets the hats stand out more. I also like her eye makeup here as someone else pointed out.

  7. What a bold choice from head to toe! She looks stunning. It’s so funny how two different coats from the same designer can have such a different effect. The coat worn to the church service looked somewhat matronly, but this red one is a hit! I think the difference comes down to the red color – bold and youthful – and the cinched in waist. Her make-up has been on point lately and I love the hint of a cat-eye with the liner.
    Her updo looked polished and classy and I prefer the updo with the hat versus when she wore it down in 2012.

  8. Another nice outfit for this week. Really good week for Kate. Red looks always good on her. Nice hat, Nice dress as is fits really well and shows her figure. Nice length. Love it.

  9. When I first saw the twitter pics from far away, I was worried that all that red would clash or be too matchy matchy but I do believe that she pulled it off! The hat has two shades of red and I think that helped the shoes not to clash as they are not the exact shade of red as the dress. Thrilled to see those earrings again—have been hoping to see them for a while. Hair and makeup were fabulous and the bracelet set the whole thing off. Overall a total win. I have seen comments about the necklace and how she could have done without it and I agree that it wasn’t “needed” given the rest of her jewelry but I don’t think it clashed or didn’t “go” with the rest and clearly she is attached to it right now.

    Am excited to see what she wears in Northern Ireland—I am betting on green.

  10. Omg LOVE those red shoes!!! What a difference the shoe makes — in the previous picture the beige shoes made the outfit washed out. But today with the fabulous red shoes she looks dignified but also very smart and fashion forward. Let’s hope Kate is finally buying some colored shoes.

  11. I really love all of Kate’s looks over the weekend, I feel she is really taking a leaf out of the Queen’s book with her nice bright ensembles so she stands out in the crowd. The photo of Prince Andrew taking a family photo, shows just how much Kate does stand out in her Roksanda dress.

    I love that she is wearing more up-do hairstyles, it really is creating more of an elegant, sophisticated regal style, befitting a future Queen Consort. And she doesn’t have to worry about it flying around when she is in the carriage and on the balcony.

    The red shoes are really nice and striking too. It seems she is starting to wear much more grown up styles. I am kind of glad she has ditched the sledges. I know they are very popular with people, but they always seem more plastic looking to me than patent. The Ferns work better as a nude.

    I hope she starts to wear more fun shoes as well (shoes are the thing I love most about an outfit and really wish people should would have more fun with) Shoes like her Red Hobbs, Lizard Tabitha Simmons, Purple Mascaro Pumps and Burgundy Prada Pumps are all things we have only ever seen once and I wish we will see them again, and hopefully some more styles that push her a little more out of a safe zone. Also made me think that we have never seen the Christian Louboutin Heels that Victoria Beckham reportedly gifted her?

  12. I noticed another wedding repeat; Camilla wore the same coat dress that she wore to the wedding as well! I wonder if they talked about it and decided to reminisce together in that way?
    I love Kate in red. She seems to favor blues the most, but red is really very striking on her!

  13. This is the best I have seen Kate in quite a while. I have always thought she looked her best on the Canadian trip and this outfit was one of many reasons. Although this silhouette is getting a bit tired after 5 years. However, the red looks great on her and the cut is quite good – the tailoring could be a bit better at the back. Its saved by the two tones of red in the coat and the dress. The updo is lovely and sophisticated. And as everyone has said – finally a coloured shoe! The one miss is the pendant which seems to be glued to her. Its unnecessary with the earrings and out of proportion with the outfit. But certainly a vast improvement over last year.

  14. Here’s a guess why the wedding earrings made an appearance: the three quarter sleeves cry out for a bracelet and I read some time ago that Prince Charles gifted that bracelet to her as a wedding present. If true, perhaps it felt appropriate that if one is wearing a bracelet from ones father-in-law it would be appropriate to also wear the earrings given by ones parents as a wedding gift as well.

    • Your thought could be correct, however, Kate has worn this bracelet many times with matching earrings. Both were thought to be gifts from Prince Charles.

      • Good point! Either way she seems to be getting sentimental with jewelry or at the least nostalgic (thinking of the pair of mabe pearl [clip?] earrings that made a recent appearance).

  15. Winged eyeliner!! I LOVE it! I couldn’t put my finger on why my immediate thought was that she looked extra-extra pretty today (of course, red + updo was what I noticed first); then I looked more closely and noticed she definitely did a cat-eye with her liner that I think is just stunning. I’m not sure if she’s done her eye makeup like this before? I can’t recall if so. Bravo, Duchess!

    • yes, i immediately noticed that! her make up has shifted here and there lately, and as a makeup afficionado, i am glad she is experimenting. would colored eyeliners be next? one can hope!

  16. Whenever Catherine wears like she has this week, she looks so much more sophisticated & polished. She just has a very finished look. This has been a great Catherine week.

  17. Nearly perfect. Great color, hair classy, dress beautifully tailored. However, her jewelry (which was perfect) was all white gold. The bag had gold hardware. Should not have mixed the two.

    • For me there is no problem with mixing colors of metals. It is the clutch itself that I do not like, take off the bow:)

    • I was under the impression that it was quite fashionable to wear gold and silver jewellery together and they were not that close.

    • She frequently mixes metal colours. It bugs me also.

      • Her wedding and engagement rings are mixed metals so she does it every day anyway. When I was picking out my wedding ring a jeweler suggested I get a different metal as it was the new trend. No question as to who started that!

        In any case, tons of people mix. She clearly doesn’t care and I don’t think it’s a faux pas in the least!

    • The prohibition against mixing metals went by the wayside eons ago — rather like the rule that said your bag needed to match your shoes.

  18. It’s official. Kate is my hero.
    The earrings!
    The hair!!
    NO NUDE SHOE!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see whats next

  19. My first comment on this blog, I really enjoy the photos of Kate and the beautifully detailed descriptions of her ensembles. She is a classy lady.

    I own the replicas of her wedding earrings that QVC sold, I believe they were designed by Kenneth Jay Lane. The acorn is a simulated pearl, but the rest of the design is nearly identical. Every time I wear them I feel a little bit special. I think Kate’s hair, her hat, and the earrings here-the combination is a home run.

  20. She was channeling her inner Queen Maxima today with matching accessories. Loved it!

  21. I think out of all her OotG looks, this one is my favorite. Everything about it is perfect: the color scheme, the garment structure, the hairstyle, the jewelry. She looks perfectly polished.

  22. At least the shoes aren’t beige, but the whole outfit is so matchy-matchy that it looks dated to me. The oversized buttons don’t do anything for me either. I would love to see these shoes with a non-red outfit. If the McQueen ‘gold buttons’ skirt/shirt make another appearance, I would like to see these shoes with it. At least she owns some interesting shoes now, perhaps they’ll make another outfit pop. Lord, hear my prayer!

  23. I love this outfit! the hat is especially gorgeous.gorgeous; I don’t think I liked the hat initially (I don’t remember in fact), but here this hat adds just the right sparkle and pizazz. Adding her wedding earrings was quite special as it added just the right touch. The looks she worn these past few days have all been so different and so fun!

  24. RED SHOES! Yes! They are a scrumptious color and soooo refreshing given the fondness for all things nude on the feet. The whole outfit is fabulous. At the river celebration I didn’t like the hat, and on the Canadian tour I was neutral on the CW ensemble, but today everything looks like perfection! The hat, the updo, the sweep of the CW outfit, the shoes, her smile. Everything is clicking. She’s been radiant the past few days and her outfits have been spectacular. The whole thing just looks glorious. I’d almost think she was pregnant because she is positively glowing, but since the tabloids say that at least three times per week, I don’t want to be on that silly train!

  25. OMG there are RED shoes! RED! I love it! I actually really like the hat too. The outfit is the right length (knee) and it’s very flattering. Be still my heart it’s a win for me.

  26. Speaking of wedding wear, it looks like Camilla wore the same coat and hat at W&K’s wedding.

    • Camilla did wear the same outfit to the wedding. Her coat was never a favourite of mine. As we women age, our hips expand. I try to select outfits that don’t emphasize my hips. The coat, however, does exactly that. The top and bottom are two different colours, there are boxy pleats starting at the hips and there is a line of some sort of gold embellishment at the hips. All three things drawn attention to the hips and all three form a horizontal line, making the hips look larger. Compare this coat to the wonderful sleek ones that Carole Middleton wears and you will see what I mean.

  27. Is her McQueen clutch customized to not include the skull? I can’t see it any of the photos and was just curious.

  28. After the past few days, I expected a repeat dress for today. Kate seems to repeat outfits when she is at an occasion for the Queen. I think this is intentional and out of respect not to upstage QE2.
    This is a very nice coat dress with a tailored fit and perfect for this semi formal occasion.
    I love the hat, I love hats and wish they would catch on here in the US. Great hair do again. This hairdo seems to work well for her and we have seen similar styles before.
    I was so excited to see the wedding earrings! I adore those earrings.
    I am on the fence about the red suede shoes for summer but I liked everything else so the shoes get a pass.
    I wonder what a white, creme or tan dress underneath would look like and then a black for winter.
    This has been such a great week for the royal family, I have loved seeing them at each function.

    • Jenn, you say that Kate seems to repeat outfits when she is at an occasion for the Queen. All the events over the past few days have been for the Queen. Kate repeated the dress she wore for Charlotte’s christening, but with a new hat. She also repeated this red dress and coat today. Her other outfits were new…the blue coat with lace, the colour blocked dress. So it is two for two, with the Queen present.

    • I wish hats would catch on too here in the US. I wear one for Easter and it started a trend at my church!

  29. I have so enjoyed the coverage these past few days on this blog – bravo!!!!! You are educating me on things British I’ve always wondered about and which I have been too lazy to research on my own. Thank you!!!!!!

    Today’s ensemble on the Duchess was, in my extremely humble opinion, gorgeous. FINALLY, a pair of shoes that are, at the very least, more interesting than nude pumps or those hideous wedges. Her hair was exceptional, and with the hat it was the height of elegance. As I’ve said in previous comments, her neck is too lovely not to showcase it with a pretty updo, and this one for me is the best so far. I’ve always loved this hat, tipped so deeply over her eye….it looks fantastic with her dark brows and hair. The coat is lovely on her – a classic shape that suits both her and the occasion. For me overall, a home run day.

    • Sure liked Becca`s remarks on the Duchess of Cambridge as they were very complimentary and not at all insulting in any way. Like the saying goes: `If you can`t say anything about someone then don`t say anything at all.

      Way to go Becca!

  30. I love the whole ensemble. Tailored to me means well groomed and not matronly. The hat is perfection with the simple coat dress. And the color is just lovely on her. I think i prefer her in more vibrant colors like this outfit and the blue dress she wore to the event at KP on Thursday.

  31. I loved this coat when the Duchess wore it on the North American tour and have always hoped she’d trot it out again, so I was very pleased to see it. I think the lines epitomize sheer perfection of tailoring, and the simplicity of the design delights me. A color like that needs no embellishment, after all. It stands well alone and then some.

    I have to admit that I stared at the ensemble for a while, wondering whether it represented rather a surfeit of scarlet, but I decided that the slightly varying shades of red meant that the Duchess looked neither overly incarnadined nor “matchy-matchy,” now a serious fashion transgression though once fairly standard. (I remember when my mother’s bags almost always matched her shoes. Thank God we don’t have to worry about THAT these days!)

    In any case, this is a great royal look, just right to accompany the costumed pageantry of the Garter event. I was also pleased to see the wedding earrings; I had almost despaired of their ever enjoying the light of day again. That clutch I can do without — the bow doesn’t thrill me — but otherwise, all I can say is, well done.

  32. I’m glad to see the earrings return. I doubt very much they’ve been sitting in a leather box since her wedding. There are many, private formal events that the Royals attend where the public never sees them. Diana had an entire wardrobe of evening dresses for Balmoral that only came to light during the auction of her clothes. I’m betting Kate has worn them privately, but was saving them for a public occasion. Perhaps when Camilla decided to wear her ensemble from their wedding, Kate decided to get out the earrings.

  33. The duchess looks lovely! So nice to see the coordinated shoes, finally! I’m convinced she’s peeking into WKW for advice….;-) I’m deathly tired of seeing various headlines “The Duchess stuns in….” or “Kate Middleton stuns in….” Really….is that the only verb they know? It was a treat to see the wedding earrings again!!

  34. Love the red shoes!!!!! Actually, I love the whole outfit, I have been waiting to see the wedding earrings again – they are lovely. I know this Catherine Walker outfit was criticized when Kate wore it in Canada, but I have always loved it. It is, in my opinion, the quintessential modern Princess look.

  35. Well, there were most certainly things I like about Kate’s look today:
    *She repeated a dress and coat she first wore in Canada, but it looked better without the large diamond maple leaf brooch. I am Canadian, so appreciated a nod to our maple leaf emblem, but it didn’t really compliment the outfit.
    *Her hair is fantastic in a lovely updo. It looks so much more polished and complimented the hat well.
    *The hat, added a lovely touch. As the dress and coat are rather plain, the hat lent some pizzaz to the look.
    *She wore those lovely earrings that her parents gave her as a wedding gift. I’ve wondered ever since why she doesn’t wear them more.
    *The shoes are RED. After all those nude/taupe/blush/neutral ones this is a nice surprise. Of course the style is the same as most of her other shoes, but the colour has some punch. I’d love to see her wear these red shoes with black or navy at some point.

    And there were a few things I didn’t care for:
    *The bow on the clutch is overkill.
    *The pendant, although obviously a favourite and worth plenty, was not necessary. She should have let those lovely earrings and spectacular bracelet been her only jewellery.

    Her smile, her happiness, her genuine interest in the events and the people taking part, make her an amazing asset to the Royal Family. Michael and Carol Middleton did a fine job at raising a lovely daughter.

  36. So excited to see tomorrow’s engagement. Was feeling bit sad that the party is over. This has been like a tour :)
    The daily excitement of feeling What Kate Wore today! :)

  37. Absolute perfection!!!! Catherine looked so mesmerizing beautiful!!! That hat is one of my favorites and enhanced the look so much! Loving her up does!
    The color of the shoes looked bit darker than the dress. The pair she wore for Canada day celebrations on their trip to Canada may have worked better. But always exciting to see a new pair and that too in such a vibrant color!
    I really can’t understand the whole matronly look debate! Much glad to see it addressed by you though! She’s a royal and dresses perfectly for her role. Love Kate and love this blog! I guess my standard sign off. :)

  38. Recently I’ve read comments by people who have been surprised, even upset, that Kate wore pieces from George and Charlotte’s christening….I can’t imagine how they feel about the WEDDING earrings!!!! Personally, I am thrilled to see them again! I didn’t like this outfit the first time, too matronly, and I don’t like it now but I do think it looks better with the updo and hat. LOVE the shoes! We have been so spoiled with all of the appearances lately!

  39. If anyone has the colouring to carry off that amount of bold red it has to be Kate. So pleased to see this coat again, I loved it on its Canada debut though there was quite a body of nay-sayers here. I can’t really accept a ‘matronly’ tag for willowy Kate and the Walker designs exude timeless elegance which looks right at whatever age.

    The coat she wore to St Paul’s had more than a little edge with its collarless shaped neckline and full zipper front. The extra lace is in keeping with the present trend for embellishment and ‘attic chic’ and reminds me in part of the flow of ruffles, sometimes of lace, on an 18th century gent’s shirt.

    The fit of this red coat is wonderful on Kate. I love the feminine shawl collar, the subtly structured shoulders, the full flare of the skirt which flatters Kate’s long shape. I’m overjoyed that she’s splashed out on a bright red pair of pumps, though it’s amusing to think of her taking the shoe in every colour they have. Green for tomorrow?

    The jewellery is wonderful. She needed to make a stronger statement against the striking red and this has worked a treat. I like this hat better on this masterful retread, and her updo is awesome. Altogether a stand-out look for Kate, never mind the recycle.

  40. Once I spotted the Pelham earrings, I really did not care what else she had on. I thought they had been locked away in some vault to never see the light of day again.

    I like the rest of her ensemble a lot. The coat and hat are a fabulous shade of red and look lovely on her. Not crazy about the tanned stocking color (a bit mumsy) and find the up do rather convoluted. Im not sure what that twisted piece in the rolled up bun is all about. I liked her sleek and polished off centered chignon of Saturday much better. Again, the Mappin & Webb pendant should not be there. The earrings can stand on their own.

    Not my favorite Order of the Garter outfit but she does look beautiful.

    • I’n beginning to think she may be surgically attached to that pendant. It could easily have been left off, but it’s endearing too that she has such a fondness for it.

      • She does seem to become attacbed to certain necklaces for long stretches of time.

      • People do have favorite, and thus signature, pieces of jewelry. I have no objection to that, even if the piece doesn’t quite work with certain items of clothing. Ultimately, the jewelry becomes part of its wearer’s identity and thus more important than any article of clothing.

        It occurs to me that where royal and other famous women are concerned, their favorite jewels might one day function like the attributes one sees in paintings and sculptures of pagan deities, saints, and famous people of history: means of identification and recognition.

        • I would agree. While I have many lovely pieces in my jewelry collection (my husband loves jewelry as did his father who gave my mother-in-law many items during their long marriage which I inherited), I can most often be found wearing a pair of solid gold hoops that my father bought for me in Mexico when I was a teenager and a necklace that my husband had made for me after we were married (it has my married initials). My students will always comment when I wear something different – where am I going in the evening? why did I decide to wear something different? – though I always wear a different bracelet each day, it is the necklace and earrings that always elicit a comment if there is a change. There is a certain comfort, I think, in wearing a piece of jewelry very often. It is like one’s wedding band.

    • Kate seems to wear her jewellery in little stints. A while back all she seemed to wear were the Kiki hoops and Annoushka pearl drops for now it seems to be the Empress pendant

    • Not sure a demure pendant quite falls into the category of signature piece. What is characteristic of Kate is a spate of repeats of various accessories, presumably for convenience. The Anoushka drops and Kiki hoops are a good example; we see it with clutch and shoes often enough. Nothing a good ladies’ maid couldn’t take care of!

      • I tend to agree. Previously, we saw a lot of the M&W Fortune pendant. When someone is on the world stage, even a small well loved piece can look out of place if it truly does not go with the other accessories, unlike the rest of us

      • I don’t think the size or type of the item is relevant to whether or not it becomes a signature piece. If it’s worn quite often, if the wearer is obviously attached to it, then it will become associated with her in a such a manner as to form part of her public look, her identity. It doesn’t matter whether it suits everything she wears or not. The very fact that it elicits groans of “Oh, not THAT again!” will soon represent the degree to which it is identified with its owner.

        • I take your point, Lili, and thank you for allowing us to groan when we feel the need! It’s a beautiful pendant and often looks just right — I can perfectly understand Kate’s attachment to it.

    • I think the rolled piece in the middle of the bun, is more a structural thing, than aesthetic. It is to help with hat. It helps to keep the rest of hair style in place, and helps with the pins/clips/combs/tilt on the hat for stabilization.

      • I thought that might be the case, Michelle. It looks fine from from a distance but a little jarring close up. I wonder if another stylist could do better. I don’t recall seeing other royals with incorporating that element.

  41. Well done, DoC! These last few days have just been a delightful treat, and I have really enjoyed seeing such a variety of outfits on her. Loved her today in all red, but perhaps was most excited to see the return of those earrings! They are absolutely stunning! Also, isn’t that the same hat on Camilla as she wore to the wedding? One of my favorite hats, and how fun to see both of those paired together, whether that was intentional or not!

    As usual, thank you Susan for your fabulous coverage. I have been stalking the website waiting for each day’s update, and haven’t yet been disappointed!

  42. I’m just so impressed by her. I know it’s easy to quibble over a hemline here or a jewelry choice there, but everything she wears is considered, respectful, and most importantly, authentic to who she is and the image she wants to project. As much as I would love to see her throw on some purple shoes and some major jewelry on a day like this, I am perhaps made happier by the subtle nods she so regularly makes toward her favorite designers, her trusty silhouettes, and the people she loves. Let’s hope we see those earrings more often now.

  43. Kate looked wonderful this whole weekend and especially today. I loved this outfit when she first wore both pieces and I was happy to see her wearing them again. It is such a classic, beautiful look. I actually think the outfit looks better with the red shoes worn today than the nude ones she wore in Canada.

  44. I love her look today, I prefer the coat today to the first time she wore it. Nothing will beat her Alexander McQueen coat from 2012 though!

    • I agree! That white coat is the coolest thing ever and one wonders why she doesn’t have more unique outfits like that since she could have just about anything …

  45. Stunning!! I love this hat. One of my favourites and her hair today…..gorgeous!

  46. Beautiful. Love the dress, love the colour, love the hat, love the jewellery, love the shoes, love the bag. It’s one of the best overall outfits Kate has worn in my opinion. I think all the accessories work together and the dress is lovely.

    She looks young and fresh and totally appropriate. She looks like she feels great and so she should.

    Very nice indeed!

  47. Lovely her look today! Interesting to see her hair up this time when compared to previous order of the garter appearances and the last time she wore this outfit. Its great that she is reaching the point where when she wears an outfit again its really exciting because its an outfit we havent seen in a while! Maybe she was inspired by sophie who wore her wedding earrings yesterday! Would be lovely also to see a collage of all her Rossi shoes!

  48. I was just wondering yesterday if we would ever see those wedding earrings again! Actually, what I was thinking was that her parents must wonder why they bothered commissioning them for her! They are really lovely and you would think with the connection with both her parents and her wedding she would find the opportunity to wear them more frequently. I thought this was a lovely look and I ADORE her hair. I think when you have such a great head of hair, and the ability to employ a good hairdresser, intricate chignons, etc., are definitely the way to go and it must be a relief not to constantly be fighting the breeze, etc.

  49. I’m not as fond of this Catherine Walker as I am of the one worn to New Zealand, but I love the shoes. They are a shade or 2 darker than the outfit and I think they’re a great choice. Nice to see the beige shoes have a day off. Also happy to see the wedding earrings. Five years is quite a long time between wearings.

  50. I love the color red, so I LOVE this outfit. I think the fit is really spectacular. I also love the new heels; it’s great to see a pop of color down at the feet!

  51. Gorgeous! Red is such a good colour on her, I’m very glad to see this lovely coat again. And the hat and hair are perfect.

  52. That is the most beautiful undo-her hair looks so pretty!! I’ve always loved the hat-
    so pretty with her hair up. So thankful for the red shoes- such a nice departure from the nude choices.

  53. Thank you for your coverage of today’s event. I think the Duchess looks exquisite, the new red heels lift the entire ensemble. My instinct would be that red hat, dress, coat, bag and shoes worn all together would be too matchy-matchy but it looks wonderful! I have been wondering about her wedding earrings and when she would wear them again. I also love that she wore red, white and blue outfits over the last few days, just as she did during the celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

  54. I much prefer this outfit second time around. I think the fun red hat and shoes really enliven the coat and dress making it more youthful than when she wore it in Canada. I have loved all of her looks over the weekend!

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