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Kate paired a previously worn coat with new accessories for church services at Sandringham today.

©Chris Radburn/PA Wire

©Chris Radburn/PA Wire

The best news about the morning’s events: HM was well enough to attend the service at St. Mary Magdalene.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

From Sky News:

The 90-year-old monarch had missed the traditional church services over the festive period and the New Year as she battled a heavy cold, prompting concerns for her health.

A small crowd of people greeted the Queen as she was driven the short distance to the church in a burgundy Bentley, with Prince Philip, who was also ill before Christmas.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

More from the Sky News story:

There was applause from well-wishers as the Queen left the church after the service.

Colin Bunn, 70, of Snettisham, Norfolk, said: “We live locally so we come to Sandringham quite frequently and were here on Christmas Day. “She looked beautiful and came down the steps unaided.”

His wife Pam, 67, said: “She looked good. She had a lovely outfit on and looked well.”

Kate’s family also attended today’s service.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Richard Palmer of The Express reports Kate’s family has spent the weekend at the Cambridge’s country estate, Anmer Hall.

Richard Palmer, The Express @RichardPalmer

Richard Palmer, The Express @RichardPalmer

Pippa Middleton looking chic alongside fiancée James Matthews.

©Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

©Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

Kate’s parents after the service, Carole Middleton looked elegant today as well. To the right in the burgundy coat, one of Charlotte’s godparents, Sophie Carter.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Below, Sophie Carter and another of Charlotte’s godparents, James Meade, at the January 10th service last year.

©Andrew Parsons/i-Images

©Andrew Parsons/i-Images

Back to this morning’s activities, to Ms. Carter’s right you see David Cholmondeley, and in front of him beneath the black hat, his wife, Rose.

©Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

©Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

The Marquess and Marchioness hosted this summer’s EACH gala at Houghton Hall, the Cholmondeley’s Norfolk estate located just a few miles from Anmer Hall. 

©Stephen Pond/WPA Pool/Splash

©Stephen Pond/WPA Pool/Splash

I believe another of Charlotte’s godparents, Thomas van Straubenzee, was also at St. Mary Magdalene this morning.

Now to what Kate wore today; many will recognize the SportMax Long Belted Coat.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

The piece was first seen when Kate wore it to Christmas Day services at St. Mary Magdalene in 2015.



Made of forest green wool, the coat is from the Sportmax a/w 2015 season; it is was also called the Fedora Coat. In our 2015 post, we described the garment as having “oversized lapels, multiple gores, a fitted bodice with a full skirt, and an asymmetrical front closure.”  Below left, the coat as shown without a belt at French retailer L’Inde Le Palais, and on the right, belted, as seen at online retailer Farfetch.


L’Inde Le Palais / Farfetch

Sportmax is one of the 30+ brands under the MaxMara umbrella. It targets a younger customer with a hipper, edgier design philosophy; it also offers a lower price point than many of the other Max Mara brands. The company describes its designs as “contemporary and at the same time consistent with our tradition.” 

The ever-helpful (and very savvy) Michelle of Perth’s Fashion suggested the Duchess was wearing the Sammi Silk Scarf from royal favorite LK Bennett. It looked to me like she is correct.

©Emmy London / REX, Shutterstock

©Emmy London / REX, Shutterstock

Kate’s cossack style hat has not yet been identified. See update below.


©PA Wire/REX, Shutterstock

Kate J. on the Facebook page believes Kate is wearing a piece by Lacorine.

UPDATE Monday 9 Jan: Lacorine verifies the Duchess was wearing their hat, the brand’s Sumac style (£225) in the silver grey color.  This brand makes a lot of sense for Kate: the company uses ethically sourced materials, in this case, derived from natural herd loss, and the hats are constructed by hand using Fair Trade principles. Kate’s hat is described as “Divinely soft, fluffy and warm, with a generous brim, our luxury alpaca hat is a knock-out – perfect for a winter wedding or the races.”



More about the hat from Claudia Joeseph’s story in The Daily Mail:

Kate, who is 35 today, bought the £320 hat from milliners Lock & Co. 

We have seen Pippa Middleton in one of Lacorine’s hats, and according to the company’s media page, Kate owns three.



Back to Claudia Joseph’s story:

The Lacorine hat was first discovered by the Middleton sisters five years ago when they were shopping at William Evans & Co, which has a shop in St James’.

Kate bought the Quori hat in black, chocolate brown and champagne, while Pippa wore a brown one to the Cheltenham races in 2013.

BTW, Brenda comments that Kate’s hat style is “…a feminized version of a Russian hat called a ushanka (the full ushanka has ear flaps that can be worn down or pinned up).”

It looked like Kate also had on her diamond and sapphire earrings, but there have been comments suggesting perhaps she wore her green amethysts by Kiki McDonough, the pair worn with this coat in 2015. I have not seen a good enough picture to judge and am still leaning to the sapphire and diamond pair but will keep an eye out for a better photo.

Kate Christmas 2015 Head Shot Green Kiki Amethyst

For anyone curious about what Pippa was wearing, Anna of My Small Obsessions reports her hat is a past-season style from UK accessories retailer Febronie.



We’ll leave you with a reminder of Kate’s two engagements on Wednesday and this video of the Queen’s arrival.


  60 Responses to “Kate in SportMax Coat & New Accessories for Church at Sandringham (UPDATED: Hat IDed)”

  1. It is the saphire earrings. I have a photo.

  2. As mentioned many times, the belt of the coat is very high. I also noticed the pockets look higher on Kate than the model. Why would she have the pockets raised?

  3. Does that fur collar Sophie is wearing look like the one Kate wore on Christmas?

  4. The stock photo of the Alpaca hat looks a lot more fluffy and softer than Kate’s. Maybe because she was wearing it on a damp day?

    • I noticed that too. Kate’s hat looks like it’s been through the washing machine a time or two. The fur looks a bit ratty. I’d rather own the model’s hat than Kate’s, although I do like the style and the way it looks on her.

  5. The hat is fantastic; fun and functional and classic! And, I think the cossack style suites Kate very well. If you want to make a statement on a winter day ware an alpaca cossack hat and 4 inch heels to church! I do think the Duchess should have worn it positioned a little lower on her brow, it is too far back on her head.

    I also love the hat with the scarf or blouse, the pattern and colors highlight the hat. The coat on the other hand, IMO, is ill-fitted and the wrong color. I tend to agree that maybe the color is not coming across in the pictures as well as it did in life.

    I agree with the comments about the awkward slipping of the belt. It seems the coat was designed to be belted at the natural waistline when worn with a belt. But Kate is wearing it rather high, almost like an empire style. She seems to do this a lot when she wares a belt. Anyway, I think the weird placement of the belt makes the skirt of the coat hang strangely. It appears much fuller in the model pictures.

    As for the shoes . . . who wears 4 inch stilettos to church or work. Aren’t they for cocktail parties and glam events like movie openings and such. I am in my late 50′s so maybe a bit behind the times on that point.

  6. Sophie Carter looks amazing. I agree with someone else who said that maybe Kate is showing appreciation for Christmas/birthday gifts from someone who she was seeing that day. The hat really isn’t her style, from what we’ve seen so far. And I’m sorry, but I just can’t help by chuckle to myself and think, “I need to call Pippa’s Detective Agency”, because there’s no WAY she dressed like that, in our age group, and didn’t think that she looked like a knock-off Carmen San Diego.

    • I hadn’t had that thought but I certainly empathize with her as I recently felt obliged to wear some Christmas gift items that I would not have chosen for myself :) to me, that’s the only explanation for this combination of coat, scarf and hat!

    • On another site, someone said that Pippa looked like she’d just escaped from a 1940s detective movie.

  7. It was wonderful to see the Queen back out in public again. I was really worried when I heard she was so poorly; the Queen does not just go to church for the sake of being seen. Her faith is very important to her personally, not just as the Head of the Church of England. You can bet your boots that St. Magdalene’s vicar has attended Sandringham for the Queen to receive communion in private.

    Catherine was definitely outshone by Sophie Carter, she looked wonderful, and I love that hat. As usual the Queen looked beautiful, that colour blue really suits her, and she appeared to be glowing. I’m not a fan of Pippa’s style, but I did like her coat and hat, it suited for being in the country, although boots would of looked better, rather than nude hosiery and heels.

    Despite what Catherine’s clothes cost, this rather looks like she’d thrown the children’s dressing up box up in the air, and selected whatever came down first. As rather a lot have said, it was a real mish-mash.

    I can’t help but think that Carole Middleton’s attention to dress has in the back of her mind her time as cabin crew or an air hostess as she would have been with British Airways. Having to be turned out as the face of a company, BA have very high standards as to how their staff are turned out. As former cabin crew, I can testify to this. Seeing her all in navy blue, it’s definitely wandering the BA way. That hat is very “air hostess,” but it also has leanings towards Jacqueline Kennedy, back in the 1960′s, the hat is not quite as far back as Jackie wore it, but it’s heading that way.

    • I suspect Carole Middleton from childhood has always been focused on detail and her clothing style. She does have excellent taste in general and she is also of a generation to have a better sense as to the history of how “things” are done. She and Michael are both typically spot on in their attire, looking appropriate but also a bit updated. ali

    • I have been really disappointed in Kate’s ability to accessorize since getting married. She is at best unimaginative and at worst, a hodgepodge. It is ironic to me because one of the reasons I first liked her style (prior to her marriage) was her accessorizing. She had a very cool, effortless style that I envied. It may be that she has adopted an older, more matronly style of dressing since joining the Royal Family and she doesn’t know how to accessorize that. I don’t know…I would like to see her bring back some of her old style…being appropriate and proper does not mean being old and uninspired.

      • “…being appropriate and proper does not mean being old and uninspired.”—-could not agree more!

        She is a lovely young woman who only turned 35 today—but she often dresses much older than her actual age.

      • I so agree. I think Kate’s sense of style was so much better before her marriage and in the early days of marriage. She seems to have lost herself in the transformation.

    • I totally agree with you and also with SG’s comments re accessories. Overall, Kate looks fine but the whole look could be so much better if she followed it through a bit more.

      Sophie looks interesting and seems to have her own style and could be a good advisor for Kate. Carole looks lovely and always seems to look totally right for the occasion – her total look always looks complete and well thought through. As usual, the Queen looks wonderful and it’s so nice to see her and the Duke back to health.

  8. I love Kate in the alpaca hat, she looks very chic. Pippa also looking good today.

    Did Kate’s brother James break up with Donna Air? I haven’t seen them together lately, she is also a very fashionable, gorgeous lady that I think would get on with Kate and Pippa.

  9. I’m really interested in Pippa’s coat! I wonder if you might know of any place that has ID’ed it?

    Carole looks stunning today, nothing more to be said.

    Thanks so much for a lovely post as always.

  10. Hmm Kate seems to have ‘Christmas’ coats. First in Berkshire and this Sunday replicating 2015. I think they are actually her ‘in the presence of HM the Queen’ coats demure, not bright against HM famed bolder colours and probably her warmest in this our bleak mid-winter. Accessories suit her. Shoes darling but wouldn’t dream myself of donning any of it. I would however Grinch it and steal all of Pippa’s sexy, forties reminiscent look. Chuckling no end at Daily Mail describing Kate as frugal in her £1500 coat and £400 shoes because they’ve made a previous appearance. Certainly not my definition of frugality.

    • I wondered if Kate keeps coats at Bucklebury at her parents home, and Amner Hall – so she doesn’t have to transport things back and forth from KP and knows where everything is.

      This being the reason she repeats things at the same venue?

  11. Love the hat, love the coat, not sure about them together. Agree about Mrs. Middleton she looks fab – classy & fresh. Pips, alas, the hat is horrid. Can we pretty please get an ID on Sophie’s coat? It is outstanding!! Do their RH go to church every week and we don’t get pictures except on special occasions?

    • Maybe if she had worn grey boots, scarf or gloves, the hat would work better?

    • I spent a bit of time looking for Sophie’s coat, unsuccessfully. :(

      • it looks very bespoke and not mainstream fashion at all.

        • Her whole look to me is pretty spectacular. She also manages to carry it all off without looking like the outfit is wearing her. Hard to do with that look. Maybe a vintage piece? Although the fabric looks new. Do not know her clothing budget but if she has a boatload to spend it could be a major designer but one of their very small runs or one of the their new designers.

          • Add on, I just looked back at a few stock photos of Sophie and she seems to have had a wonderful unique sense of dressing over the years.

            • I think so too ali. She definitely follows her own drummer and it works for her. One feels she has fun with her clothes which is nice.

          • I considered if it were vintage as well but the color is just too vibrant and its in spectacular shape. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a bespoke copy of a vintage piece however.

        • I think it looks very thrift shop. That is not to say that I don’t like the look, but it is what we here in San Francisco call “funky.” IMO. . . no way Kate could or would get away with wearing an outfit like that. What say you all?

          • It is funky :-) I think Kate could get away with it actually depending on the venue. I don’t think she needs to dress as safe and conservatively as she does all the time, and she would glow in that color…. with some ruby chandeliers.

          • I cannot see Kate in anything that avant garde – I think she feels the need to stay conservative for the most part.

            • I’ll rephrase my statement :-) I know she would never wear a coat like this but I would want her to because I think she would look great and it would work well for certain events.

  12. This is one of my favorite coats love kate in dark green and I never say no to a big fur hat but that scarf/blouse = no maybe a solid red if she wanted a splash of color.
    Of course Kate looks amazing no matter what she wears and it looks like she had a nice birthday weekend with her family and friends. Also nice to see that the Queen is feeling better.
    Evev though I have not seen a great pic. Do u think her earring could be the green amethyst kiki she wore them with this coat before?

  13. My guess is she got the hat and Sammi scarf (or blouse) for her birthday or for Christmas from someone in that church party, and she’s showing appreciation by wearing them today. Would have been a better overall look with a red or black coat, as the scarf and hat complement nicely. Maybe she didn’t have a red coat in the closet at Amner?

    • I find that prospect unlikely. However, I would like to hear from others who might be more knowledgeable about the gift giving customs of the royals and the aristocracy; what do they think or know to be the customs. I can tell you that for me and my family, clothing is always fraught with problems, better to give books, subscriptions, gift cards, homemade goodies, etc. Even apart from size, clothing is so personal. I can’t imagine Kate receiving a gift of say a hat, and then just wearing it because she felt obligated.

  14. I like the coat but I agree with others that the accessories do not go. The shoes, scarf, and hat are all a mishmash and do not look right with the coat at all. I usually think Pippa looks…not well put together but I quite liked her look today. Sophie Carter is my favorite look of the bunch, though…she looks chic and stylish while still appropriate.

  15. I’m not a fan of this coat on Kate due to the way the waistline appears to end up so high under the bust. I think that then makes all attempts to use a belt on top look uncoordinated. The original coat design looks well in the studio shots, but there the coat is better fitted to the model.

    As for accessories, the scarf pattern is very pretty and well suited in tones of colour and I’m fond of those Valerie heels. But unless there is perhaps a shade of the same colour in the scarf pattern I’m at a loss to see where a pale grey fur hat fits in to the whole.

    Cossack hats are something else I’m no fan of, and Kate has previously sported one in similar style about ten years ago. One might be considered an indulgence, but two is getting to be a plain bad habit. On this occasion I feel Kate has been outclassed by her mother and most especially by her sister’s choice of chic fedora and well-fitted coat.

  16. I agree with several other commenters that the cool grey hat is jarring with the warm green coat. Also, the style of the hat doesn’t seem to go with the coat. I just don’t understand putting these pieces together.

    I think both Carole and Pippa both look fantastic.

    Pippa’s jaunty hat gives the otherwise demure and lowkey outfit a youthful punch but is still respectful and entirely appropriate for church. This is exactly the difference many of us have been discussing wherein you can dress very appropriate and lady like but still look age appropriate and enjoy fashion.

    I hope the duchess has a fantastic birthday!

  17. I like Kate’s hat a lot. I think its a fun piece to have in one’s wardrobe and not supposed to look real. The color is so soft and light that it is really a neutral and will go with many other colors. I think she started a great look here but would look complete with boots and a muff.

    On a side note, I think Pippa looks great. From what I can see, her coat looks like a feminine twist on a classic trench with the dashing fedora adding a shot of
    menswear edge. The pretty heels and luxe gloves work beautifully with the outfit as well.

    I was hoping there would be a bit of information on Sophie Carter’s coat. Gorgeous doesn’t even come close to describing it for me.

    • While not ao keen on the hat – a bit too Dr Zhivago for me! – I do think soft fur framing the face can be very flattering. Kate looks glowing against the soft grey here.

    • Faith, I’ve looked for Sophie’s coat, but have been unsuccessful in identifying it. If helpful, some of the search terms I used were “waterfall coat,” “waterfall duster,” and even “trapeze coat,” although it’s not really that style. :)

      • Thank you so much for trying! Such a shame it can’t be found. Probably, it is the product of an extremely talented dressmaker.

  18. Great post and ID!
    The blouse looks like a strong possibility! Someday maybe we´ll see it again!
    Great job!

  19. She is wearing a pleated skirt or dress that comes to just below the knee. I saw it on a picture at another web site.

    I think it looks like the bow blouse more than a scarf, especially in the full length picture where William is mostly covering Catherine from the camera as they walk.

    I don’t think the hat or grey shoes look particularly polished with the green coat and warm toned blouse/scarf. However, since I’d consider this more of a normal family church day than an actual public engagement, I like the whimsical matchup. It seems less formal than her usually very coordinated look for official church appearances.

    • Now that I have looked at more pictures, it seems like the scarf might have too much volume to be the pussybow blouse. Perhaps it is just tied differently than her usual heavier scarfs.

      • I thought the volume of the knot looked too much for a mere pussy bow as well. I haven’t been able to catch any shots of dress or skirt beneath the coat.

        Love your point about ‘whimsical matchup’ — that sums Kate up to a tee! Not altogether sure how informal an outing can be when it includes the Queen herself but I think your point probably still holds :-)

  20. I am with those who don’t find the hat to be pleasing with the coat. It doesn’t seem to be in keeping with the color family or even the style and silhouette of the rest of the outfit, making this an example of an ensemble that isn’t successful due to accessories.

    Pippa sometimes is right on with her choices but not when it comes to church going, I fear. This is better than her Christmas outfit but not by much. I so love that hat though! Carol is perfection and though I’m half her age I would wear that!

    There aren’t great photos of the Marchioness but I think she’s probably pulled together something very elegant and appropriate here, based on what we’ve seen of her turtleneck and hat and long coat!

  21. Kate’s hat is a feminized version of a Russian hat called a ushanka (the full ushanka has ear flaps that can be worn down or pinned up). Saturday was Russian Orthodox Christmas, and it’s possible that in addition to a fashion statement, she was indirectly nodding to the Orthodox holiday.

    I do think it’s a little strange to see British women wearing fur and nude stockings. If it’s cold enough for fur, it seems like it ought to be cold enough for boots or tights. You’ll notice that Sophie Carter seems to be wearing boots or tights.

    It’s a nice show of solidarity to see the Middletons, Kate and William’s friends, and the Queen and Prince Philip. I’m so glad HM is back on her feet.

  22. Happy New Year!
    The overall look is just ok. I hope that the scarf is more grey or appears more grey in person, otherwise I find the large, very grey hat out of place here.
    I wonder if the other ladies, Carole and Sophie, were inspired by the faux fur Christmas collar…perhaps Sophie even borrowed Kate’s?!! Carole looked really lovely today! I’m not really a fan of Pippa’s outfit for church service with the Queen (and I believe I felt this way last year at this time/I like the pieces of her outfit just not for mass).
    An early Happy Birthday to Kate! I’m sure they enjoyed the weekend together with family & friends! Looking forward to more outings this week!

  23. I dislike the cool gray hat with the warm green/olive coat. A brown or warm gray hat would have been nice- no scarf or accessory could pull these colors together.

    Her mother and sister look so much nicer.

    • You said exactly what I wanted to say – except you said it better : )

    • Looking again I’m now wondering if in fact there is some sort of grey in the scarf but the one colour it lacks is the green of the coat. Whatever, I think I’ll stick with Michelle’s assessment of a ‘whimsical mismatch’!

      • I think the hat color and pale blue/grey in the scarf probably are a close match. I agree, no green but black and it works with the very dark green of the coat. Not my favorite combination of items but bet it worked better in person. Some of the other outfits are wonderful. Kate looked fine just rather bland, which is fine when the focus is on the Queen attending Church for the first time in several weeks. ali

        • I would heartily agree that many of Kate’s more puzzling outfits would be better explained and perhaps appreciated if seen for real. Fine fabrics and tailoring would reveal themselves fully

          Also agree that the dark of the scarf blends with the coat, but overall not a favourite combination of colours or items!

  24. I like Kate’s coat but can’t say that the hat really enhances it. The grey, hat, while it does not clash, also doesn’t really coordinate with the green. Also I am not keen on Pippa’s choice of hat. It is too much like a man’s fedora with an orange piece of ribbon.

    Carole Middleton always looks elegant and most appropriate. She is a woman of real class and can hold her place even with members of the royal family.

    Great to know the Queen is well enough to be out and about.

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