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For today’s engagement with the RAF Air Cadets, the Duchess wore a jacket from Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini.

© Ben Stevens / i-Images

© Ben Stevens / i-Images

The event was held at an RAF base in Cambridgeshire where the Cadets are taking part in a half-term skills development course.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Duchess gets a look at a training aircraft.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From the Air Cadets story about today’s function:

Cadet Sergeant Jordan Bertalaso said: “Flying is my favourite air cadet activity and it was an honour to show the Duchess the layout of the Tutor cockpit, particularly as the aircraft is used by cadets for air experience.

“It’s incredible to have such a high profile Royal as our Patron, especially as she has strong links to the Royal Air Force with her husband being a former pilot.

RAF Air Cadets

RAF Air Cadets

The Duchess joined cadets in some of their exercises.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

More from Rebecca English’s Daily Mail story:

The Duchess now represents 42,000 air cadets aged from 12 to 19, and 15,000 adult volunteers at more than 1,200 units across the UK and abroad.

The week acts as an initial camp experience for cadets who are in their first six months of membership.

© Darren Staples / Reuters / Splash

© Darren Staples / Reuters / Splash

Kate and the cadets in a training exercise.

Kate became royal patron of the Air Cadets in December 2015, taking over the role Prince Philip held for more than 60 years.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate tried her hand on a flight simulator.

More from an Express story about today’s event:

 Kate reached a speed of 60 knots at an altitude of 4000ft as she took the controls of a flight simulator.  The simulator mimics the performance of a Vigilant motor glider that the air cadets use.

The Duchess clearly enjoyed her time with the Cadets.

© James Whatling

© James Whatling

Now to what Kate wore for the day’s engagement, a Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini twill blazer.

Net a Porter / James Whatling

Net a Porter / James Whatling

The jacket is from the label’s Resort 17 collection.

© Zak Hussein, Splash News / Robin Nunn, Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Zak Hussein, Splash

© Zak Hussein, Splash News / Robin Nunn, Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Zak Hussein, Splash

It is a rayon/wool blend with classic double-breasted styling, and it features front patch pockets, peak lapels, front darts, center back vent, and embossed shank buttons. The official color name is claret, a stellar shade for Valentine’s Day. The blazer is available in most sizes at Net-a-Porter ($1515) and in limited sizes at Barneys ($1515).   



The blazer is also offered in a blue shade; it is available at Farfetch ($1515). It is carried at Browns as well, where it is a good deal; it is £760, roughly $950 at today’s exchange rates.



This is the second Philosophy piece we’ve seen Kate wear; the first was also a jacket, seen in a 2016 official photo. (More info in our post here.)

©Chris Jelf/Lyst

©Chris Jelf/Lyst

Philosophy is the Alberta Ferretti diffusion line targeting a younger demo with more contemporary designs and lower prices. The current Creative Director, Lorenzo Serafini, has previously designed at Dolce & Gabbana, and also Roberto Cavalli. The brand is carried online by Net-a-Porter, as well as Stylebop, YOOX, Barney’s, and the Philosophy portion of the Alberta Ferretti website.

The Duchess was in a black turtleneck (aka ‘polo neck’) that has yet to be identified. A WKW Facebook friend messaged to say she believes Kate was wearing Zara’s Body Curve Jeggings. The style is a blend of cotton/lyocell/Poly/elastane. Most recently the jeggings were sold for $7.99, discounted from their original price of $35.90.



She brought back her Stuart Weitzman Half ‘n Half Stretch Rider boots from Russell and Bromley (£395).  The knee-high boots are suede on the front, with a stretch material on the back and a low block heel.

Russell & Bromley / James Whatling

Russell & Bromley / James Whatling

These digitally lightened photos better show the different materials used for the boots. The pictures are from the first time Kate was seen wearing them at a SportsAid engagement in 2014.

BOTH: Nunn Syndication/POLARIS

BOTH: Nunn Syndication/POLARIS

We still haven’t identified Kate’s gloves. (Our friends at Cornelia James tell us she is not wearing one of their styles.) A message also suggests Kate might have been wearing gloves by Butterfly Lane. In the image below I have digitally enhanced the photo a bit to better show the details, it is difficult to tell if the two pair are the same. .

Kate Air Cadets Black Gloves Feb 14 2017 Butterfly Lane Digitally Lightened Product Shot

© James Whatling / James Whatling / Butterfly Lane

We saw the return of Kate’s Lauren earrings by Kiki McDonough. While they are officially designed as a leaf, today I think they are doing double duty as a stand-in for hearts.

© Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Kiki McDonough / James Whatling

© Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Kiki McDonough / James Whatling

When Kate arrived, her hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail which she later loosened.

© James Whatling/Zak Hussein, Splash

© James Whatling/Zak Hussein, Splash

Kate signing the guest book at today’s engagement.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace


In case you missed yesterday’s post, you can read all about the trip to Paris Kate and William will take in March, as well as a quick look at the 2017 fall collections from Diane von Furstenberg and J Crew.

In addition to the Paris trip, Kate has added an engagement on February 28th, when she will officially open the new Ronald McDonald House located within a 5-minute walk of Evelina London Children’s Hospital.


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  1. It’s a beautiful blazer i like you so much and your style very unique one the blazer is very graceful looking and the color is very chic one and button style is very good. especially the blazer neck line design very beautiful and like your all the posts thanks for sharing good blog.

  2. Has nothing to do with the outfit but was your post title a reference to Shelley’s “Love’s Philosophy”?
    Apologies if anyone above me in the comments asked this already; I didn’t have time to read them all.

  3. That jacket is beautiful, well made and the fit is excellent. That shade of red looks really unique. Love this overall look, very athletic yet sophisticated, and agree with a comment above, equestrian. The hair seems to also transform seamlessly.

  4. To me this really feels like a perfect outfit. Lovely pop of colour from the jacket, the gold of the buttons continues through the earrings, the boots are stylish but appropriate for climbing in and out of planes and doing jumping exercises. Kate looks elegant and put together, but not like she is trying too hard in a setting that calls for appropriate but not over-the-top clothing. Her hair colour looks absolutely fabulous as well!

  5. At a first glimpse I thought this is a ZARA blazer!! and not such an expensive piece which I think is just another Jacket/blazer

  6. I liked this outfit but I’m not sure what exactly ‘jeggings’ are, my DH thinks they are pull-on leggings with stitching to look like jeans, so no belt-loops or fly. Kate does look like she is wearing tights, and leggings are just thick cotton tights really, but it’s a look most under 40s are comfortable with.
    Kate could have worn those boots with boot-cut ‘office trousers’ but I have never seen a photo of her in formal trousers, she doesn’t wear that kind of trouser in her private life either, so I conclude that she just doesn’t like them. She has worn a pyjama type trouser to an official engagement. It’s true that past generations of Brits have had a thing about trousers, my mother thought they were shocking & racy, but Diana wore lemon formal ones for official pictures with Charles & the children while visiting the King & Queen of Spain & wore them towards the end of her life too, though never for an official role. Two memorable choices were wearing Charles’s tuxedo/bow tie/trousers one evening & causing outrage by wearing red leather ones to a show (with a blouse with giant bow/sleeves). They are just not Kate’s choice though.
    I really like the jacket, I thought she had chosen the red because the blue was too close to RAF uniform, rather than Valentine’s day, but then I saw the heart earrings… There was an equestrian feel to the outfit (as someone else said), particularly when her hair was in the ponytail (sorry, no pun intended) as it had been styled with volume up top & looked a bit like a helmet from a distance with tight jodphurs.
    There is one thing I’d like Kate to change, but I think its as much of a ‘uniform’ for her as skinny jeans & Breton tops – I wish, wish, wish, she would wear a polo neck in a different colour sometime, any colour, as long as it isn’t black! She has loads of black ones – the necklines are different heights, & it would be nice to see a change.

  7. The red blazer is very smart looking and the military style is fitting to the occasion. The colour red and the heart shaped earrings are a nice nod to St. Valentine’s Day. I agree with the many comments about how inappropriate the leggings are; how faded and tired they are looking. A slim, nicely tailored, black dress pant would have been so much better. She could have worn these pants with an ankle boot.

    To those who comment that skinny jeans are necessary for getting in and out of planes, I beg to differ. In July 2016, Kate and William were at an air show with George. Kate was wearing a blue dress with a pencil skirt. She was also wearing high nude heals and was carrying George. If she could get into a plane under those circumstances, she could most certainly have done it on Valentine’s Day in a dress pant.

    Pity the pony tail didn’t hold. It was pretty and worked well with the outfit.

    • heels…not heals. Sorry

    • Yes, Kate did wear a dress and blazer to the July 2016 airshow, which was celebrating the 75th anniversary of the RAF air cadets. However there were key differences between that event and her visit to Cambridgeshire. The air show was in the summer time, and being an air show called for a little more formality of wardrobe–thus the dress. The only aircraft Kate got into was a helicopter which was much easier to climb into than a training plane. Pictures show little Prince George climbing onto the step himself and the distance to the ground is very small especially compared to climbing up on a wing and then into a cockpit. William was there to give Kate a hand too. But at the event on Tuesday, Kate was on her own and was going to be joining in exercises with the cadets as well as climbing into a plane. So the choice of skinny jeans/leggings and boots were appropriate for a February day spent with the cadets.

      I don’t think we can ever expect to see Kate in a pant suit or even tailored pants. The women of the British royal family just don’t wear them. If they are patrons of an army regiment, they will wear the fatigues when they go out to inspect tanks and so forth–like Princess Anne and the Countess of Wessex do. So one might even say that Kate has really broken with tradition by wearing the skinny jeans/leggings and thus being way more modern!!

      • Re pants and pantsuits, yep — in fact we can see the progression in the Countess of Wessex’s wardrobe, specifically away from the pantsuits she wore before and in the early years of her marriage: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3278885/From-frumpy-fabulous-Sophie-Wessex-caved-royal-style-demands-ditched-boring-trouser-suits-one-Vanity-Fair-s-best-dressed.html

        I have a sense that a lot of critics of Kate’s style want her to dress more like, just to give one example, Queen Letizia of Spain, who wears stylish trousers quite often to daytime events. I’m a fan of Letizia, but she lives in a very different country and comes from a very different professional background. Also, she’s the queen consort, not the wife of the second in line to the throne — she can make the call on what to wear with no static from anyone. The BRF is conservative and is going to remain so, unlike the Spanish royals who know they are on shaky ground and have a mandate to modernize. QEII has worn a trouser suit honestly maybe twice in her life — her grandson’s wife isn’t going to wear one, either.

  8. Fabulous !! Young yet classy !!

  9. I love this look. Very appropriate to the event. I remember (long ago) Princess Diana in camouflage Military type Uniform climbing into tanks and she looked great. A comment on Prince William at the BAFTA’s….”He wore clothes. He looked nice.”….from a fashion magazine.

  10. It’s great to see her so happy and relaxed and expressive lately. I attribute this to the joy her little children bring out in her. You can tell she’s very hands on. Motherhood suits her well.

    I also can’t help but feel a Spanish vibe from her recently in her look these past several events. I wonder if she’s been looking to fashion icon Queen Letizia of Spain and that has had some influence on her.

    • I love Letizia’s fashion choices. Every outfit she wears has perfect styling and accessories. But I think she and Kate are a wide distance apart in their tastes.

  11. I hope we find out where the gloves came from! I am in love with them!!

  12. I really love this outfit. It’s very appropriate. What people don’t realize is that wearing trousers would be fussy in this environment. Military pilots have their pants tucked INTO their boots for a reason – so the hems doesn’t get caught on the ladders or other equipment. Kate is very aware of this so the jeggings/skinny jeans is a smart move. The hems won’t get caught as the jeans have been smartly tucked into boots (this is, by the way, the same reason why equestrians tuck their breeches into their boots. To prevent being dragged.)

    While many of you may be tired of her choice in trousers, it often comes with the thought of what she is doing. In this case, she’s being extremely thoughtful of her own safety and she chose pants that she wouldn’t mind dirtying. Military ladders are heavily greased so they can be manipulated quickly. Her jeggings by the end were probably full of three kinds of grease or oil!

    • Exactly. Thank you!

    • I totally agree with your points about the choice of leggings/skinny jeans. That’s what I thought too. A tailored pant could get caught, wouldn’t provide the kind of give and stretch needed for climbing in and out of an aircraft, and would likely get wrinkled too. And that would provoke comments! LOL

      I am thrilled that Kate is the patron of the cadets–it’s such a good fit for her. She interacts so well with children, clearly loves doing so, and they respond to her so well too. She’s enthusiastic and enjoys the events. I have a soft spot for the air force–my dad was in the RCAF in WWII, way back I dated a fellow who was in the RCAF Air Cadets, and my husband was a RCAF Air Cadet, even playing in the pipe band! I also think that it’s so good that a female member of the Royal Family has this appointment now.

  13. I don’t object to skinny jeans in general but “skinny” does not have to mean skin-tight. They always seem to be a bit too small for her. I am glad she dressed down for the occasion, instead of wearing something fussy, and I quite like the red blazer. And I am glad she wore pants, but if she opts for skinny jeans, I would like to see a pair that don’t look literally painted on.

    • Well according to reports, these ones were not painted on, in fact, they were too big and Kate had to pull them up. This style of pant is designed to fit tightly. That is the style and when they are loose, you feel the need to tug at the waistband because they feel like they are creating what my daughter calls “baggy butt.”

    • If you look closely, you will see gathers above her knee. They are not excessively tight.

  14. This is a classic British look IMO – Red blazer with Black top/trousers and accessories.

    It isn’t a British look to wear a “pant suit”. I know some will be disappointed, but it just isn’t.

    The stretch in the trousers (jeans, jeggings whatever) and the stretch in the jacket made this very suitable for the events taking place.

    I know RAF Wittering – open, flat, windy and chilly. All year!

  15. I don’t have a problem with Kate wearing skinny jeans – I thought she looked great wearing them with the small down jacket. But here the proportions are out of whack. The jacket is too big and it looks like she is wearing tights without the bottom half of her outfit. While I generally like tailored jackets – this one is badly tailored and rather ill fitting. The fabric looks a bit cheap – wrinkling a lot on the arms. So sorry another miss from me.

  16. That’s a beautiful red blazer! I like this whole outfit. It’s modern, updated and practical. This is an example of Kate putting her personal stamp on how to be a modern royal.

  17. I like her outfit, especially with her hair in a ponytail. I think the skinny jeans are fine here but she needs a new pair which fit better for official engagements. Some of the papers have printed rather unflattering pictures of her pulling them up and it doesn’t look great.

  18. I think she might be wearing M&S jeggings.

  19. Kate looks great, and happy as well! She carries off this blazer/turtleneck look very nicely, and I think the boots are gorgeous, not to mention comfortable with the stretch fabric and the low heel. Red and black always look striking on Kate if the fabrics and colors are rich enough to look somewhat luxurious. I do understand the fatigue surrounding the skinny jeans, but I think Kate wears them well and she shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to wear matronly pants. She is still young! And subtle heart earrings for Valentine’s Day– fun!

  20. I really like the jacket and the boots are good. I do think the Duchess looks good in Skinny Jeans, but I would have gone for something different here. I don’t feel it works with the silhouette of the jacket.

  21. I’m confused as to how people think she should have worn dress trousers to this. What shoes would she have worn with them? Ballet flats? Surely her feet would have gotten very cold as its clear in these pics just hod chilly it is during this event.

    I see nothing wrong with skinny jeans. My only problem is they don’t see to fit her right. She keeps pulling them up (had to do the same at the heads together event), and THAT looks unladylike. She just needs to get a pair that fit her properly.

    • She could have worn Chelsea boots with black dress pants. A million different labels make them. Mine are Paul Green, black suede, and super comfortable.

    • Considering that skinny jeans didn’t exist till a couple of years ago, there must have been something else that women wore on such occasions. Come to that, what would William have worn to this appearance? Probably a pair of slacks. While I wouldn’t expect Kate to show up in chinos, she could have worn tailored trousers and I don’t see why she would have had a problem getting in or out of the plane, or jumping around a little.

      As for footwear. Kate could have gone with ankle boots, I imagine.

    • Agree with everything you said

    • My thoughts exactly. Boots were called for during this event due to walking around in the chilly, probably muddy conditions. Therefore, something skinny was necessary. The problem is that this pair looks washed out and the fit is off around the waist. I, too, noticed that the last two times she has worn these she has been captured by photographers hiking them up. That alone makes this pair of pants a disaster and her stylist should be taking note. I imagine the queen shudders at hiking up pants photos. lol
      Get a belt or get a different pair. The problem is with this particular pair of skinnies – not skinnies in general.

      • I agree with you – it’s not that the skinny jeans are too tight or that they don’t fit. It’s that she’s constantly having to hoick them up! I’m glad that jeans waistbands are heading higher a bit (although I’m not on board with mom jeans) because they sit higher and consequently tend to require less of the dreaded hoick.

        Lindsey has the solution: A belt! There you go! Problem solved.

  22. A cheery red jacket and heart-shaped earrings coupled with stretch pants seem as neat a solution as could be contrived for a Valentine’s Day flying lesson. Even the gloves, with the bows I don’t usually like, look just right for the lady pilot in training.

    It’s a wonderful jacket and a double row of brass buttons ties in with a military setting. The extra length mercifully veils the more revealing aspects of such skinny jeans – except, of course, unless the wearer decides to hitch up the waistline — perhaps this was one time a belt might have proved useful.

    The wide lapels sit well though I’m slightly surprised to see structured shoulders which seem reminiscent of 80’s shoulder pads. I think the relatively bulky shape of the jacket is maybe emphasised by the very narrow trousers, pulling the silhouette a bit out of balance.

    But I can’t fault stretch leg-wear for this engagement as elegant tailored trousers would not have worked so well for climbing in and out of a cockpit. Narrow jeans fit well inside the boots which seem to have more of a heel than I remember, and which, along with the snappy jacket, add another touch of the ladylike to a practical outfit. I like that the jacket illustration shows this style paired with jeans, such a classic combination

    Thanks for a lovely post, we have a great range of photos to enjoy from this event. Thanks too for explaining the narrative of the hair as I hadn’t understood how it ended up in a pony tail when at first it looked to be worn loose.

  23. I love this look, especially with her hair pulled back. Young, modern, appropriate for the situation. She looks great!

  24. Well this is one outfit I don’t have to go in search of a repliKate! I own it. This is my favorite winter dressing.

    It’s great to see the interactions with the cadets. Her spirit just shined through. What an excellent event.

  25. I don’t mind skinny jeans per se but these seemed wrinkled at the thighs – more like track pants.

    Loved the blazer in this rich red colour – stunning on Kate – and the ponytail is fun yet polished. Shame she pulled it out mid-engagement but perhaps the wind got to it?

    The earrings were a cute nod to Valentine’s Day, along with the red jacket. I wonder if this was her idea?

    Kate clearly enjoyed herself judging by her smiles!

  26. There’s another pair of black jeggings on the Zara site that is full price and it doesn’t look like they were ever on sale. Do we know what the difference is between the 2 and how do we know she’s wearing the discounted ones?

  27. looks fabulous as always. stop the criticism,perhaps pop a photo up of yourself and ask everyone to comment.

  28. I don’t mind that she is wearing skinny jeans—they look good with boots (I wear this combo myself often) and I also don’t mind that the black is a little faded. I politely disagree with those who state that jeggings/skinny jeans are not appropriate for work—it depends on how they are styled and what the work activity is (ie not in the board room). They are styled just fine for an outdoor casual semi-physical event. My only real complaint about the jeans/jeggings is that they have stretched out and the duchess was tugging on and adjusting them often—that is not an elegant look.

    The blazer/jacket seems a little too long for me and like it might be a size too large.

    This is one time that a French braid would have been great because her hair would have been contained and not blowing around in the wind.

    Overall, she seemed to be having a lovely time, and I think she struck just the right note between work/casual/military/civilian.

  29. I love this look. And as for those who say the black pieces don’t match, I don’t care. I like to see her pulling from her closet of casual pieces and making an outfit that is fun and Valentine’s appropriate.
    And, was she really pulling up her pants or just putting something in or out of her pocket? I can’t tell from these photos.
    Skinny jeans and leggings are still going strong and frankly, if I had a body like this after two kids, I’d be wearing them too for this type of visit with teenagers. If it had been a more adult age crowd, she could have swapped out some tailored trousers.

  30. Looking professional while staying warm and also able to be really active is quite a tall order for any outfit! I agree that wool trousers would be better, but she wouldn’t have been able to wear those boots in that case. And she couldn’t be in heels, because she was jumping in and out of airplanes. Therefore, I’m okay with the skinny jeans here, though I’d have gone for a brand new pair that hadn’t faded past the point of matching my turtleneck.

    The blazer is classic so it’s hard to quibble with it, but I personally don’t find the double breasted style to be flattering. If this were her Smythe blazer in red, wool trousers, and pointy toed black flats I’d be impressed. So close, Kate. But so far.

    • As pointed out by others, I think flats would have not been warm enough. It is difficult to be cheery and attentive with cold feet, so I think the boots were a great choice. I own a couple of pairs of Stuart Weitzman boots with low heels, and they are extremely comfortable and warm.

      I would love Kate to try a pair of straight leg woolen trousers, but this was not the event for them. Jeans and boots fit the bill prefectly! The red jacket is a nice touch for Valentines Day and it is good to see Kate branching out a bit with the cut the style. The turtle neck could be from Hobbs. I recently purchased a similar one from them made of merino wool. Is is fabulous!

  31. Wow, the second I saw her skinny jeans I could predict at least half of the comments. Get rid of them! Wear slim trousers! Nicer slim pant!
    Once again, I think she looks coordinated and terrific. The blazer is gorgeous, and one of the great things about a blazer like that is you can dress it up or down, and it works. In fact, her outfit is far superior to the disjointed collection of garments slapped onto the model. Talk about proportion — the length of the blazer vs. the length of the skirt is dreadful.
    It is too bad, though, that she didn’t borrow some jewels from the Queen, since she’s a duchess and has access to really incredible jewelry, so she should always wear it, right?Perhaps a diamond necklace plus the diamond bracelet she wore to the BAFTA awards would’ve perked up the outfit, and moved the eye away from the skinny jeans?
    Keep your skinny jeans, Kate. You like them and you wear them well. Boots look cool, too.

    • Love your post. I thought the Duchess looked beautiful and appropriate. She stood out in the ground, wore Red for Valentines day, dressed for the activity and more importantly she engaged with those she visited.

      • Thanks, SW.

      • You wouldn’t wear fine jewelry to an aviation event. I did see someone on the Fug Girls ask why Kate didn’t wear her RAF pin, but it’s awfully large, and maybe there was no way to place it properly on this blazer.

        The pants are a disaster, and since everyone else has commented on them, I’ll refrain, but some straight black trousers would have been so much smarter. I have a pair from Nordstrom that are a ponte type material, made from cotton with about 5% Spandex. Perfect with a blazer.

        • I think there was a little sarcasm going on re the jewelry.

          Her jewelry was perfect – those appropriate earrings were exactly right, not too much and not too little.

        • The jewelry remarks were a joke.
          It’s one of the other constant criticisms of Kate, along with skinny jeans. Why is she wearing costume jewelry? Why isn’t she wearing jewels from the vault? Why isn’t she wearing something from the queen?
          Of course no one would wear fine jewelry to an “aviation event.”
          Apparently no one should try indulging in a bit of humor on this “fashion blog,” either.

          NOTE: admin edit

  32. I love everything about this outfit! It looks comfortable, classy, perfect for the occasion, and a nice nod to Valentine’s Day with the color of the jacket. As far as the jeggings controversy, she’s a young woman and skinny jeans and jeggings are what’s in fashion now. Nothing inappropriate about her wearing them, and IMO traditional slacks or trousers generally look matronly and are best left to women older than Kate.

    • What? No. There are hundreds of pairs of slacks or trousers that she could wear and not look matronly. Like anything else, it would come down to the cut and style of a particular pair of dress pants.

      I don’t think its flat out inappropriate for her to wear skinny jeans ever (we are the same age and I wear them), although I don’t like them with this outfit. But there is no reason she can never wear a pair of nice slacks or dress pants.

  33. This makes my personal list of least favorite looks. I just don’t like anything about it. Oh well, as others have said, it looks like she enjoyed this engagement, so, better luck next time with the clothing.

  34. I don’t get the hate for the skinny jeans (in this outfit anyway). They work perfectly with the blazer and boots. Trousers would not. I think she looks perfectly fine and polished for the occasion.

    • Agree—I think trousers would have been bulky with these jeans and would not have allowed her the ease of movement to clamber in and out of the plane. As I stated elsewhere, I only dislike that they seemed too loose and needed to be adjusted often.

  35. I think the jeggings and boots are fine. When you are climbing in and out of a small cockpit, tailored slacks are going to be awkward. When you are jumping in the grass with cadets and going through their routine, jeans, jeggings, or whatever are not a problem. I thinks she looks smashing in the outfit, even though I don’t care for jackets with peaked shoulders, nor fussy bowed gloves. I love that she owns her body and shows off those long, shapely legs!

  36. This permanent pulling and adjusting of the jeggings irritates me – not very ladylike. Please Kate buy a belt or some nice slim slacks that fit properly!

  37. Beautiful jacket! It is the perfect length for the skinny jeans and boots. I do wish she would not ware skinny jeans for her official engagements but as long as she is going to cling to them, she should style them properly as I believe she has done here. I love the whole look! Down to the sparkly heart/leaf earrings and cute bow embellished gloves.

    I wish her hair had stayed in the pony tail. It looked so pretty. The Duchess’ hair is very beautiful and I know it is her trademark but it must be a nightmare to manage even with a hairdresser on staff 24/7.

  38. The upper part of this outfit looks like something Jackie Kennedy could have worn in the 1970s (with different trousers).I like seeing gloves in daywear that are not only practical but really complete the look aesthetically.A rich red like this looks so fine with brown hair.

  39. My guess would be that the boots were the reason for the skinny jeans/jeggings, and that the boot look was the key element of the appearance she wanted. She could indeed have spent an active day, including climbs in and out of aircraft, in a pantsuit, but the outfit she chose had more of a “military at work” look, yet in colors that acknowledged she was a civilian and patron. As such, with the double-breasted blazer, I thought it struck the right note. And I hardly ever like double-breasted style! 8~)

  40. I think the red blazer is very pretty and oh so appropriate for Valentine’s Day! However, like many others have already mentioned, I do not like the black skinny jeans at all! The proportions seem so off between the jeans and the blazer that it almost seemed to me at first glance that she was wearing black tights with the blazer! Please Kate choose a wider leg trouser!

    Overall, Kate’s hair looks lustrous and lovely and she looked to be having a wonderful time. I am so looking forward to the Paris trip!

  41. The jeggings are just inappropriate. She’s at a work engagement in a professional/royal capacity and jeggings are not pants. With all of the fashion world at her disposal, how is it possible she doesn’t own a pair of black trousers?

    The rest of her outfit is fine and I think she has other black boots she could’ve worn if she wanted to wear boots.

  42. She looks lovely, very happy and her attire is appropriate for the day. I like the jacket. I have to say, “work” skinny jeans and leggings while you can. They are especially comfortable and they look great on her. I’d like to see her in different trousers as well. But she looks fabulous in skinny jeans or leggings, she just does. Go Duchess!

    • I find the negativity regarding the skinny jeans a bit tiring. I think one of the many reasons we like to follow Kate’s fashion is that we can relate to the clothing she wears (and that includes skinny jeans!). It seems that she dresses in a way that allows her to fully engage with the people she meets. If she prioritizes connecting with others over fashion, I’m not going to complain! I think it makes her even more worthy of our admiration.

      • I like to follow the Duchess’s fashion because I can’t relate to what she wears. I don’t wear skinny jeans or dresses that cost $4,000. I don’t have access to tiaras and diamond bracelets, and I don’t get invited to state dinners.

        With her circumstances and wealth, I expect more than a pair of ill-fitting, faded jeggings, even if she’s going to climb in and out of airplanes. Do RAF pilots wear jeggings because they are climbing in and out of planes?

  43. I agree with the comments on the skinny jeans — tired of the look, and the black jeans just don’t work here. I’m curious about Catherine’s hair. Does her hairdresser come with her and put it back in a ponytail for her? It seems like at a lot of engagements Kate has her hair loose and then put in a ponytail at some point. The logistics of that interest me. Here, the ponytail looks a little more involved, so I wonder if Kate did it herself??? Or did she come with the ponytail and just pull it out? Just keep noticing the hair changes in the middle of her engagements! But gosh, she is gorgeous no matter what she does.

    • I believe she had the ponytail first and pulled it out later, which is obviously easier than the other way round. But yes, she is gorgeous regardless!

  44. I read somewhere else that this look reminds them of a circus ringleader. And now I can’t get that image out of my head…

  45. I am more then happy to see Kate wearing more relaxed looks some times a pant just makes sense but someone needs to hide these awful jeggings from her because they never make sense. The rest as always lovely this was a great red color. I noticed Kate seems to be carrying a bag with her less, now if only she would stop holding her hands in front of her like she was.

  46. Love the blazer especially the colour. Boots are great – it’s just the skin tight pants that trouble me. There has to be a better option. A smart slim fitting pant would have looked so much better and still allowed the Duchess to participate as she loves to do. I do love the way she enters wholeheartedly into every visit she undertakes. Well done Kate.

  47. This one was a miss for me. Somehow, the proportions seem off. Maybe the blazer is too long? Black jeans naturally fade very easily, and it looks like that’s what has happened here. One of my biggest fashion pet peeves is two different colors of black next to each other (especially if one of the pieces is a different color because it’s faded). It just looks…well, kind of sloppy. I agree with everyone else that I don’t know what else she could have worn besides skinny jeans with those particular boots, and maybe she assumed that the black color made them more dressy than traditional denim?

    I will say, she looks like she’s having a wonderful time, which is always lovely to see!

  48. Bit of confusion between two different brands though they’re both Philosophy, they are unrelated, WKW!

    I think this look should be retired, there are some very dodgy photos of her yanking up her jeans which shouldn’t happen becausr they are skinny.

  49. Ugh I can’t be the only one that is getting sick and tired of her choice of wearing skinny jeans or jeggings. There are similar, modern pants that don’t have to be skinny jeans or jeggings that would be much more appropriate and professional looking. I feel like in terms of pants, her style has really regressed. And I say this as someone who lives in skinny jeans.

  50. Kate looked lovely today, especially from a distance. I agree that the skin-tight jeans should be retired. Surely this was the day to introduce a pair of well-cut slim trousers?

    • And also, repeatedly hitching up your jeans is really awful. My mother would have passed out if I ever did that before an audience.

  51. I love the blazer (I didn’t at first, but after seeing more pictures I became more of a fan) and I love the boots, and I actually like the boots with the blazer, I think its a fairly classic look that seems almost equestrian to me. I like the gloves and I like the classic turtleneck.

    I don’t like the jeans. I’m not sure what pants would have been better with the boots and blazer, which is probably why she opted for them (knowing she wanted to wear those two pieces and figuring the jeans would go with both.) It bothers me that they are a different shade of black than her boots and the turtleneck, and I also think they look almost scruffy against the elegant jacket.

    Her hair looked so good when it was pulled back, I wish she had kept it that way.

    So once again….so close Kate. So.Close.

  52. She looks radiant and very much like she’s enjoying herself. Wonderful color on the blazer. I wish she’d work trousers though instead of the skinny jeans. Seems like a perfect occasion for wool trousers.

  53. I love the top of the outfit (blazer, turtleneck, gloves, hair, earrings) and I love the bottom of the outfit (jeans and boots), but I do not love the two halves together.

    The blazer seems much too dressy for the jeans, in my opinion, and she seems to be pulling and adjusting them quite a bit in some photographs I’ve seen. I know she had to step into a plane, so I don’t fault her a bit for wearing pants, but I really wish she’d opted for some trousers that were a bit dressier and not so very tight.

    That said, the color is lovely and I really like the turtleneck beneath the jacket on her.

    • Perfectly stated. Both halves good, just not with each other.

      The jeans are just too close in looks to leggings. Which for me means a top that covers the bum and falls to mid-upper thighs. Definitely not to wear with a blazer.

      Her enthusiasm and warmth really shine in the pictures. Nice to see.

  54. Wow, Catherine looks super happy and relaxed today. A really natural and classic look for her today.

    She sure takes care of her boots, mine last a few years maybe but they don’t look brand new like many of her boots.

  55. I love her enthusiasm and how much she seems to enjoy her visit plus she looks great!!!!

  56. Love the blazer, red for Valentine’s and military inspired.
    She seems to be pulling up her jeans alot today, maybe they are a little stretched out from the recent wearings.
    She seems to be favoring red toned colors right now.

    • Stretched out (aka washed out, LOL). Wonder when she’ll retire this look? I have similar boots and *love* them. Very comfortable and look great with skirts.

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